Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Response to an Excellent Comment

I received these excellent comments about Rav Nir Ben Artzi’s, shlita, messages yesterday and thought it important enough to share as a separate post.

Rav Menachem, Shalom
Usually the messages doesn't bring important changes from week to week - intentionally of course: Rav Ben Artzi even explained why a few weeks ago. This week at the end is a big chiddush!  Should we understand that something big is waiting for us next Shabbat? What is your opinion except wait and see (if we are able to see of course)

Thanks for the zikui rabbim, geula shleima bekarov uberahamim and all the best for you among Klal Israel
Itzhak. Yerushalaim

What is "let Israel be saved this year on Rosh Chodesh Nissan "? A wish? An advice? Or better, a prophecy about something big to happen in less than two days?  Thanks for sharing your opinion and the zikui rabbim you make with devotion and perseverance.
All the best for you and Klal Israel
Itzhak, Yerushalaim

My Reply:
I also am very curious about the meaning of the Rav's statements.  Sometimes his messages result in obvious fulfillment, such as what happened with the election results, but there have been very subtle occurrences that were not so obvious – either local and not seen by everyone or even spiritual (which could be not seen at all, but very significant).

Hashem works in very mysterious ways but always fulfills His will, whether we can see it or not.  These messages from the Rav are worth watching and I am sure will be something significant, it just may not be so obvious in the physical world.

Additionally, every time the Rav has repeated a statement, that seems to be redundant, it should always be interpreted as ongoing and continuing to develop.  He has made the statement many times about planes, trains, cars, etc getting into trouble.  It was always followed by tragedies that occurred after such statements, but most of the time very hidden in the news.  The message may not be to everyone in the world but to a local population, but yet the event occurs as the Rav stated.  I have had readers write me mentioning that an event did not happen.  I investigated to find that it happened, but without much press coverage.

Being cynical about Hashem's messages is not healthy.  It is like interpreting scriptures.  I have had totally uneducated comments about the meaning of a verse showing that the reader didn't have a clue.  One does not send a positive message to Hashem by misinterpreting His word, especially if it is a copout in having to meet an obligation.

But Hashem pays attention to our comments and measure for measure repays our reactions in kind.  An example is definitely those who are ignoring the warning to come to Israel.  I have had so many comments from people misinterpreting what is going on in the world and justifying their lack of response by using such misinterpretations.

History repeats itself.  There have been Holocaust survivors who have stated how the world is as bad as, or even much worse than, Europe was in the 1930's.  The skeptics then questioned "how bad can it get?"  My extensive research both in the military and during the time that I lived in Germany for six years tells me that the world, especially the US of A is much, much worse than Germany was in the 1930's.  Germany didn't have over 800 concentration camps built prior to the war.  The FEMA death camps are in full operation, being funded by you taxpayers, and are as covert an operation as you can get.  There is such a comparison going on between the ruthless Nazi brown shirts of the 1930’s and the police brutality (just short of martial law) that is occurring today.   The biggest difference between pre-war Europe and the world today is that we now have much more efficient ways of spying on and killing people now.  Modern technology would make the Nazis very jealous.

I am totally aware of how difficult it is to completely disrupt one’s life by leaving jobs, schools, friends, houses, etc, etc, etc.  I put in a 20 year career in the military – I have moved 25 times in my life – yes, my present address is the 26th address that I have had.  That, of course, was planned and not because of danger to my family, but yet very disruptive.  If it had been because my family was facing peril and possible suffering, I would not have hesitated.

Rav Ben Artzi and the Facilitated Communications individuals have been correct about everything they have said, whether you are skeptical or not.  I investigate thoroughly, including using hidden sources that I cannot disclose (I would lose my sources if I ever exposed them on a blog such as this).  The statements about going to Israel have been followed by a scary statement “soon it will not be possible to leave.”  I can only speculate the reason and have several possibilities about what is coming that would prompt such a statement, but I am not going into that here.  The more important message is that history repeats itself, and if prior to World War 2 was not a strong enough message about what is coming up, then I don’t know what more can be said.

