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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Bereishis, Tishrei 5776 (7/10/15)

Father in Heaven, Leader of the World, Creator of the World guides the world in the new year, the year 5776, giving every country and place in the world what it deserves. Life and death is in G-d's hands, only in G-d's hands and not in any man or fortune teller's hands, they imagine things. The rain is in G-d's hands, birth is in G-d's hands, match-making is in G-d's hands, prosperity is in      G-d's hands. These are things G-d controls directly, not angels, not men, not anyone. Man has free choice and the entire world is built upon an eye for an eye. If people do not understand that, they will suffer needlessly. Everything that is done in this world, by man or country, is given back. You do good, you get good; you do bad, you get bad; you steal, you will be stolen from; you give to the poor, you will be rich; you give Tzedukah, you will be saved from death. That is why people must not complain to the heavens.

Rosh Hashanah was a wonderful holiday for the Jews; their prayers were accepted by G-d. During the Ten Days of Repentance, tens of thousands of Jews repented. Yom Kippur was a special holiday. Most of the Jews fasted and prayed. When Yom Kippur was over, there was joy in the heavens and on earth. When Sukkot was over, there was joy in the heavens and on earth, as with Hoshanah Rabah, Simhat Torah and the rounds with the Torah - joy in the heavens and on earth. All of the prayers of the people of Israel were received in the heavens with great love from    G-d.

People of Israel, do not worry. G-d is blessing all of Israel with good and is opening the gates for them. There is a cloud of fire protecting the borders of Israel. We went through Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret, we removed the fabrics from the Succah and said "Mashiv Haruach U’Morid Hageshem - make the wind blow and the rain fall" and winter came just on time! The rain coming on time shows G-d's love for His children, the people of Israel. He speaks to us from the rain, speaks through miracles that He does for the people of Israel and what He does in the world for the benefit of the people of Israel. He gives Israel everything in its own time. He does not leave the state of Israel wanting anything. The economy is a blessing, the holy land is blessed, the Jews are blessed, everything is good in Israel. In Israel there is everything: view, good land, pure and good sea, everything is good in Israel, everything in its own time. There is everything in Israel, you don't need to search for anything outside of Israel, don't waste your money. Going abroad is wasting your money; there is no blessing in that.

Whoever invests money abroad is not blessed. The blessing is in Israel, in real estate, agriculture, and anything else. The Jews in Europe and the United States: Now do you understand that you must run away from there? Run, please, come to the holy land! Don't wait to see if G-d is right or wrong, no one has ever beaten G-d.

The Jews that were murdered were pure, holy, and righteous; and, they protect and atone for the generation. The people of Israel must protect themselves. They must understand that we cannot trust in the gentiles! Around Jerusalem and other places there are many terrorist gentiles who want to harm Israel; their plans will not go through. Jews must be vigilant, always ready; do not believe the gentiles. Dear Jews, do not tempt fate and do not go to dangerous places with dangerous gentiles, they are cruel and do not differentiate between Jews, watch over yourselves.

The forces of nature will continue around the world. Winds, storms, rain, ice, heat, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, it will all continue to strike the world along with conflict between and within countries. In the pure holy land of Israel, everything is good and will continue to be good. G-d promises that in Israel there will be only good, Jews living in Israel have nothing to worry about. The Israeli government must not be complacent and must not wait for what the world will say.

The IDF in the northern border must be ready with plans; do not, under any circumstances, send soldiers to the north. Be ready, and G-d will help.

Russia wants to control the Middle East, and tells the US that they failed and not to interfere. Russia told them not to interfere, and if they do, it will cost them dearly.

The United States has cold feet with Russia, it is a dead end. All of this is happening because they wanted peace with Iran, that is where their complications are.

Iran continues with the Russians, getting ammunition and weapons from them. The United States fills them with money, afraid that they will go with Russia in the end.

Dear Jews, Armageddon is abroad, not in Israel! Don't let them confuse you. Whoever tells you anything else is guessing and lying.

ISIS wants to control the world; they are also Armageddon, going among the Arabs and driving the world crazy.

Hamas, the Palestinians, Jihad, and Abu Mazen don't want peace. They want to destroy the state of Israel with weapons.

G-d will not let them destroy His country and the Jewish people, thanks to whom the entire world is alive.

In Syria the citizens continue to run, and it will continue to be destroyed.

Europe will continue to be filled with refugees and Muslims. The Muslims will control Europe in the end. Armageddon is going to Europe and other places in the world.

Jordan is still waiting, in conflict with itself and waiting for word from the United States.

In Egypt there is a big mess, nothing has changed.

