Thursday, May 28, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Nasso. 7 Sivan 5775 (25/05/15)

King of Kings, G-d, Ruler of the World, is crying out to all of the Jews living outside of Israel to urgently come to the holy land of Israel, to their homes.  Here they will have safety and protection! Jews living abroad, stop living in delusions that you are loved, only your trade is loved and the day is coming when they will kick you out in the harshest way.  Do not live there, do not stay there, and do not get holed up over there!  Stop living in delusions that everything is good - everything is terrible and it will get worse.  Whoever comes to the holy land of Israel will succeed; will earn his life and the lives of his family.

Shavuot was a good and wonderful holiday for the people of Israel.  Everyone is asking: Why does the Messiah come from Ruth the Moabite?  Because Ruth the Moabite went after her mother-in-law, repented and stuck with G-d in her faith with all of her heart.  From her the King Messiah will rise, and from her we learn that a Jew that repents is worth much more.  Our Father in heaven embraces him or her and gives him or her a good and protected life.  For generations, the holiday of Shavuot reminds us of the giving of the Torah. G-d gave Israel holidays and the Sabbath so that we don't forget Him and His Mitzvahs.  The Jews must obey the commandments, the 613 laws within them.

G-d hates assimilation.  Assimilation, alcohol abuse and gambling destroy the Jewish people - do not follow in the footsteps of the gentiles!  The Jews are about one quarter of one percent of the world population, a special people chosen by G-d, a stubborn people that is not convinced by bad deeds.  Still - watch yourselves.  The whole world is jealous of the Jews - your place is in the holy land of Israel!

All of the countries in the world, listen up: anyone who goes against Israel, who wants to take parts of Israel or disturb Israel, G-d will immediately strike them with the forces of nature, conflict and war within them.  Within two to three weeks, these countries will have the worst natural disasters and conflict with other countries.

Natural disasters will continue, earthquakes will continue and increase.  Floods, rivers and tsunamis will continue to increase.  Rains, snow, winds and storms of all kinds will continue.  Volcanic eruptions in all places will come with fire and heat.  Countries that disturb the state of Israel will be dealt with separately.  G-d is telling the world: "It is I Who created the world, not man. Listen to Me and everything will be good for everyone, go against My wishes and I will harm you."  G-d is personally taking care of anyone who hates Israel, whether through their economy, culture, natural disasters, conflict among themselves, conflict with other countries or ISIS.  ISIS will not relent, it will continue to grow and strike everywhere in the world.

G-d is telling the people of Israel: "Believe in Me and you won't work hard, you will have only good."  All of the countries in the world are in a terrible economic state, they are in conflict within themselves, and are experiencing ups and downs.  In Israel, the holy land, the economy is stable no matter who runs it, because G-d is running it Himself and everything is good in Israel!  G-d has prepared the state of Israel and is opening his arms to all Jews who are real Jews to come to the holy land of Israel.

In the Gaza Strip and from Eilat to Metulah, be very vigilant and careful.  Keep your eyes open in the Gaza Strip especially.  They continue to dig tunnels and smuggle ammunitions to the area.  The IDF must be vigilant in their rounds, don't let them surprise you!  Soon ISIS will enter Gaza and cause trouble for them.  May they fall on their swords and their bows break as they eat each other - with ISIS, because the Hamas, Palestinians, and Jihad continue to dig vast amounts of tunnels.  From the age of 5 to 80, they dig out of passionate hatred and evil.  They found a new method to split the tunnel into six tunnels.  They spit one tunnel into four, one right and three left, all going towards Israel - that is how they are working now.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah will be erased like Syria, don't worry.  Nasrallah is threatening and interfering too much, G-d will erase him from the earth.  Anyone who is against Israel - G-d complicates them with their country.  The torment of the holy land of Israel is over!  G-d is bringing the plagues like in Egypt, but "modern."  G-d is giving every country plagues so that they stop bothering Israel and He is telling them: "Let's see who wins, Me or you."

