Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I was looking at the news this morning only to be in total amazement at how many events were predicted by Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita.  I am aware that every week he has been extremely accurate about what is happening in the world and what is coming up, but the accuracy and details are getting even more profound.  I listed some of the more interesting items.  This is far from all that is occurring in the world, including the continued weather devastation, but it is food for thought in giving you confidence in the Heavenly messages that we are receiving these days:

I have been following the Rav, other Rabbis and the Facilitated Communications individuals for many years.  I know without a doubt that these are messages from Hashem, since they totally pass the test found in Parashas  Shoftim, Deuteronomy 18:15-22, the test of prophecy.  But, the more important idea to be gained from this is that the instructions from Hashem for the near future are not just nice-to-know items, but imperative instructions for survival.

Since the Rav and others have been telling us of even greater chaos and Jew-hatred is brewing worldwide, it is prudent to listen and react to their warnings.

First, let me give you some very important facts about what is happening and what the experts are saying.  I mentioned in my post of September 11, 2014, The Absolute Truth that Nobody Believes (or even knows) about the global elite and their evil plan to initiate a new one world Communist government under the New World Order concept.  I mentioned how they have been trying to arrange World War 3 as a way of decreasing the world population to a manageable 500 million people – in other words, a program to kill off 93% of the world population.   This is all honchoed by the Gog Bush cabal and his evil followers, including Obama.  Last June the Bilderberg Group, who carries out many of the diabolical plans of the cabal, had their annual meeting (120 to 150 of the most powerful people on Earth) and instituted the ISIS terror organization to spread throughout the world in an effort to bring the world to its knees and eliminate any opposition to their cause.  (The first item above about Al Qaeda needing more money is very telling of the fact that Al Qaeda was started by the US in the 1980’s and how ISIS broke off from  Al Qaeda – guess who is funding ISIS efforts?)  They did not succeed in instituting WW3 as they had planned (as we saw with the added stone in the Georgia Guidestones), but they did succeed in terrorizing the world.

That brings me to the present.  Next month is the annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group.  It will be followed by the Jade Helm exercise in the US of Magog which will serve many purposes in perpetuating chaos and destruction in the US.  I am not going to expound upon the details of Jade Helm, but know that it is evil and very dangerous to the people of the US and the rest of the world.  I, once again, mention I am not a prophet, but a dot connector.  The plans of the global elite are to institute Martial Law, military rule, use of the 800 FEMA Camps to destroy all opposition, disrupt life through massive protests in the US (even promote civil war in the US).  This will spill over to the world in an effort to institute WW3 and the New World Order.  There is even a massive underground network of tunnels in the US to be used in connecting the bunkers that will afford survival of the elite.  This underground network is EMP protected, since there is a very good probability that one of many or a combination of our enemies will end the US as we know it with an EMP holocaust.  The details of all this are way too extensive for a comprehensive discussion here – just be aware that total chaos is coming and this summer is the plan (verifiable by both secular sources and scriptures).

Why am I telling you this?  Rav Ben Artzi, along with many other sources, has emphatically warned that the time for Jews to leave the world and come to Israel is very limited.  The Rav has made mention several times that Hashem’s protection will not be available in the near future for those outside of Israel.  He gave no specifics about his statement; but I, the dot-connector, have investigated the reality of the world situation and believe with great certainty that the above scenario is the basis for his warning.  After an EMP, as an example, planes will not be able to fly (for many technical reasons).  Even getting food and water will end and mass chaos will pursue.  Much of the population will die within a short time, weeks, due to a lack of food, water, sanitation and increase in disease.

More explanation is not needed here.  I only want you very seriously to take the messages from Hashem to heart – He is trying to save us, but needs our cooperation.

There is so much more that I can say, but please, please, please do your own investigation and above all react as though your lives and the lives of you loved ones depend upon it.  Don’t, for one minute, have the same attitude of the Jews of Germany in the 1930’s: “This will pass, how bad can it get?”  They found out the hard way how horrible it can get.  Learn from history, things are much, much worse today than Europe was in the 1930’s and, if Gog gets his way, WW3 will make WW2 look like a picnic.

I know that Hashem will step in and not let Gog get his way – it is the message of Ezekiel 38 and 39  and many other places in scriptures,  but how devastating it will be to you as an individual will completely depend on how much you are turning to Hashem these days and following His instructions.  The words of the Rabbis and the FC individuals are Hashem’s instructions – use them and survive (and even thrive).


  1. If there is an EMP attack on America, we know all communication will be cut from Israel to the US. But will that affect Computer communication within Israel? What software would be necessary to stay connected within Israel? Such As banking and blogging?

    1. EMP fries any electrics and electronics in range of the EMP blast, including computers. It would not affect anything outside its range. Israel would not be affected at all, but Israel would not be able to communicate with any electronic device in America, unless the device was EMP hardened and probably went through a satellite link that was not affected. It gets complicated.

