Thursday, May 21, 2015

Urgent Request

I had a very pleasant day on Rosh Chodesh Sivan, it was my birthday – I turned 71 years young.  I spent some time reflecting on my life, since I know that Hashem designs each one of us as an important piece of the world puzzle to perfect the world and to bring it to Tikun.

I realized that I have been very much involved in three events in history.  One was being born during World War 2 at the height of the Holocaust, two was being involved in 911 and three is being involved in the coming of Moshiach and the final Geula.

What made me involved in the Holocaust?  As a child most of my neighbors were Holocaust survivors, which I became aware of, but didn’t really grasp its meaning.  As an Army officer, I was stationed in Germany for six years and had an opportunity to study the Holocaust both in academia (I have college credits covering German history in the 20th century) as well as my own private investigation.  I speak German and was able to meet Jewish Holocaust survivors who returned to their homes with tales to tell.  I spoke to many non-Jewish Germans, including historians who had much information to share.  It was very productive to hear their side of the story.  I also had the opportunity in the 1990’s to meet Jewish Polish Holocaust survivors, both observant and non-observant to hear their take on the horrors of WW2 and the Holocaust.  It became obvious that Hashem put me in all these situations for a reason, which I will disclose.

What was my involvement with 911?  I was an Engineer at the time working for a company that just happened to be located in Central New Jersey.  Without leaving my seat, I was able to look out the window and see the smoke pouring into the sky.  I was still a reserve Army Officer at the time with connections to the Pentagon (having been there about 50 times for meetings and work groups).  I also had connections to Army Intelligence individuals who had quite a lot of information to tell.  Having been in the US government or under government contract for about 34 years, I gained a very good insight into the cause and effects of 911.  I also knew people who worked at the World Trade buildings, with whom I was able to converse and get very vital information about the truth of 911.  It became obvious that Hashem put me in this situation for a reason, which I will disclose.

I became a Baal Teshuvah in the early 1990’s after many miraculous events occurred for me and my family (it actually began in the 1980’s, when I was living in Germany for the second three years – 1984 to 1987).  Even though I had always been very involved in Yiddishkeit all my life (I was in an Orthodox environment for the first 14 years of my life), and even studied Torah since I was about 4 years old, I was not a true Torah Jew, observing all the commandments, until I was in my upper 40’s.  Since I was in a very secular environment, both at work and home, I found myself involved in Kiruv, outreach work, starting in the early 1990’s.  I also found myself getting very involved in studying and perpetuating the plans of Hashem in bringing about the time of Moshiach and Geula.  With my comparison of secular and observant life, I was able to relate to all Jews, and help them see the absolute truth about this world.  It became extremely obvious that Hashem put me in the situation and was leading me in a very definite path.

This is all very interesting (or boring) information depending upon your story, but what is the connection and why am I compelled at this time to bring it up?  They say that history repeats itself and that if we do not learn from the lessons of the past, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

One very prominent message that I learned from the Holocaust was that in the 1930’s most Jews had the attitude with respect to the horrors of the Nazi regime: “How bad can it get?  Not to worry, this will go away.”  Of course in hindsight we now know that many would have been saved if they left before the true horror began.  Hashem was giving decades of signs and messages saying “get out of there – all of Europe.”  If one had looked in the Torah, one would have seen (as many were able to tell me after the fact), that Hashem’s protection lasted only so long for those who didn’t follow His ways – He hid his Face for those who didn’t listen to Hashem’s messages.  "I will become very angry at them on that day, and I will abandon them and hide My face from them. They will be devoured, and plagued by many evils that will distress them, and will say, `Do we not suffer because G-d has left us?’” (Devarim 31:17).

In 911 there were people that I know who were in the second building who started to leave.  The security personnel told them: “Go back to work, it is in the other building, it has nothing to do with this building.”  Of course in hindsight we know that if they were on upper floors, they did not survive.

