Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Very Important Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Lech Lecha, 5 Heshvan 5776 (18/10/15)

G-d, Father of the World is the father of the Jews.

All of the natural disasters, fire and water, winds and floods, earthquakes and conflicts between and within countries, all of the chaos and Armageddon is outside of Israel, not in Israel. This entire process where seven billion people are terribly confused is for preparation. G-d is preparing the re-creation of the world, just like the world before the first sin, only this time millions will remain, not one person! G-d is going to turn the world of evil, hatred, killing, murder, and destruction, into a new world of love, peace, mercy, a world without wars, without hatred or killing, a new world with love and life forever for the Jews to rule over from Israel, a whole new world that will be good for all!

The Jews abroad need to urgently come to Israel. Stop complaining and whining, soon there will be very cruel anti-Semitism and there will be panic like you never imagined. Jews will come to Israel by force. G-d has warned them many years ago to come to Israel, but the money, the material, and the greed holds them back. Life is worth everything, a man will do anything to live. Anti-Semitism will rise and rise indefinitely until no Jew is left Abroad.

The state of Israel forgets that most of the world is Muslim, not Jewish. Most of the countries say bad things about Israel because of what is happening here. Most of the world is Muslim and we shouldn't care about international media.

The government of Israel must continue to protect Israel and be vigilant. The Palestinians, Hamas, Abu Mazen, and Jihad are all working together as one, it is all an act; they could be in Hollywood. They don't care about their mosques in Al Aqsa; they only want to destroy the Jews in Israel and the world. There will not be a third intifada or a fourth.

G-d is opening the eyes of the IDF and security people. The soldiers are safe and protected by G-d and they are doing holy work! Be safe and vigilant, be protected! The government of Israel must be united in their opinions and not look for people to blame. This isn't a game. The Jews don't have another country; Israel is the country for the Jewish people!

The entire world has suddenly become soft, complaining about what Israel is doing and how Israel is behaving. The Arabs are hurting us and they blame us. G-d is telling the world "Have you forgotten what is going on in your own country?!" Syria has the rebels and Hezbollah, and in Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Yemen, and all over the world there is mass murder - they don't see those "poor people" there, they only see that the Arabs want to kill the Jews and they blame the Jews.

G-d is telling the people of Israel not to have mercy on the cruel, watch over yourselves and He will protect you from above.

Yeshiva students who learn Torah, all of the Rabbis, community leaders, spiritual leaders in Israel, you need to organize prayers in synagogues and read Tehilim to protect the IDF, police, security forces, and the Jews in Israel. Dear Jews, repent to our Father in Heaven and obey the commandments. Kindness precedes the Torah!

The state of Israel must get back to its routine, behave normally; do not be afraid of anyone. Every Jew that has a licensed weapon should carry it everywhere. Jews should not take the law into their own hands. There is law in Israel, there is the IDF and security forces; the law is in their hands, not the citizens.

Abu Mazen and his friends pretend to be frail, but they are the most dangerous of all. They are good actors - liars! They want the world to pity them. There is a conspiracy around Jerusalem; they are guiding the young and adult terrorists on how to harm Israel. Most of the Arabs love money, and when their businesses fail, they will want to make peace to fix it.

Hamas in Gaza pretend to be quiet but they are working around the clock to prepare 40 tunnels toward Israel. They are doing everything to bring missiles from Sinai to Gaza. Abu Mazen and Hamas are leading the terrorism in Jerusalem and all of Israel, so that the IDF and security forces are busy while they prepare the tunnels and missiles. They want to confuse the Israeli government and public.

Israel must not give up even one centimeter of land! They must wake up and be very careful not to give them even one centimeter of the holy land - they don't want peace! When a lion is hungry, it will eat even its own owner, it has mercy for no one.

Syria keeps burning; there will continue to be chaos there and it won't stop.

Jordan is being eaten by refugees, the food supply is gone.

