Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parachat Vayigash Tsha "d


The Creator continues attacks against earth and shakes it, using natural elements to cleanse the world so they will follow the Ten Commandments. The Creator begins with Israel, purifies, cleanses, strengthens, connects and unifies the Jews in Israel, left and right, religious and secular. When all are all joined with one heart, united and loving one another - the State of Israel will be the most powerful force in the world, a power like the entire world! No nation in the world will be able to open his mouth against Israel! Let us hope they love and renounce one to another - it would be an infinite blessing!

The people of Israel are confused; they must be stable and not be afraid of any country in the world. Do not play the "beautiful soul", not because someone has made a beautiful flower to a withered flower. Do not trust the goyim because most Arabs in Israel are with the Palestinians and their brothers in the Arab countries. The Saint - Blessed showed their true colors! Suddenly, there were demonstrations throughout the country against Israel. The Holy Blessed made great miracles during Hanukkah, this also is a kind of miracle, to show to all members of the Knesset and the Jews in Israel, this difficult situation and they must be very, very careful! Now you are warned! The Creator has revealed to Israel, you cannot rely on the Arab peace process with the Palestinians.

The Saint - Blessed made ​​this miracle for Hanukkah, serious events so Israeli government will realize that it should not trust the Palestinian and to those around us. Dear Jews, do not be silly! Do not rush! Keep the flame and the chosen people - the Jewish people! Think about the future of the state and the future of our children and don't be enthusiastic to make peace with the Palestinians, it is not a true peace! Do not be the "beautiful soul” to be proclaimed, it is not your private business!

All nations of the world and certainly everyone want the good of Palestinians and Arabs within the State of Israel Jews! Understand, this is our home, we have no other place! The goyim have where to go; they can live in the world. Most goyim in Israel are the first who want to eliminate the Jews from their homeland. They should be treated harshly, using the law and do not let them do what they want. You cannot let them raise their heads!

Their aim to lower the Israeli flag and raise theirs – the Mossad, Shin Bet and IDF must be vigilant and check every Arab village and city, they have ammunition and weapons too, not only in the Gaza Strip. There are plenty of weapons and ammunition in shelters under their homes for the day when they will decide to work with the Palestinians against Israel – and they will. Under them and around the plants should be checked. Any Palestinian who entered Israel illegally is plotting against the Jews.

The Army of Defense of Israel must be vigilant as well as within the borders of Israel; most Arabs in Israel cooperate with the Palestinians and Hamas and help them to enter Israel any way possible.

All mothers keep your girls from the age of ten years! Explain the meaning of being Jewish and a daughter of Israel! Put upon them limits so they will not assimilate with the goyim, stop saying that we are modern!

Earthquakes and natural disasters, fires, blaze, sulfur and heat, storms, winds and flooding disasters in airplanes, ships and trains will continue. Each day will be revealed three new animals that the human eye had ever seen on the planet, in the sea, on land and in the air.

All states and countries that disrupt the people of Israel will merge with themselves and fall economically, politically and socially.

Anti-Semitism will grow and grow, injure and injure, expel and expel Jews who are outside of Israel! All will immigrate to Israel whether they like it or not; there is now the power of heaven! The blows to the Jews in the world now, that began as a game, grows so scary for seriously injuring the Jews. Now it is no longer a game, it is force! The law is with them. Jews living outside of Israel must understand: no law or judges, only in the Holy Land of Israel, their house they will be protected forever! The Creator is angry, very angry, because the Jews of the Diaspora do not want to leave the material, lust, greed and abominations. They forgot the King of Kings, the Holy One – Blessed be He! The Saint - Blessed has not forgotten them!

Good news for the people of Israel there will be rain in due season, winter will be beautiful with a great blessing of rain on Israel! Prayers and songs to the Creator - have brought down the blessing on the people of Israel!

Syrians continue to eat one the other. They have huge amounts of ammunition and they make tunnels in Syria just as they do face to Israel in order to maintain the cruel chemical munitions. Syria mocks the United  States and the world.

Jordan Jordan's King trusts the United States and Israel to protect him from Hamas. He waits for a Palestinian country, G-d forbid. He waits like a good boy and happy to be protected. He does not know that Hamas will eat him alive and before all.

Iran's economy is under the floor, everything collapses. Externally, they show that all goes well, to calm the people. The Master of the Universe continues to warn the Iranians: If you do not repent, Iran will become rubble and coal, there will be a revolution like the Tower of Babel! Remember dear Jews and dear readers, keep this phrase!

Hezbollah, Nasrallah – is with no tail, he waits barks and does not bite. There is no one to help him; his assistants are busy with themselves.

Turkey is like Jordan, with Syrian refugees, they do not know what to do. The Prime Minister of Turkey is acting like he supports the Arab but in his heart he does not agree with them. Refugees are animals, they have a lot of violence and crime, and they will eat alive the countries of Turkey and Jordan.

