Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Trouma Tsha"d

G-d, Father of Mercy, wants the prayers of Israel, wants the mouths of Israel to pray! Thus the Creator created the world, it is His will and nobody in the world could change it.  Jewish prayer removes and transforms the judgment in mercy!  Anyone with eyes, who is intelligent and understands, first pray to the L-rd for all Jews, on the difficult decree hovering over the people of Israel, which wants to take parts of the land of Israel.

We are for peace; the Jews are a people of peace, but peace without giving up parts of the land of Israel!  The Creator does not want the Jews to do demonstrations, close roads, use violence; this is the work of "the other side" and goyim.  The Creator wants Jews from all over the country to gather throughout the Holy Land, in love, joy and great mercy to pray and implore the L-rd to protect the people of Israel against the disasters in the holy land of Israel and to cancel the order from the goyim who want to take parts of the holy land of Israel.  The goyim have places to travel and live - 99% of the world.  The Jews have only one drop, the holy land of Israel, and they have nowhere to go.

Very soon there will be an airlift of Jews around the world, the countries will expel , throw them out, fight them and kill them, because of their hatred against the Jews who have no place to go, just in Israel!  Too bad the Jews linger and expect miracles - there will be no miracles!  The exile is over, you have to run and go to Israel to settle in the Holy Land, the land of Israel!  One million Jews in the Negev, a million Jews in the north, a million Jews in Samaria and Binyamin - This is the beginning, a good start and it will be.

The people of Israel must pray from the bottom of their hearts, so the disasters will be canceled and the rains which are coming in phases will be beneficial.

The Israeli Government must not believe the Palestinians - Abu Mazen mocks everyone, and even Iranian Rouhani, scoffs at all.

Dear Jews do not think everything is taken for granted that all flesh is created from dust and will return to dust.  We must not give up any parcel of the land of Israel!  They are not in favor of peace, but want to destroy, discard and enslave the Jews.  The U.S. and Europe, wanting a two state solution, know that is all in their favor!  Knesset members wake up; do not joke with the Master of the Universe!

Egypt continues to struggle with itself, she is gradually becoming like Syria.

Syria is destroyed and discarded without recourse forever.

Turkey follows Syria which is contagious; they have riots and serious problems.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, thank you G-d forever, likes all the Jews living in the Holy Land of Israel!  The Holy One, Blessed is He moves from one country to another, from one land to another and is inflicting an “eye for an eye” for all they have done to Israel, good or bad – it will be their fortune!

Lebanon, every time they want to disturb the situation, they will receive from heaven a sign, blows and complications amongst themselves.

Jordan is waiting to receive the land, where as it thinks, will be for Hamas and those who infiltrate the borders of Israel.

Hamas does its job quietly, waiting for the moment "of the so-called peace" to attack.
Abu Mazen reached an agreement with Hamas for them not to interfere, not to make noise and problems until the signing of the agreement with him and the Palestinians, God forbid, then it would a disaster for Israel.  They expect from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, the Sinai desert, the Gaza Strip and from the sea, will fly rockets by hundreds and continuously for at least 1 year.  This would occur if, G-d forbid, they receive parts of the land of Israel.  Arabs around us understand only a hard hand and not a gentle one.

Iran mocks everyone and inside does what it wants.  You must have a finger on the pulse and not let them be as free as they are now.  The U.S. is in love with Iran and wants Iran wants to belong to them - under its protection.

Dear Jews, do not rely on any country in the world, only on our Father - Father of mercy!  Please, Bless One, give wisdom, understanding and knowledge to members of the Knesset to act for Israel!

Israeli girls are not worthless, you must protect them!  Welfare services and counselors in all schools must identify girls in need and help prevent assimilation with the Goyim.  Dear Jews, dear parents, the goyim are destroying the daughters of Israel, and there is no turning back.  We must wake up before any seed of the Jews is erased!

All human beings, every Jew and Jewess who are in the negative, corruption, theft, fraud, cheating, debauchery and betrayal, G-d Almighty is committed to reveal to the world, the largest to the smallest, religious and non-religious, especially if they are known and recognized for all to see and be filled with fear.   All those who want to do any sin, be afraid of the Creator.

The Creator had enough.  The Master of the world protects all Israel, destroys and consumes all the Arab countries around it.  The Jews in Israel must understand the allusions that are happening and keep the Ten Commandments in any case of emergency.  They must be united, joined together and must be as one heart – Jews left and right, religious and non-religious, must show gratis love and peace between them.  All real Jews must come together and unite, to keep the Ten Commandments, to study the laws, learn Torah and pray the Master of the world.

Natural disasters will continue and will be strengthened with all power.  The Holy One, Blessed is He, does not give up and will let it continue.  He will growl and hit hard in the world so the people of Israel will say and know that there is a G-d in the world, Who is the Master and that the people of Israel believe in him!  The Creator will provoke the Jews more sternly in greater measures to recognize the Creator!  All this makes G-d Almighty only for the Jews, for the Jews require the coronation of King Messiah son of David!

The Messiah cannot crown himself, he was crowned in heaven and this is completed.  The Holy Land of Israel expects that the Holy One, Blessed is He, at the request of the Jews, will crown King Messiah son of David with mercy.


  1. I'm deeply concerned for Israel, should heroso-called leaders agree to a false peace.How can yidden be so stupid and weak ? ! ? Unless moshiach tzidkeinu takes charge, who knows what else.the Israeli leaders will get up to?...our enemies don't worry me, but Jewish leaders currently have me scared stiff..

    1. I wrote a very long response to your excellent post and went to publish it. It disappeared. Since I know that Hashem sends me messages everyday, I thought about it and realized that my answer should go to all my readers and not just those who casually read comments. I will reconstruct what I wrote, saving it often, and post it later, B"N. I just wanted you to know that what you are saying is very important and that Hashem, obviously, wants it to go out to everyone who reads my blog. See you later.

  2. Many thanks for publishing these words of Rav Nir Ben Artzi, dear administrator.
    These words encourage me whenever I read

    All the best and even more!

    Luiz Felipe - SP - Brasil