In Egypt, ISIS and extreme Islamists have plans to destroy Egypt.

Turkey is a big mess; they are getting blown up, killing each other, committing suicide.

Hezbollah wants Iran to arm it; it is both alive and dead.

Iran is deathly afraid of Israel. It continues to bother Israel indirectly.

If the United States is one with Israel, if it goes back to what it was ten years ago, everything will go well there. If it doesn't, it will be bad for them. They kiss up to Iran so that the Russians will not take them.

Russia is not fighting with Israel. It wants to prove to the United States that it is bringing order to the Middle East where the US failed.

France should focus on its own problems and stop bothering the people of Israel. If it doesn't stop, it will become an Islamic state; and, there will continue to be horrible riots there.

There are a lot of infiltrators in Tel Aviv. The government of Israel must not forget them! Send them from Israel in a legal manner. The government is dreaming! The infiltrators are conquering Tel Aviv and then it will be hard to get them out - wake up!

In Israel everything is good, business is good, the economy is good, and any country in the world that interferes will get the ten biblical plagues from G-d, only much worse. There will continue to be devastating natural disasters, conflicts and complications, Armageddon OVERSEAS, not in Israel. In Israel everything is good, whether they like it or not. G-d Himself is here protecting the state of Israel, He has taken the wheel - you cannot trust flesh and blood. G-d is doing everything to open the eyes of the people of Israel so that they don't believe in the gentiles, because the gentiles want to destroy Israel.

The messiah is working in secret, protecting and praying for the Jews in secret so that no Jew is harmed, along with the cloud of fire surrounding and protecting the borders of Israel. This is a divine process for a new world; the entire world is being prepared for redemption and the Messiah. These are the days of the Messiah; and, every moment we wait for G-d to publicly crown him!

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  1. Amen!
    Yehei Shemi Rabah!


  2. My parents were visiting And seriously considering alyiah but then hell broke loose in the last two days they were here And my mum said I think I don't want to come now. It might be that,despite of what Rav Arzi says for Jews to urgently come, more feel that way. Hashem should b"h change the situation.

    1. It is still far safer here than anywhere else. Check the statistics of any city, especially in the US. What has happened in the past month in the entire country of Israel is equal to the homicide rate in most single big cities in the US. Don't go by the sensationalism of the news media either. They love to distort stories. Syria just surpassed a quarter of a million killed this past week. You hardly saw it in the news, since it wasn't as exciting as the the activity in Israel.

      And then there is the Hashem factor. If you believe that you are safer elsewhere, Hashem will prove you otherwise. Don't test Hashem -- it always comes out poorly.

  3. I know that b"h eventhough my Emunah turns out to be challenged greatly at this time too. But what about the Jews in chul.

    1. It is brought down that all Jews will reach salvation. What will it take to reach Tikun? It is strictly measure for measure as to what each individual needs. Read my post of 4 Apr 2012, entitled The Key to Happiness.
      It basically tells you the system that Hashem has set up for us in this world. Will every Jew survive the horror that seems to be coming up? The answer is yes. Will an individual die and have to return? Possibly. How much suffering, if any, will an individual have to endure to survive? That is answered in the post I just mentioned, in other words, how much does the individual need to reach Tikun? The answer always comes down to how much each of us has turned to Hashem and followed His instructions.

      Do Teshuvah and continue to improve every day. The more you do, the less you will be plagued by suffering. This is not speculation, but well proven over thousands of years of history. If we learn from history and we are completely with Hashem, the future looks bright, if not, use your imagination.

    2. A poll was conducted roughly 12 years ago, which concluded that countries where war, hunger, persecution, and plagues were rampant - very little of the population claimed that this reality was challenging their belief. By contrast; in the "developed" world, approximately 50% of those who participated claimed that they found persecution and misfortune going on in the world a challenge to their belief. Hashem does not test an individual more than his capabilities.

