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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parshat Behar, 14 Iyar 5775 (03/05/15)

King of Kings, G-d, Father of the world is the Leader of the world.  The state of Israel and the people of Israel within the state of Israel will have protection and the best economy in the world, and real estate will continue moving forward.  The state of Israel is developing nicely and we, the Jews in Israel, need to protect ourselves, "You shall guard your souls."  We will obey the commandments, learn Torah, pray and G-d will keep His promise "I will fight for you and you will work," even now G-d is keeping His promise and wants the people of Israel to have faith in HIS strength!

All this is one of the signs of redemption and the crowning of the King Messiah.  Whoever doesn't believe, will believe soon; will hear with their ears and see with their eyes.  What is happening in the world and around the state of Israel; G-d is doing this, it is not human error.  G-d is making them conflicted and busy with themselves so that they don't bother the holy land - the state of Israel.

The harshest earthquakes will continue, harsh winds, fire and heat will continue, volcanic eruptions and floods will continue.  Since Passover, G-d has greatly increased the activities of nature and natural disasters.  G-d is not relenting.  He has decided that the entire world except for Israel will be like the Tower of Babylon.  They will have fear and terror, Armageddon - but not the state of Israel.  The state of Israel must not trust any country in the world, they are all taking care of their own interests, and they have no intent to benefit the state of Israel.

The United States and Russia are competing.  Both want control over the Middle East - this will never happen.  They will continue to compete and G-d will confuse them and give them terrible riots, conflicts and complications in their countries - only so that they stop bothering Israel.

Iran wants to enjoy both worlds - Russia and the United States, because both of them hate each other.  Iran is laughing at both of them and wants to benefit from the economy in the United States and ammunition and weapons from Russia.  Iran can't ever touch Israel; they are deathly afraid of Israel and the IDF.  Iran knows for a fact that Israel can cause great damage to them.

We said ISIS is destroying and purifying all of the impure places in the world.  In Israel: "You shall guard your souls."  When the angel comes to destroy, it does not differentiate between good and evil.  You need to guard the borders of Israel from side to side.  Their quiet is the calm before the storm, especially in the Gaza Strip, Yesha and East Jerusalem.

Hezbollah has no head and no wings.  Iran is trying to send them weapons and ammunition from all directions and doesn't succeed; the IDF destroys everything.  From time to time they try to taunt Israel - don't let them; watch over the borders and be vigilant.

Hamas continues to build tunnels day and night.  You need to be careful so you're not surprised; take every complaint from Gaza Strip civilians seriously - they are not wrong.

In Egypt it is the quiet before the storm, they are doing everything quietly.  Soon the day will come when everything will come out and the quiet will become a big noise.

In Yesha there is a quiet conspiracy; they are filled with weapons and ammunition and want to surprise us.

In Jordan the king is waiting for Abu Mazen to fight for him so that he can put all of the refugees in Israel - he will not get to do this.  Nearly three million refugees of all kinds and from many countries are eating at Jordan every day.  The state of Israel protects him - to a point.

Syria is fighting within itself; everything is a mess.  It will continue.  G-d has no mercy for it because during the wars they did great harm to the IDF soldiers.

Iraq is getting destroyed and extinct from the earth like Syria, because twenty years ago they terrified the people of Israel with missiles.

ISIS is smothering Turkey and will continue to do so.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait don't care about anyone.  They are filled with money and from time to time come out of the woodwork to show dominance in the area.

Anti-Semitism in the world continues and will continue to increase from day to day.  Jews living overseas understand only force.  G-d has spoken to them and it didn't help - now He uses force.  When there will be, heaven forbid, more difficult things, they will have to run for their lives from there.  Why don't they all do that now?  Because when a disaster happens to the Jews, they panic and then go back to their routine, "business as usual."  They aren't aware that every day that goes by, anti-Semitism is worse than the day before.  Anti-Semitism is getting worse and worse.  G-d is giving out warnings and has created a pause so that Jews can run from there.  Soon there will be more events; there won't be a pause; they are exiling the Jews out all over the world so that they come to Israel.

G-d has chosen the state of Israel and the Jews in Israel.  The holy land has everything, all the good in the world so that it will never need any other country.  In Israel there is gold, diamonds, oil and gas, everything you want is in the state of Israel; you need only work.  G-d has given clues in the Torah to where everything is, before He divided the tribes.  The Jews need to be like their forefathers, "we will do and we will listen," and not "we will listen" first.  The Torah is only for the Jews and it has everything.  G-d wants the people of Israel to follow His rules, and not the advice of the gentiles.

Everything that is happening in the world is painful, even though the Armageddon wars and natural disasters are on foreign land.  G-d is asking the Jews in Israel and out of Israel not to wait for a disaster, heaven forbid.  Pray and learn Torah like a savings plan, to be safe and protected, and not after something happens.

Government officials must stop being soft and stop playing games, start working for the state of Israel and not the other way around.

All of the demonstrations and protesters - don't learn from the gentiles.  You need to check who is appointed and send representative to the government offices to talk.  Protests and force don't work; you need to use the law without noise and protests.  Do not learn from the gentiles, they walk a crooked and backwards path; they do not obey the commandments and we cannot learn from them.

The state of Israel needs to urgently take care of the children's education.  If not, the investment in the future will be double.

Redemption is open; all is open and moving forward.  Armageddon is for the gentiles, not the state of Israel.  G-d is harming nations and the world and in Israel there is quiet, peace and good.  The Jews need to cry out to G-d to bring a spiritual leader and to crown the King Messiah.  This is the war of G-d for the benefit of the Jews in the holy land.  G-d is bothering them from all sides, just a little bit, so they cry out to Him.

Jews understand, when G-d crowns the King Messiah, all Jews will be equal.  There will be no rich or poor.  There will be health for everyone, "every person under his vine and under his fig tree."  It will be gradual and no one will be able to harm the state of Israel; there will be quiet and peace in Israel and the world, eternal life for the Jews and the Temple will be built.

Jews of Diaspora: don't miss out on this, run to the land of Israel, settle the Negev, Western Galilee, Binyamin and Samaria!  Save everything we write every week, in your memory or printed out at home, everything will happen and everything is happening.  Check five years ago, it is all on the website.  Don't think, heaven forbid, that it is strange - it is all truth and for the benefit of the Jews!  Everything that is written here - is done humbly to save the Jews.

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

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