Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Vayikra, 24 Adar 5775 (15/03/15)

The Creator of the world - this world belongs to Him!  Whether you like it or not, in the end it is HIM who overcomes them all.  They don’t let HIM enter this world, but He will, to purify and clean the State of Israel, the Holy Land and the world.  The world is at its end.  The world cannot continue in this situation.  Seven billion people live in the world; every second that the world continues to exist is the miracle of miracles!  Every second, atomic missiles can fly around the world, and not one, but thousands of nuclear missiles exist in the world.  The day comes and goes, and people are living in allusions, in a kind of fantasy that everything is obvious.  If the Creator had not stopped the use of nuclear missiles in the world, it would have been destroyed long ago.  The world is in a constant danger every second. Suddenly atomic missiles can fly, four of these missiles, G-d forbid, and nothing will remain, no memory of man, bacterium, bird or tree, the earth would be empty.

Then the Creator says to the world and to the State of Israel: Jews who are in the world quickly go to Israel, and those who are in Israel, follow the Torah, repent, be a true child of God – love and choose the good.  He who has eyes to see, who is smart, intelligent and well educated, follows the Torah; one that is primitive, does not.

It is the time of the end of evil in the world and the Creator wants to save the Jews in Israel.  The Creator wants to crown the King Messiah; the Creator wants a new world.  It is better for Jews to hear the voice of the Holy One, blessed be He!

During these elections, all party members behave like children in kindergarten and are a disgrace to the State of Israel.  97% of them only want a seat, a car, bodyguards, photos and recognized on the media, without any concern to the State of Israel.  They must begin to be serious, because the Creator will decide who will be the government that will protect the Holy Land.  We must act with restraint, and that every Jewish citizen understands that as a Jew he has no place in the world, only in Israel.  Not only that, millions of Jews will be hunted and beaten causing them to go to Israel. Israeli citizens: do not let the rhetoric of parties convince you who to vote for.  Defense will be the same and the economy will never deteriorate, it will always be good in Israel.  (Note this message was delivered before the election and miraculously the election came out the way Rav Ben Artzi said it would, supporting the present PM.  Before the election, it appeared that the left would take over, chas v’shalom, but the Rav, more accurately Hashem, said otherwise.)

We hope that the Almighty puts in the minds of Jewish citizens to choose the right camp! (He did)

The United States is helping the left parties to be elected so that Obama can keep his word to do two nations under the United States, not Russia.  Jews wake up and open your eyes! We must stop outside counsel aimed at thwarting the State of Israel!  The United States does not care about those who live in Israel, they just want to control the state of Israel and the Middle East and do everything to prevent the Russians from dominating the Middle East.  (More accurately, the US of Magog wants to institute the New World Order and Israel, more accurately Hashem, is standing in the way, B”H).

The Jews have no place to go, instead, they are expelled from all over the world; we have no other country!   But all the Arabs in the Gaza Strip and around Israel have Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, etc, where they can live.  The Jews themselves have nowhere to go.

All Arab countries expect and want the left to be elected so to bite into the Holy Land, and destroy, G-d forbid, the holy land of Israel and the Jews.

All religious parties compete and that's why they split.  The Holy One, blessed be He, wants all the religious parties to follow the Torah, unite and then they will have a powerful kingdom in Israel.

The Israeli Defense Force must be vigilant at the Egyptian border and in the Gaza Strip; there is calm, but it is the calm before the storm.  Be attentive, vigilant and keep your eyes open 24/7.  Let the IDF fulfill its role dutifully, regardless of the election; there must be no trust in goyim.  Many of the Arabs in Israel are more dangerous than the Arabs out of the country; they have their own ISIS and Hamas.  In East Jerusalem there is a serious conspiracy of Hamas and ISIS.  Those of Israel who enroll in ISIS are slaughtered, as they are thought by ISIS to be sent to spy from the Mossad.  The Israeli people believe that if an Arab smiles at them and said "hello," he likes the Jews - Esau (and Ishmael) hate Jacob until today!