      Obviously, if a bank in the US was made inoperative, the bank would not even have a record of its customers unless there was backup that was EMP protected. If the blog server and data bank were in an area taken out by EMP, the blog would no longer be functional.

      Also, you will find that Israel probably would not experience an EMP attack considering it would take out all Arab equipment, possibly including neighboring countries. That would probably be counterproductive to any rouge nation who would want to hurt Israel.

  2. Are there any type of helicopters that could transport people across the Atlantic, say to England that are not dependent like airliners, or what about boats that could communicate with England for guidance?

    1. Even a plane that came from outside the EMP impact area would still be usable. The problem is that all traffic control, including all communications would be disabled meaning that airports would be dysfunctional and therefore closed. Same thing with ships that were outside the impact area.

    2. I was thinking of an independent Yacht or private helicopter not hooked into the US electronic system, if such is possible. Using a compass to aim toward England, and as such, an English vessel meeting them part way out to sea, be able to rescue people.

    3. Yes, any vessel that is operable can be used to transport people. If it is using satellite communications and the satellite has not been compromised, communications outside of America would be no problem, whether to England or even someplace along the way such as Iceland.

      I think we will be seeing miraculous events that we can't even imagine. Since scriptures talks of Jews on the wings of Eagles, it is not fully understood if it is a metaphor for our modern air transportation or a miraculous trip from Hashem. I once remember reading that the trip to Israel from anywhere in the world will take five minutes. It may have been the Zohar, I don't remember the source.

      Events in this Geula are supposed to be more miraculous than the first Geula from Mitzrayim. We know that the close to three million Israelites left Mitzrayim instantly, almost like they were teleported (kefitzat haderech) out of there. The second Geula could be even more miraculous with tens of millions of people (the Jews and the lost tribes) being instantly brought from all over the world in minutes. Trust Hashem -- He loves us and knows what He is doing.

  3. You can add to that list the above article: The Greatest Water Crisis in the History of the United States.

    1. Thank you. The flooding in some areas and horrible drought in other areas is a very serious problem, and only will get worse due to its impact on farming. If there is an EMP, water pumping stations would be out of commission, meaning a water crisis would occur even in areas of flooding (no water purification available).

    2. Can Noahide move to live with Israel? Will they welcome us?

    3. My speculation: Noachides are part of the lost tribes and will find themselves completely protected by Hashem and probably in Israel.

      It is brought down that Israel will be renamed Jerusalem, and the rest of the world, which will only have righteous people (all the wicked will be gone) will be called "The Holy Land." Hashem loves the Noachides as He loves all righteous people who follow His ways.

  4. Is the comparison with Germany fair? There, you had a new leader who professed openly of his hostility and plans for the Jews. You also had a populace with a history of anti-Semitism. In the USA, you have neither. If we are to run from every country that has a risk of genocide, then we will run from every country all the time and 98% of the time, there would have been no reason to do so. Running has a cost.

    1. In recent years there have been testimonials from holocaust survivors who have stated how much worse the US is than Germany. Jew-hatred is much worse worldwide than it ever was in the past including Europe before WW2.

      When you evaluate the situation, the US already has 800 concentration camps in operation with people disappearing all the time and never being seen or heard from again. The US has much more sophisticated means of controlling the population. The hidden spying, the drones, the police and military equipment (stun guns, tasers, pepper spray, mace defense spray, armored vehicles, weapons, don't forget the police brutality, etc), the disease capability (bird flue and Ebola, as an example, were developed by American scientists), terrorist organizations with nuclear capability (also funded by the US Government -- your tax dollars at work), brain washing techniques, etc, etc, etc.

      The leadership is far more dangerous than the Nazis ever were, since Gog and his top man Obama are interested in the demise of 93% of the world population. They are well financed with hidden money in the tens trillions. hitler, yemach shemo, would have been so jealous of Obama and the Gog Bush cabal.

      Be aware that almost none of this is in the media, which is completely controlled by Gog and the cabal. It makes it easy since there has been a dumbing down of the world population, especially the US for many decades. Dumbing down is a deliberate diminution of the intellectual level of education, literature, cinema, news, and culture. It has been the plan if the Illuminati for many years in its effort for world domination.

  5. You seem to be saying that the evil leaders of today don't need as much public cooperation because their technology is so vast. That's a fair point.

    Also you are saying the anti-Semitism doesn't have to be at the heart of this because the elite want to crush everybody and have the power to do so. Also a fair point.

    1. The goal of the global elite is total domination and control of the world population. They are greedy and plan to own the world including us as their slaves.

      Yes the entire world population is in trouble, but as has been the nature of the world for thousands of years, to make the Jews the scapegoats and to blame us for everything. The world, including many self-hating Jews are convinced that 1/4 of 1%, yes .25% of the world population, is responsible for everything. They don't know that the Jews are the only salvation for the world, since Hashem is doing all this for His servants, the Jews. Those who start living the absolute truth will survive and thrive, whether Jewish is not. It is ashamed that the world population does not catch on to the Word of Hashem as He gave us in scriptures -- but my only concern is the welfare the Jews and all righteous non-Jews. I trust Hashem's plan.