Turkey is very busy, everything is a mix of ISIS and Turks there; it is complicated.

The Middle East, Europe, everywhere, they don't know what the day will bring, not even the United States. Everyone is confused because Russia is bombing Syria. The world is waiting to see what the day will bring. Everything stopped and is frozen; everyone is afraid of a third world war with nuclear weapons - there will not be such a war!

The state of Israel has nothing to fear from Russia or any other country in the world. There is great respect with Russia and G-d is with the state of Israel. Every Jew must obey the commandments and believe in the divine process.

This year, 5776, anyone who tries to fight with the state of Israel is fighting G-d directly, and no one can defeat G-d.    G-d can, in a millisecond, erase an entire country from the face of the earth, with a billion people.

Dear Jews, watch over your kids and keep them from assimilation, alcohol abuse, and gambling.

Jews in Israel, we are in a good and blessed year, we are on a good path. Everything is going forward in the state of Israel and in a good way! It will continue to be a good and blessed year. G-d is giving us faith to believe in Him.

This new year, 5776, will be a year that Jews in and out of Israel will feel, understand, know, see, and hear that there is salvation for the Jews in Israel and the world and that there is a Messiah who is King, that he is human and is guided by G-d in secret and very soon will be in public in front of the eyes of Israel and the world!

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  1. Amazing and encouraging thank you dear R Menachem for translating this for us. May Hashem protect & safeguard you together with all Am Israel.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, but this was not my translation. I am very happy to present the Rav's important messages, and blessed to have a very dear person who works with the Rav, who sends me the translation. When he is not available to translate, I have translated the message myself. I definitely prefer his translation which make me feel much more confident that I am not losing some of the fine nuances from the Rav.

  2. Ah ok, thank you for your explanation all the blessings!

  3. Well, we can see that G-d is with Israel. But G-d is not with America, and a lot of Jews live in America. If America goes to war with Russia and/China then the Jews in America will be gone.

    Too bad most Jews in America are Jewish in name only, not in deed. Perhaps that's why they don't move to Israel.

    1. I think you will find how miraculously Hashem will protect his people at the same time (even in the same place) He will wipe out the wicked. Hashem controls everything, there is nothing random. Every Jew and even every righteous non-Jew will be protected by Hashem. This may be beyond human comprehension, but not beyond Hashem's ways.

      You may also find that all the Jews will be miraculously brought to Israel prior to the disaster. Either way, it is definitely time to be with Hashem and to be following his ways.

    2. Hello Mr. Matt and Menachem!!!

      Meanwhile ...

      Other Bnei Noach and I can't (even if we want to with full force) in converting to Judaism, other Jews (in name) ' throw away ' his Judaism.

      Shavua tov and all good.

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

  4. I am very confused and don't know whom to believe.. a different blog posted this video with a boy who they say went l'maaleh saying that eretz yisroel is not safe and a horrible din is on klal yisroel and thousands of Jews in E"Y will die and the tzahal will fall in 2 days, isis will come and kidnap many Jews here in E"Y. just terrible things. and then a respected mekubal also confirmed such horrible things too.
    But R' Artzi says such comforting good things for klal yisroel. I dont know what to believe any more I'm so confused. I have been crying and sad for days. The Lubavitcher Rebbe said klal yisroel already suffered Gog u Magog in the holocaust. But I dont know if that still holds true as he isnt in this physical world anymore. Perhaps we lost that zchut. Who do we trust?

    1. We are still in the time of testing. Our enemies are definitely with an evil agenda. But, as I have been explaining, those who are completely with Hashem and living His absolute truth don't even know there is a problem. Those who believe they have to handle the enemy themselves without relying on Hashem are in great trouble. I have been observing this for over a half century and I know that, measure for measure, each individual is receiving from Hashem what he or she needs to reach Tikun. I live in a city that is 100% observant. No one has TV, very few have a radio and even the computer is few and far between. Most of my neighbors don't have a clue of the chaos in the world or even any activity happening in Israel. They are happy, content people who feel as though Geula has already occurred. I have mentioned that this city doesn't even have any crime -- there is no police force. In the 12 1/2 years that I have lived here, there has not been any terrorist activity. I am never afraid to walk the streets day or night. That is what is available to those who trust in and have faith in Hashem. It works.