We are living in a pretend world, a fantasy world that we use our false human logic to determine what is best for us rather than listening to Hashem’s messages of the absolute truth.  Tenach has very clear and scary prophecies to deal with.  I know that all negative decrees do not have to happen – it is not Hashem’s way.  But, if one ignores Hashem’s messages, Hashem’s warnings, Hashem’s mercy, one definitely receives measure for measure negative results.  It will still give Tikun, but possibly, chas v’shalom, in a very difficult way.  If the results are much more difficult than the disruption of fleeing and going to Israel, you will find out the hard way which was the better choice.

I tell you this out of complete love for my fellow Jew and righteous non-Jew.  The Jew needs to react and come to Israel.  The non-Jew needs to follow the ways of Hashem completely (the seven Noachide commandments) and receive His protection.  My belief that many righteous non-Jews will find that they are of the lost tribes and also will come to Israel will be vindicated sooner then we think (yes, that is speculation on my part, but based on much investigation).

Let me add that I am not a Rabbi and do not have the bedside manner of a Rabbi.  If what I am saying sounds harsh, it is because I am a retired US Army Officer who spent an entire career developing discipline.  Why?  That is the one tool that a soldier must have to survive.  When one goes to war, if he or she does not have enough discipline to follow orders, he or she is in great jeopardy and is putting the other soldiers in the same danger.  I always liked the quote from General George S. Patton during WW2.  When he was asked if he was willing to die for his country, he answered that he was there to make sure the enemy dies for his country.

Hashem does not want our death or even our suffering.  His instructions are for total success and happiness.  Consider Hashem as your Commanding Officer.  He gave us our complete marching orders for total survival (the Torah).  The big difference is that it is not just survival, but having the ability to thrive and reach a tremendous level of happiness and joy beyond our wildest dreams.   Why should we second guess the scenario when we have all of history testifying to the success of the system?   Why would we argue with success that is time proven?   Simple answer: we have flawed, distorted human logic, and a Yetzer Harah, that tells us “we know better.”   We have a lack of discipline that tells us to take what seems to be the easy way out, the lazy way, even if we know in our hearts that ours ways are dangerous.

Do I have an answer to what is coming up this Rosh Chodesh, this Pesach, the remainder of 5775?  No, but I do have confidence whatever occurs is from Hashem and for our good.   I am with complete emunah and bitochen that Hashem wants the best for us and has planned the best for us.  All I need to do is follow His instructions, and all the goodness, the happy ending is completely available for me and my loved ones, B”H.  Guaranteed in writing!!!!!!!! 


  1. Thank you for your prompt and detailed response. Our challenge in this time before Mashiah (since the destruction of second temple ) is to manage rationally the confrontation between reality and irrational hope. This is the challenge of emu nah that we are expected to success on B"H. You don't accept the kinui "Rav" despite your knowledge and huge will to give and share, for sure leShem Shamaim. So let me tell you thank you my friend, my brother, my fellow in the expectation of the happy ending B"H as soon as possible, I mean immediately!
    Itzhak, Yerushalaim

  2. Thank you from me too.

    I am Noahide. What will or not happen, I do not know, but i just place my hope and trust no matter how hard sometimes it seems, but with the help of some great Rabbis, who are helping us Noahides to know Hashem, and are shining their light to us, I say, may Hashem bless them. I thank you too, for including us Noahides, we so need the love and warmth to of the Chosen. You have shown this today in your reply.
    Hashem bless you and yours. Hashem bless the Rabbis who are helping Noahides, Hashem bless Am Israel.

    Hashem bless all the sincere people of the world who are seeking H-m.
    Thank Y-u Hashem.
    Thank you too for your blog and your help.

  3. Hello Menachem!!! :)

    I want to thank you for the posts. RAV Ben Artzi as well as this post.

    I believe that you have provided to Bnei Israel and Bnei Noach, learn more about the absolute truth. "Everything is for the better ',:)

    Hashém Knows What time should happen this or that. The eternal and only the eternal Can and does everything happen your way. (B) ' H!!!

    As well as Mr Ithzaky Drahy did this question, I even had that doubt, as he read the message from Rav Nir Ben Artzi.

    So I also thank, as a response to me, hehehe!! :)

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil