Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat NOACH, 28 Tishrei 5776 (11/10/15)

Father in Heaven has not left the people of Israel or the state of Israel and never will. He protects and guards the state of Israel and all of the Jews in Israel. A cloud of fire protects the borders of Israel and the Jews need to make an effort to watch over themselves. Do not be complacent, be vigilant without fear. G-d is revealing every Arab city and village in Israel. They are coming out of hiding. Up until now, it was the quiet before the storm; now we are discovering where we live and that we cannot trust them. The state of Israel can't give them even one centimeter of land. They must not give up even one piece of the holy land! They don't want peace; they want to destroy every Jew. When the courts don't act against those who throw stones, it gives them an appetite to go use knives.

The Hamas, Abu Mazen, and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip aren't doing anything for now because they haven't finished the tunnels yet. They don't want to start a war and shoot rockets because they know that Israel will come in with planes and destroy the tunnels. That is why they are taking advantage of the opportunity and using Arabs from East Jerusalem, whom they have trained for battle in an urban area.

If the state of Israel mitigates, they will continue to do harm. If the state of Israel is strong and doesn't relent, they will stop. There will not be a third intifada, because they know it will harm their jobs; and, they are not ready to cooperate with all of those who want to harm Israel.

The IDF must catch the conspiracy that cause youths to rebel with knives. Well done on the government's decision to be tough on those who try to stab people with knives. The Arabs with knives know that their lives are in danger and they think twice.

Jews must not be afraid, go about your regular lives and let the IDF, police, and defense forces do their work.

G-d is awaking the state of Israel and the Jews in and out of Israel so that they don't believe in the gentiles, not in Israel and not out of Israel.

G-d wants people to pray to Him; He wants the people of Israel to continue to pray and read psalms to protect the people of Israel, to protect the IDF soldiers, the police, and the citizens.

If the Jews understood how much G-d wants to be worshiped, there wouldn't be any casualties. Everything that is happening now is to make Jews vigilant, get them to unite and love each other.

The Arabs are causing a mess so that Israel gives up the holy places that belong to the Jews. It won't do them any good, G-d wins everyone!

Armageddon is outside of Israel. They eat at each other; kill each other, in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and Europe.

In Europe the infiltrators are bringing death.

The United States supposedly wants peace, they continue to promise Abu Mazen and the Palestinians a state of their own, in secret and in the open, but they have their own interests in mind. They want all of the Arabs to support the United States so that it can control the Middle East.

Iran is afraid after what happened with Russia's rockets. Despite taking weapons from Russia and money from the United States, they are afraid of both and have lost faith in both. Iran can't hurt Israel because they know what the outcome will be.

Russia is secretly a friend to Israel.

In Egypt, ISIS and extreme Islamists want to eat Sisi alive. Soon we will hear what is going on in Egypt, the land is burning.

Lebanon has no strength.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah have no strength because the Russians are in Syria, and the Syrians are disconnected from Hezbollah.

The IDF needs many eyes so that they don't send ammunition and weapons from Iran to Hezbollah.

Jordan is living in pressure; the refugees are eating at it.

Iraq is being erased.

Syria is being erased and anyone who goes to Syria gets in trouble.

It won't do anyone any good, whatever they do they will fall on their swords and their bows will break. The people of Israel live on forever! Israel is blooming, it is growing, there will be quiet and peace and everything will be good in Israel.

The entire world continues to be in chaos except for Israel. The economy in the world is failing.

Dear Jews, invest only in Israel.

Natural disasters, harsh winds, storms, floods, volcanic eruptions, fire, heat, earthquakes, everything continues and gets stronger. Natural disasters and conflicts will continue.

All of the corrupt people and thieves will be revealed.

Government of Israel - do not give up on the holy places. Be tough and do not relent. That is the way to get peace and quiet in Israel. Do not be afraid of any country in the world. That is G-d's work and we don't need to interfere. G-d is taking the wheel and guiding the entire world, including Israel, according to what He wants and what it should be.

The small Jewish children started dreaming about the coming of the messiah. G-d sees that adults are dreaming but afraid to speak, what did he do? He gave the children prophecies to wake up the adults.

One of the questions people are asked when facing judgment in heaven is "did you expect salvation?". We ask for salvation and the Messiah three times a day in our prayers and in our blessings after we eat - so what is the shame in talking about the Messiah?

Everything is on the right path; G-d is controlling the world! Do not be afraid for the state of Israel or the Jews in Israel. WE went through the holidays, which were pure and good, and we have a year ahead of us that is blessed with rain, good economy, real estate, health, and life, and soon G-d will crown the Messiah as King!

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  1. Is R' Nir Ben Artzi a Baal teshuva?

    1. I do not know. When you Google his name you come up with his website or mine.

  2. Hello!!!

    "Russia is secretly a friend to Israel."


    Luiz Felipe.

    1. If the global elite want to destroy Israel, just put out false new items that your enemy is friends with Israel. More propaganda.

    2. More propaganda?!

      If the Rav Nir Artzi says in the message: "Russia is friends of Israel". How this is propaganda?!

      I'm confused, you (Menachem) told me that Russia is not a friend of Israel, Rav Atzi says the opposite of you ... I don't understand anything anymore!!!

      Luiz Felipe

    3. Don't be confused. Everything comes from Hashem and whatever His motive is in all this, is beyond all of us. I cannot say that I have researched the topic well enough to comment any further. I will join you in the confusion, but trust Hashem in the outcome.