      So far a Gog U Magog, I believe that the Chofetz Chaim said it all. The three battles are World War 1, 2 and 3. WW3, he said would be a spiritual war, which is exactly what is happening in the world now. Will there be a major war in the near future? Probably, but it will be short lived and Hashem will take over and purify the world, getting rid of the evil. I do believe what Rav Ben Artzi is saying that Israel will be protected. Those who have died recently, Al Kiddush Hashem, were a Keporah that probably saved many. These people reached Tikun and went on to the greatest Olam Habah imaginable. It is very sad for the families and Israelis in general, but these people are extremely happy that their sacrifice helped so many and gave them a tremendous eternity. After Moshiach comes, we will understand Hashem's mercy in such situations. Just know that all that is happening in the world and Israel is for the good.

    2. Hello!!!

      Excuse me, please:

      What does ' keporah '?

      Thanks in advance!!!

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

    3. A Keporah is a sacrifice (sacrifício). Hashem rewards great and righteous Jews with a tremendous Tikun, takes them out of this world of testing and evil and gives them great reward in the real world, the world of truth. Hashem's system is that this sacrifice is done to save many lives on Earth. We have seen it many times in the past, but just didn't recognize someone's death as a sacrifice for the good of others. This is a very difficult concept that requires many years of Torah study to understand, but it is merciful and for the good.

    4. Thank you very much Menachem!!!

      All the good. :)

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

  5. Hello Menachem!!!

    One question:

    As Russia has respect for Israel?!

    Putin is a communist dictator. He is part of the New world order plan (sino-russian model/BRICS) of global domination.

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

    1. Russia not and never has been a friend of Israel. Any indication that Putin is a friend is deception. I believe it was in the news recently how Putin is helping the Arabs in there plan to destroy Israel. We also know how Russian and Iran have cooperated in the past and are probably still helping each other.

      No friend, no respect.

    2. Hello!!!

      That's what I understood by reading the message from Rav Nir Ben Artzi:

      "The state of Israel has nothing to fear from Russia or any other country in the world. There is great respect with Russia and G-d is with the state of Israel. Every Jew must obey the commandments and believe in the divine process. "

      I realized that the Rav Nir Ben Artzi said: Russia has respect for Israel. So I did not understand, how Russia got respect for Israel

      I apologize for the confusion, I use Google Translator to read the messages of Rav Artzi in English (you-Menachem) offers in your blog, because I don't speak English.

      I didn't know it had been reported by the ' mainstream ' media that "Russia is on good terms with Israel". I am far from believing that.

      Thanks and all the best!!!

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

    3. Beware of what you read in the news. The main stream media is controlled by the evil global elite, and is only to serve their agenda, in other words not to be believed.

  6. so do all jews have to move to Israel to be saved (like Rav Artzi says) or will jews in chutz laaretz also be saved if they keep torah and mitzvot? I'm confused

    1. Hashem has been warning all Jews to come home for years, actually for thousands of years in scriptures. How much protection an individual will receive, even in Israel, is dependent upon how much the individual follows Hashem. All Jews will be redeemed. How much suffering one will have to endure to reach Tikun is dependent upon how much one needs. The chances of having a much easier time in the near future, if the chaos in the world greatly increases, will be much better for those who heeded Hashem warning and came home before the chaos.

      Throughout Tenach there are verses that talk about those who will come to Israel before the great day of Hashem and the remnant that Moshiach will bring over after he is anointed King. This tells us that there will be those who will have to come over after the horror (war, natural disasters, etc). How much they will have to go through not having come over sooner will be up to Hashem on an individual basis. It will be what they need, which means it will be merciful and for the good of the individual.

  7. I have a reader who is trying to debate comments made by another reader. Since a name was used, it borders on Lashon Harah. The fact is both readers are trying to state the way things are and how Hashem's will handle the situation. Also, both readers are making good statements and both readers are making questionable statement. Knowing exactly how Hashem is planning to do things in the future is a very nebulous idea, and actually serves no purpose in teaching other readers.

    Unless one is quoting scriptures, personal opinion isn't always valid. When seeing how Hashem will handle a situation of the upcoming Geula, I like to refer to our first Geula in Egypt. Hashem is consistent and we even have prophetic references telling us that Hashem will do things as He did in Egypt, but more miraculously. What that means specifically is not totally clear, meaning that discussion can come from it, but not necessarily conclusions.

    As much as I enjoy a good debate, I never want it to be with accusations that one party doesn't know what he or she is talking about. I therefore reserve the right and control of which comments I post. A much better way would be for any reader who is not happy with a statement, nor the response that I gave to the statement (which I already did in this situation), should use my Email address and contact me. I have had very good debates with some very intelligent readers. I enjoyed the interaction and feel that we both learned from the experience (which is a prime objective of this blog). I have even written separate posts on comment made and the debate that pursued.

    Contact me at and we can resolve the issue.