Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parashat Yitro Tsha"d

Our Father in Heaven calls, calling more urgently to all the Jews who live outside Israel including those who have left Israel.  Travelers - do not take risks; quickly return safely to Israel.  Those who live abroad - urgently come to Israel the Holy Land; do not move from Europe to the USA, Canada or elsewhere in the world.

The Creator has rage for the ways Jews of the Diaspora will not let go of materialism.  They are glued to the materialism and forget the Holy Land - the Holy Land of Israel.

Anti-Semitism will grow and grow and will expel all Jews from their homes and businesses around the world to come to the Holy Land - the land of Israel.

Exile ended at independence (1948), the redemption began on the day of Independence (1948).  The Creator began to hide his face to the Jews who live outside Israel.  If they do nothing, the goyim will expel them from their homes, their homes and their businesses.  You can see it in the media.  Almighty G-d is very angry - He wants them to do well and will help them in what they do.  This will result in only good - many Jews will go to Israel!

The Creator helps raise and lower all; make richer and poorer; life and death is in His hands - not in the hands of man!

The people of Israel are very strong and are protected by the Creator.  We Jews are built to rest on the Creator.  All leaders are the messengers of the Creator, the heart of kings are in the hand of G-d.

The prayer of the Jews in Israel - Orthodox, Ashkenazi and Sephardic - influences the Creator and  cancels the hard decree.  The willingness of goyim to take parts of the land of Israel along with the Creator will influence the government of the State of Israel - because this is not a real peace!

Abbas and Hamas work together.   Abbas told the Hamas "do nothing, do not heat up the situation until we take parts of the land, then you can kill yourself in Israel.”  If, G-d forbid, they take parts of the land of Israel, it will be exactly like this, there will be rain, a rain of missiles on the land of Israel.

If the Israeli government will be strong and not give parts of the holy earth, nations will tremble with fear!

The Israeli government has nothing to fear from the European market and the world market.  When the Israeli government decides not to give away parts of the land of Israel, and if Europe wants to close the European market and other markets to Israel, the Creator, Heavenly Father, King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed is He, will use the elements of nature to paralyze and freeze the whole of Europe and the European market.   In the Holy Land of Israel, fruit trees and vegetables produce enough agricultural products constantly and abundantly.  The European market will pay dearly to buy agricultural products from Israel and the Holy Land despite them.  Willingly or by force because they cannot buy agricultural products from other countries in the world, everything will freeze and wither
It’s time to believe in G-d, understand who decides everything in this world.

The rain will fall when the Creator of the world decides to give an order for rain to fall and when it should fall.  We do not have to be afraid; it will be a pleasant and comfortable rain.

The King of Jordan is waiting for the two countries.  They already have started talking with Abbas about how to divide the Jordan Valley and place all refugees there.  We must resist because it gives a red light to every Jew.  They want to squeeze and strangle the State of Israel, G-d forbid.  Outside the borders they want to take parts of the land of Israel.  Inside - a large part of the goyim living in Israel work together here.  Be warned, wake up!

Lebanon, Nasrallah and Hezbollah, they can do nothing. They eat each other and kill each other even with the rebels and Syria, also.

Egypt is in a bubble, living on each other, they do not make noise because they want the United States to give them a budget.  They are hungry and very soon there will be a huge explosion - Egypt will become like Syria.
The President of Turkey is afraid for his position; he is getting rid of police and lawyers.  He does not know that it was he who made a revolution for himself.  He panicked, threatening everyone and everyone will turn on him - Turkey will be like Syria.

Syria continues to be erased, nothing can be done.  Nobody knows anyone.  They are struggling to survive.

Iran: all their tricks and patents do not serve anything, since everything is bluntly revealed.  All will turn against them in a big way.

The Holy One, Blessed is He is full of irritation and anger.  He doubled and redoubled activity elements to hit the Earth and people everywhere, because they interfere and want to hurt the people of Israel.

Each country and state intervening and acting to destroy the State of Israel - the elements will destroy their country and their economy.  The Holy One, blessed is He does all this so they will leave Israel alone.

Eritrean and Sudanese infiltrators must urgently and legally be sent out of Israel, for they will breed and cannot be controlled.  T he Government of Israel will be an example for other nations how to behave with the infiltrators.  Israel is a small country; each shall return to his country -- the Jews have nowhere to go.

The Defense Army of Israel should be careful, do not blame anyone!

To all Rabbis in Israel, the Holy One, blessed is He commands: you must be as one hand, all communities and all types of people.  You must unite and join forces without exception!  It is your job and it is time to cancel the decrees on the people of Israel to ensure that nobody will disturb inside Israel.  Renounce your dignity towards each other.  With the Creator, there is no dignity, only humility - humility above all!

Moses was the most humble man on earth, only at the age of 77 he met the Holy One, Blessed is He. He didn’t need to study in Egypt or in the desert of Sinai.  Because of his humility he spoke with the Holy One, Blessed is He face to face!

The Holy One, Blessed is He protects the State of Israel, gives a booming economy and protects the soldiers of the Army of Defense of Israel.  "I would fight for you and you will be united and bound.  Pray, follow the ten Commandments and learn the Torah! "

Soldiers of the Army Defense – Israel: be alert and vigilant during your duties and the Creator will protect you – the Creator loves you!

Sages and scholars of the Torah – speak together with single voice with all your heart, for the unity of the people of Israel, to cancel the hard decree so that everything will be successful and the Master of the Universe will be happy!

When it comes time to name the King Messiah, everyone will be surprised and will not be able to hide his or her surprise; He will be celebrated in Israel and around the world.


  1. The van used in the Stark murder has been found. Ayin roeh v'ozen shumah v'chol...

  2. What is nir ben artzis policy regarding . Not to make a covenent with the 7 cananite nations. Nor let them live. And to remove them from the land?

    1. The question is not what is Rav Ben Artzi's policy, but what is Hashem's plan. All of scriptures tells us that when the Geula happens, all the Jews and the lost tribes of Israel will return to the land. Who are the lost tribes and where are they today? We will see when it happens -- TBD. All non-Jews including the Erev Rav will be gone from the land. All righteous non-Jews will live in peace in Chutz L'Aretz. Everything that is happening and will happen is from Hashem and it is all good.