Monday, October 19, 2015

The Danger of Having an Opinion

Before I start the topic of the danger of having an opinion, I would like to clarify the most important concept of this blog. THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH IS THE “TORAH;” THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH IS “THE WORD OF HASHEM.” I occasionally get a comment, which is pure uneducated OPINION, that “nobody knows the absolute truth” or “what makes you (talking me) think you know the absolute truth?” Let me state that after studying scriptures for 68 years, I am starting to scratch the surface of what the absolute truth is. I never said that I know the entire absolute truth; I have only said that I have discovered the only source of absolute truth in existence. When I write a blog on a subject, I spend sometimes as much as 10 to 15 hours researching one idea and only one idea: “What is Hashem’s opinion on that subject?” I always try to never give my opinion, since I take pride in not having one (I know that having no opinion seems impossible, but I have been working on the concept for decades). When I say that I am speculating or that I am connecting the dots, I am doing an analysis, but always based on what I have found to be Hashem’s opinion, or at least the most competent sources in the world. All I ask, especially if you are new to this blog: ask questions about something you don’t understand. To come right out with a very distorted opinion and say “you (once again, that’s me) don’t know what you are talking about.” I am ready to debate any topic but you better come to me with scriptural references, not opinion based on your flawed human logic. I’m sorry, but I had to get that of my chest considering I am still getting ridiculous comments that help no one.

Now, the topic of the day:

I must include a very important aspect of living with opinion, instead of the Absolute Truth – DANGER!!!! There are many, many topics that I have not covered on this blog. The reason is obviously, in an effort to keep this at a more understandable level (since Jewish scriptures include everything in the Universe). This means if you wish to learn the truth about a subject, you will have to research the subject yourself. The most important thing to keep in mind is until you know the absolute truth about a subject, don’t, and I really mean don’t go by your distorted flawed human logic opinion, rather than Hashem’s correct infinite intelligence opinion.

I would like to give some examples of controversial subjects that have been in the public debate arena, and how opinion has totally devastated lives.

The brit milah, circumcision, is a physical symbol of the relationship between Hashem and the Jewish people. It is a constant reminder of what the Jewish mission entails. Hashem commanded the Jewish people (Leviticus 12:2), “On the eighth day, the flesh of his foreskin shall be circumcised.” The act of circumcision, marking the completion of the body, is a human act. This teaches us that our spiritual, emotional, moral and ethical perfection requires human effort. Hashem does not do it for us, but requires our devotion to carry out this vital commandment.

The brit milah, ritual circumcision, is a symbol of our partnership with Hashem. This covenant with Hashem surpasses human comprehension. It is a bond that pledges unconditional devotion, no matter what may transpire between Hashem and an individual. It is a bond that is absolute and unchallengeable. For this reason a Jew is circumcised as an infant, when he has not yet developed his capacity for reasoning or making judgments, for the covenant of circumcision is not an intellectual or calculated partnership. The circumcision of an infant demonstrates that the connection between the Jews and Hashem is beyond rationale.

Since opinion can dictate a very negative attitude towards circumcision, we can see how ignorance can ruin this important covenant that lasts for eternity for this person. A lack of fulfilling this commandment does include eternal suffering. The spiritual loss is devastating and too complicated to discuss here. Just be aware that adult opinion has caused a very important covenant with Hashem to be lost forever. It is a very important benefit that should not be withheld from a Jewish baby, just because of a parent’s ignorant opinion.

For thousands of years, even under persecution, Jews have circumcised their sons using the services of a mohel, ritual circumciser, who knows all the intricacies of performing the circumcision. By having your son ritually circumcised, you join their ranks in connecting your child with Hashem in an unbreakable covenant.

On a spiritual level, circumcision is absolutely vital for the future of the Jewish male. On a physical level, there is much research that has shown the great advantages to the health of a male, even a non-Jew. I am fascinated by the fact that blood coagulation in the human male reaches its highest level on the eighth day of life – what a coincidence.

Another sticky subject is animal sacrifice. There is no doubt that hunting is very cruel. It is as painful a death to an innocent animal, as a human being would experience being shot or any other tortuous method of slaughter. Yet we have already talked about Kosher ritual slaughter and how there is no pain involved, none whatsoever (if your opinion tells you differently read my blog post and get educated to the truth about the subject). Hashem created the kosher animals with complete mercy for the animals.

