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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Bechukosai, 21 Iyar 5775 (10/05/15) Plus Additional Comments


G-d is protecting and guarding the state of Israel.  G-d put a wall of fire around the state of Israel in order to enlighten and wake the Jews up in Israel and the world, and to protect Israel and the IDF soldiers above and below.  The state of Israel, the holy land of Israel, is protected and guarded and all of the Jews in Israel and the IDF must follow the phrase "guard your souls," because people must make an effort and protect themselves.  There will be disturbances and rockets here and there, but everything will be well in the holy land.  The economy is the best in Israel; the real estate is the best.  G-d is making great miracles in Israel. G-d put a wall of fire around Israel.  Outside of Israel the entire world is on fire with conflict and complications because they will always want to bother and attack the people of Israel and the state of Israel.

The IDF must be vigilant - "guard your souls."  When a Jew protects himself, the heavens make a miracle, but if he disparages himself, then so do the heavens and he is not protected.

The entire world is mocking and laughing at the Knesset members and ministers.  Most of the Knesset members were not chosen for Israel, they want acknowledgement and fame.  They don't want to be one unit, they don't want to help the state of Israel and protect the Jews.  They are not serious in this government; the prime minister depends on all of them, and most of them are not acting in the name of heaven and in honor of the Torah.  Everyone in the world knows who G-d is, and in Israel some don't.  Parliament members forgot who voted for them; they change their minds all the time, it's like children.  There hasn't been anything like this since the country started.  G-d is asking them to be humble and unified for the people of Israel, the pain that the Jews are suffering in Israel and the world will be on them.  They need to pull themselves together and be serious.  When G-d crowns the King Messiah son of David soon, then there will be quiet and the government of Israel will consult with him.

G-d is revealing all of the bribe takers, the thieves and conmen.  He is revealing them all in the pace that He chooses.  G-d is purifying the state of Israel and not just the world.  If they repent - they will not be revealed in the media, but if they don't, they will be revealed one by one without exceptions.  G-d will not pass over any one of them.

You must not protest; protests lead to hate, anger and insolence.  We must not learn from the gentiles, Jews need to obey the commandments.  Instead of protests - create a dialog with public entities, that is how the problem will be solved.

Jews must not say that it is their strengths and actions that brought them where they are; today they have money, tomorrow they won't.

The Jewish nation is the chosen nation, the chosen people that G-d chose from all of the other nations.  The state of Israel is a small country that is great in riches, happiness, respect and spirituality.  No gentile in the world loves Jews.  They are all jealous that Israel is the most comfortable place in the world, with the best view in the world, the best winter and summer in the world, the best economy in the world, the best scientists in the world, the best army in the world, the best wise men and Torah scholars in the world and the best men of prayer in the world.

All those who complain about finding work in the state of Israel - don't want to work!  There is work in abundance, if a person does not want to work they will not work.

The state of Israel is expanding and growing, a million Jews need to arrive soon and the government must prepare to accept them.  G-d is expanding the borders of Israel without them noticing, and He wants the Jews around the world to come urgently to Israel.  Suddenly the day will come when billions of gentiles will turn on them, toss them from their cars, their homes, and their work places.  There is judgment outside of Israel and there is no protection for the Jews.  Please believe and come urgently to Israel, save yourselves!  The state of Israel can't be touched by anyone, G-d is protecting it Himself; a wall of fire is protecting the state of Israel!

Our children who are finishing the IDF have nothing to do outside of Israel!  Even today there is danger and judgment in the world, and in Israel - all the best in the world.  There is no need to look for other countries, Israel has it all.

All of the gentiles around the borders of Israel want to take a bite of Israel and the holy land.  They will not succeed.  They want to drag Israel and the IDF into war.  Israel, do not be dragged into war!

You must watch the borders, they continue to dig tunnels in the Gaza Strip; you must be very careful!  Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Palestinians want to drag Israel into war.  Israel, do not be dragged!

Syria is being erased. The world does not care about Syria; G-d has His messengers.  G-d does not forget for a moment what the Syrians did to the IDF soldiers.

Iraq is the same as Syria, getting erased.

