Thursday, December 19, 2013

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parachat Chemot Tsha "d


The King of kings, the Holy One, chose the people of Israel, gave them the Torah. They said "we will do and hear." They are called Jews. Jews have a soul that is part of the Almighty - only to Jews. Jews who are holy and pure, must fight against all impurity, evil and hatred in the world. The Creator helps with the forces of nature, destroying and ruining anytime and anywhere in the world, with the exception of Israel, to purify every place worldwide. Not only will it not stop, but will increase and increase until everyone sees the power of the Creator, when the world will be clean. It will be clean! Jews in the holy land of Israel and Jews outside of Israel, keep your Judaism, holiness and purity, because if you do not follow the laws that was given by the Holy One, in front of all the goyim of the world, you will not exist.

The Government of Israel should not give up an inch of the Holy Land of Israel! Israeli government, stop worrying. Start to worry about keeping the land of Israel! Knesset members, stop being afraid of losing your seats in the Knesset. Listen to no country in the world, they don't know Hamas, Iranians and Palestinians. You must have fear and suspect most Arabs in the country, more than Arabs living abroad.

The role of the Jews is not to assimilate with goyim. Keep the daughters of Israel united, do the will of the Creator, do not assimilate! Purify and sanctify the world - it is your job!

Soldiers of the Defense Army of Israel do not get a ride, the danger is growing, they want to kidnap soldiers to negotiate the release of prisoners, and the world's most dangerous!

The Israel Defense Force must continue to be attentive to the borders of Israel, from Eilat and around the whole country, they want to surprise us each time in a different place, do not think only in plateau of Golan and the Lebanese border, the surprise could come from Jordan, and the Sinai border into Israel.

Iran mocks the United States; it is hand in hand with Russia. Russia informs Iran what to decide in the agreements with the United States, as if there were peace. Iranians continue with their nuclear ammunition and bunkers. Iran is like a sleeping fox making plans so that nobody disturbs it.

Syria will continue to be deleted. The Creator does His job to protect the people of Israel and urges the Syrians to fight each other. There are thousands of refugees from Syria, Jordan and Turkey and many Hamas in the world, waiting to receive a Palestinian state with Hamas.

Hamas seeks to take parts of the land of Israel, so the members of the Knesset and the government need to wake up! Stop cooperating with Hamas and the United States who aim to take parts of the land of Israel. The Creator informs us that there will never be peace with them! The more the Israeli government is stubborn, tenacious and strong to preserve its land, the more the goyim around will drop their plans to take parts of the land of Israel. True peace cannot occur by giving up parts of the land of Israel.

Jordan expects the United States to be their messenger. Jordan is happy and thinks the US will do all the work – may it not happen!

Lebanon, Hezbollah and Nasrallah are underground, buried, they cannot raise their heads.

Throughout the Gaza Strip, Hamas has made all tunnels. The Holy One washed, knocked and broke all tunnels - it’s happy news!

In Egypt they are fighting each other silently, but the war is strong between Hamas, Egypt and Hamas in the Sinai. Famine is endemic in Egypt, and will be aired in the world.

Since you were united during the storm, rain and snow, no Jew was hurt, this is what the Holy One wants, to protect the state of Israel as a single unit, with love. No one will dare give an inch of the land of Israel!

Jews outside of Israel and Jews in Israel: another request from the Almighty:  stand up scoffers, the day will come when you will be first in line to believe in the Creator of the Universe. It is desirable that the Jews living outside of Israel come to Israel soon. There is no regulation, no solution, anti-Semitism is increasing in frightening dimensions and you cannot stop the madness and hatred and anti-Semitism to attack the Jews; it is out of control.

Jews are a minority in the world and the Land of Israel is the most beautiful diamond in the center of the world. Do not wait until it gets better, instead it will get worse and worse day after day. Even travelers are at risk, do not take risks, and do not say "it will not happen to me."

Rains, floods, fire, sulfur, ash and earthquakes will continue around the world. In Israel - showers of blessing. The rains last week - were showers of blessing. The Holy One shows to the people of Israel that there can be unity between the religious and secular! This is a small example to prove to all the Jews that nothing is impossible for the Creator - everything is possible.

