Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Va'eira Tsha"d

 The Master of the Universe has turned the world into a state of chaos, shaking the world from its klipots (evil), before they take over, G-d forbid, the entire world. Thus there are conflicts, demonstrations and they are killing each other in most countries - evil destroys itself, all want control. They will continue to eat each other; they will continue to experience floods and earthquakes, heat and fire, violent storms. Everywhere and anywhere the Holy One gives them what they deserve. The storm as we had Israel will not happen again this year, there will be normal winter rains.

Iran mocks the entire world; she knows that Israel will not attack because the United  States put pressure upon her.  Russia is connected with Iran and leads it, and the United States made ​​peace with Iran, so Iran laughs and mocks the world and continues to produce nuclear bombs. The Holy One will not give it much  time; HE will turn it  into fire, sulfur and charcoal - Sodom and Gomorrah will be there.

Palestinians and Hamas are united and consolidated, laughing at Israel. These peace talks are false because they want to take the holy land. The United States are interested only in controlling the Middle East.

These blows, to want to take parts of the Land of Israel - Three people of Israel are responsible. The Holy One requests, do not give up any part of Israel!

Egypt a giant famine began to bite deeply. They are quiet since United States has promised a budget, but they eat each other quietly on a silent war.

Jordan is waiting for peace talks. The United States has assured that all refugees will go into the new land made, G-d forbid, from the Holy Land.

Hamas is armed and laughing at all; they pretend to cry and make ​​a big mess.

Syria is removed and will be removed, nothing can stop it - it's over for good.

Lebanon, Hamas fired at the soldiers of the Defense Army of Israel on the Lebanese border, not Hezbollah, Nasrallah nor Lebanese soldiers. Hamas wants to aggravate the situation and sow discord between Israel and Hezbollah Nasrallah.

Sudanese and Eritrean The Creator shows what they can do in Israel. Quickly remove them legally from Israel before any peace talks in the world! Sudanese and Eritreans have their own state. Jews in Israel have nowhere to go, the goyim of Israel have other places to go. Do not spoil the beautiful soul; do not renounce the honor of Israel and the nation of Israel! The Jews are the chosen people in the world!

The Creator made the ten plagues on Egypt because the people of Israel are stubborn and do not believe. It was not on account of the Egyptians that the Creator sent the plagues. It is not for nothing that Parashat speaks of enslavement of the people of Israel in Egypt. Israel needs to  wake up so they  will  not suffer like our ancestors!

Government of Israel should not get complacent. Complacency is bad for the Jews in Israel. Jews living outside of Israel must come to Israel, there is no time! Their power is the Holy Land of Israel, they are strong here in Israel. Outside of Israel is great anti-Semitism.

Soldiers of the Defense Army of Israel be vigilant and alert. Israel Defense Forces do not count on any country, if we do not keep and defend the State of Israel - no country in the world will do it for us.

The Almighty asks the Israeli government, to be united and consolidated -- the left and right to be united in solidarity and work as one heart to help the people of Israel develop and grow.

Mothers, Jewish parents, keep your girls! Because of permissiveness and pocket money, they fall into the hands of goyim who seek to destroy the daughters of Israel.

The Holy One has time, all the time. He is acting and striking when the time is appropriate! The salvation exists!

Real estate in Israel continues to grow and will be built -- hundreds of thousands of homes, no one can stop this divine process. In Israel there is sustenance for everyone, you just need to want to work.

All those who are corrupt, who steal, cheat, commit acts of immorality and evil, if they do not  do complete repentance, they will be discovered naked, from smallest to largest, left and right.

The Messiah acts and nobody can stop Him. Buffoons and clowns will soon be in deep sadness. Anyone who mocks and laughs at the redemption and the Messiah has to deal with the Master of the Universe! All creation, from the beginning of the world until now – this is redemption and the Messiah! This generation has won because it is close to the Coronation of King Messiah! None can say he was not warned!


  1. I am getting overwhelmed by the many scary events that are taking place on an almost daily basis. We need Moshiach! Ad mosai already?

    1. Actually we should all be excited by what is happening in the world. Everything that is supposed to happen according to the Tenach, Talmud, Zohar, Midrash, commentary, etc, has already happened (past tense) or is happening. The world events are messages from Hashem that we are truly in the end of the end of days. The messages from Moishela, Rav Ben Artzi and many others are reassuring that the announcement of Moshiach is closer than we think. Just realize that the closer to Hashem one is, the less stressful is the end. The happy ending is approaching, especially for those who follow His ways, in other words it is much less overwhelming for those who have complete faith and trust in Hashem.

  2. My question is when will we be redeemed? The shibud is so hard.

    1. If you are looking for the exact date, so am I. That is the most Top Secret bit of information in the world. I once heard that if a Mekubal, who happens to be one of the 36 Tzadikim Nistarim and knows the date, discloses the date, Hashem will change it.

      An interesting verse in last week's parasha mentions that the beginning of the plagues was beginning of the redemption. One would think that it would begin when we left Egypt, but it seems there is a redemption process that occurs before the time we can actually say "we have been redeemed." Why am I mentioning this? I believe we are in the redemption process now. Even though the plagues took a year before we finally left, much happened in that year to make us feel redeemed. We were no longer in bondage for about 6 months prior to leaving. We experienced the Hand of Hashem during the entire year before leaving. Our leader Moshe Rabbeinu was there to reassure us that Hashem was helping us and would take us out of Egypt to make us a nation and bring us to our land. We are told that the events of the present redemption process will be more miraculous than the first redemption. I believe we are already involved in a miraculous adventure that will culminate in the total redemption. I believe Moshiach will be announced soon to take us through the redemption process that will result in all the benefits that redemption will give including all the Jews and the lost tribes returning to Israel. We are almost there. When will it be completed? I don't know. When will it start? It already has. B"H

  3. Moshe Rabbeinu said pakod pakadity. That was the sign. We haven't heard any such statements by anyone lately, have we?

    1. What we will hear and when we will hear it is strictly Ratzon Hashem. Will that be the sign for the second Geula; or, will we be told, perhaps by Eliyahu Hanavi, what we should look forward to see and hear as proof? When will it happen? Hopefully, be very soon. What will happen? Stay tuned for further messages.