In Turkey, Arduan is losing control. ISIS is taking up a lot of space in Turkey and the media is not publishing it because the media only looks for horrific and strange things (actually, the media is controlled by the same global elite that is funding ISIS).

Jordan is waiting for peace with the Palestinians so that they can divide themselves into two nations and dump the refugees from Jordan to the Israeli borders.

Hamas is waiting to see what happens.  They are secretly meeting with people from Israel.  The people of Israel need to be told of these secret meetings.

Woe unto the country, prime minister, or president of any country that gives away a piece of land or wants to take away parts of Israel; G-d will remove that country from the world.  There were those who tried in the past, and now G-d is taking their countries apart and creating conflicts so that they stop bothering the holy land.  G-d will stop bothering them when they stop.  When the time is up and judgment comes down, He does not distinguish between anyone and cannot be stopped.  The state of Israel is growing and expanding, like it or not.  The borders of Israel will be like the Torah to the millimeter.  Not only that, G-d is collecting all of the Jews around the world to Israel.

All of the Arab countries will continue to have conflict within.

There will be terrible disasters with planes, ships, trains, and cars.

There will continue to be natural disasters in the world, fire, earth, wind, water, in the harshest form, and in Israel there will not be a flood, there will not be a Babel Tower and not Sodom and Gomorra, not ever.  The opposite, there will be love, peace, prosperity, health, and eternal life.

Egypt doesn't want to reveal its troubles and problems. Soon it will all explode.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah supposedly want to help Turkey, so they blow up together with the Syrians, ISIS and the rebels.  There really is a Babel Tower there, Sodom and Gomorra, and the flood.

In a lot of countries in the world there are complications and conflict, war between them so that the Jews will come to Israel and the nations of the world don't bother Israel and don't try to ask for even one centimeter of the holy land.  The contrary, the borders of Israel will grow.

The world claims that it is blowing ISIS up - they are not blowing anyone up, it is imaginary.  ISIS is the Arabs within them; the whole world is full of ISIS.

The United States and Russia will always have tension and conflict between them.

Iran is laughing at the world and is deathly afraid of the state of Israel; they know better than the Jews that G-d protects and guards the state of Israel.  (Iran is aware that Israel destroyed the nuclear capability of Iraq in 1982 and of Syria in 2007.  Iran knows that twice they tried to attack Israel, 2008 and 2010 and failed due to an act of G-d.)

All members of parliament are not stable and everything is complicated so that the people of Israel understand that we need to crown the King Messiah, to give orders to the parliament how to run the country and the world and give orders to the world.  It is not strange, it is near!  The world is in chaos and it needs a spiritual leader – Messiah, son of David, to redeem this entire world.  The world will continue as usual, only it will be filled with kindness.  First, there will be kindness in the state of Israel, and then the rest of the world.  There will be kindness because there will not be the evil inclination; the evil inclination will disappear and Israel will govern the world.

Messiah son of David will carry out the wars of Israel, guided by G-d!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"
It is so obvious from what is transpiring in the world the tremendous accuracy of Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, for many years.  This past week the increase in natural disasters and weather phenomenon does not take too much dot-connecting (one of my favorite hobbies) to verify the words of the Rav.

Examples of changes:
Look at the following CNN Report:   The hurricane season which traditionally starts every year in June, or sometimes July, has begun in early May.

The average volcano eruption frequency has been 35 a year for many years.  There are presently 40 active volcanoes in the world (increasing weekly).  Go to:

The past day of earthquake activity shows 33 earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 of greater in the world.  There are always earthquakes in the world but the increase in number and magnitude is worth noting, including the 7.4 magnitude earthquakes that occurred in Nepal and Papua New Guinea.  There are earthquakes occurring in places that normally new see earthquakes.
Go to:

All this activity does not tell of the areas in the world that are very unstable and potential mega-disasters waiting to happen.  The messages from Hashem are becoming very obvious and Rav Ben Artzi’s warnings should be taken seriously.

I am only pointing out so-called natural disasters, but the political, military activity, wars, terrorist activity, economic upheaval indications that are brewing worldwide are even more telling of Hashem’s plan and message of the coming Geula.  I plan, B”N, to discuss some specifics in the coming weeks.

