Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Seeing the Good in Others

I wanted to put this video from on my blog with a special request.

In the past 20+ months I have posted close to 400 pages of information (about 90% of which was my original writing) in an effort to help the people of planet Earth see Hashem's truth.  My goal is to save the world by bringing all Jews and righteous non-Jews to the ways of Hashem.  Why?  Two things will occur if the good people of this planet start living the truth.  One is that each individual will discover that following Hashem's instructions is the true key; the only key to happiness and a tremendous future; and two, it will speed up the redemption and the introduction of the Moshiach to the world.  That will institute the world of truth and make this world as it was intended to be -- no war, no hatred, no hunger, no problems, no sickness and even no death.  It will be a world of happiness and love.  Sound good?

The request that I have is that everyone join me in this effort.  The close to four thousand comments and private Emails that I have received since March 2012 have been about 98 positive and have given me a good feeling of accomplishment -- people in the world accepting the absolute truth and, hopefully, doing something about it to improved their own situation.

Unfortunately, I have received negative comments showing a total lack of common sense.  Instead of helping me in my effort to save the world, they are very interested in diminishing my credibility.  In most cases they are disagreeing with something in scriptures, in other words, they are disagreeing with Hashem.  Why someone would be fighting me or, chas v’shalom, Hashem could only come down to a personal agenda.  I have suspected Jew hatred and I definitely don’t put up with that.  I know there are people on ego trips who want to prove to mostly themselves how great they are.  I feel sorry for that individual since Hashem knows exactly what they are doing and will correct or even punish accordingly.

I have stated the verse from Isaiah 55:8 several times on this blog: "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways – the Word of Hashem.”  We cannot look at anything written in scriptures, especially in English and declare “I know exactly what Hashem is telling us.”  I have also stated that Torah is by far the most difficult subject in the world.  It would be much easier to discuss Quantum Physics, Business Law, Brain Surgery, Differential Equations, etc, etc, etc.  Yet if I say to someone “let us talk about Relativity,” most people would answer “I have never studied that subject and know almost nothing about it.”  Yet, if I say let us talk about what Hashem is telling us in the Torah, most people would be ready to give their opinion – not based on scholarship, but on life’s experiences, misinformation and, of course, flawed human logic. 

We have an even more serious problem.  Most people research a scriptural concern by Goggling it.  The web consists of billions of opinions on just about every subject under the sun.  Many believe that “if it is on the web, it must be correct.”  How much trouble we get into with that philosophy.  I have said many times that we need to hit the books to see the truth and even then, we need to verify the source that we are reading since most of the time we don't understand what we are reading.  The only absolute truth in this world is something that comes from Hashem and is validated to be real.  I am saying that beware of interpretation since most of the time we can read something in scriptures and find some charlatan with a hidden agenda whose interpretation couldn’t be further from the truth (such as a non-Jew telling you what it means to a Jew).  I have stated that since I am a human being, no one should believe a thing that I say.  My hidden motive in making such a statement is to get people to hit the books and look up things for themselves (not using the web).  Why is this so important?  When you discover the truth yourself with accurate sources (Hashem’s words), it has a much greater and more lasting impact on your life.  It may be a sneaky way to accomplish my mission of saving the world, but it works; and someday, when we meet in person you can relay how wonderful it made your life.

I have another problem with an additional request.  I control the comments that come to this blog.  If someone is totally disrespectful to me or someone that I am quoting, such as Rav Ben Artzi, Moishela, one of the Facilitated Communications individuals, a Gadol, etc, then I can make sure that such Lashon Hara does not get to my readers.  But, I have had the misfortune of people with very little scholarship making comments on other blogs.  Unfortunately, the other blogs have printed the Lashon Hara.  That is a compound sin considering that if others read Lashon Hara and believe it, each victim is considered as sinning.  To sin in the eyes of Hashem is bad enough; to cause many others to sin is reprehensible.  Lashon Hara is highly punishable.  I can verify that in every case where a comment was made on another blog, the one who commented was lacking scholarship in the subject and was greatly misinformed.

My first request is that you use common sense before making a vicious accusation.  If you have a comment that you don’t agree with, send me a personal Email and ask a question – not arrogantly stating “You are wrong.”  As any Yeshivah student knows, the difficulties of life require extensive discussion not angry refutation.

