Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Tzav – Shabbat Hagadol, 2 Nissan 5775 (22/03/15)

King of Kings, G-d, Leader of the world, decides what will be, who will and will not be, if it is a country, a president, or prime minister.  The people of Israel need to understand that the elections just passed were in the hands of G-d.  G-d is zealous over the Holy Land and His Jewish children in Israel.  If, heaven forbid, He would not have intervened in the elections, Israel would have been erased and no one would have cared, not the Americans, not anyone.  All of the Jews who are real Jews are equal in the eyes of G-d, right and left wing, orthodox and not orthodox, religious and not religious.  G-d does not differentiate between Jews, all are good, all are Jews, all are His sons and He loves them all.  The problem is that we don't understand the difference between us and G-d.  He sees the future and knows the plans of all the nations that are against Israel.

G-d ran these elections, don't blame any Jew!  It is the will of G-d because He knows what the future holds.   He sees the plans of the nations around us and within us.  There are innocent Jews who think that Abu Mazen, Hamas, and the United States are sweet as honey, that they want what's best for us, that they want peace.  This is not peace!  The goal of Hamas, Jihad, Palestinians, and Abu Mazen is to make the Jews in Israel their slaves, to erase the Jews from the planet Earth.

The United States doesn't care about Israel at all; it only cares about control in the Middle East.  That is why they are making all this trouble for Israel, for the benefit of their own interests and so the Russians don't take over the Middle East.

That is why G-d intervened in the elections. The polls were all true; they did not get it wrong!  One thing they did not know - that G-d Himself intervened, got into the minds of the Jews and told them who to vote for.  He made a huge miracle so that the right wing would win, because He knew that the left wing doesn't see the future.  That is why He intervened and made a miracle for the right wing to win.  
G-d cares about the holy land and the Jews living in the holy land and doesn't want even one centimeter of it touched.

Precious Jews living in Israel and the world, don't believe soothsayers, it is impure and from Satan.  One thing they know, and four things they don't and people suffer and it is a shame.  Every Jew who wants something should stick to 

The people of Israel from this moment on will support each other, help each other, and be united.  It doesn't matter left or right; enough, you need to save Israel.  This is not the time for slander.

Understand this rule for life: anyone who harms a Jew will crash and burn, and the Jew that was harmed will rise.

There will continue to be natural disasters, fire and water, floods and fires, harsh winds and storms, snow and ice, heat and cold, earthquakes and harsh things - they will get stronger every day all over the world, especially in countries that are against Israel.   Sometimes, everything that happens in the world is painful for Israel.

Some Jews insist on not coming to Israel.  Damned be those who tell the Jews not to come to Israel - they are damned, they are messing directly with G-d and He will bring judgment upon them, to them and their families even redemption will not help them because they are holding back the salvation of the people of Israel and the crowning of the King Messiah.

Seven billion people in the world all hate Jews, not only in Europe.  In Ukraine, they already started to blame the Jews for all of their troubles.  Jews of Diaspora, even those who have assimilated, come to Israel urgently!

After Passover, what has happened in France will be nothing.  Jews all over the world will be afraid to leave their homes, their businesses will be destroyed, their cars and homes as well.  They will be thrown out of schools, exiled from their countries, all over the world.  After Passover, G-d raises the bar and makes it harder in order to help the Jews come to Israel.  We need to settle the Negev, Western Galilee, Samaria and Binyamin.  Jews need to obey the Torah in Israel, to be kind, giving, and loving.  Jews do one kindness, take one step, and G-d does ten kindnesses, takes ten steps.

The state of Israel needs to be vigilant.  In West Jerusalem they need to be careful, same goes for the north and south.  There are a lot of conspiracies waiting for orders to burst at the state of Israel.

Abu Mazen and Hamas are rebuilding the tunnels.  Small children and old men over 80 are working there. Everyone is working enthusiastically and willingly out of evil and hatred towards Israel.  They don't want peace - they are all liars!  If they want peace, let them all go to Jordan or other places in the world to live.

Every citizen who sees or hears something suspicious must call the IDF or police immediately and without delay.

Iran is doing everything to create nuclear missiles in order to control Arab countries and take their money. Iran and its leaders are strongly protesting and want to burn the United States.  Iran is deathly afraid of Israel, they know for a fact that they shouldn't mess with the Jews in Israel.

Syria is being erased by the rebels, they will eat it up.

Turkey is being finished by ISIS, they will take control and destroy it.

In Egypt, Hamas ISIS and extreme Islamists don't want to go easy on Sisi.  They want to destroy all of Egypt.

Jordan can't stop the flow of refugees from Syria and Iraq.  The prime minister of Jordan is panicking, pacing, terrified that they will kill him.  The goal of the Jordanians, heaven forbid, if their plan goes through, is to put all those millions of refugees on the border that separates between Jordan and Israel.

Hezbollah is paralyzed and can't do anything because Syria is being wiped out and all of the ammunition and weapons being sent from Iran to Syria are intercepted by the IDF, the rebels or ISIS.