  6. It is important to note also that persecution of the Jews takes different forms in each era. Rome is different from Spain is different from Germany. Rome wanted obedience, Spain had a religious angle, Germany wanted genocide. And not only that, but the wars against the Jews came along with global problems. Even Germany in ww2 was responding to the treaty of Versailles and general desire to conquer the world. So you can't look for exactly the same signs as in prior eras. You have to be able to read the new clues.

    1. You are absolutely correct, but I need not analyse it further, since everything is from Hashem and each phase of history accomplished His will. Hashem accomplishes His will around our will, and that became the history of the world. I am not saying I understand it, I am saying I trust Hashem and the history He provided. We will someday fully understand His plan and thank Him for the good purpose it served.

  7. An elderly couple in St. Louis County found out what happens when you honk your horn at a cop this past weekend, when the officer drew his gun and pistol whipped the man in the face, while wrestling with the woman as she attempted to defend her husband.
    Describing the harrowing incident to local reporters, Janet and Donald Akers noted that they were unable to pay their respects to Janet’s deceased mother on Mother’s day, as they were beaten up by the cop before they could get to the graveyard.
    Mrs Akers was driving the car, when she was suddenly rushed upon by a large unmarked black truck. Fearing that the truck was going to collide with their vehicle, she honked her horn.
    “To let him know, hey, you’re coming over to hit us, and then he backed down, got behind us, and honked and honked and honked, all the way through the intersection,” said Janet.
    Not knowing that the driver of the truck was a cop, Mrs Akers pulled over to attempt to diffuse the situation, and suddenly found herself and her husband under attack at gunpoint.
    “I didn’t know if he was going to shoot us or what,” said Donald, who admits he was in fear for both their lives.
    However, the off duty cop used the butt of the gun to pistol whip Mr Akers in the face.
    “He hit me right across the nose with it, broke my nose, my sinus cavities, broke my teeth.” Akers told reporters.
    The officer then began fighting with Mrs Akers as she tried to stop the attack. Bystanders were alerted by the struggle, and jumped in to break up the fight.
    Mrs Akers called the police, and officers arrived, but simply made the situation worse.
    “The police came, and went over directly to him. And they were all talking, laughing, joking around,” she said, adding “We feel like they knew him right off the bat.”
    Instead of calling for medical attention for Mr Akers, and reprimanding the attacker, the uniformed officers instead treated the couple as if they were criminal suspects, and searched their vehicle.
    “They never searched that guy’s truck. He had the gun,” Donald said.
    “I thought they were going to shoot my husband, and I was really scared for that.” Janet further noted, fearing the cops would seek retribution against the couple.
    The St Louis County Police refused to release the name of the off duty officer, saying that an investigation into the incident is ongoing.


    1. Thank you for that very interesting article.

      The amount of chaos and conflict occurring in the US is overwhelming. From Wikipedia: The 2012 state petitions for secession, where a citizen originated petition drive using the White House's petitioning system. By November 14, 2012 all 50 US states have had petitions filed by their citizens. Generally, each petition seeks peaceful secession and independence for their respective states from the United States of America.

      They are so plagued with the politics and mayhem, the people are totally aware that the US is no longer a Federal Republic but has become an oligarchy. I know, it is not the US of A within which I grew up. "Liberty and justice for all" is gone.

    2. In the article the author made an error: Jade is green, not blue.

  9. BH
    Sorry, my language is not English but Spanish.
    What is an : EMP attack?
    Thank you.
    Sara from Mexico City.

  10. Un Pulso Electromagnético.
    Se pusieron en marcha un dispositivo nuclear a unos 300 kilómetros por encima de una zona y desactiva todos los dispositivos eléctricos y electrónicos a continuación. Un dispositivo EMP podría cubrir todo el territorio continental de Estados Unidos.

    Electomagnetic Pulse.
    They set off a nuclear device about 300 kilometers above an area and it disables every electrical and electronic device below. One EMP device could cover the entire continental United States.

    Google it for further information.

  11. The video shows an Alton officer, who was identified as Vince Warlick by the Alton Telegraph, walk into a holding area where two teens sat on a bench, their hands cuffed in their laps.

    Warlick appeared to speak briefly before blasting a substance at one of teens, who began twitching and stomping his feet in apparent pain.

    The officer then sprayed at the other teen before walking out and shutting the door. The second boy did not appear affected by the spray.

    The names of the teens, who reportedly live at a local Catholic orphanage, have not been released because the boys are juveniles, police said.

  12. The danger is very serious now. The West is literally falling apart:

    A 2-year-old girl was left brain dead after bricks rained down on her and her grandmother from a crumbling building facade eight stories above on the Upper West Side on Sunday, police sources and witnesses said.