    3. You are correct that Hashem does not test an individual more than his or her capabilities. The big problem is that almost no one knows that. If we have very strong faith that whatever life hands us is doable and that any situation can be handled, it works and we succeed.

      I remember years ago when there was much more severe terrorism in Israel, many personnel in hospitals reported the great difference between the observant Jew and the secular population. If a secular family came into the hospital to check on a loved one, they acted loud, angry, even obnoxious. The Haredi family were reserved and much more solemn. The Haredi spent time praying and communing with Hashem, since they knew that it helped their loved ones.

      The people in life who have Hashem, have faith and trust that all will go well. It is one of the greatest keys to happiness and peace of mind. Psychologists will tell you that people who are not in control of their lives have much more sickness, drug problems, alcoholism, suicidal tendencies, family problems, marital problems, money problems (the richest person is one who is satisfied with his lot, not he who wants more, more, more), etc, etc, etc.

      It is so reassuring to know that this life is completely scripted for happiness and success as long as we have Hashem and live by His Absolute Truth. All others live in chaos and despair.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to answer this question so thorougly. Shabbat Shalom!

  5. If you have a negative comment, I did receive one, please write to me in a personal Email. Your comment is racked with inaccuracy. Is that how you think you help your fellow Jew, by being blind to reality and posting secular negativity?

    After you really learn the Absolute Truth and start to live it, you can post positive and we will be happy to read your thoughts. Everything from Hashem is good, nothing negative. Stop looking at the Jew-hating news or even completely misinterpreting what you think is happening around you. Read my post above about our testing in life these days.

  6. "the gentiles want to destroy Israel."

    Is it just the gentiles? Consider most Jews in the US. They are Jewish in name only. They support Obama who is against Israel. They support liberal groups who end up working against Israel. US Jews seem more like frenemies to Israel. They act friendly but have a fundamental dislike or difference.

    1. We are instructed to think positive thoughts about others, not to judge, especially our fellow Jew. Only Hashem knows who is Jewish, who is Erev Rav and who is a non-Jew. It is not even worth thinking about especially if Hashem judges us for being judgmental.

      If someone makes a statement to you that "the gentiles want to destroy Israel," we are being told that information to avoid assimilation, not to analyze the situation. If you know any Jews who are self-hating Jews or anti-Israel, the Torah tells us to try to help that misguided Jew with the truth. If you can bring that person around to believing the absolute truth, you have done a Mitzvah and acted the way Hashem wants you to. We are all being tested on how we react to the way people do things; remember, always try to do it Hashem's way by helping, not criticizing. If you are not successful, avoid that person, especially if he or she is speaking Lashon Harah about others.

      Live the Torah, it is your greatest guide to doing the right thing.

  7. Rav Menachem,

    Thank you for your balanced and well-thought out comment about judging others. I also thought you might be interested in a recent Pew Research survey on American Jews. (august 2015). Some of your readers harbor misinformation about American Jews and our love for Israel and Klal Yisroel.

    From the survey:

    "Many American Jews also feel a strong personal connection to the state of Israel, which was a haven for many Holocaust survivors and, in recent decades, has taken in Jewish refugees from places like Ethiopia and Russia. Today, 43% of American Jews say caring about Israel is essential to what being Jewish means to them, personally."

    That's nearly half of all American Jews. As things get worse in the world for other Jews, that percentage can only increase as American Jews begin to experience suffering and anti-semitism themselves. Some people just take longer to wake up than others.

    Are we perfect? No--but when push comes to shove--Many American Jews speak out on behalf of Israel. And, as Rav Menachem says--only Hashem can judge.

    I am attaching the link to encourage and enlighten your readers about American Jews.

    See the link for Pew:

    --Diaspora RO

    1. I started to write a reply to your excellent comment and found that I was getting wordy again (me wordy, imagine that?) with information that my readers should see. Watch for a reply today, B"N, -- I think you will like it.