Even though I have not posted too frequently on this blog (you will understand why in the near future), I have continued to receive many Email messages from my readers worldwide.  It also is a source of information, since many are disclosing trouble spots that don’t make the news, but nonetheless are devastating to local areas around the world.  It also is a very good indication of Hashem’s worldwide activity as Rav Nir Ben Artzi has been saying.

I can verify the very limited problematic activity and the pleasantness of being in Israel these days.


  1. The redemption will be complete, not gradual because a confirmed novi and tzadik of our times has already predicted it will be so (Tzadik gozer, HaKadosh Baruch Hu mekayem):

    This fits the Rebbe’s strong assertion that the Redemption will
    occur instantly: “the codifiers of Jewish law have already acknowledged that the
    true and complete Redemption via Moshiach Tzidkeinu needs to be in-
    stantaneous (דימו ףקת), and it will indeed occur that way in actuality...the
    beginning of the Redemption and its completion come immediately,
    ‘without the delay of the blink of an eye’.”17 According to the Rebbe there
    is no truth to the popular misconception that the Geulah is a gradually
    unfolding process, because “Those who say that the Geulah of Israel will
    come in a natural way and slowly...they are hiding from the reality and
    also the past…that in the blink of an eye the army of Hashem went out
    from Egypt...carried on wings of this way will come the trans-
    formation of the entire Creation…”22

    source: p. 11

    The Prophet of the generation is the Rebbe of the generation

    There is a law of Torah (Shoftim 18,18) “I will appoint for you from the midst of your brothers, like him (Moses,) a prophet, and I will place my words in his mouth and he will speak to you all that I will command Him – you should listen to Him.”

    As the Rambam places this law in his Jewish law book – that if one has the stature and completion that a prophet has and demonstrates a miraculous ability to tell the future as well as miracles are performed through him – as we see in the fulfillment of the blessings caused by the leader of the Jewish people (the Rebbe is referring to his father-in-law the previous Rebbe who he speaks of as the leader of the generation but we too can apply this to the Rebbe himself Ed.) then as the Rambam continues “we do not trust him due to the miraculous abilities he has, rather because this is a commandment that Moses gave us in the Torah and he said, if he has established himself through the signs you should adhere to him or through this that he states future events and they come to fruition” (as we have seen by the Rebbe my father in law.)

    Shabbos Parshas Shoftim Elul 7 5751

  2. Hello Menachem!!!

    Thanks a lot for sharing the words of Rav Nir Ben Artzi.

    A question: what is the explanation of Latin America (being also part of Essav, although the Cham culture is very strong around here) will not be cited?

    About Africa, know that this continent is not cited, as it makes part of Cham (which spiritually is totally unclean) as well as the whole Asia, although China has a role in the ' End of Days '.

    Shavua tov and everything good! :)

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

    1. Good question -- not an easy answer. Basically, the three sons of Noah are considered three areas of the world. Shem is the Middle East (Asia), Japheth is Europe, Esav's descendants, and Cham is Africa. Latin America is considered the offspring of Europe -- Spain and Portugal.

      I am not totally sure of the accuracy, since it is known that Shem's descendant, Yoktan, migrated to what became the Yucatán Peninsula (Mexico). Yoktan had many children. Did they migrate south to populate Central and South America? Although many descendants of Japheth migrated to South America, we will have to wait for Moshiach to really know the truth about the ancestry of Latin America.

    2. Thank you very much for the reply Menachem!!! :)

      I said Cham belong to Africa, but already many rav's say that Asia is also a descendent of Cham, as for example: China, Japan, Thailand.

      This confuses me, to know if Asia is really Cham or Shem. :(

      In any case, thank you very much for your words. B ' H!!! :)

      All good!!!

      Luiz Felipe -S.P. - Brasil

    3. Our sages tell us that the Chinese, etc. are from Cham. Definitely not Shem!

    4. Where is that written?
      What is brought down is that Avraham married Keturah (Gen. 25, 1-2) and had children. The Midrash identifies Keturah as Hagar. It is a little confusing since Keturah is considered the daughter of Japheth and Hagar, the daughter of Cham. Their children, however, were sent off to the east to India and even China. The oriental nations of today could possibly be their descendants. ???

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