Friday, October 2, 2015

Stop Threatening Me!!!

I received an excellent question that deserved a thorough answer. First the comment:

Hal October 2, 2015 at 6:52 AM
Why are you threatening people all the time? Are you a BT or a convert? There's a lot of Xianity in your approach.
My response:
If I am coming across as threatening, I humbly apologize, since those who know me will tell you that I am probably the least threatening, loving, caring pussy-cat of an individual that I can be (I have been working on those character traits for many years, not the pussy-cat part).

Why do I sound so threatening? Because, everyone in the world is being threatened and is in great danger. You probably are aware that the world is on the verge of World War 3, great threats from the global elite who want to kill off 93% of the world population for their evil Communist one world government called the “New World Order.” You are probably aware that the world is greatly unstable with the greatest earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc, etc, etc being imminent. There is your threat, not me. I am the one who is passing on Hashem’s message of why we are being threatened, and how to survive.

I started this blog 42 months ago to try to “save the world,” as is hinted above. Yes, the pointing out of our threatened situation is for the purpose of each one of us doing the right thing to survive and thrive. Everything that you may be reading as a threatening approach is the Torah answer on how to weather the threat. If I sound frustrated in my approach even to the point of sounding threatening, it is because we seem to be out of time, possibly within days. You are either getting Hashem’s message or you know better and are putting yourself and your loved ones in horrible danger. If that sounds threatening and I save your life as a result, you can thank me later for the threatening approach.

You ask about my very secular approach, and ask where from my background is this coming. I am a retired US Army Officer who for decade learned and taught the discipline on how to survive. I know that Hashem put me through such a career to give me the tools to help you. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that people are very undisciplined, with the brazen attitude of I’m OK, tell the other guy. Take notice of the way people drive. “Accidents don’t happen to me, they happen to the other guy” (until they happen to…). Since the majority of my readers are human beings, I have no doubt that sometimes I need to be a staunch military commander rather than the approach of the soft-spoken Rav.

I always look to the Torah for guidance. When Yaakov was ready to confront his brother Esav, Hashem told him not to worry, that He would protect him against his brother. Yaakov then set up military tactics for the meeting. He divided up his camp, had angels lead the way, brought gifts, etc. Wait a minute. Did Yaakov not trust Hashem’s word of protection? Why would he go to so much trouble after being told: Don’t worry? The Torah tells us that Yaakov didn’t feel that he was worthy of such protection from Hashem. It wasn’t Hashem that he doubted, but himself.

We should all feel exactly the same way as Yaakov with the upcoming possible craziness in the world. Instead of each one of us feeling that we have turned to Hashem and are doing the right thing, we should all be doing the best Teshuvah, repentance and telling Hashem how unworthy we feel to receive His Divine protection. We just spent 10 days repeating that theme after weeks of Selichos asking for forgiveness. Are we that unsure of ourselves that we are not doing enough to serve Hashem? You better believe it. Anyone who is arrogant enough to think “I am good to go, it’s the other guy who needs help,” that individual is in trouble. If I have to sound threatening to save that individual’s life and the lives of his or her loved ones, then consider me threatening. If it seems like I am having a secular moment in my approach, so be it, if it works.

I love my fellow Jew and all righteous non-Jews and whatever it takes to help them, that is my purpose here. You can thank me later when we meet Moshiach together at the Temple.


  1. I love what you wrote. it is the same around me. when I mention what is really going on in the world or a different belief on things, people scater. dont disturb my peace. it is as if they are scare that just maybe they are wrong in whatever they believe in. or they simply just don't want to know.

    1. I have talked about this upside-down fantasy world many times. People are not living the Absolute Truth (the word of Hashem), but only rely on their own flawed human logic.

      The good news is that the imminent redemption and Moshiach serves to change all that. We will miraculously go from the world of lies to the world of truth, B"H. I just have been saying for the past 42 months "get a head start," and enjoy the benefits.

      Good to hear from you Jean-Marie.

  2. Thank you Rav,
    I thank you for all you post to help us learn, seek, and turn to Hashem

    Thanks for helping those of us who are not Jews, You truly shine your light of understanding, compassion and love on behalf of Hashem, to all of us non-Jews, who are striving to know and follow the truth.
    You are among the few Jews who do take time to help non-Jews too and i appreciate all you do.
    Thanks again.

    Hashem bless you.


    1. I try to analyse everything. Why are so many non-Jews feeling the spark of Judaism these days? Why is there such a large number of non-Jews converting to Judaism these days? My analysis: these are very likely members of the 10 lost tribes who are discovering their true roots. We may be in the dark about who is whom, but Hashem knows exactly who you are and what your future is, and is sorting it out completely. Hashem loves all His creations and is now in the process of setting up the tremendous world of the righteous and bringing them home. These are exciting times for those who follow His ways.

  3. It's hard for people to hear to hear/read about it. Everything is overwhelming. But we need to know what to do. We are being purified. It can be through hardship or teshuva. If we want to reduce tragedy, we should choose do the purifying our self, instead of choosing the hard road. May Redemption come soon

    1. Read my post of 4 April 2012, entitled "The Key to Happiness." It describes the system in this world that Hashem set up, and tells us how to achieve everything the easy way instead of with difficulties.

  4. I made my way to shul this morning with a very heavy heart knowing what has been unfolding in Israel. Dancing with the other women after prayer and experiencing the joy of Simcha Torah i felt 100 % better knowing that there is a divine method to this madness in the world. Our limited minds cannot even grasp the basics of this divine plan so we might as well accept this and not lose ourselves and/or our emunah. Much thanks for your refreshing and informative blog - from Toronto ��

  5. Hello!!! :)

    What is your opinion about the content of this video (this blog)?!

    Shabat Shalom and all of the good!!!

    Luiz Felipe - S.P.- Brazil

    1. See my post for today, B"N (it should be posted in a few hours).

  6. Oh. Waiting to read, miss your posts...
    Thanks in advance:-)
    You never replied to my emails:(


    1. I apologize for not responding to you Emails right away, but I have been very, very busy. As an example, I have 97 Emails to review this morning. Your last request will take a while to accomplish, and unfortunately is not as pressing an issue as some of my readers who are with great difficulties. I have to prioritize my efforts to help people.