Iran - Every time they think something bad against Israel, even though they know not to touch Israel, G-d strikes at them. Iran has no media, any journalist who wants to publish there is killed.

In Egypt there is a revolution, it is happening and soon it will explode.

Abu Mazen must not be believed.  His thoughts are only evil against Israel.  He looks innocent and peace loving, but it is all a big lie.  He hates peace, hates love, and loves hate.  This is Abu Mazen.  He is with the Hamas, and he is telling them to be patient.  He is the one who sent all of the terrorists and suicide bombers to harm Israel, he did it himself.  Many people in Israel are delusional thinking that Abu Mazen is a man of peace - he only wants to toss the Jews into the ocean and have the rest as slaves.  It doesn't work by force so they want to gently and nicely take parts of Israel away and the end is known to all - it will never happen; don't worry dear Jews!

In East Jerusalem and the surrounding area, the IDF must be vigilant.  They are waiting for an opportunity to harm the Jews.  In the mosques, they are being brainwashed into hating the Jews.  Within Israel, in Arab villages, there are huge quantities of weapons and ammunition.  You need to check every village carefully, they are helping Arabs come from outside.

Jordan's king is waiting.  Let him wait!  Jordan has over three million refugees eating away at it every day.

In Turkey there is no leader; there is no justice or judgment.  ISIS is in control all around Turkey.

Syria is being erased.  The rebels, Hezbollah, Syria against Syria, Hezbollah against Hezbollah, rebels and ISIS - it is all one big mess.  All of the ammunition coming from Iran to Hezbollah, ISIS takes and blows up, the rebels blow it up, Hezbollah blow it up, the Syrians blow it up, everyone blows up the ammunition coming from Iran.  What a great wonder, it is called by G-d: They shall fall on their swords and their bows shall break!  Only if, heaven forbid, the ammunition passed through, the IDF interferes.  Usually they succeed in blowing it up because everyone thinks it isn't the Iranians, but people "posing as Iranians".  And the Iranians, so that they aren't harmed, pose as Syrians so the rebels and ISIS blow them up.

Iraq is being erased, it is chaos there.

The United States and Russia are fighting for control of the Middle East.  Russia is doing it so quietly; the US is doing it loudly.  The United States wants Israel to be under its control, it will not live to see this happen. Israel belongs to G-d Himself!

Every nuclear facility in the world, everywhere there are atomic bombs, there are Jews watching over, only Jews!  Whether secretly or openly.  That is why the world is afraid of Israel.

There will always be tension between parliament members and ministers.  G-d is waiting to crown the King Messiah and that is why they can't unite; it won't do any good.  There will continue to be ups and downs until the people of Israel cry out to G-d and say: "We no longer have the strength, crown the King Messiah!"

The crowning of the King Messiah is the crowning of G-d over the world; He will manage it directly through the Messiah!  All of the world is in chaos, confusion, conflicts and natural disasters until G-d crowns the King Messiah.

Jews, repent urgently, whoever repents will be under the heavenly wing, under the wings of G-d and no harm will ever happen to him or her!  To repent is to obey the commandments, to fix your wrongs, to be a son of Adam and do good deeds!

Torah greats, the greats of Israel and spiritual leaders, you need to hold meetings to purify the people.  You need to explain to the Jews of Israel that G-d is striking harshly and protecting the Jews of Israel.  There is redemption and the Messiah!  Explain to them so that they understand what G-d is doing in the world now!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"
I am in awe of what is happening in the world and the accuracy of what Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, has been saying for years.  Anyone who disagrees is blind, and is using it as an excuse to not follow Hashem’s messages as given through this great Rav.

The weather and natural phenomenon for instance is not just severe, but has been record setting as never seen before.  The Rav told us that this would happen weeks ago and he has been totally accurate even about world events.

He said in this message: Within two to three weeks, these countries will have the worst natural disasters and conflict with other countries.