These days we are getting messages from Hashem on a frequent basis, as prophesied in scriptures thousands of years ago, that in the end of days, the only safe place for a Jew is Eretz Yisroel.  The weekly messages from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Rabbanim, Mekubalim, the Facilitated Communications individuals, etc are not treated as messages from Hashem, but opinions that we can take it or leave it.  It is so obvious that the attitude of Jews who are not in the know, are putting these messages on the blogs.  Either the blogger or the readers who send in their comments are repeating history asking: “How bad can it get?  This will pass.  Won’t Hashem protect good people no matter where they are in the world?”  These messages are much more dangerous to ignore than the messages received before the Holocaust or 911.

During the first Geula, it is brought down that only 20% of the Israelites survived – only 20% turned to Hashem and with enough emunah were willing to follow Moshe into the desert.  After all, Moshe didn’t have provisions for survival, only the word of Hashem that we would survive and thrive, even see our enemies defeat.

We have received messages that tell us that: HASHEM WILL PROTECT US UP TO A CERTAIN TIME, BUT THOSE WHO DO NOT LEAVE AND COME TO ISRAEL WILL NOT HAVE HASHEM’S PROTECTION (and that it is coming up on us rapidly).

Let’s look at a Torah lesson that says it all.  When Yaakov was ready to meet his evil brother Esav, Hashem assured him of His protection – that Esav would not harm him.  Yet, Yaakov made much preparation to protect his people.  Yaakov divided his camp, he sent angles ahead of the people, he provided gifts for Esav, etc.  Why after Hashem’s words of assurance did Yaakov do such precautionary measures?   Yaakov was a very humble man who questioned whether he was deserving of such protection from Hashem.  It is not that He didn’t trust Hashem, he didn’t trust himself.  That is true fear of Hashem to know that Hashem is infinitely merciful and wants only the best for us.  But, it is our failings to follow His ways (the voluntary way) that we should fear for Hashem will give us correction, but possibly with pain and suffering (the involuntary way).

There are many situations in Torah of people giving very bad advice that is against Hashem’s will and the tragic results.  The story of Korach, who was considered a Tzadik, but had selfish ambitions to be the leader.   Those who followed him had a tragic ending, except for Korach’s sons who realized only seconds before their fate was sealed, the truth of Hashem’s will.  The story of the Erev Rav and the Golden Calf, the story of the spies and those who believed their incorrect information, the story of how listening to Amram would have been a disaster until Miriam saved the day, etc, etc, etc.

We are told throughout scriptures not to put yourself in a dangerous situation.  If one acts arrogantly and says I am not worried, I am a good Jew who follows Hashem’s ways, Hashem will protect me and my family.  Hashem will make sure such an attitude is punished.  You can look forward to not receiving Hashem’s protection.   All of us need to have the same humble attitude as Yaakov.   With complete humbleness and lack of arrogance, we continue to follow Hashem’s ways of Teshuvah, Tefillah, Tzedukah, Limud HaTorah, Ahavas Yisroel, etc.   If we act contrary to Hashem’s ways after receiving countless messages telling us of the danger we will experience, we are asking for suffering.  Don’t find out the hard way what Hashem is telling us just because we think we know better.  Especially, don’t blame it on a Rabbi who is not telling you Hashem’s will but is using his own flawed human logic to guide you.  He is not being mean, he is acting in ignorance of Hashem’s very definite instructions.

My urgent request is to every moderator of a Kosher blog and to all who provide comments on posts made.  Think before you post.  Is this post serving the purpose of helping the Jews of the world, of helping the people of the world, of bringing Moshiach to the world, is it a message that Hashem, which demonstrates love for your fellow Jew?  Or is this just to make you more popular with no consideration for others.  Is it Lashon Harah (the evil tongue – gossip)?  Do you even know what Lashon Harah is (most people will answer with: but it is true.  Lashon Harah has nothing to do with true or false only “who are you hurting with your statement)?  Do you know that saying Lashon Harah is very severe in the Eyes of Hashem and believing Lashon Harah that someone else wrote is equally as dangerous (subject to great punishment)?  Do you consider that your post or comment may hurt one Jew or hundreds or thousands resulting in great suffering and, chas v’shalom, a miserable death for the believer of your statement and for his or her loved ones?

My entire message is: if you are making a statement based on your own flawed human logic, your own uneducated opinion, that I have discussed many times, and that your statement has not been thoroughly researched to see if it agrees with Hashem’s opinion about the subject.  What you are posting might sound nice, but as I mentioned above sometimes the most innocent sounding advice that has not been thought out, can be very dangerous to yourself and others.

