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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Bamidbar, 28 Iyar 5775 (17/05/15)

G-d, King of Kings, blessed be His name - in Israel and the world, in heaven and on earth, forever!

There is great joy for G-d on Jerusalem Day, because Jerusalem is an inheritance from G-d to the Jews in Israel.  The Jews must not take this lightly and must not forget who made them and who gave them Jerusalem and the state of Israel to live in.

Armageddon is outside of the holy land of Israel.  Israel is quiet and peaceful, it has protection, blessing, a good economy and all is well.  All of the complications, conflict, and forces of nature, volcanic eruptions, natural disasters - it's all outside of Israel.

The government of Israel must not wait until there are protests by Jews before taking action; they must take action before that happens.  What is the government for?  To act before Jewish protests, so that they don't happen.

The government must not wait until there are Arab protests.  They need to check beforehand and not let it happen.  Do not take this lightly; it must be taken out from the root.  The Arabs continue with their method of interfering and harming the people of Israel.  The government of Israel must strike and not wait, all according to the law.  Do not fear what the world will say.

The Negev in Israel must be the first and primary place for development.  It has a secret; it is a beautiful and blossoming place like none other in the world.

The government of Israel must look into the common people, the needy and poor who are in pain.  G-d wants all to be equal, there is no rich or poor.  The rich person is a messenger of G-d, to give life to the poor.  He has committed and must give money to the needy and poor, to those who study Torah, to the mikvahs and the synagogues.  The rich were meant to revive the spiritual power of G-d in the people of Israel.  Charity saves from death, as does Torah studies and prayer.  The cries and pain of the poor and needy reach the heavens and G-d; and G-d will not forgive anyone who harms His children.  A rich person is not an angel.  He who is happy with what he has is rich.  Whoever gives a full tenth is blessed from above!  Rich people who do not give to the needy, Torah students, mikvahs and yeshivas will go bankrupt and will eventually need charity themselves!  G-d does not discriminate between rich and poor.  In the heavens a rich man and poor man are equal, except for the true Torah greats who have true spiritual respect for G-d.

The world continues to mock the government of Israel for behaving like dolls, robots that care only about their title and the media and don't care about the holy land and the Jews in the holy land.  It is very sad.  They are causing great pain and sorrow to G-d and the Jews.

The government must take itself seriously.  The government, Knesset members and ministers, must act for the state of Israel, help the state of Israel!  They must not do what they are doing.  All of the fighting, slander, gossip, it cannot go on!  The people chose a right-wing government.  Go for it completely, left and right together, do not interfere.

Regarding the spiritual matter, which is the purpose of the world, G-d is waiting for the Jews to cry out and pray and to ask for the crowning of the King Messiah!  G-d is saying that none of the elected officials care about what will happen with the citizens of Israel.  G-d is waiting for the Jews in Israel to cry out to Him: you cannot rely on anyone but G-d, to send the Messiah to bring order, without discrimination, and all will follow and listen to him in Israel and the world.

G-d is protecting the state of Israel, with a wall of fire around Israel to enlighten and wake up the Jews in Israel and the world, to protect Israel and the IDF soldiers above and below. G-d is saying: do not forget to watch yourselves!  You must make an effort to watch over yourself and then the heavens will watch over you.  When a Jew watches over himself, the heavens bring miracles.  If he does not watch over himself, if he thinks he can do anything, the heavens do not protect him.  G-d wants modesty.

The IDF will continue its good work for Israel.  Do not feel pain over what is happening in the Knesset and do not despair, the people trust you.  You protect the borders of Israel and G-d will protect you.

Israel has abundance and there is work for everyone.  You only need the will to work and all will be well.  Israelis must not go overseas, there is judgment in the world and there is no protection for travelers - do not go there.  Go only for work or family events, go and come back, or ambassadors going to help Jews come to Israel.  Anti-Semitism is increasing every day until the Jews will run on foot to Israel.

The Jews must keep the Torah, do not assimilate with the gentiles.  If you want to be protected, you must obey the commandments.

Dear Jews, stay away from protests.  G-d does not hear or listen to protests, only prayers, Torah studies and Tehilim, unity and kindness, "love thy neighbor," "kindness before Torah," and "do not do to others what you would not like others to do to you."

The government of Israel must not believe the United States and Europe; they only look out for their own interests.

In Egypt it has already begun and it will continue to a revolution.  There was quiet for a long time because the media didn't report.  The media in Egypt censors, but they know that soon there will be a revolution like a volcano that cannot be stopped.

The Hamas is waiting patiently to see what will happen with the new government.

Abu Mazen is a liar, wearing one big mask.  He acts innocent and peace-loving - it is all a big lie.  He is working with the Hamas and they continue to dig tunnels.  A tunnel that the IDF blew up is now split into tunnels going in different directions. They are working 24 hours a day on this.  Kids from five years of age to the elderly over 80, all working passionately out of hatred and revenge, to hurt the state of Israel.  They have no will for peace, they are liars and they want to hurt Jews at all costs, to banish the Jews to the sea.  Soon G-d will bring a tsunami that will take all of Gaza including El Arish and Rafiah.  They don't understand that G-d loves and wants the Jews.

Woe unto any country, president, or prime minister in the world that wants to take parts away from Israel.  G-d punishes immediately.  It used to take time, a year, a month - today it is immediate!  Let them try and see what happens.  If it is a country, it will be turned over, if it is a person, G-d will take him.  G-d is telling the world and Israel: if you do not understand what I am doing in the world every day, you will see it on yourselves.  G-d wants every centimeter of the holy land.  There will come a day when Gush Katif and Gaza will be part of Israel, don't worry. G-d can bring a tsunami and natural disasters to erase entire countries.

Jordan is waiting for a piece of Israel, heaven forbid, so that they can put all of the refugees there.  The king of Jordan can keep waiting in delusion.  If he continues this way, he will be killed.

Iraq is being erased.  They are killing each other, brothers, families, children - they do not discriminate.

The United States is boasting the killing of an ISIS leader; they don't know that for every leader there are hundreds of lieutenants.  One is killed and thousands are born, like the frogs in Egypt - when they killed one, it spawned a thousand.  ISIS is a messenger of G-d.

Nasrallah said that he is healthy - he is a liar.  His sickness is like a doll that can't function.  He lost control over his soldiers.  Part of the Hezbollah has left for Syria; some have joined the rebels, others went to ISIS, others to Lebanon, Nasrallah has lost control.

Iran is sending ammunition and it is not reaching Hezbollah.  The IDF has blown up part of it; the rebels blew up some of it; some is blown up by the Syrians; some by ISIS.  They don't know who is fighting whom; it is like the Babel Tower.  Iran is using Russia for ammunition, the United States for the economy; and, they are deathly afraid of the Jews in Israel.

In Turkey ISIS is in control.  Slowly it will control all of Turkey.

In Syria thousands are being killed and the country continues to be erased.  Every day they kill until it will be gone from the world.

Everything that G-d is doing with the forces of nature and the conflicts in the world will continue and increase from day to day.  Planes will fall, trains will crash, ships will sink, there will be fire and heat, rain, floods and tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms and harsh winds.  It will all increase.

When the Jews understand who G-d is, they will understand what the Messiah is; they will understand redemption; they will understand G-d's signs and what He wants from us - to cry out that we want the Messiah - everything will open.  The government of Israel has ups and downs.  The world cannot be redeemed.  Only the King Messiah, son of David, is the truth; he does not discriminate; he is only pure and holy, only he can purify the world, redeem Israel from the trouble and torment, redeem the world and bring the end of the redemption and the building of the third Temple!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

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