Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More prophecies Fulfilled

I wanted to include this in yesterday’s post but it became too long for one post.   There are events happening that obviously fulfill Jewish scriptures.  Hashem told us thousands of years ago and now we can easily see His message.

A very important message in the Torah is that “when Yaakov studies Torah, Esav can’t touch him.”  Conversely, when Yaakov isn't studying Torah, Esav has his way and causes disaster for Yaakov.  Esav hated his brother and wanted to kill him.  It is a prophecy for all of history that the non-Jewish nations have tried to eliminate the Jews from this planet.  The Amalek incident is part of that prophecy.  Every time Jews were in a situation of great Torah study, they seemed to be protected – when they thought that the only way to avoid Jew-hatred was to assimilate, they were persecuted and killed.

Europe in the 1930’s is the most prevalent example since, unbeknownst to most people, it was the highest level of assimilation for the Jews in history.  German Jews for instance were more than 90% away from Judaism including a vast number of Jews who converted thinking it would help.  The truest of Jews, who knew what the Torah said about assimilation, left Europe through Ellis Island decades before – they saw the warning signs much earlier.  Yes, there were Rabbis who stayed behind but mostly to help the Jews in their time of crisis.  I lived in Germany for six years and can verify that most Yeshivahs, Mikvahs, schools, synagogues were long gone decades before the war.  Kristallnacht, the horrific burning of many places of worship that became the European 911, 9 November, 1938 (ninth day of the 11th month), was actually mostly Reform Temples that were with congregations that were completely assimilated in German society.  I lived for three years in the German state of Hesse, which had a very large Jewish population at the beginning of the 20th century.  In the 1980’s, I met a historian who had documented hundreds of Temples that were destroyed by the Germans, including 85 that the buildings were still standing, as something else of course, only 30 years ago.  I saw many of the buildings as I went through towns in the area and saw that they were definitely set up as Reform Temples and not Torah observant synagogues.  I verified this by questioning many people who had been there when it was a Jewish house of worship.

This along with my visits to Dachau and Bergen-Belsen death camps was part of a very extensive study of the Holocaust.  The absolute message that came from years of investigation was that when Yaakov studies Torah, Esav can’t touch him.  Esav, the brother of Yaakov married non-Jewish women whose decedents eventually became the pagan society of Rome.  And of course this was the foundation for Xtianity.  The Arizal Hakodesh informed us that Yushka was a reincarnation of Esav.  The entire history of Xtianity, with its Inquisition, Crusades, Pogroms, Holocaust, were all episodes of Esav trying to kill Yaakov.  When Esav saw that he couldn’t kill Yaakov after WW2, he married the daughter of Yishmael and told him to kill Yaakov.  Everything that is happening with the Arabs wanting to wipe out the Jews is from Esav, aka Gog, Stalin, Hitler, etc, to get Arafat, Nasser, Hussain, Ahmadinejad (and his replacement), etc, to finish the job (sort of “the final solution”).  It is all obvious and all prophesied in the Torah.  One additional aspect of Esav marrying Yishmael’s daughter is embodied in one individual “Obama.”  His Islamic roots allow his romance with Arab countries in an attempt to wipe out Yaakov. Obama being a card carrying member of the Gog Bush cabal is the fulfillment of Esav asking Yismael to kill Yaakov.  What has backfired for Esav is that the Islamists are interested in eliminating all infidels – the popular expression in the Mosques is “first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.”  It is interesting that we are in the time where the Sunday people are being picked on (politely put) as the Saturday people have been for many centuries.  Of course, the idea of the Sunday people being eliminated falls into the plan of Gog’s New World Order which wants to eliminate about 93% of the world population.

One additional note is that according to Pirkei Avos, chapter 1, #17, Hashem doesn't want us to study Torah but to live Torah.  Of course, you can really live it unless you know all the facts, extensive study.  It is the reason at Mount Sinai that we said “na’aseh v’nishma,” "We will do and we will hear."  We are telling Hashem that we want to live and do all his commandments and then we will study all the details to improve our serving Hashem.

Another interesting prophecy fulfilled:
One of the worst, scariest events talked about in the Torah was when we were at the Sea of Reeds (or if you like the uneducated version, the Red Sea).  We were on the beach, had the sea to one side, the mountains to the other side with only one escape exit that happened to have the Egyptian Army blocking it – ready to wipe us out (of course, they were being held at bay by a pillar of fire).  The Torah alludes to the fact that there were four groups of Israelites with four different solutions.  The first group asked Moses: “did you take us out of Egypt to die in the desert?”  Their solution was: “let us go back to Egypt” – the Pharaoh has us trapped, he won.  The second group said: “we outnumber them, let us organize and fight.”  The third group said: “let us pray and maybe Hashem will help us.”  The fourth group with complete faith and trust in Hashem “Jumped into the sea; it split and they walked through on the dry land.”  Of course the other groups followed after they reconsidered their decisions; and, they all watched, including Pharaoh, as Hashem destroyed the Egyptians and provided safe passage for the good guys (and gals).