Why can I give advice?  Two reasons.  One is that I am old enough according to Pirkei Avos to give Mussar; and two, I have thousands of hours of research that I have performed to verify that what I post is Hashem’s opinion and not mine.  I do it all to help others not to be popular.  If you don’t like me, and I know of individuals who disagree with me who have decided I am their enemy, I just ask you to look into the Torah for the correct answer.  When you find in the near future that your life and the lives of your loved ones have been saved because you checked my information and found it to be from Hashem and not me, all I can say is: You’re welcome.

I know through thousands of hours of research what the evil Gog and his cabal have planned for this summer.  I have talked about it already and it is very detrimental to the world population.  I have secret informers with whom I am in contact who are in the know.  Can I tell you their names?  Absolutely not or I will lose them as informers.  I already know of two individuals who were putting out vital information only to be killed by those they were incriminating.

Will Gog succeed in his evil plan?  I believe he will not succeed, but only because Hashem will intervene and bring the happy ending (that is the answer in scriptures).  Does that mean that all Jews and righteous non-Jews will survive?  As I have said before, every individual will receive measure for measure what he or she needs for Tikun.  How much suffering you and your family will get is up to you and your performance.  If you have made great changes in your life, you may have corrected the past, but that is for you to study Torah and understand Hashem’s system in this world.

What is my biggest urgent request?  Please, please, please consider the welfare of others before you say or write anything – it is Hashem’s way and we have history as a testimonial to prove it.  I guarantee (or should I say: Hashem guarantees) it is the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones – time is running out.

If you believe that these messages are not from Hashem, you are in great trouble since that is part of my decades of research proving the validity of these messages.  I know that many think that they can just deny the message source and get away with it.  Whether you believe the truth or not, it doesn’t go away.  I have requested that these messages from Hashem through Rav Ben Artzi, Moishela, Binyamin, Daniel, Menachem, etc be on every kosher blog, reaching as many good people in this world as possible.  I have offered anything that I write for posting on any other blog, the only response I have received is that it is infringing upon the attribution of the moderator of the blog.  That is the most ignorant response possible since nobody has attribution on Hashem’s messages, except Hashem.  The other horror is that it is a sign that nobody is interested in saving the world – helping others, only personal attribution and personal honor.  Please, please follow Hashem’s ways and do the right thing.  Help bring the Geula.  It is your life; it is your future (all the way to eternity) that is in question.  If you are delaying the Geula instead of bringing it quicker, you will not know until Judgment Day and that is what I call the “too late date.”   They say that “ignorance is bliss.”  I say that “ignorance is dangerous and even punishable.”  That is your answer to whether Hashem’s protection is available outside of Israel in the near future.


  1. --Why can I give advice? Two reasons. One is that I am old enough according to Pirkei Avos to give Mussar--

    Be careful with that. I know many people over 70 who shouldn't be giving anyone musar or advice about anything. The Gemara said that nobody knows how to give it properly anymore - and they were talking about their era.

    1. You can't argue with success. I have been giving advice for decades with tremendous success (bli ayin harah). I have had close to seven thousand comments and personal Emails in the three years of my blog and about 98% have been positive. Hashem helps me all the way -- how can I go wrong? Hashem does the Kiruv, I am only a shaliach.

      Also, the next phase of my Kiruv will begin shortly -- possibly next week. It's a surprise, so I can't say anything yet.

  2. I do believe you mean but in your efforts to "help" others you may be creating needless anxiety. Many including myself have lost jobs and are struggling. How can we move to Israel under such circumstances? I would love to move and so would lots of people I know. Who will pay our way there? No one will guarantee our parrnussa either.

    And what about those 250,000 Jews who live below the poverty level in the NYC metro region--will they be abandoned by Hashem because they are too poor or too old?

    And finally where is it written that Geula can only come with a disaster or holocaust for us once again? I have spoken to another shaliach who believes it can come with blessings and joy for all of us and that we will be saved. It is all in Hashem's hands one way or the other and I await his guidance and no one else's.

