Monday, January 6, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Beshalach Tsha "d

The King of Kings, the Holy One uses the forces of nature around the world so very hard and increases the activity of the elements of nature to hit the Earth much more powerfully, especially in countries that want to harm and cause the destruction of Israel.  Floods, storms, snow, earthquakes, heat, fire, cold, conflicts between states and countries and conflicts within states and countries, because they disturb and want to destroy the people of Israel, and  because of Jews living in the Diaspora and refusing to come to Israel.  Wherever are the Jews - this country will suffer from ravages of the elements to no end!  So as to expel Jews from their land and their country!

The Holy One, blessed is He, is angry, furious and agitated because of the cooperation of the Israeli government with the United States!  All these discussions are in favor of the Palestinians and against Israel.  This is why the Creator made ​​all kinds of shocks and damages to the countries because this is a false peace to their advantage and to the detriment of Israel.

Every state and country who think  to harm Israel, the holy land, the Holy One, blessed is He, will send his angels to the most terrible places to ravage the most difficult elements.  They will take care of themselves and leave alone the Holy Land Israel.

The deterioration of Ariel Sharon, his pain comes from the Israeli government that will make the mistake of its life, and give away parts of the land of Israel!  Sharon hears, understands and his body is not responding.  He remembers Gush Katif and his pain is terrible.  Everything that happens with Sharon is not natural, it is above nature.

Israeli Prime Minister ceases to be afraid!  There is no reason to fear any nation, country or state. Any Jew, pure and clean serving a high post, gives all his life and soul so as not to harm the State of Israel.

Anyone wishing to take parts of the Land of Israel must know that this is not a game!  Peace can only be without any part of the land of Israel being given – not even a centimeter!

All the sages and Rabbis of the Torah must cry and pray to the Creator to ensure that the order will be canceled! No demonstrations that disrupts traffic, not events that disturb the Jews and the people of Israel.  We need prayer, charity and a great cry – to annul the wrong order!

Hamas continues to attack Israelis, this is its passion.  This is what it has been nursed to do since childhood.

Some Bedouins and Arabs in Israel are dangerous; they have ammunition bunkers and weapons hidden beneath the houses.  Not only that, they also take the daughters of Israel at the age of 12-15, they meet, give them money and buy them.  Their objective is to destroy the daughters of Israel, assimilate them with the goyim and then make them slaves and humiliate the Jewish people.

Government of Israel - gather girls captured by the goyim and helps them, save them!  Because of the money they have fallen into the trap.  For the assimilation and destruction of daughters of Israel there is neither a judge nor law; it has not yet happened that someone who captured a little girl was arrested and brought to justice.

Every mother and father - keep your girls! Register this saying: "Tonight, something dark that obscures the heart and vision.”

Egypt continues to burn; they continue to kill, sometimes openly and sometimes secretly.  This will continue to grow and Egypt will be exactly like Syria - patience.

Syria will continue to be fully erased.

Iran, while waiting, laughs at everything that happens.  The United States, while they are allegedly occupied with Israel, let the Iranians act as though they are justified in what they do and that Israel was the problem.  Hassan Rohani does not know this revolution will be reversed soon on him.  Iranians pray and curse the people of Israel. "May their swords pierce their hearts, their bows broken, that they argue among themselves and are erased from the world!”  They learned that from the Jews, Mordecai and Esther, that culture.  Iran is not able to deliver weapons and ammunition to Lebanon.  Instead, they found a new way, they deliver weapons and ammunition through the desert of Sinai and the Gaza Strip.

Turkey, too, has a revolution, a big mess - it will continue.

Jordan is patiently waiting.  Their king expects to receive a large part of the land of Israel, G-d forbid, so Hamas and refugees can go there.  This effect will strangle Israel and he will be happy – may everything turn against him!

Rebels, Lebanon, Nasrallah, Hezbollah and Syria are all against all - a spicy mixture, they do not know who is who, from all sides they pull on each other.

Everything that happens in Israel - murders, stabbings and accidents they learn from infiltrators. Drinking, smoking and drugs destroy our youth.  The Israeli government must take care of our youth urgently!  The Israeli Government must disable urgently the infiltrators – the Sudanese and Eritrean legally! They have their own state; the Jews have nowhere to go.

A modern country is a country where all religious and seculars are united; linked to each other and helping each other!  We are now in a time of war - a decree hanging over Israel! Please, be united, do not say, G-d forbid, I am religious, I am secular.  It has no meaning.  It is forbidden to speak like that!  All Jews who are true Jews, religious, secular, left and right must unite and merge, the Creator wants them all to turn to him, to cling to Him!

Dear Jews, very soon the Holy One, Blessed is He will surprise all Jews and Rabbis with the coronation of King Messiah!  Whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not.  Some laugh, in every generation there are scoffers.  Please take this message very seriously! All that was written will happen!  Check and see with your eyes and hear with your ears, the time is now and it will be like this in the future!


  1. Record breaking, life threatening cold weather in Chicago, among other places.

  2. A high school student grabbed a Jewish female classmate, held a lighter to her hair and said out loud, “let’s burn the Jew,” but a Canadian judge concluded that the incident was “not racially motivated.”

    The incident between two 15 year old Winnipeg, Canada high school students took place in 2011.

    The lawyer for the defendant claimed, essentially, it was the girl’s fault her hair caught on fire.

    He said his client grabbed the girl, lit the lighter and made the comments, but her hair caught fire when she pulled away. He also said that referring to the girl as “the Jew” was simply the way people interacted at the school, and the defendant was not the only one who called her that. He referred to his client as “a jerk and a bully,” but said the incident was “impulsive and unplanned.”

    The defendant’s therapist claimed the incident was an “impulsive teenage action.”

    Winnipeg’s Provincial Court Judge Robert Finlayson, before whom the trial was held, agreed with the defense. While he called the act “totally vulgar and inappropriate,” Finlayson said he was satisfied it was not racially motivated.

    Given the judge was unwilling to classify saying “let’s burn the Jew” and then actually grabbing a Jew and burning her hair as anti-Semitic, perhaps he should be praised for also stating that the school culture in which this kind of incident was commonplace was was “unhealthy and dark and there’s no place for it in society.”

    The victim claimed the incident “changed her world upside down.” She needed therapy to deal with her fears. She also believes that the people in the school blamed her for making a big deal of the incident.

    The now-17 year old defendant was not given any prison time. Instead, the court ordered him to serve 18 months of supervised probation. He also has to seek out counseling, write a letter of apology to the victim and perform 75 hours of community service work, according to the Winnipeg Free Press. In an earlier stage of the prosecution, the defendant pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon.