Thursday, December 12, 2013

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parashat “Vayichieh” Tsha”d

The Master of the Universe continues and will continue to hit every corner of the earth, using the natural elements except in the Holy Land of Israel, which is protected and preserved forever!

The Creator expects the Jews living outside of Israel to wake up and immigrate to Israel and the Jews who live in Israel, left and right, religious or non-religious - to join forces to unite, to help and love each other!

The Creator protects and secures Israel, doing the work of the Defense Army of Israel and the Israeli government, providing a great income, bringing life and happiness to the people of Israel and the Holy Land of Israel - and expects compensation! The compensation expected by the Creator is free love, the union of the left and right, religious and non-religious to be all united as the fingers of one hand, all are equal before the Creator! Everyone does his work; each one needs the other and must help!

We have no one to rely on - only our Heavenly Father and on ourselves. Do not think and do not rely on any country in the world! A very close day, the whole world, not only the Jews in Israel will start to call, yell and scream, and request that the King Messiah put order in the world!

Jacob our father and his sons lowered themselves before Pharaoh, they did not trust God, they said to Pharaoh, we are your slaves, and lived in slavery under the yoke of Egypt for 210 years. They could have stayed much less time in Egypt and not be slaves. Therefore, the Government of Israel, the holy land of Israel, all Jews in Israel and the Israel Defense Forces: Do not demean yourselves to the Goyim. They are slaves and we are angels!

The elements of nature: fire, sulfur and ash, winds, storms and floods, earthquakes, heat and cold, will hit the world. Winter in Israel will be blessed; and, the goyim surrounding will have a cursed winter.

The United-States of America has no feelings for the people of Israel. They have no power to deal with the mediation between the Palestinians and Israel and have no more knowledge. They do not know the Goyim, and neither the Palestinians nor the Iranians, who are not sincere at all, everything is a show. They want to show the world that they are here. They do not care to tell to the Israelis 1 and to the Palestinians 2; all their interest is to do something that will give them the necessary support and control in the Middle East. Only Russia and Korea are the concern of the United States.

Syria will be erased; they will never have any agreement. The bomb exploded at the Syrian border is the Hamas responsibility, they want to heat Israel's border with Syria.

How can you do this false peace with the Arabs who put flags of Palestine against Israel? They want to take the State of Israel and there is no desire for peace! They are dangerous, you have been warned!

The Government of Egypt wants to be skilful so to be safe - there will be no peace. Each has its distractions and there will be no peace in all countries around Israel. Egypt will be messy, wars will not stop.

Iran is walking a very fine line. They act as if they made ​​peace with the United States as they fear a revolution in Iran because of the economy, as in Syria. They are liars, they say the economy is good but it is a lie - the economy of Iran is the worst in the world. There, everything is complicated; and, they fear a revolution like in Syria.

Government of Israel, State of Israel, don’t let anyone make fun of you! Do not believe the Palestinians or the Iranians. Believe only the Creator! Only count on yourself and on the Jews in Israel! If not, you'll have a great disappointment and this cannot be reversed. If the Israeli government does what the United States wants, this will be a mess, just a big mess, with all the Arabs around us!

Among goyim rain is a curse, it gives them the mud, dirt, landslides and accidents. Let them take care of themselves and leave in peace the Jews who live in Israel. In the Holy Israel rain is falling at the time needed and in joy cleanses and purifies the Jewish people and the Holy Land by the will of the Holy One - Blessed be He!

Jordan is quiet and calm, waiting for calls from Americans, Israelis and Palestinians – all will be the opposite.

Refugees in Turkey and Jordan would never leave! They think that when, G-d forbid, a Palestinian state will be created, they will rid themselves of all their refugees - they can dream! Refugees will remain in Turkey and Jordan!

Jews need to know that they are a small group of chosen people; yet, they have the power equivalent to the whole world!

Floods will continue, as will complications and conflicts around the world; and, Israel is protected and preserved! Hashem embraces and protects it! Again and again: there is free will - we can be independent and nobody will rule us! The Creator wants the people of Israel strong and to protect all land of Israel. Do not succumb to any country in the world.

Every person and every Jew is in the wrong direction, twisted and illegal, corruption, cheating, fraud, lewdness and abominations – will be reveled naked to the world. But, the Jew who will do complete repentance, the Creator would not reveal them to the world.

This Friday is the fast of Tevet, which is not accidental. They could have said: "We work hard, but fasting on Friday is short and swift. The Creator wants all Jews, regardless of religious or non-religious, left or right, to fast on Friday to cancel the difficult decree of Palestinians and Iran that some Jews themselves brought to the State of Israel!

The Messiah son of King David performs ​​holy work! Protects the people of Israel and does all to ensure that it will be salvation with compassion! The people of Israel and the Jews should cry to the Creator to crown him King Messiah! Don't concern yourself with who he is – just cry to the Creator to crown him!


  1. Can anyone tell us what R. NirBenArtzi said before, and during and after the great loss of Maran Ovadia Yosef z"l? There has hardly been any translators since before the High Holidays. Alot was happening around then. Then Maran's passing - surely he must have said something?!!??

    1. Succos was the last message that was translated and put on the web. Last month I made contact with an individual who works with Rav Ben Artzi, who agreed to send me the Rav's weekly message for this blog. From Succos to 20 November (when I started posting the weekly message) the Rav's messages were not available. I asked my contact to send me all the missed messages, but to date I have not received them. If the Rav had mentioned the passing of Rav Ovadia zt"l, I will only know if I can get the missing messages. I will try again, B"N, since I too am curious.