    1. You are asking many good questions that would take hours for me to answer. The short answer is "those who turn completely to Hashem, do not have any problem. If you still think in terms of this up-side down materialistic fantasy of a world, you are correct -- nothing will go right. If you turn to Hashem with complete emunah, nothing will go wrong.

      Pay attention to the words of Rav Ben Artzi, as an example. There is ample employment opportunity in Israel for everyone. I am retired and I have had offers, and I wasn't even looking. The US, right now, is hiding the fact that a very large number of people have stopped looking for work. The government reports about 5.? % unemployment -- I have heard analyses of about 23% when you include all those that the government forgot about. This is only one example. I know of many who have come here for a visit, and found everything that they needed to thrive (including making aliyah here). This may be a surprise, but Hashem is making it difficult on purpose for those who think they can't leave. You are being tested to see if you trust Hashem or think you only have your own flawed logic to solve your issues. TURN TO HASHEM, IT IS THE ONLY SOLUTION. IT WORKS!!!!!

      This would take a book to explain, but "if we are worthy," Geula will come without difficult testing (without suffering, war, terrorist activity, financial problems, horrible governments and horrible leaders). That is written many places in Tenach, Talmud, Zohar, Midrash, Meforshim, etc. It also says if we are worthy Moshiach will come earlier. Guess what!!! We are not worthy nor have we been for millenia, so Geula and Moshiach will come "in its time" with much hardship -- it is necessary to give us Tikun (the involuntary way as I have written in previous posts). This is "in its time." How do we know? The signs are clear from scriptures, from Rabbis, from the Facilitated Communications individual, from world events as they were told to us, and how it would happen at the end. This is not rocket science -- it is extremely obvious what is happening and what Hashem wants from us to survive, thrive and be happy. The happy ending is near, but it is up to each one of us as individuals to make it measure for measure as happy as can be. It you are skeptical about all this, you are blowing it for yourself and loved ones. Stop thinking like a frail human being and listen to the directions coming from HKBH -- the Only Source of salvation and success (for all eternity).

      One last thing which right now is top secret. There are big, big changes coming that will show you exactly how you will succeed. Hashem is merciful and His plan is perfect -- don't settle for less than perfection by trying to outsmart Hashem's plans, chas v'shalom. The first Geula took us out of a horrible situation and gave us everything. This final Geula is happening the same way, but with even greater miracles (many coming up that we can't even imagine). Trust Hashem -- He loves us and will take care of us forever. How you get to that forever is based on your choices now.
      Good Shabbos and Good Yom Tov

  3. Hello Menachem!!!

    I would like to thank you for the posts of several Holy Messages that you have available on your blog for so long.

    As Bnei Noach, I thank Hashém for having placed channels available to so many Bnei Noach and Bnei Israel, in order to be able to know about the absolute truth because your blog as well as many other blogs kasher has made possible many (Bnei Israel and Bnei Noach) increasingly thrive spiritually.

    That Hashem bless your people increasingly (Am Israel) and you all can prosper even more.

    I'm sorry by the english errors (if any) because use translator 'bing' and not 'google translator'.

    All good and Shabbat Shalom!!!

    Luiz Felipe - S.P .- Brazil

  4. This was written by a Jewish friend from Belgium on Jom Ha Shoa this year, while I just read an article about Obama visiting a synagoge in the USA saying, that he thinks that the Anti Semitism going on this time around is not a fashion statement and that we should look at the past and learn from this.