So how about the sacrifice that occurred in the Temple? The system in this world, set up by the Owner of the world, is to allow substitution for the sins of human beings by sacrificing an animal. It could mean that by Jewish law, a person, who should be put to death, can repent his or her ways and avoid death with an animal sacrifice. Once again, the spiritual ramifications here are beyond human comprehension, but suffice it to say that it is very merciful to people.

But how about the mercy for the animal? Two aspects of this system to learn. One is that most animal sacrifice is given to the Kohain, the priest, for consumption. The Kohain and his family will have food to eat in the same way that we get kosher meat for our Shabbos table. The second hidden aspect is that the animal experiences great benefit. It is a great honor for an animal to be sacrificed in the holiest of services in the Temple. Since this is not the real world, this animal gets to go on to something far better than this life on Earth.

But, let us talk of an even greater benefit that very few people would even think about. Most human beings require several lives on Earth to reach Tikun. We are reincarnated as an opportunity to fix what we did not fix in a previous visit to Earth. There are people who come back as animals. It is more embarrassing than being a respected human being, especially since the soul of a human encased in the body of an animal knows its situation and its embarrassment. Why does this person have to come back as an animal? Hashem knows exactly what a person needs to reach Tikun. There is a possibility that the person was cruel to animals, which is against the Torah (possibly the hunter mentioned above), and the perfect rectification for this inhumane behavior towards animals is to become one himself. But, now the merciful part. When an animal is sacrificed in the Temple, or even for our Shabbos table, that sacrifice is the release of the person from this difficult incarnation, and allows the achieving of Tikun. This is a very happy benefit for the animal, and, more importantly, for the person reaching rectification. It puts a very different spin on animal sacrifice for the people who only had an opinion and no scholarship of the subject.

A man walks into a hospital and accidentally strays into an operating room. He arrived at the exact moment that the skilled brain surgeon is cutting open a patient’s head, ready to remove a cancerous tumor. The man is totally grossed out and had the initial reaction to stop the procedure – after all, he was of the opinion that this doctor was killing the guy on the table. Of course, we know that the doctor is saving his life and should be greatly commended for his skills.

That may seem like a silly scenario – how can a guy be so ignorant, just because he didn’t know the truth about the situation? Yet, how many of us do the exact same thing based on our opinion rather than educated decision making. How many people drive while intoxicated or even worse while texting a friend? The number of fatalities a year is alarming. Yet, anyone doing such acts would have given you their opinion: “I can handle it – accidents don’t happen to me, they happen to the other guy.” How many people speed down the highway with total disregard to the Laws of Physics which states: the road was not designed for that speed, and you can get killed if something goes wrong, such as two vehicles trying to occupy the same space at the same time.

These are all examples of people whose opinion is different from Hashem’s opinion. But, human beings have that dangerous characteristic of thinking “nothing will happen to me,” until it happens to him or her.

Hashem knows what is best for each of us; and, His commandments teach us exactly how to enhance our lives to the maximum, even how to survive. Our opinion decreases the benefits; after all, we think we know better. Only Hashem’s opinion is correct. If we have the uneducated opinion that certain commandments that we are obligated to perform are archaic or unnecessary in this modern day, you have just admitted you don’t know what the commandments mean and how important they are to do. You are not aware of the great danger you have are in or the vast suffering that you unknowingly are putting your loved ones through. If you don’t believe that, don’t complain when life goes totally wrong with sickness, accidents and suffering.

When you live the absolute truth, you are living Hashem’s opinion, and completely protected from your own.

Note: Yesterday and today’s posts were taken from my book, The Absolute Truth (once again, with permission from the author). This and many other topics can be yours by clicking the “Buy Now” button on the top of the right column (this is the electronic copy, still $5), or clicking the book cover for the actual book or the Amazon Kindle version.


  1. You are talking about circumcision and animal sacrifice. It seems to me that people who object to these are most likely modern liberals. So the problem in thinking starts well before they get to circumcision and animal sacrifice. In fact, I would say their mind has entered an alternate universe where everything is turned upside-down.

    1. Matt, the upside-down world is not an alternate universe, it is planet Earth, our beloved home. The whole problem is that we are in a fantasy world of lies and deception and not living the Absolute Truth (Hashem's reality).

      The good news is that the world is about to miraculously change. The worldwide redemption with Moshiach as King, changes this world to the world of truth. All the false opinions will change to educated reality where the greatness of circumcision, animal sacrifice and all the 613 commandments will be the accepted norm, not a nebulous unknown. B"H we are close.

  2. B'H.

    Rav, you explain all so well.
    Todah Raba..:-)