Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Pessah, 8 Nissan 5775 (29/03/15)

Father in Heaven, Father of Mercy that shows mercy for all the Jews and the Holy Land, which is the most important thing to Him - the Holy Land of Israel.  G-d is creating conflicts and complications in all the Arab countries and in many countries in the world, between each other and within themselves.  The entire world is in chaos and the gentiles around us are in the middle of Armageddon, "they will fall on their swords and their bows will break", they will continue to fight each other.

Every country’s prime minister or president in the world that wants to harm and destroy the State of Israel will be destroyed by G-d and removed from the earth.  G-d is telling the state of Israel and the Jews in Israel: "I fight for you and you will hold your peace".  The state of Israel is the safest and most protected place in the world!

Russia is starting to intervene, it wants to take parts of the Middle East.  It started with Jordan and will continue.  Russia sees that the United States wants to control the Middle East; that it forgot about Israel and doesn't care about Israel, so now Russia also wants to intervene and control the Middle East.  More conflict between the United States and Russia.

In the United States, there are very few who are against Israel.  Obama wants to keep to his word that there will be two states and because of his word he is ready to destroy the world.  If Obama cared about Israel and the Jews in Israel, why is he pressuring?  Why the stress?  Why is he angry at Israel?  Why is he angry about the elections?  And why is he "not speaking" with Netanyahu?  It is better for him to strengthen the United States.  If the United States wants peace with the Palestinians, the Palestinians can go live in Jordan or other Arab states.  The country of Israel is one of the smallest country in the world - what more do they want of it?

Since Abraham - "Esau hates Yaakov."  The Arab Muslims have hatred and jealousy toward the Jews.
Abu Mazen and Hamas and a big part of the Arabs in Israel don't want peace, they want to capture the Jews and make them slaves like we were in Egypt.  Abu Mazen is a crook, a liar and cheater; he is working with the Hamas directly and completely.  He is helping them dig new tunnels and renew the old ones.  They are creating dangerous and advanced ammunition; don't believe Abu Mazen and Hamas.  Abu Mazen is stirring things up and inciting the Arabs inside and outside of Israel against the Jews.  He may look innocent on the outside, but inside he has the cruelty of an alligator.

The Palestinians, Hamas, and Jihad do not want peace; they want to erase the state of Israel.

The IDF must be united and organized, and watch over the borders of Israel and inside Israel.

The government of Israel was chosen by G-d.  G-d is telling Knesset members: stop playing seat games, start the new government immediately, before Passover.  So long as the Messiah has not be crowned publicly, the government calls the shots!  All of the enemies of Israel are happy and mocking the Knesset members and the government.  At least now they need to be the  heroes that care about the holy land and not seats, that care about the Jews in Israel, that care about bringing Jews from overseas to Israel, that care about creating a strong government that will heal and take care of Israel.  Whoever goes after honor, honor will escape him,  G-d supports those who are humble.

It is important to explain that Jews must not assimilate with the gentiles, we are a small nation.  There are seven billion gentiles in the world, who are a danger to the Jews and are bothering the Jews living their lives in Israel and the world.  If there are Jews overseas married to gentiles, they need to make an effort to convert them according to Halachah and bring them to Israel. Soon the time will come when they won't be able to convert them and they will be gone from the world because they interfered with the holiness of a Jew.  It doesn't matter, man or woman.

Syria is still being erased; the rebels and ISIS continue to wipe Syria out.  The media does not film it, because they are looking for strange things and because they are afraid of being murdered.  All kinds of countries are saying "we bombed and killed ISIS in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen" - they are not bombing anything, it's all for show.

Iraq will continue to be erased like Syria.

In Turkey there will soon be an outburst of ISIS who will terrorize the country.  Arduan is afraid of being beheaded.

Jordan did not find any use in the United States so they are moving forward with their relations with Russia.  Whoever helps more - that is who they follow.  Jordan continues to be filled with an enormous number of refugees until it will explode and end up like Iraq and Syria.

In Egypt, the Hamas, extreme Islamists, and ISIS are all a mess.  They want to bring down Sisi's government and rule Egypt.

Iran is celebrating, showing off its power in the area to everyone, it wants to be a powerful country.  The whole mess with Iran, Russia, and the United States is psychological warfare between the United States and Russia over Iran, who will give more to Iran and have Iran on their side.

All of the gulf countries, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, will continue to intervene.  G-d is mixing it up between them all, complicating things and creating conflict, just like the Babylonian Tower, just like the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra.

It is Armageddon for the gentiles around us - for Israel there is peace, quiet, and protection!

