Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parashat Mishpatim Tsha"d

The Master of the Universe screams and shouts using the elements by increasing anti-Semitism for all the Jews to see.  He provides all complications and conflicts in all countries and nations in the world. The Creator of the world is about to take over this world – He has already begun! All evil, hatred and pride will go, and they will all hold to the Ten Commandments – whether they want to or not.  Jews are at a different level; they will rule and reign over the entire world.  The nations will remain; but, the Jews will be in the Holy Land, the land of Israel. This is the divine intent - welcome to His will in this generation!

The world is in chaos with each individual interested himself; but, all will eat each other.  It will not be long to remain in many countries; a huge explosion will cause hatred and strife, like Syria.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, is angry, even furious that Jews are living outside of Israel and delaying and insisting  on remaining on unholy ground, the material unholy ground, instead of loving the Holy Land - the Land of Israel, protected in the world, with the economy that is the best in the world.  No one can threaten the State of Israel.

European market countries all threaten the State of Israel, but will fall and crash from the world. Know that all livelihood is from the Creator.

Elements will continue to hit with much greater intensity – fire, heat, cold, severe storms, ice, blizzards, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods.

All the animals, without exception, will be going mad and hit humans hard.

The government of Israel, instead of assisting the defense minister, to back him in front of the United States, they behave like rabbits in front of the United States, as they have no backbone.  The entire Arab world exploits the defense minister's speech, utilizes the pressure of the United States.  The United States is like a kindergarten teacher with Israel; they must listen to her and do her will.

The defense minister said the things that are true, he knows exactly what he's talking about.  The government of Israel must wake up; they think the whole world is in favor of the Jews.  It is forbidden to give parts of the Land of Israel; make peace without giving land, not even an inch!  Palestinians and Hamas have many countries to live in; the Jews have nowhere go!!!

Hamas is running rampant.  The Holy One, blessed is He, does a nice job giving Egypt a revolution with Hamas to be engaged and occupied with each other.

Egypt also is greatly involved in the revolution, making their way very difficult.

Abbas tells Hamas: Wait until we get an agreement for parts of the Land of Israel, then I'll give you a free hand to attack.  Meanwhile, what I do is also to your benefit.

Jordan's King -- Netanyahu spoke to him.  Jordan's King expects and waits for a time that all Hamas and refugees will leave him and take the parts of the land of Israel to live there.  That's what interests him. Israel does not care at all; he will soon come to this realization.

It is too bad that the Israeli government did not alert the PA about peace not happening.  It's not real! Israeli Jews who demonstrate against the Israeli government and think that they are beautiful people helping the situation, but they do not know that everything will turn against them.  Everyone in the world does not care about the land of Israel!  They want to take parts of the Land of Israel and to expel the Jews!

Ministers of the Knesset need to do their individual jobs.  The Minister of Interior should not pretend to be Foreign Minister; the Foreign Minister should not pretend to be the Minister of Finance; the Minister of Finance should not pretend to be the Minister of the Interior.  Too bad that members of the Israeli government are confused and do not know what their functions are.  We do not need ministers taking to the streets, but to sit in the Israeli Knesset to discuss as adults, people of honor, people who chose to serve the people of Israel; and, G-d forbid, not to support the dismantling of Israel.

Police must be vigilant at night about the Sudanese and Eritrean infiltrators.  They do damage in major cities and do not give breathing room for those living there, especially Israeli girls who are afraid to leave the house.  We must insist that Israel remove them; enforce the laws of the land; and, to take care of booze and drug problems among our youth that continues to plague the Jewish land.

Every Jew who tries to live by the Ten Commandments, will be successful in all his or her ways, will smile and be happy.

Jews, left and right, observant and secular, should live in unity, love and peace.  Regardless of how observant or non-observant the Jews are, they should live with love and peace, unity according to the ways of the Torah.

Syria will not be helped by negotiations and will continue to be deleted. You cannot stop the pride and the evil that is in control.  Powers of the world want the erasing of Syria.  They cannot help anything.

Hezbollah and the Lebanese are quiet because they have no help and no power; they prefer to remain silent and not interfere.  They know that if they intervene, they will receive blows from all directions.

Turkey is a beautiful example: hitting the people of Israel and the Army’s soldiers.  Turkey will begin to erupt and cause conspiracy to destroy the government of Turkey.  They want to do a makeover and there will be a revolution.

Egypt bubbling inside and out soon will start to intensify as in Syria.

Iran is working underground.  Above ground all is clean, it seems, as it were, disciplined, a 'sweet girl' who hears the United States.  The Almighty says: if you dare to attack or do something against Israel, the Holy One, Blessed is He will make them a revolution with great sorrow.  Earthquakes and floods will spoil their plans for nuclear plants and will make it like the Tower of Babel.

The Israel Defense Force should be alert on the borders.  Hamas operates 24 hours a day in the tunnels to surprise military bases.

Nothing to worry about with the rain.  The rain will come and be beneficial.  It would not hurt if there is praying for rain from the people of Israel.

All the great Torah sages and Rabbis in Israel.  The Master of the Universe seeks to unite and join forces!  Do not underestimate this effort, you will not hear the Holy One, Blessed is He.  He gives hints through the elements.  Somehow, even a child aged 4-6 will understand what He wants.  He asks the greatest Rabbis of cities in Israel to get together for fasting and to ensure that no one should be allowed to take parts of the Land of Israel, even one inch!  Nobody should take this lightly.  Anyone who underestimates this effort of the Rabbis or mocks them is belittling the wishes of the Creator.

Soon the king Messiah he will bring to trial all the clowns who mocked the Creator.

The world is in chaos, do not believe you know for a moment what the future holds.  All this makes the Creator completely in charge of the whole world, without exception.  We must cry to the Creator. With all the Jews crying out to the Creator, to mend this world, the king Messiah will put this entire world in a state of  order!

Courtesy of a "Tair Neri."

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  1. My name is Luiz Felipe, I live in São Paulo - Brazil, I'm 25 years old and two years ago I follow with enthusiasm the weekly messages from Rav Nir Ben Artzi.

    Since age 13 became Bnei Noach unfortunately my family is roman xstian. I thank the person responsible for posting such essages blog in English.

    I see that Latin America is somewhat related clearly, as far as I understand, asim other continents as Africa and Oceania, I do not know why.
    I see that Latin America is somewhat related clearly, no messages, such as Africa and Oceania, but realize that these words are addressed to the whole world and are targeted message to all of us in the world (Jews and righteous gentiles). In Brazil we do not have a community of Bnei Noach fact, the rabbi is a guide in the Chabad rav that Hashem abenoçõe for their work and effort that has made us all Bnei Noach Brazilians.

    I apologize for the mistakes of English at the head of the blog.

    All the best and see you soon!