Is coming to Israel just a good idea, or is it a way to get out of harm’s way?  Yes Hashem loves every Jew, but if Hashem is telling us to get out of harm’s way, it is a message delivered with love and should be taken very seriously.  We are not in a wait and see scenario.  We have already seen and should have complete confidence in Hashem’s messages.

I have been looking at the news these past few days and copied several examples of just how severe weather is becoming:

This is just a sample of many, but it is a very definite confirmation of what Hashem is telling us through the Rav.


  1. Hi Menachem!!! :)

    What Rav Nir Ben Artzi, mean:

    "Within two to three weeks, these countries will have the worst natural disasters and conflict with other countries."?!

    He is prophesying directly (for some countries) that something will occur among the three, or even two weeks, announcing that whoever provokes Israel will bring the wrath of God?!

    There are specific countries doing something that Israel abandons its will be punished within two or three weeks?!

    Luiz Felipe -S.P. - Brazil

  2. Include the fact that the Rav tells us that the tunnels being dug into Israel from Gaza Are being dug in a precise new manner. Who can "see" under the ground to know exactly how many offshoots are being dug? I know the answer, I'm just bringing it out into the light!

    The Jews in Boro park, wmsbrg, monsey, Monroe, are not getting these messages and information; it is being kept from them, and they are being kept from leaving by their Rabbis telling them otherwise. What is to become of the earnest and truly religios among them?

    1. You are correct. The Rav as well as the FC individuals have said things that they could not have known at all. It does give us confidence that their messages are coming from a Higher Source.

      The answer to what will happen to individuals outside of Israel is very complicated, but is actually good news. I have started a post on the subject which I hope to put on this blog early next week.

      Yes, it will be easier for an individual to be in Israel, but Hashem loves everyone and will take care of them. What makes it complicated is that a million Jews will have a million different scenarios. Everything is measure for measure according to what each individual needs. Hashem's mercy is infinite -- everyone will get a happy ending, just different levels according to the individual's closeness to Hashem. I hope to get much more specific next week, B"N.

  3. I'm sorry for my ignorance. But who is this Rabbi and what are his credibilities?? I would just like some info so that I can understand and accept his messages....

    Thank You


    1. Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, is a Mekubal, a mystic (Mekubal is one who knows Kabbalah, the mystical side of reality -- Google it to get a much deeper insight). The significance of Rav Ben Artzi is that he has been telling us what is coming up in the world with such accuracy that one can not question his predictions.

      Examples that are more than guesses include him telling us in 2001 about the disengagement that will happen in Gaza in 2006. He told us in 2001 that the next president of the US would be a black man (which occurred in 2008). He told us about two weeks before it happened that Morsi, the president of Egypt, would be deposed. He told us about the upheaval coming in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon and other countries before it happened. He told us about activities in Gaza before it was known to the world. He has been very accurate about weather, natural disasters, plane, train and ship disasters. He told us about the financial problems that were coming before the fact. Recently, he told us that Netanyahu would remain as the PM of Israel even though all the polls were telling us that he was falling behind and probably would be out.

      Since I have been watching him for years, I could write quite a long list of predictions that came true. He also is keeping us current on the worsening of conditions in many countries, including the US.

      If you are a Hebrew speaker, go to his website and read more about him:

      One thing to know is that his weekly messages are transcribed from a Hebrew lecture that he gives generally Motzei Shabbos (Saturday night). He does this impromptu without notes which means that there are many items that are off the top of his head, and not as organized as the written message that I present every week. This makes it even more mystical that he can tell us so much information as if he were getting it from a heavenly source. Why do I say that? Because we are given a test of prophecy in the Torah (Deuteronomy 18:15 - 22) that the Rav satisfies very accurately.

      Whether one thinks he is a prophet or not is not important. The fact that I am in touch with people around the world who have been helped by him for years, including some of my readers who went to see him and he was able to tell them things about themselves that he could not have known. I have been greatly impressed with the Rav's wisdom and insight into the world including how he tells us what King Moshiach is doing and that he was already crowned in heaven and will be on Earth soon.