Nasrallah is in hiding and his hands are tied, he is like a caged bird, tweeting and then returning to its cage.

All of the conmen, thieves, grifters, white and black collars, all will be caught one after the other.

We need to help our youth so that they don't assimilate and keep them from alcohol and drugs.

The holiday of Passover is before us. Just like the people of Israel were saved from Egypt on Passover, so are we to be saved on Passover!  We need the prayers of the people of Israel, to ask G-d to crown the King Messiah!  The King Messiah is the solution to all the problems: the elections, the government of Israel, the IDF, the Jews in Israel and Diaspora.  The material world cannot continue, it doesn't have the strength.  Everything is complicated.  The King Messiah is G-d Himself in the Messiah.  He controls him, He teaches him and He raises him!  Only G-d can crown the King Messiah, no one in the world can crown him!  The King Messiah will come to clean the world of impurities, evil, and hate, and create a world of kindness - that is his job!  Every country that bothers Israel will be erased from the earth by the Messiah.  When the King Messiah is crowned, there will never be anymore problems for the people of Israel!

G-d has shown the people of Israel that He can do anything.  They said there will be a year without rain, He brought rain no one dreamed possible, despite all of the predictions.  All of the polls predicted one thing, G-d did another.  The entire world around us is in conflict; they are killing each other and fighting each other.  G-d brought ISIS and the rebels to the world so that there will be quiet in Israel.  Jews, until when?!

It is time that everyone understands that there is a G-d in the world managing it and there is no one but Him!

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  1. Beautiful letter that gave me tears in my eyes when I read the following: All of the Jews who are real Jews (+ of course the righteous gentiles)are equal in the eyes of G-d, right and left wing, orthodox and not orthodox, religious and not religious. G-d does not differentiate between Jews, all are good, all are Jews, all are His sons and He loves them all. The people of Israel from this moment on will support each other, help each other, and be united.
    Understand this rule for life: anyone who harms a Jew will crash and burn, and the Jew that was harmed will rise.May we able to greet Messiach soon.

    Thank you dear Tzaddik for you wonderful translations.May G'd bless you and your family together with Am Israel.

  2. Hello Menachem!!!

    With each passing day, the words of Rav Nir Ben Artzi has made sense to me, has helped me a lot, and the increasingly encouraged me to move on to fulfil the Sheva Mitzvot Bnei Noach. They (Holy words of Rav blog Nir Ben Artzi) has helped me so much, it has encouraged me to move on, because I know that Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad. :)

    As each day passes, it's more clear that Moshiach's coming. Soon he can come and lead the world to rectification in order to make the world an address Santa to Hashém.

    Even with all my mistakes, I can say that Hashém has blessed me, and, as in the case of read and meditate on the Holy words of Hashém on the blog of Rav Nir Ben Arzti.

    All good!

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil

    1. Luiz,
      If more people would think like you, Moshiach would have been announced years ago. You are a wonderful inspiration to me and my readers. May Hashem bless you in all that you do.

    2. Amen v' Amen!

      I apologize for the gross errors of English.

      Correcting: Each day that passes, is clearer than coming Moshiach. Soon he can come and lead the world to rectify, in order to make the world a holy place for Hashém.

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil

  3. Predicted by Rav Ben Artzi on 22.03.15:
    "anyone who HARMS a Jew will FALL and CRASH, and the Jew that was harmed will rise"
    "כל הפוגע ביהודי נופל ומתרסק והיהודי הנפגע עולה ומתעלה"

    מתרסק CRASH

    Happened on 24.03.15, two days LATER:
    "Aircraft Germanwings FELL and CRASHED"
    "מטוס 'ג'רמן ווינגס' שהתרסק בהרי האלפים"

    התרסק CRASHED

    On board of this GERMAN airplain there were 72 people of GERMAN nationality, from nation who HARMED 6 millions Jews in Holocaust and 49 people of SPANISH nationality, nation who HARMED spanish Jews in the expulsion of Jews from Spain.

    1. David, one more thing about the German Wings crash, is how the door was closed on the pilot, just like those nations did to the Jewish nation in the camps, the chambers, and how the door was closed on the Jews during the Spanish Inquisition, I thought of this right away but was reluctant to comment on this until I saw your comment it's good you had the guts to say it as everybody is looking relentlessly for a reason, and here it is before their eyes, but they don't have any vision or heart to understand this is from God, also it is well know about the rabbinic prohibition to live in Spain .

    2. All that befalls us in this world, the good as well as the bad, are tests...
      Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (The Path of the Just).

      Nothing that happens in this world doesn't have a deeper message because everything is from Hashem. We can even learn much about what we need to do as individuals just by paying attention to all that befalls us, good or not-so-good and doing teshuvah. Hashem is telling us what our weaknesses and our strengths are. It is a great mercy and should be used to help us.

      Can there be misfortune in a city if G-d has not brought it? Amos 3:6

      Joshua: never worry about giving a comment that is the absolute truth -- it is a message from Hashem.