My second request is that other bloggers control the comments that they put on their blogs.  Even if you suspect there may be some validity to the comment, use common sense as to how the comment may help or hurt your readers.  If you are not interested in helping me save the world but only in being the most popular blog, no matter who it may hurt, then you don’t understand what Hashem wants from you.  I have even been accused of plagiarizing the work of others.  If I have inadvertently done so, should hurting your readers by diminishing my credibility be the way Hashem would want you to handle the situation?  What is funny is that I have been plagiarized including subjects that I wrote about decades ago.  No one every has asked me for permission.  The fact is I don't want to be asked.  If my goal is to save the world, do I care who worded a particular subject, especially since the information should have originated with Hashem (that makes it public domain).  Use common sense -- who are you helping and who are you hurting?

My biggest request is that everyone joins me in saving the world.  I have said that Judaism is not a spectator sport but a team effort that everyone must do his or her part.  Pass information, not Lashon Hara, on to others.  Each one of us is judged by Hashem, measure for measure, for our participation in this life.  How much we do for ourselves is important; but, how much we help others is vital to the success of everyone.  It seems sad to me that I am more concerned about the welfare of the individuals that read my posts than they are for themselves.  Of course, that is what the Torah teaches me.

Most of my posts are information that I have known for decades.  Even though I have spent thousands of hours over the past 20+ months researching before I present a topic to you, it is in most cases verifying what I already have learned years before.  I take pride in providing accurate information and I have been vindicated by most of the comments I received.

I have been working behind the scenes on projects to enhance my mission of saving the world.  I will not discuss it here (it is too early); but suffice it to say that the many hours that I have spent working with individuals and even groups, have been very rewarding.  I am not talking financially since I have spent a great deal of my own money in helping individuals.  I only want you to know that I take my mission very, very seriously.  Please help.  Ask questions, tell me what bothers you and above all let me know of your successes in coming closer to Hashem.  That is the best feeling and greatest reward that I can get.  Don't send money -- I don't need it.

One additional note:  I have been asked several times why I went through a period of several months without any original posts.  It happened after some not so favorable things were said about me on other blogs.  I was greatly concerned that if I, even indirectly, caused Lashon Hara, to occur, it left me with a horrible feeling.  The very thought that I may have caused problems for the very people that I wish to help, left me in anguish.   I did considerable Teshuvah especially during the days of awe.  I have asked Hashem for advice and I fully hope that the passage of time and the requests made above will curtail any further problem.

Thank you for listening to me – it is a way to further do Teshuvah and to ask for forgiveness from anyone that may have been affected by what happened.

I thought of another request for every blogger who cares and wants to join me in helping to save the world. When you see a new message from Rav Nir Ben Artzi or Moishela, copy the message and put it on your blog as well. These important messages need to be read by as many people as possible. They are coming from Hashem and there is no better source of help that we have right now than His servants on Earth. You need not mention my blog; just make sure as many of your readers get the information.

I am not writing this blog to be the most popular blog on the web.  I am not into sensationalism as many blogs are.  My one goal is that the people of this world should be in awe of their Creator and know how much He loves us and wants the best of everything for us.

We have troubled times ahead.  Why?  Since we do not follow Hashem's ways as we should, Hashem has set the world on a course that will ensure that we do His will.  There are no atheists in foxholes and all who are not doing as they should, will soon be in foxholes.  What a gift we have in life to have a Father in Heaven Who wants the best for us and is changing the world to give us everything.  His system is not to treat us as robots and just hand us everything on a silver platter, but to give us an opportunity to do for ourselves and earn His goodness.

If we were offered a tremendous job on earth that pays an extremely high wage and had the best of all benefits, we would go out of our way to achieve such a position.  We would get the education we needed, put in the hours needed to be worthy of such a position.  Yet, we are being offered a position that is guaranteed for eternity with benefits beyond our comprehension.  Why are we asleep and not applying for the position?  We have preconceived notions as to what it is all about.  We been indoctrinated by flawed human logic and are blinded to the absolute truth.

Please, please, please turn to Hashem -- learn His ways and live it as though your life depends upon it.  IT DOES!!!!!!!!

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