    Vandaag is Jom Hashoah, de Holocaustherdenkingsdag. Opnieuw word ik bevangen met de drang om in de pen te kruipen. De Shoah begint met het aan de macht komen van Hitler in januari ’33. Meteen worden de eerste antisemitische maatregelingen doorgevoerd. Joden worden uitgesloten in het beoefenen van bepaalde beroepen, een economische boycot op Joodse winkels , enz... Door de Neurenberger wetten geraken de Joden dieper en dieper vast te zitten in het rond hun gesponnen web. Joden zijn niet langer burgers. Ze hebben niet langer rechten. Op de nacht van 9 op 10 november ’38, Kristallnacht, begrijpen de Joden in het Duitse rijk welk noodlot hun te wachten staat. Wie kan, probeert te vluchten…. Maar waarheen? De wereld kijkt toe en beseft dat de Joden een probleem hebben. Ze houden zelfs een conferentie in Evian waarop afgevaardigden van de hele wereld aanwezig zijn om deze problematiek te bespreken. Maar niemand is bereid een groot nummer Joden op te nemen. Wanneer in september ’39 de Tweede Wereldoorlog uitbreekt, wordt het duidelijk dat de Joden bijna nergens in Europa meer veilig zijn. De wereld kijkt apathisch toe hoe Joden vernederd, misbruikt en afgevoerd worden naar hun dood. “Wir haben es nicht gewusst?”, onzin. De wereld wist het wel. De grote leiders, zij die het moesten weten, wisten het. Getuigenissen als die van de Poolse diplomaat Jan Karski of de uit Auschwitz ontsnapte Slovaakse Jood Vrba hadden de geallieerden wel degelijk bereikt maar er werd niet op gereageerd.
    Zes miljoen doden… Bij de bevrijding kijkt de wereld gechoqueerd naar de tragische beelden van de genocide. Wat moet er nu gebeuren met het Joodse volk? Velen van overlevenden willen niet meer terug naar de plekken waar zij en hun familie verraden, bestolen en vermoord werden. Op andere plekken waren sommige mensen niet echt blij met de terugkeer van deze overlevenden. Sterker zelfs, het Poolse stadje Kielce slaagde erin om in 1946 nog een pogrom uit te voeren op 200 Holocaust-overlevenden die daar nog woonden. Eén vijfde van hen werd vermoord!

    1. This is my attempt at a translation, using Google translate (I don't speak Dutch):
      Today is Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. Again, I am seized with the urge to crawl into the pen. The Shoah begins with the coming to power of Hitler in January '33. Immediately the first anti-Semitic measures before are implemented. Jews are excluded from practicing certain professions, an economic boycott of Jewish shops, etc ... By the Nuremberg Laws Jews get deeper and deeper to sit stuck in the web spun around them. Jews are no longer citizens. They no longer have rights. On the night of 9 to 10 November '38, Kristallnacht, the Jews in the German Empire understand what fate awaits them. Who can, trying to escape .... But where? The world is watching and realizes that the Jews have a problem. They even have a conference in Evian in which delegates from around the world will be present to discuss these issues. But no one is willing to take on a large number of Jews. When World War II broke out in September '39, it becomes clear that the Jews almost anywhere in Europe are safe. The world looks apathetic to the Jews humiliated, abused and deported to their deaths. "Wir haben es nicht gewusst?" Nonsense. The world knew. The great leaders, those who needed to know, knew. Testimonies like that of the Polish diplomat Jan Karski of the Slovak Jew Vrba escaped from Auschwitz reached the Allies indeed but there was no response.
      Six million dead ... After the liberation the world looks shocked at the tragic images of the genocide. What needs to happen now with the Jewish people? Many of the survivors would not go to the places where they and their family betrayed, robbed and killed. Elsewhere, some people were not happy with the return of these survivors. Stronger even, the Polish town of Kielce managed to carry out a pogrom in 1946 200 Holocaust survivors still living there. One fifth of them was murdered!

  5. Happy birthday may you have many more ad 120 in great health and happiness!

  6. Does 'forever' in your context mean 'time without end' (infinity)? That is quite a scary thought to my mind.

    1. It does mean infinity, but not as we understand it. Both Torah scholars and scientists know that time is an allusion in this world -- it really doesn't exist. That is a concept that is beyond our comprehension, but one of the best examples is that we are told in scriptures that a day in heaven is a thousand years on Earth. When Hashem told Adam after the sin that he would only live a day, it meant 1,000 years (Adam lived 930 Earth years, since he gave 70 years to King David, which was him returned). This also means that all of Earth history after the creation, 6,000 years, is only 6 days in heaven. These are concepts beyond our understanding.

      The tremendous joy of Olam Habah, the World to Come, will also be beyond our understanding and time will be meaningless. Hashem is not in our time system, He provided the allusion for us. When we talk of eternity it is like experiencing tremendous existence, totally aware of Hashem and without the concept of time. Don't worry, it will be so tremendous that we won't even notice that time will be no more. (I hope I didn't give you a headache on this explanation.)