Jews, all the troubles on the road Friday and Saturday were due to the curiosity of people who did not stay home, the rains were showers of blessing of peace and serenity. How happy was the Creator Friday and Saturday, when he saw the people of Israel as a single unit, helping each other.

There was the protection and preservation of all the Jews in Israel, the rain cleared and cleaned all diseases and uncleanness of every Jew in Israel. Weather forecasters saw what was going to be over time around the world, but not in Israel. Surprise! The Creator has changed the wind, clouds and storm pattern. A small seed surprised forecasters, the government of Israel, all employees and all Jewish people, a surprise gift anyone could not have predicted and could not have believed was going to happen. Do not blame the forecasters, the power company, police, the army, nor anyone – the Holy One Who provides and made that benefit the Jews, all of this so that they begin to believe that it is time to crown the King Messiah!

All this so that they begin to believe that it is time to crown the King Messiah!

It was a part of the work of the Messiah son of King David, who is in the Holy Land of Israel and was born in the Holy Land of Israel. Soon the whole world and all the Jews, because of the stress and anxiety years, the world will cry out to the Creator "crown the King Messiah now!"


  1. Dear Absolute
    I really love your blog - it is not always easy to read and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by it. But I know what you are trying to do and may Hashem give you the strength to continue to help others.
    I have a question for you and I hope you can help. Theoretically if a woman lived with a husband who has slowly and steadily through the years become less and less religious to the point where he is almost completely unaffiliated and is now hostile to the idea of Hashem, avodah and any religious related ideas. Also said woman has a large family and his attitude is now beginning to affect the children - including the eldest son who is so in love with Hashem and yiddeshkeit and learning. But now is becoming jaded bitter and distanced. Maybe the woman feels that everytime she pushes for her voice to be heard religiously in the family it makes a big war and negatively affects the children. So she has learned to be quiet and give way for the sake of peace. But her family is growing further and further from yiddeshkeit and she feels helpless to stop it. What would you advise that woman?

    I tried to send you an email but I couldn't figure it out - it wouldnt allow me to send.
    Shabbat Shalom

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I'm sure that you can appreciate the idea of trying to make life, which is extremely complicated, and Torah, which is extremely complicated, as simple as possible. It is a monumental task. Trying to bring incomprehensible concepts to a layman's level, especially when I would prefer to say certain things in Hebrew rather than English, is why a post can take me five to ten hours to write (my record was 14 hours to research and write a post that I was already familiar with).

      So far as a family that is headed in the wrong direction, the best that I can offer is that they need individual attention. A well trained Rabbi who knows the family and their situation is the most ideal. To give general advice to people I don't know and who obviously need individual attention could be counter-productive since I am not there to handle immediate concerns (specific questions on very specific topics). The other problem is the web. People can find any wrong answer they want and justify improper behavior. It is hard to compete with someone who comes across as an expert and gives very detrimental advice. If there is no Rabbi or Rebbitzen in the area to help and the family is available on Skype, I would be happy to talk to them.

      The problem is as time goes by, they are less willing to learn the truth about this world. When people are influenced by the secular nonsense around them it becomes difficult to go back.

      The good news is the only One Who really does Kiruv in this world is Hashem. If you pray for the family and turn completely to Hashem for help -- problem solved. We are close enough to the end of time as we know it and Hashem is sorting out exactly what will happen to bring all Jews to His will. The world is getting scarier and scarier every day and each person will start to catch on, measure for measure, as to why things are going well or getting disastrous. Each individual, Jew and non-Jew will realize the events that are happening to each of us is completely according to what we need to reach Tekun. I know many families with troubles that are starting to realize how Hashem is sending them messages and instructions on how to proceed in these troubled times. If not today, tomorrow it will happen and everyone on this planet will catch on. The evil ones will not make it. The good people who are uneducated will have a rude awakening and start to catch on. The totally righteous who are following Hashem's ways will not see problems and will thrive through the rough times ahead. Everything is measure for measure and if it isn't obvious now to an individual, it will be in the near future. Think positively -- the future looks bright.

  2. I had some additional thoughts over Shabbos. My Email is:
    I have further questions that may lead to additional help for this family.