Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parshat Emor, 3 Iyar 5775 (26.04.15)

 G-d's judgment is the greatest mercy!  G-d is telling all of the Jews in the world: "I am sifting you out from other nations, from the gentiles.  I am collecting you one by one, Jew by Jew, bringing you to the holy land of Israel - you are my children.  I will not give up on you, do not be stubborn, I am more stubborn than you.  My Jewish children living abroad, turn your stubbornness into something good and positive and come live in Israel, the exile is over.  There is no more exile, the Holy Spirit is growing thin until it will be gone for good and you will find yourself in peril without protection from me."  Seven billion humans in the world and antisemitism can turn against the Jews within one week and then you will run with haste and panic, broken, shamed, and scared and not with the upper hand - it is a shame.

The forces of nature will continue to strike harshly; there will continue to be chaos.  We said that after Passover there will be difficult things.  Passover for G-d is the beginning of a new year, as is Rosh Hashana.  Do not be stubborn before G-d, there is no man or thing that can defeat G-d.

The floods will continue, earthquakes will continue, fires will continue, harsh winds and storms at sea, and there is no protection for Israeli Jews who leave Israel.

Jews, do not invest or buy anything overseas, invest only in Israel.

In Israel there is the Dead Sea, the Kineret, the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean. All the good in the world - there is in Israel!  The safest and most protected place in the world is the holy land of Israel.  The state of Israel is like Noah's Ark, and the entire world is in chaos, an Armageddon for the gentiles.  In Israel nothing will happen, everything will be good, the economy is the best in the world, homes and real estate will continue to develop without stop.  The country is developing wondrously, the Land of the Deer is stretching like deer's skin, it will grow and grow without anyone noticing, like a fetus in a mother's womb developing from one drop to a child.

G-d is creating conflict between nations, conflict between religions and people so they don't bother the people of Israel.  Woe be unto any country, prime minister, or president that bothers the Holy Land and tries to get us to give parts of Israel away, woe unto them!  Look at what happened in the past to every person and country that wanted to take parts of Israel away or interfere inside Israel.  G-d eliminates them from this earth and creates conflict for them that they will never be free of.

Terrible things will continue to happen on earth.

Dear Jews, children of G-d, stay in Israel, don't leave!  The forces of nature are at work, and there are complications with planes, ships, trains and buses, Jews must stay in Israel.  Go abroad only for work or for family, and come back.  Do not play around, G-d will pass harsh judgment.

In Yesha and East Jerusalem, they are sending people to hurt the Jews. Israel must not relax - there is no faith in most Arabs.  A large part of the Arabs plant seeds of evil and hatred against the Jews in newborns. The IDF must be careful, not only in Jerusalem, but everywhere in Israel from Metulah to Eilat.

99% of gentiles in the world and Jews are not even one percent (we are actually ¼ of 1%).  All of the nations of the world are afraid of Israel, it is the heart of the world; it is the inner body of the world.  The entire world lives off of the state of Israel!

The United States has discovered the deception of Iran who is laughing at them.  Iran is connected to Russia, they are brothers.  Russia is helping Iran in secret and in the open.  There are many Russian scientists and professionals in Iran.  The United States has not succeeded in pulling Iran to it; it has received a white slate from Iran.

Iran will not openly harm Israel, it is deathly afraid if Israel.  In secret, they send ammunition and weapons to Nasrallah and Hezbollah and the IDF is bombing everything on the way.

In Egypt there will be a revolution - we are waiting.  ISIS, Hamas, and the extreme Islamists have a plan to topple the government.  The earth is shaking, soon it will erupt there like a volcano.  Sisi is doing nice work, making great efforts.

In the Gaza Strip they want to drag Israel into war - do not be dragged.  Be vigilant, they are still digging tunnels.  Make sure they do not surprise us in a Kibbutz, army base, settlement, or village.

ISIS is spreading in Turkey, taking up room and starting to take control.  The media is not telling everything because it has all become routine.  Every time they say that they have bombed ISIS - they have bombed nothing, it is not ISIS.

ISIS is multiplying like fish in the sea and will continue to destroy the impurities and evil round Israel.  Even though they are messengers of G-d, Israel needs to be careful not to let them cross the borders.  Wherever ISIS see impurities, they want to erase and kill.  There are a lot ISIS members in Israel in the north and south, some of them want to be part of ISIS abroad, but they are killed because they are suspected to be spies.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are waiting for ammunition from Iran; the rebels are finishing off all of their ammunition.  The Syrians don't have the power to help Hezbollah.

Iraq is being erased like Syria, and Syria is being erased like Iraq, it is all chaos over chaos.

Jordan is waiting; 3 million refugees are eating away at it.

Every time the United States wants to interfere with the Holy Land, pretending to make peace by, heaven forbid, trying to give parts of the Holy Land away, G-d creates conflict for them so that they don't even know what day it is.  Do not touch G-d's Holy Land; do not mess with G-d!

Every country that opens its mouth against Israel and wants to harm Israel will be in conflict from G-d.  G-d will bring upon them the forces of nature and will create conflict within them.

All of the Sudanese and Eritreans need to urgently go back to their country in a legal manner.  Not only that, we need to watch the borders so no more of them come in.  Israel, a state of peace and love, must be clean from all of these different nations that want to bother the Jews and the state of Israel.

All of those that don't walk the straight path will be revealed, white and black collar.  Evil will eat at itself and at them.  G-d is cleaning the state of Israel in His own way and cleaning the world in His own way.

The government of Israel needs to act wisely and love each other.  The people chose them, not the other way around.  There must be kindness between you; you are the example.  Be united and unified, this is not the time for games.

Jewish mothers need to guide their sons and daughters not to assimilate with the gentiles!  Explain to them what the differences are between Jews and gentiles.

Independence Day is a special day, the clouds and winds spoke with the Jews in Israel.  Good Jews remained in their homes and there was happiness in every home.

G-d is sending signs that are clear to every Jew in the world, that there is redemption from the year 5708 and everything that is happening in Israel and the world is in preparation for the big and special day - the crowning of the King Messiah!

Today you understand more than ever that you must cry out and ask G-d to crown the King Messiah!

Courtesy of  the site  "Tair Neri"


  1. What in the world does this mean, The "Holy Spirit"! This is From another religion!

    1. Simple answer: "Shechinah (or Divine Presence)." And like most things, they got it from us. You may be interested to know that the Shechinah is the "feminine aspect" of the Divine -- the word Shechinah is feminine.

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