Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Vayakhel Pekudei, 17 Adar 5775, 8.3.15

G-d loves the Holy Land very much and won't give up one centimeter of it.  The countries or people that try to take a centimeter of the Holy Land will be judged harshly!  G-d will not forget anyone who wants to take parts of the Holy Land away from Him.  Anyone who takes action towards giving parts of the Holy Land to the gentiles dishonors G-d and will get in trouble.  If they are countries, they will be destroyed; if they are people, they will be destroyed and their families will be destroyed.  To give even one centimeter of the Holy Land away is the biggest danger in the world!

 G-d is turning over worlds, bringing floods, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, fire and heat, snow, mud and storms, complicating airplanes, ships, trains, and cars all over the world so that countries don't interfere with Israel and don't take even one centimeter away from the Holy Land - the land of Israel.  He is doing this so that the Jews abroad, who have nothing to do there, will come to Israel - their home!

All of the political parties that slander each other are shaming the state of Israel.  Everyone knows that in the end G-d will decide who will lead the state of Israel, so what are all of these propaganda videos for, to throw money away and create conflict and hate?  Give the money to the poor, students of the Torah, to build Mikvaot, to strengthen the state of Israel with purity, holiness and kindness.

The rain was a blessing, it was a happy Purim for all Jews - that is G-d speaking with the people of Israel and the state of Israel - the rain.

The state of Israel must be vigilant and monitor the Arabic political parties, they want to accumulate power to gain more seats in the Knesset so that they have the power to make harsh decisions for their own benefit.  There is no faith in them.  They want Israel to become a Muslim state, heaven forbid.

We much watch over our youth, this is the next generation of the people of Israel; this is where doctors, farmers and soldiers will come from.  We need to watch over the Jewish youth in Israel, prevent them from drinking alcohol, taking drugs, and assimilating.  Teenagers must understand what it means to be Jewish and what it entails, they must understand that assimilation destroys the people of Israel!  The goal of the gentiles and the Arab countries around us spreading alcohol, drugs and assimilation is not peace; they simply want to destroy the holy land of Israel.

All of the Jews living outside of Israel, run quickly, run away urgently!  Sell everything before you lose that too.  If you continue to persist, you will lose homes, property, and G-d forbid, your lives!  G-d does not relent.  He said to come to Israel - come!  All of the clues are clear even to a baby – even a baby understands G-d's signs.  True, G-d scattered the Jews because of their bad deeds, now it is time and He is calling them back!  You can move and do business overseas, as long as you live in the Holy Land.  In Israel there are many businesses.  People think that Israel is small, but it isn't, it spreads like the skin of a deer and develops to infinity.  As more millions of Jews come to Israel, it shall grow and develop.

The economy in Israeli is the best and will continue to be so!  The apartments, real estate, and land will be the same as before, sometimes it goes up and sometimes down.  Every smart Jew will do their finances smartly and will succeed.  It doesn't matter which party wins the elections, the economy is in the hands of G-d.  It is better to have the right wing parties win because the left is influenced by the gentiles outside of Israel!

ISIS continues to grow and multiply like ants and do their job.

Every Arab state is in conflict with each other, they will fall on their swords.  They will continue to get in conflict with each other until that happens, so that the people of Israel will thank G-d every night that they can sleep well and safely.

Syria can't lift its head.  They say that they are killing; they are liars who are being killed.  Syria will continue to be destroyed until the end.

The United States is giving ISIS an appetite to fight against Turkey.  The United States is saying the wrong things and creating conflict in the world.

In Egypt there isn't quiet and there won't be; everything seeps into the ground until it erupts like a volcano.

Abu Mazen is waiting for elections; he is all one big lie.

The Hamas are waiting to see what the day will bring and what will happen with the elections.  In the meantime they are working quietly to renovate the tunnels.

In Jordan it is the same, destruction.  Millions of refugees are flowing in and the leader of Jordan is afraid to be beheaded.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are feeding off of Iran; and, the IDF is making sure no ammunition comes from Iran.

Iran is deathly afraid of Israel.  Despite talking like it is the strongest, it is the weakest.  The state of Israel is the strongest in the world.  Iran pretends to be pleasant and good only to get help from the United States.

Something new: Iran, in addition to the threat to the state of Israel, wants to be a nuclear power in order to control the Middle East and Arab countries and to take their money and taxes in the billions.  In short, they want to live on the backs of Arab countries.  This is Iran's plan; that is why they want to be a nuclear power.  The United States wants to make Russia weaker so it isn't giving up on Iran; it wants to hold Iran so it controls the Middle East!  But the Russians have nothing to lose; they will use every means necessary to ruin the United States' plans.

All of the bribe takers, white and black collars, people of bad and evil deeds, thieves, and cheats – all will be discovered one after the other.  The big ones and famous ones, their discovery will be in the media; and the small ones, the torment will be between them and G-d.

G-d is asking the people of Israel to try to obey the Torah in full, to believe in the Torah.  If the Jews try to fully obey the Torah, there will be no harm done, no sickness or lack of money; they will live long lives; they will live like kings and like in Purim will be happy throughout the entire year.  G-d is giving the Jews birth pains so that they ask for the crowning of the King Messiah!

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