How is this event the answer for us today?  I’m glad you asked.  The same four groups exist today.  We have the first group that says: “let us just give the terrorists the land and maybe we will have peace.   That of course has already failed in the Sinai, Southern Lebanon, Gaza and parts of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.  The second group says: let’s fight, we are stronger than them and can defeat them.  That has been tried many times, but with a loss of life for the good guys (and gals).  The third group, the knitted skullcaps, say let us pray and hopefully Hashem will help us.  That has been effective but with concessions to the enemy, including the other countries in the world, and has not completely solved our problem.  The fourth group, the black hatters, the Torah scholars, are ready to jump into the sea.  They (actually we since I am in that group), completely turn to Hashem with faith and trust.  How do we turn to Hashem?  By doing exactly what He has told us is the solution to the world situation.  We pray, we do repentance, we give charity, we study Torah, we help each other with total love and respect, etc.  We do everything Hashem told us to do, and what will be the results?  The happy ending.  The redemption of the world, new leadership with Moshiach as the servant of Hashem the King of Kings, elimination of all evil in the world, happiness, prosperity, security, love for all with no more testing, no more sickness and even no more death.  All the Jews and the lost tribes will live in total peace in the land “Flowing with Mild and Honey,” and even our departed will return in total happiness.  What we have coming in the future is a level of joy and happiness beyond human comprehension.


  1. Dear Absolute Truth, Thank you for your extra posts. Interesting to read and b"h there is a lot to agree upon. There are a few things though that I have to comment on. Last Shabbat we were with our family in I believe the City that you live. We were visiting friends that have different experiences and so did we. Our friends are Baale Teshuva and are living in B. The most warm and loving family, well mannered wonderful kids etc. They feel there is a lack of acceptance from the so called black hatters even though they are part of that group. They feel that because they are Baale Teshuva they are not accepted by the frum from birth that are shielding themselves from people that are different then them. My husband who atttended shul felt things were "over the top". It made him feel very uncomfortable. My husband is someone who a Rav has said about was born with the middos of a Tzadik. Quote: You were given the middos (character traits) that most people strive for their whole lives. I myself worked for Rebbitsin Scheinberg zt'land was zochet to see the ins and outs of a family of Gedolim. Their love and respect for Am Israel was so great, no judgements were made based on kippot, style of dress, you felt loved from top to toe, unconditionally. I remember the Rav zt"l responce very sincere and worried when there was a world event, something that happened to a group on Non-Jews. He cared despite of who it was. The neighborhood we live in in Jerusalem is a mix of all kinds of people and the achdut is tremendous no one will judge the other by the cover. It therefore feels relaxed and calm with the beautiful trees of all the species available. My 4.year old knows them by heart.. We ourselves live like black hatters even though my husband doesn't wear a black hat during the week. He does b"h learn Torah every day with a Chavruta and davens three times a day in a minyan. Our home has the highest kosher standard b"n. and we live according to the ways of the Torah the best we can. Despite of that we specifically love our community because it is excepting of "different colors" so to speak which in my opinion draws the Shechina near because Hashem loves unity combined with following the mitswot which is living the Torah. I am looking forward to your explanation. Purim Sameach!

    1. I find the city that I live in to have tremendous Achdus. I do believe that like Hashem judges us measure for measure by what we do and how we live, I too see every individual as an individual. What every midos that individual has should be developed, and I see my job as an elder, so to speak, helping everyone as I can. I did not mean to stereotype any Jew one way of the other. Your husband sounds like a good Torah Jew who probably is destined for a high place in Olam Habah. My love for every Jew and every righteous non-Jew is strictly to help everyone, not to judge anyone. That is what Hashem wants from me, so that is my mission.

      When I first moved to Israel I lived across the street from 4 shuls, an Ashkenazi, Sefardi, Chasidishe and Chabad. I davened at all four and felt absolutely warmly welcome at each. I like to consider myself a very friendly, easy going fellow and that is the key to people liking you, not the clothes that you wear (of course, it is embarrassing if a guy with a red shirt shows up at a strictly black hat shul). Believe it or not the dress code is in the Talmud, so it is more of Hashem watching us, than us judging others.

  2. Hello Menachem!!

    I would like to thank the Lord, by the posts. They have helped me a lot to spiritual level up during these last years. posts by Rav Nir Ben Arzti, as well as messages of autistic children.

    What I can tell, and that much of what ´ was prophesied to those times, it's happening and you can feel (even though I'm a Bnei Noach), for example: chaos, low spiritual/moral/social level.

    As each day passes, located increasingly visible that we are getting closer to the end than is this world, for a happy ending. B ' H!!!

    Chag Purim Sameach to all (Bnei Israel and Bnei Noach) and Kol Tuv!!!!

    Moshiach Now!!!! :)

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil

  3. Thank you for your explanation and we already had the idea that you are a Jew who loves and cares about every Jew. This blog proves that. The truth is all Jews are doing the best that they can within the limitations that they have b"h and b"h we will all judge each other favorably and measure for measure so will the Creator of the World may he be blessed. B'Sorot Tovot for all of us and Purim Sameach and Mazal Tov with reaching the age of the Elders may it bring you lots of Great Health, Nachas from your whole family, fulfillment and great Simcha Tamid. With everlasting thanks for the beautiful inspiration from Rav Nir and yourself.