There will continue to be plane disasters much more terrible than what is happening now, with ships, trains, and cars.  There will continue to be conflict between countries.  The big wonder is that you kill one ISIS member and another million rise up.  Just like the plague of frogs in Egypt - they killed one frog and thousands more came out of it.  It is the hand of G-d!

Natural disasters, winds and fires, earthquakes and floods will continue to strike the earth.  Anti-Semitism will greatly increase. If the Jews don't understand the actions of G-d - they will run in the end and come to Israel in shame.

G-d is releasing the anti-Semitism, seven billion people in the world will banish the Jews, bother them in order to get them to come to Israel, to settle the Negev, Western Galilee, Samaria and Binyamin.

All of the white and black collar criminals, thieves, crooks and bribers, all will be caught.

The holiday of Passover before us will be clean and pure, the rain and winds cleaned the holiday of Passover.  The revealing of the King Messiah is expected any second now.  The King Messiah is working in secret because G-d is in secret and everything He does is in secret - secrets that are understood by man.  The messiah works in secret until the day he is crowned.  On that day, they will see all over the world and in Israel that everything the King Messiah says, happens that second.  The Messiah will protect the Jews in Israel - the holy land!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"


  1. Why does he want to convert gentiles???

    A genuine convert is one who does so with no ulterior motive other than wanting to be Jewish and keeping the mitzvot. Most gentiles who are married to Jews do not fit the bill. Please do not encourage any more fake conversions. We have enough of them already.

    1. Any conversion that occurs has to be done for the correct reason and with the correct intention. I don't for one minute believe that the Rav is advocating an improper conversion. It so happens there are more conversions to Judaism these days than ever.

      Hashem is the One Who sanctions the event and knows the true intention of the individual. What is coming up is measure for measure and I know that nobody will sneak by Hashem's evaluation as a convert. Like everything else, let us rely completely on Hashem for everything happening according to His will.

      It is all being sorted out by Hashem in the end of days including many who are from the lost tribes that are coming here to make aliyah. They were at Har Sinai, but their Judaism may be questionable now. Instead of a full conversion, they use Giyur le’chumra which is a term that refers to conversions performed as precautionary measures. They are undertaken when a doubt exists about one’s Jewishness or about the validity of his or her conversion. Such conversions involve accepting the commandments before a Rabbinical court, and immersing in a mikvah. This was used when the Ethiopian Jews came here in the 1990's and for the B'Nai Menashah from India.

  2. Agree 100% with Anon #1. This conversion business is another erev rav situation, chas v'sholom. Ezra HaSofer ordered the Jews who returned from Bavel to E.Y. to send back their 'wives'. They did so and married Jewish women. It is written that Ezra cried when he saw the horrific assimilation that had transpired in Bavel; thus, ordering them to immediately 'divorce' their wives. (Divorce is not necessary in such cases according to Jewish. law).

    1. Two comments. One is that nothing is random in this world. Whoever converts properly or improperly is all according to Hashem’s plan in the end of days. Each individual is measure for measure getting exactly what Hashem knows that person needs. There is no such thing as Hashem wanted someone to become a Baal Teshuvah, but he got away from Hashem. I have witnessed so many miraculous situations that were so obvious, that it only could have been Hashem’s doing. Two examples: an American family of 12 (parents and 10 children), where the father was a Baptist Minister, and they all decided that they wanted to be Jewish. Impossible! Yet, today they all live in Israel and are very machmir in everything they do. On the other end, I knew a fellow who was converted by a woman Reform so-called Rabbi. Soon after, he died at age 53 without even being sick a day. Hashem has it all planned out and even uses the Erev Rav to carry out His will (many examples of that – not possible to cover here, but use your imagination). We can’t even guess what Hashem will do on an individual or national level, but whatever, it is for the best and it is good. Trust Hashem, He knows what He is doing.

      Two: we in no way can compare the situation of thousands of years ago with now. This is the most unique time in history and completely different from any situation of the past.

  3. Hello Menachem!!!

    Thanks a lot for sharing the words translated from site of Rav Nir Ben Artzi.

    It's getting so clear about the words of Hashém in the messages of the site of Rav Nir Ben Artzi:

    Yemen (Iran and Saudi Arabia), Global Economy slowly stopping, immorality, fights between the three schemas globalists (Western-Fabian socialism, China and Russia-communism, Islamic-spearheaded by Saudi Arabia to land of Islam), the humanity that had been like a zombie today is much more apathetic about the tragedies that are occurring and so fast.

    So I say: Oh Hashém, please have mercy on all of us (Bnei Israel and Bnei Noach). that soon we may deserve to see the coming of Mashiach. That the world can become a rectified and holy site!!!

    I wish all Bnei Israel and Bnei Noach:

    Pessach Kasher v' Sameach!!!!!! :)

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil