Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Thursday

Our daily Morning Prayer service (Shacharis) includes a particular psalm designated for that day of the week.  I have mentioned how Psalms give us guidance in solving many of life's problems.  The psalm we say on Thursday, Psalm 81, has a very interesting solution to the problems that plague this world these days.  This is not the entire psalm, but the portion of the Psalm that is of particular interest. Hashem is talking to us and giving us guidance. Please read:

Hear, My people, I will testify about you, Israel, if you would just listen to Me.  Let no strange god be within you, nor bow before a foreign god.  I am Hashem, your G-d, Who brought you up from the land of Egypt, open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.  But My people did not heed My voice, and Israel did not want Me. So I sent them to follow their heart's desires, I let them follow their own devices.  If only My people would heed Me, if Israel would walk in My ways, I would immediately subdue their enemies, and turn My hand against their tormentors.  Those who cause hate of Hashem deceive [pretend obedience to] Him, but their time (of punishment) will be forever.  But He would feed him (Israel) from the cream of the wheat, and from the rock, I would sate you with honey.

There are some lines within this psalm that could use some clarification.  When the psalm talks about a strange god, it is not just talking about the idolatry of the world's religions (I hope to talk more about this in an upcoming blog post).  A big problem today is how many people worship materialism.  Money, big houses, cars, clothes, vacations, food, etc., etc., etc., are all examples of foreign gods.  It's not that Hashem doesn't want us to have nice things, but when we show more love for materialistic objects then we show for life itself and the people around us, we are showing distorted priorities and losing sight of our true purpose on earth.  It asks in Scriptures "who is rich? he who is happy with his lot." The best way to describe this is to tell you about a relative that I have who has told me how jealous he is of me.  He has much more materialism than I.  But, no matter how much he has, he is never satisfied.  He has made mention to me about the fact that I always look so happy and satisfied with what I have.  He wishes he could have such an attitude.  Since my life consists of gaining spiritual value, I know I am very wealthy.  My family and I lack nothing -- we are in want of nothing. That is true happiness -- that is true peace of mind.  People have told me I smile a lot. Happiness and the good life does that to you.

When the psalm says: "open your mouth wide and I will fill it," Hashem is telling us to state our desires.  In psalm 145, which we say three times a day, "You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living being." Hashem wants to do things for us – He wants us to have what we want and to enjoy life, but as a partner in creation.  When we reject His help and not heed His voice, He tells us "to follow our heart's desires but by using our own devices."  In other words, we are on our own and whatever happens to us, was caused by our own doing.

What is even sadder is that Hashem is the only solution to our enemies and our tormentors.  Jew hatred, terrorist attacks, vandalism, war, etc., etc., etc., would all disappear immediately if we would just turn to Hashem.  He even states that our enemies would suffer greatly (instead of us). What a simple solution.  Peace would break out throughout the world.  How is that for a headline?

This psalm has a very simple and pertinent message for us.  As I have been saying for months on this blog, if we just follow the ways of Hashem, our problems are solved -- as individuals and as the Jewish nation.   Now you have the message directly from Hashem and it is guaranteed in writing. This solution has worked for thousands of years.  Unfortunately, we as a nation have taken very little advantage of it. Soon, the Messiah will be here and we will all catch on to the message.  The question is how much suffering we are willing to accept as individuals and as a nation before he gets here.  Let this Thursday be the day that we understand and accept the message that is so clearly stated.  Why put off happiness any longer?  Have a wonderful Thursday.


  1. How inspiring!! Thank you for reminding us of His Precious Promises that are so... available.

    He's given You the Tools to bring this about...NOW.

    Thank you.

  2. Music to my ears. Noting that it was the Levites who sang the Shir Shel Yom - Song of the Day in the Temple, I am a Levite and I was born on a Thursday morning.

  3. i thin most of jews dont follow the way of ashem because of ignorance,a lot of them dont have awareness of god,that the torah is divine or just that they REALLY have to make the mitzvot.They need to be educated.Everyoine that is able must do this.

    1. You are absolutely correct and understanding why I started this blog. The good news is that Hashem is totally merciful and that all Jews will follow His ways when the Moshiach is announced. Hashem loves all Jews and righteous gentiles and will take good care of them, forever.