Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayeira 12 Cheshvan 5776 (25/10/15)

Father in Heaven, G-d, King of the World, Leader of the World Who created the world for Himself. When the Jews do what G-d wants from A to Z - study Torah, pray, obey the commandments, they will have protection, good economy, good health, and no one in the world will be able to harm Israel or the Jews in Israel.

All of the chaos and Armageddon is overseas, outside of Israel. G-d is doing this to separate between good and evil, to let the good grow and take away the evil from the earth.

G-d is strengthening the Jews in Israel and opening the way for the Messiah. When G-d crowns the Messiah King, very soon, all of the suffering of the Jews in Israel will end, the problems and trouble will end.

There will continue to be natural disasters all over the world. Besides Armageddon, there will be conflicts, natural forces, fire, heat, earthquakes, winds, storms, rain, floods, and accidents with airplanes, ships, and trains. In Israel, the economy is the best in the world! They will continue to build houses, businesses, stores, roads, and settlements. Israel is the most protected place in the world. There is a cloud of fire around the borders of Israel, the source of all the blessing is in Israel!

With all of the protection from G-d in Israel, Jews must not forget that G-d commanded that they first watch over themselves! G-d is helping those who help themselves. G-d is helping those who try to take action. He does not help those who sit around waiting for miracles. There is freedom of choice in the world and man must help himself in order to be helped from the heavens.

Redemption started in the year 1948 - blessed are those who believe! The Messiah is working in secret; blessed are the believers! The believers will be among the first, the non-believers will suffer. The people of Israel must not worry; the state of Israel will not have a third or fourth intifada because they fear for their businesses and money. For them, money is life. They are delusional, waiting for the peace process with the United States. If there is an intifada, the US will stop intervening and the Arabs will be in big trouble.

In East Jerusalem, the north and south, listen up: there is an ISIS conspiracy. They are training and preparing the youth, brainwashing them into believing they will be rewarded in heaven. They are delusional and will be eaten by worms in the ground. They are being trained to harm Jews with axes and knives, to put fear in the people of Israel. The people of Israel must not be afraid of anything! Be vigilant and go back to your routines. Jewish citizens, take your weapon if you have a license, and of course watch over yourself and G-d will watch over you from above.

The government of Israel must not be soft, especially in the northern border. You don't know what the day will bring. Even though Russia is in contact with Israel and has promised Israel that it is sharing information and preparing Israel for everything, be vigilant. Be careful in dealing with Russia. They want to rule the Middle East and Arabic countries. They are running a cold war with the United States to kick them out of the Middle East. Russia wants to conquer Syria so that it is under its control.

The United States is kissing up to Iran so that it doesn't lose them, but Iran prefers the US' money and Russia's weapons.

Nasrallah is fading away and screaming; he is about to breakdown from anger over Israel because we prevent the ammunition from Iran from reaching him.

Iran is acting like everything is quiet, acting sweet and friendly with Russia. Iran knows that Israel has the strongest army and air force in the world. Iran knows more than anyone in the world that G-d protects the state of Israel. They know that we are His children, chosen by G-d and soon He will crown the Messiah King.

In Gaza, Hamas is busy building the tunnels, working 24/7 around the clock. Their dream is to surprise an army base and settlements, to kidnap Jews and soldiers, heaven forbid. The IDF and Israeli government must be vigilant. Hamas is preparing a surprise; don't let them have that moment! Damn them and anyone who wants to harm the Jews!

Egypt continues to be quiet, but it is not real. The media is not talking about it. Extreme Islamists and ISIS want to take Egypt out of the modern age. Slowly, patiently, you have waited. Keep waiting. Time on earth is not like time in the heavens.

Jordan is making moves quietly. The king does not make a fuss, he is afraid of being killed. Israel is protecting him so that someone worse does not take his place. They are waiting for a Palestinian state, heaven forbid, so that they can get rid of all of their refugees and infiltrators.

Turkey will continue to have great losses. ISIS is destroying it.

Lebanon has no strength.

Iraq is like Syria.

Every country that wants to hurt the state of Israel, through the economy, war, or conflict, G-d will strike them with the ten plagues of Egypt, each a hundred times worse. Mark my words! Do not forget that G-d brings terrible things to the world and warns of them before hand. If they do not repent, He harms them.

G-d wants the people of Israel to obey the commandments. G-d loves the state of Israel; He protects it and does things so that the people of Israel wake up, so that they don't believe in the Arabs because they are dangerous, and so that they ask for G-d's help.

If everything that is happening in Israel did not happen, everyone would think that all is well and take things for granted, the people of Israel would, heaven forbid, fall for the gentiles' trap. G-d is waking up the people of Israel so that they are not naive and so that they understand what is going on in Israel.

To the people who live abroad, some of which are Israelis who left Israel - you must believe! You must believe! Don't say that didn't warn you, don't come crying and don't complain. Come urgently to Israel. Recently, there is no one to help you; you think that you are modern - you are primitive. The day will come soon when you will be thrown out, your money will be spent and some will starve. No one will take you in, remember that. This is a message out of love from G-d so that you come to Israel urgently! This is your home; this is where your father and mother are.

Refugees and infiltrators are in Tel Aviv and other places in Israel. The government must wake up and send them legally back to their countries. They are ruining every part of Tel Aviv. Soon Tel Aviv will be a refugee city. It is a shame, it is a beautiful city and we must protect the holy land.

Jewish parents and especially mothers, watch over your daughters and sons and warn them of assimilation. Explain to them what it means to be a Jew; they need to understand that Jews have souls and that it is connected to G-d. The gentiles don't have the same type of souls. Do not come crying afterwards. Assimilation and lust bring upon the destruction of the world. G-d is very angry when Jews assimilate inside of Israel, very angry. If it is overseas, then convert immediately or find another solution.

The people of Israel must pray and beg G-d to bring up the issue of the Messiah on earth so that it is brought up in the heavens. Soon the Messiah will come out in public and it will be an end to all of the troubles of the people of Israel.

Something good: G-d will bring beautiful, good, and wonderful things for the people of Israel to prove that they have a G-d in heaven and earth protecting them, saving the Jews. Blessed is the believer, and the non believer better believe! Be like Abraham, who believed in G-d on his own.

Today, all of the Jews are smart and educated, and need to believe that there is a G-d in the world, and better believe! This world exists only for the Messiah, whom G-d will crown very soon to stop all of the troubles of the people of Israel and the world. The Messiah comes to fix the world since the first man to this day, to take away lust and to bring the world to obey the commandments fully. The world will be united, there will be peace and love and mercy for each other. It is soon, G-d will crown the Messiah King! Seven billion people have lost their way, they are confused and don't know what the day will bring or where to go; everything is complicated. There is not a man on earth that can solve the situation the world is in, a world of seven billion people that make mistakes and get confused. Only the Messiah King, who will soon be crowned by G-d and will bring a new world of purity, holiness, and eternal life!

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  1. It's important that we improve ourselves whatever we need to do, prayer, middos, Shabbos etc. before Moshiach comes. Hashem is merciful and is giving us time, but Moshiach needs to come and so we need to prepare now

    1. That is so true. The Zohar tells us that once we are redeemed, Teshuvah is no longer possible. It is now or never. Whatever we accomplish now before the Moshiach is announced will live with us forever. If one does not believe that, you will find out the hard way.

  2. Hello!


    "The day will come soon when you will be thrown out, your money will be spent and some will starve."

    More precisely:

    [...] some will starve.

    Jews the gentiles?

    Luiz Felipe.

    1. Everyone will receive what he or she needs, measure for measure. It is already happening and has been for a while. Yes, it is for Jews and non-Jews since Hashem helps everyone.

    2. Thank you!

      Luiz Felipe.