Monday, December 2, 2013

He is Hiding Behind Nature

Why is it that we cannot experience Hashem outright?  He is hiding behind this concept of nature that He created, but for what purpose?

As I have stated many times, we are here on Earth to improve ourselves spiritually and to make adequate correction that will bring us to an eternity of joy with Hashem.  We accomplish this task by voluntarily and willingly serving Hashem and doing all that He asks of us.  If we didn't have the free will decision capability, we would not accomplish our mission.  Hashem did not create us as robots to just automatically do everything without a thought process.  We say everyday that Hashem created us in His image.  This is not referring to a physical image; but, that we have personality traits that emulate Hashem and allow us to do His will.  This also means that we are capable of deciding and carrying out, of our own free will, His commandments or not doing them.  Without the ability to decide, the rectification to our souls would not occur.  If we were aware of Hashem’s presence, the system would not give us free reign to do our thing – right or wrong.  So He hides and even makes everything look random just to help us.
The question is: Will Hashem continue to hide; or, when the redemption comes and the testing is over, will we experience Him as we did at Mount Sinai?  It is not well known that it wasn’t Moses alone that experienced Hashem, but the entire congregation of close to 3 million as well.  Why am I saying experienced Him instead of “heard Him?”  It is brought down that our five senses completely melded together to give us a complete experience.  The fact that “We heard the light and we saw the sound” lets us know it was a miraculous experience that is indescribable.  It was so scary that the Children of Israel cried out to Moses after Hashem disclosed only two commandments “we are afraid; you continue to tell us the commandments.”

What will actually happen in the future when Hashem is no longer hidden?  We get some insight from the Torah – the story of Joseph and his brothers.  I am not going to retell all the details (if you don't know the story, you now have your first homework assignment – look it up).  The important facts are that Joseph’s ten brothers (Benjamin not included), out of jealousy, threw him into the pit then sold him into slavery.  Joseph, who was 17 years old, was taken down to Egypt where, through a series of events, he wound up as second in command to Pharaoh (that Yiddishe sechal – if you don’t understand this statement, get back to your homework assignment).  He saved Egypt and the rest of the world through his plan to horde food from a period of 7 productive years to feed everyone during the 7 years of famine that followed.  His own brothers came down to Egypt to take advantage of the available food at which time Joseph put them to the test.  They were not aware that this VIP of Egypt, now 39 years of age, was their brother.  They had not seen him in 22 years, but Joseph recognized them.  His biggest concern was to find out if they had repented the sin of what they did to him.  When he realized the pain that his brothers were experiencing over their misdeeds, Joseph in a very emotional state disclosed to his brothers “I am Joseph your brother” (this week’s parsha, Vayigash).  We are told that at that point his brothers miraculously were given total insight as to what had transpired during the 22 years of separation and that Hashem was the One who had caused it.  The brothers were comforted to know that it had to happen that way to accomplish the will of Hashem (it was the forerunner to Hashem forming His chosen nation).

Beautiful story, but why am I bringing it up here?  The Chofetz Chaim tells us that this story is prophecy (actually everything in the Torah is prophecy) of how in the end of days Hashem will say the words again “I am Hashem, your G-d” (as Joseph said: "I am Joseph")  At that time all of history miraculously will become clear to us (as the 22 years became totally clear to Joseph's brothers).  We will fully understand why everything happened the way it did according to Hashem’s will.  I snuck in the word “again” when I said that we will hear Him.  What did I mean by that?  This is the second redemption with the first one being at the time we were taken out of Egypt and brought to Mount Sinai.  This time will be a permanent redemption; after which Hashem will no longer be allusive to us.  We will be totally aware of His presence and all the pleasant changes that the end will bring.  We will no longer have an evil inclination since we will no longer need free will.  No more testing means no more temptation.  In other words, everyone will only want to serve Hashem with joy and love.  There is no decision to make when you have only one very pleasant choice.  There will be no more war, hatred, sickness or death.  At some future time, known only to Hashem, we will experience the resurrection of the dead, all our departed loved ones will return (there are some exceptions that will not, but that’s another story).  The overall timeline as to what is coming up, and when, is very involved, but hopefully will be covered in a future blog post.

I have given you even more reason to work on yourself before it is too late.  Take this seriously – the advantages to you and your loved ones of voluntarily following Hashem’s ways now and not waiting until Hashem decides for you are monumental.

There are two types of Jews – observant Torah Jews and those that are not observant yet.  All Jews will follow the ways of Hashem in the future but the ones who start before the choice is removed will have it the best for all eternity.

I bring this post up at this time since, I believe, we are closer than we think to the time of Hashem not being hidden.  What is my hint?  All the events that are to happen in the world before the redemption and introduction of Moshiach, according to scriptures, have happened (past tense) or are happening (present tense).  Also, all the messages that we are getting (and are coming true) from Rav Ben Artzi, Rav Fish, the Gedolim of today, the messages from those involved with Facilitated Communications are not to be ignored.

Extra note: I have been reading the FC messages for 16 years; and, they have passed the test of Prophecy described in Parshat Shoftim (Devorim 18:15-22) and the prophecy in Bava Basra, 12 that tells us that these individuals will provide prophetic messages in the end.  Don’t ignore all the very profound messages that Hashem is sending us these days – it is our future at stake.


  1. pardon me my ignorance, but what is FC messages ?

    1. FC is facilitated communication which is the method used to converse with individuals that are not physically capable of communicating. Examples are Ben Golden, Daniel, Moishela, Galia, Menachem, etc. Since they are able to relay information that they could not have known, we know they are giving us messages from Hashem. Read the book "Secrets of the Soul" or "Galia" for a very good review of many FC individuals (autistics, severally retarded, people in comas, even babies who have not developed communications skills but have a soul that is totally in touch with Shamayim. Also, Google Facilitated Communication for more detail.

  2. thank you for this explanation. We don't have so many options right now to get some relevant information. Known tzadikim can't and won't talk about what is happening right now, Only these children are talking with those so called FC messages.
    Why ? Is it to get some zekhrut ?

    1. Everything is from Hashem. His plan is perfect. We have been saying in Hallel all Chanukah "Whatever He desires, He does." We only need to know that Hashem does everything for us. Who He gives messages to and what they are told to say is all according to His plan. Ben Golden once said, when asked a particular question: "I can only say what I am instructed to say." In other words Ben does not have all the answers, only what Hashem wants him to tell us. I guarantee that Hashem's plan will help us all reach Tekun and transition into the time of Geula. The problem is that many of us are stubborn and think we know better. We are a stiff necked people; but, the end will be happy (especially for those who follow Hashem's ways, now).