Egypt thought it had peace, but Hamas quietly made the revolution. It has competitors and they will kill one another. Egypt closed the crossings for not giving them the opportunity to make a revolution, but there will be a revolution; most Egyptians are not educated and are only interested in money, food and bad deeds. Jews do not worry; there will be a revolution in Egypt.

Hanukkah is a good holiday for the Jews! The Creator made ​​signs and wonders in Israel! He did a great miracle for them to know who the good Arabs are living in Israel or not. It is a great miracle that the Holy - Blessed was in the land of Israel, to discover the Arabs are against Israel!

A Jew lighting the Chanukah candles is a great miracle! Before the Jews had no home and today they have nation of Israel!

In the Holy Land of Israel, the Jews must keep the Ten Commandments. All thieves, corrupters, corrupts, those who are all bad things in Israel, all who do wrong and vile and obscene acts and things against the Creator, all will be revealed one by one, from the smallest to the largest, religious or not. The Creator will not let any Jew go. If they stop immediately and do Teshuvah they will not be revealed.

This is a personal promise of the Creator for all Jews, a special kind of promise that exists only for Yom Kippur!

The Messiah is alive and forever and ever! He is in the holy land of Israel, he was born in the holy land of Israel, and is working to save the Holy Land of Israel! This is the truth, and the Jews must ask for his coronation to the Creator of the world! On land, the person determines who is elected. But only the Creator made ​​the choice of the Messiah of! The Creator has chosen him in the womb of his mother; then we should ask for his coronation to the Almighty! Soon, whether you like it or not, he will be crowned!

Who acted and worked for the redemption and the Messiah will be the first circle around him forever!


  1. Many months ago Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi predicted that there would be an earthquake in Iran. It seems that he has stopped talking about that, do you think this means that he may have changed his mind?

    1. It happened earlier this week near one of the nuclear plants. How much damage did it produce? Iran would never say. I believe Rav Ben Artzi said there would be several. There have been several already; but, I would expect more since the area is very geologically unstable. Trust Hashem to take care of the situation.

      Also, in the news is a very advanced malware being worked on (by Israel and Saudi Arabia) that is supposed to be much more powerful than Stuxnet. Time will tell; and, I don't believe we are talking too much longer.

      Yoma 10 tells about the attack of Edom (basically the US) on Persia (Iran) in the end of days. I think that is also in the making. Stay tuned for further developments.

    2. there have been many quakes in iran and some as lately as last month. one quake recently was said to have damaged the nuclear site. one more some days back. the quakes in iran are bcomign frequent.

  2. " Good news for the people of Israel there will be rain in due season, winter will be beautiful with a great blessing of rain on Israel! Prayers and songs to the Creator - have brought down the blessing on the people of Israel! "

    Rainy days are back!
    Toda l'El !!!

    1. The world started to say the prayer for rain yesterday, Rav Ben Artzi said it will be good news for Israel, today was the most rain Israel has seen in a long time. Thank you Hashem for the rain and for Rav Ben Artzi.

    2. Why do you think that Hashem didn't send rain until the Diaspora Jews started praying for us? Do you think that Hashem is especially annoyed with the Jews living in Eretz Yisrael?

    3. My point was that Rav Ben Artzi predicted it, as he has predicted many, many other things, and it came true rather quickly. I was only giving chizuk about the credibility of this great Rav.

      If you want my further belief about the situation, Hashem is definitely annoyed with the Jews throughout the world, otherwise we would have had Geula already. With all the gashmius, the thinking that it is OK to give away land in EY, so many Jews thinking it is OK to assimilate and not be in EY, not enough Teshuvah, not enough Tefilah, not enough Ahavas Yisroel, etc, etc, etc, why would Hashem not be annoyed? The solution to all the world's problems is so simple and yet the Jews are asleep and not performing the simple solution. Rav Ben Artzi and Moishela are giving such sound advice; and, everyone reads their words and thinks it pertains to others -- not them. Measure for measure we are all delinquent and need to do more.

    4. i dont think its so much Hashem is angry with the jews in israel. its his way of saying, perhaps, not to separate the jews from the diaspora from the jews in israel. all jews are one, one soul wherever they are. there is a reason why Hashem scattered the jews all over the world. the non jewish world benefitted from t he presence of thejews. wherever the jews lived, there was prosperity. and that led to jealousy, unfortunately and not gratitude.

    5. Hashem loves all His creations a trillion times more than we could ever love Him. I never wanted to intimate that Jews outside of Israel are in a different category of annoyance than those within Israel. We are all treated, measure for measure, according to how we follow Hashem and how we serve Him. That means there are very good people outside of Israel doing what they should and there are not so good people who need improvement. Likewise there are very good and not so good people in Israel. All us humans need perfection and need to continue to work on ourselves.

      Hashem sent us throughout the world "to be a light unto the nations" -- in other words to spread His word and help perfect the world and everyone in it. That mission is complete (especially gathering the sparks that were scattered when Adam was diminished in stature -- that is another long story). The world knows the word of Hashem whether they, on an individual basis, accept it or not. With our mission complete, it is definitely time for all Jews to come home -- not because it is getting unbearable elsewhere, but because it is Hashem's design that all Jews will live together in peace when the Geula occurs.