Jews must show love freely for each other, and love the Holy One, blessed be He; there is nothing but HIM!

Hamas, Palestinians and Abbu Mazen continue to dig and restore the tunnels, bring ammunition and missiles that have been hidden for many years in the wilderness of Sinai.  They also produce a huge amount of ammunition for the war they want to do, G-d forbid.  If they really vowed peace, they would build tall buildings and houses in the Gaza Strip.  If the Arabs around Israel and Israel wanted peace, they could live in Arab countries and not restore the tunnels with plans of destroying Israel.

Iran is pleased by the anarchy, mocks everyone and knows that the United States needs it a lot because they are afraid that Russia that controls Iran.

Syria is erased and fades until it will disappear from the world.

Turkey is full of ISIS that allow him to do anything.  Erdogan is scared to death that they will behead him.  ISIS strongly controls Turkey, they multiply like ants.

Jordan is waiting for the left party to give them, G-d forbid, parts of the land of Israel to put its refugees on the Israeli-Jordanian border and so they will cause dissension with Israel.

Egypt, Hamas, and Islamic extremists ISIS continue their way in Egypt which will be like Syria.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are waiting, doing nothing.  Israel is aware and does not allow ammunition from Iran to Hezbollah and to Nasrallah.

Iraq continues to be like Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Creator of the world will destroy and erase any country, president or head of state, who wants to harm the State of Israel and take parts of it.  The Creator will cause natural disasters so terrible that we cannot even imagine.  The Land of Israel, the Holy Land, belongs to the Holy One, blessed be He, and to the pure and innocent Jews who live there and no one else!

Floods and heavy rains continue and powerful earthquakes, heat and fire.  Accidents continue with aircraft and helicopters, boats, buses and cars.  Anti-Semitism continues to spread increasingly strong.

To all the Jews in the world: immigrate urgently to Israel.  Suddenly, seven billion people will go after the Jews - all of a sudden!

All black and white-collar, lustful ,men corruption, fraud and theft, informants and those who provoke disputes - all will be revealed one by one.

All the great Rabbis of Israel should organize prayers in all the synagogues, on Tuesday morning, the day of the election, to cancel the decree hovering over the State of Israel.

In the State of Israel in the Holy Land everything is good, only good, without anything missing.

In the same way that the people of Israel in Egypt were saved, let Israel be saved this year on Rosh Chodesh Nissan!  That a huge light will be on Israel on Rosh Chodesh Nissan!  As we burn leaven, let be burnt impurity and evil from Jews and the State of Israel.

Jewish belief in the Creator gives them life, abundance and good health!

Passover will be good for Israel; the hidden light will envelop Israel during the Passover.  In heaven, all are waiting the crowning the King Messiah, more than on Earth!

Only the Creator can crown the King Messiah; only the Creator can teach him; no one can teach the King Messiah, only the Creator; and, the Creator alone can crown him!

King Messiah belongs only to the Creator directly!

Courtesy of the website "Tair Neri"


  1. Reb Menahem Shalom
    Usually the messages doesn't bring important changes from week to week - intentionally of course : rav Ben Artzi even explained why a few weeks ago. This week at the end a big hiddush! Should we understand that something big is waiting for us next Shabbat? What is your opinion except wait and see (if we are able to see of course )
    Thanks for the zikui rabbim, geula shleima bekarov uberahamim and all the best for you among Klal Israel
    Itzhak. Yerushalaim

    1. What you bring up is important enough for a separate blog post that I am working on. Hopefully, B"N, you will see it soon and have my thoughts on your excellent comments.

  2. What is "let Israel be saved this year on Rosh Hodesh Nissan "? A wish? An advice? Or better, a prophecy about something big to happen in less than two days ? Thanks for sharing your opinion and the zikui rabbim you make with devotion and perseverance .
    All the best for you and Klal Israel
    Itzhak, Yerushalaim