Monday, December 16, 2013


I received an excellent comment that required embellishment on my part.  First the comment, which was from Anonymous in answer to a comment made by another Anonymous (it seems to be a popular name), then my embellishment:

Was quite dismayed to read the post from anonymous about his friend who considers himself modern orthodox and yet has the foolish, foolish notion that there will be other religions after Moshiach comes. Of course, that is absurd and almost blasphemous. Judaism is not a religion, there is no such word in the Torah because it is the 'Eternal Truth'. When Moshiach comes and those of the nations that remain will all know that there is ONLY Hashem and no other, Ein Od Milvado; for the knowledge of Hashem will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea beds.

My comment:

Absolutely!!!!  Religion is a belief system made up by people.  There are approximately 4200 religions in the world, but only one system that came from the Creator; therefore, it is not a religion.

Decades ago when I became a Torah Jew, people said to me "it looks like you discovered a new way of life."  I used to answer: "No, I discovered life itself."  When you start living the truth, the reality as it was created for the people of this Earth, you are not in a belief system but a system of knowledge.  I don't believe in Hashem -- I know He exists.  I don't believe that Judaism is life -- I know it is and I have infinite proof to justify my knowledge.

The big difference between now and the time of Moshiach is that now we live in a physical, fantasy world of falsehood.  The upside-down world described in the Talmud (Pesachim 50) is our daily existence.  The time of Moshiach will be a time of truth, a spiritual existence and therefore all made up religions in the world will no longer exist.  When the good, righteous people of the world (and that is all that will remain) do not believe but KNOW of the One Living G-d, everyone will KNOW and LIVE the Absolute Truth.  They will not have to be taught such feelings – it will be as natural as our fantasy world is to us today.  Hashem will no longer be hidden and everyone will know beyond a shadow of a doubt: “Ein Od Milvado!!!!!!! – There is only Hashem.”  (See my post of 2 December 2013 entitled "He is Hidden Behind Nature")

Those who develop the feeling now and start living the absolute truth even before Moshiach is announced, will be the happiest people of all.  Jews and righteous non-Jews who abandon the fantasy world of today, the total nonsense that is happening in the world (it is obvious to see), will experience the total happiness and peace of mind NOW and will not have to wait for the time that Moshiach will lead the world (actually Hashem leads everything, Moshiach will just be His servant on Earth).  You and your loved ones can have “The world of truth – the world of total happiness, now.”  Why wait? 

You will find out soon how sound this advice is, and how Hashem will change your life to total goodness and happiness.  Just follow His instructions and it is yours – guaranteed (in writing). 

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