      We are only living out the script, called Torah, that teaches us and everyone else how to survive, thrive and be totally happy in this life and the rest of eternity. Whoever does not want to take advantage of the plan will measure for measure miss out on its benefits.

      History, as we know it, is just about finished. Our work is just about done -- it is time to come home and celebrate.

    6. I came on here to comment about how the Rav promised Hashem would send rain and lo and behold here it is..... But I see others have already made that connection, LOL.
      Isn't it beautiful, Isn't it wondrous, to know we are not alone and that the Master of the world has sent us a humble shepherd to guide us and send us signs with which to buoy our faith. I wake up every morning thinking this could be the day....
      Tell me something, absolute, where do you hold on the whole Har Habayit issue? Should we go up on the tours sponsored by a certain institution to claim it? Is it time, or should we hold by the psak of certain other rabbis?? I am very torn about this, not sure what to do?

    7. Excellent questions about the Har Habayit. I believe that Hashem controls everything. Most of the Har Habayit area is forbidden to Jews -- it is the holiest place in the universe and we are completely impure to be there. When the Temple is restored and we are made pure, we will return. Hashem provided us with the entire situation of the Arabs keeping us off. Even though there are Rabbonim who believe they know where we can be and where we cannot, most who go up there don't have a clue. I personally would not trust anyone today knowing for sure, since there is even machlokes about where the Kodesh Kodeshim actual was. I am even cautious about standing at the Kotel since they know that it slants outward meaning that below, the wall is probably behind where I am standing and that is forbidden. When I go the the Kotel, I stand and daven at least 10 feet away. My philosophy is "when in doubt, leave it out." If I am not sure about something, I avoid doing the wrong thing until I can become 100% positive or Moshiach arrives and I can ask him. Hashem is watching me and, measure for measure judging what I do. I always like to make a good impression and let Him know I only live to serve Him and do His ways. That is what makes me the happiest person I know and, I am sure, it is why Hashem gives me everything and takes such good care of me and my family (I am typing this with a very big smile on my face).

  3. I think some are unjustly criticizing Jews who can't come to Israel yet. Yes, there are lot's and lot's of wealthy, comfortable Jews who don't recognize what is happening in the world. And there are Jews who are not able. Zero savings means few options. Too many Jews with blogs are cynical and condemning of Jews who are still in galus. Aren't we supposed to judge our fellow Jew favorably? NBN doesn't want Jews with no money. We are completely at Hashem's mercy. And what about scripture that states "G-d will bring you back?" This means something. Can you please explain.

    Deuteronomy 30:5

    .. then the LORD thy God will turn thy captivity, and have compassion upon thee, and will return and gather thee from all the peoples, whither the LORD thy God hath scattered thee.

    If any of thine that are dispersed be in the uttermost parts of heaven, from thence will the LORD thy God gather thee, and from thence will He fetch thee.

    And the LORD thy God will bring thee into the land which thy fathers possessed, and thou shalt possess it; and He will do thee good, and multiply thee above thy fathers.

    1. What you are saying is very good and true. My answer is not a one liner, but very involved. I will try the short version.

      It has been my experience (including me) that when one turns to Hashem completely for help, things happen. I did not have the funds to retire early and move to EY about 12 years ago but my family and I had very strong feelings about making Aliyah and Hashem completely knew our desires. I put myself completely in Hashem's hands and acknowledged that I cannot do it without His help. All of a sudden, an investment that I had forgotten about from about 8 years before became very prosperous. It went up, I sold and it went down. It was so obvious to me that Hashem controls everything and that my complete emunah in turning to Hashem for help became fruitful. Side note: Hashem put me into that investment years before since He knew what would transpire as a result. That is the way the world works and my story is repeated many, many times by those who finally catch on to the reality of this world. There are even stories in the Talmud explaining exactly what I am saying. That was a very short answer to a long question.

      So far as what scriptures says about a remnant coming over here and then the remainder when Moshiach is announced, it is talking about the same thing that I just described. Those who think they can't come over and don't completely put themselves in Hashem's system, will come over later. I am not judging especially since there are many very frum Yidden who have additional work to do in chutz la'aretz and are actually being directed by Hashem to stay. Those who are greatly involved in Kiruv and helping their fellow Jews find their way, need to continue this vital work where they are. There are stories of great Rabbaim who had the opportunity to leave Europe before the war and felt such an obligation to help fellow Jews who did not leave. That is the height of chesed, but is also what Hashem wants from us.

      One last aspect to mention. Hashem is sending so many messages to come home. It is time since the world is getting scarier by the minute (it is all from Hashem). I am experiencing complete peace in Israel which is another very definite message from Hashem. Work with Hashem, understand what He wants from us personally, and be proactive in doing the right thing. Spending much time making up excuses why we can't accomplish something is not as good as channeling our time to solve our problems. Hashem gave us our instructions on how to succeed, and He is there all the way to make it happen.