Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parshat Ki Tisa, 10 Adar 5775 (1.3.15)


G-d, Father of Mercy, continues and will continue to strike the entire world, anyone who wishes to harm the holy land and the Jews living in Israel.  The Jews living outside of Israel have no protection; their protection is in Israel, the holy land.  Don't wait until you are shamefully expelled, come of your own free will to the holy land; this is your home; your Father is here.  This is called respecting the Creator of the world.  Father in Heaven will be happy when you come to Israel!

Jews in Israel do not invest in houses and real estate outside of Israel; you will lose your money.  Rich people who work directly with those same countries and cities, who have financial collateral there don't have a problem.  But naive Jews, don't let others convince you to buy apartments and property overseas, your money will be gone and your property will be gone.  Invest only in Israel - the holy land.

Every country that goes against Israel, G-d will destroy its social structure, its security, and economic status – the forces of nature will strike it down.  Chaos in the world, conflict, killing and murder, crime, the complicated economic situation, everything has become routine for the media that wants "action" and news.  They have become accustomed to mass murder, natural disasters, and conflict.  When something truly extraordinary will happen, they will publish it.   Reporters are afraid ISIS will behead them.

The United States wants to train the Turks to harm ISIS, it won't work.

In Turkey there will be a big mess by ISIS' hands.

The world still doesn't understand that ISIS is Arabs.  It is not a new species; it is Arabs convincing each other to join ISIS.  The root of their nationality is Muslim, even if their nationality is French, British, or American, they will become ISIS.

In Syria many are being killed, they don't know the precise numbers. Syria is being erased and it will continue to be erased.

Iraq is in conflict, they are killing each other there too; it is being erased.

Egypt is alert against ISIS and Hamas who want to bring down Sisi and destroy Egypt.

Jordan is waiting for the elections in Israel to see what will happen.  They want to be free of all of the refugees eating at Jordan – three million refugees!  Jordan is getting a lot of help from Israel, Israel is protecting the king.  Despite that, he still does not sleep at night from fear that he will be killed.  Refugees are flocking to Jordan from all corners of the world, it cannot be stopped.

Iran is laughing at the United States and Russia who are courting it.  They are "in love" with Iran.  Iran is pretending to be a country of peace and humility so that it can continue to create the atom bomb.  Not one rocket, ten rockets that will be launched at the same time.  Iran is deathly scared of Israel; it knows that G-d is with Israel, it knows that the IDF is the strongest army in the world!  Iran is just barking - no bite. Iran is Persia, and they will never forget what happened with Queen Esther and Mordechai the Jew.  It is in their blood how G-d gave us the strength to save all of the Jews in the world!

The Hamas continues to renovate the tunnels.  They want to go in through the tunnels.  They are quiet because of the elections and so that their movement is not obvious.  They continue to dig through houses; they have plans and they have time; they are in no hurry.

We will repeat ourselves: everything that is written here must be taken seriously!

G-d is giving the Jews here in Israel a little bit of pain here and a little bit there so we don't forget Him. Whatever situation a Jew is in, healthy or unhealthy, big or small problems, he must hold on to G-d and obey the Torah – the 613 Mitzvahs.  The Jews are the chosen people!

The Knesset members must not speak ill of others; there must be proper behavior; "proper behavior precedes the Torah."  There are a lot of nice ways to promote the parties.  Every party must prove itself in a nice and pleasant manner and should commit to what it is ready to do for the state of Israel.  If it speaks ill of another party, it will lose.  Let them continue living in their delusions, G-d loves the holy land and will not let anyone take even a centimeter of it.  Gush Katif was Gush Katif and it too will return to Israel! G-d will choose the political party and the right person to protect the holy land, to help solve the problem with drugs and alcohol, help the elderly, the IDF and soldiers, everyone is holy and pure.  The party that will be chosen by G-d will be the party that prevents assimilation and promotes Aliyah of Jews to Israel.  This is the party that will rise, and it is a shame that others slander each other, it won't help.  There is G-d in the heavens and He is judgment and mercy!  Go on His path and it will be good for everyone; don't and you'll lose.

Beware of the Arabs in Israel who are learning the patents from the election propaganda and the slander of the Knesset members.

The economy in Israel is very good, it has not change and will not change; everything is balanced in a good way!  Every person needs to make an effort to make a living.  G-d said "by the sweat on your brow you shall eat bread" and it is still true today; you must work honestly and true.  Every person who cheats, who lives on the backs of others, takes or gives bribes, does evil things, G-d will reveal them all from the smallest to the biggest, left and right, religious or secular – all are revealed.  You should stop urgently, fix your bad deeds and make amends, then G-d will protect you.

The forces of nature, fire, water, storms and winds, earthquakes, floods, snow and ice, train wrecks, boat accidents, planes and car wrecks, everything will continue and there will be wonders that man has yet to see.  G-d is causing chaos all over the world and is protecting Israel!  A Jew that has done a little wrong gets a slap here and there, out of love from G-d.

The Jews have only G-d!  It is time, it is the hour to pray to G-d to have mercy on us, to fulfill His promise and crown the King Messiah, son of David!  There is no one to count on; this is the end of times! All Jews must cry out to G-d to crown the Messiah now!

Happy Purim to all Jews!

Courtesy of the site "TairNeri"

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