Thursday, September 28, 2017

Where Have You Been?

I have been getting Emails asking why I have been so quiet for the past couple of weeks. I have been very busy in several different endeavors including the holidays. More so, I have cut down on posting for other reasons.

My original intension with this blog was to teach about Judaism and the extreme importance for a Jew to follow Hashem. This expanded to help non-Jews as well since I do believe that many members of the lost tribes who will return to Israel are non-Jews who aren’t aware of their future situation.

In close to 830 posts over the past 66 months, with over 1700 pages written, I have actually covered all that I had planned. How do I know this for sure? Just about every Email I receive, asking about a subject in Judaism, I need not answer the question, but just refer the reader to what I have already posted. This happens with more than 90% of the questions sent to me these days. I have repeated subjects about which I receive multiple Emails, but new subjects have been kept to a minimum. I do have many subjects about which I could write, but I am finding my readers are more interested in what is happening now, and what is coming up rather than new topics of Judaism (as determined by the pageview count received on each subject).

Many times I have also encouraged my readers to study Torah, but not by reading blogs on the web as their source of information. They must actually open kosher books dealing with the subjects of interest. As an example, there is no better way to study the Jewish Bible than by opening up a Jewish Bible and studying it. When reading the commentary of the great sages over thousands of years, you receive much deeper insight into the reality of this world and Hashem then reading a distorted opinion of a so-called Rabbi on the web. I have even mentioned that my readers should not believe a word that I say, but should check it out with their own research. I am available to try to explain where I got my information on any subject, but only by you digging into that subject and making your own discoveries can you fully understand its true meaning and internalize its importance.

The other subject of even greater interest to my readers is, of course, the coming of the worldwide redemption, the Moshiach, the Temple, the return of the exile from the four corners of the world, the resurrection of the dead, etc, etc, etc. Everyone is convinced that we only need wait for these events to happen and all our worldly and personal problems will disappear.

I have written many times that we are the cause of our own problems. Since everything in this life is measure for measure, if we do not perform according to Hashem’s instructions, we are presented with a problem to compensate (to give us the involuntary correction that we seek in this life).

I can see from Emails how that message has landed on deaf ears. The human psyche (actually the Yetzer Harah) tells us: it is not our fault, it is the other guy, or the circumstances or the world situation, or any other excuse we can dream up. When we realize that we can solve any problem we have by simply turning to Hashem and following His directions, we then catch on to the system Hashem created for us humans. If we are convinced that all we need is the Moshiach and all will be great, we will be extremely disappointed to find we could have solved each problem much earlier. The more difficult concept to grasp is that if we rely on Moshiach for the solution, we will reach Judgment Day with a lesser spiritual level. That will follow us for eternity.

Readers who only want to know “Why is Moshiach not here?” or when is Nibiru going to pass the Earth?, or when will we all miraculously go to Israel?, or when will I get rid of this medical, financial, family, etc problem (enough questions)?, they are all causing the delay of Moshiach. Why? If only waiting and hoping for the best is your agenda instead of doing Teshuvah and solving your own problems, then Hashem is saying: you are not ready; you need more time.

We are our own worst enemy and me repeating this over and over on this blog means nothing. The past two weeks, we did the Selichos prayers every morning (Ashkenazi custom). We ask for forgiveness for our past year’s deficiencies with the hope that Hashem will give us salvation for the coming year (or, as I believe, for eternity). Some of the things that we say in Selichos are exactly what I have mentioned many times. We stray from the good guidance of Hashem and want to do things our way; we don’t do Teshuvah to correct our errors but just complain about what we lack; WE DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PRAY (a big one since correct prayer works and can get us everything we want in this world); we are very selfish and only want for ourselves with little compassion for others; we cheat for our personal gains even if it hurts others; we lie even to ourselves just to get advantage over others; (this is a long list so I will stop here).

The important point here is to know how we justify in our own minds many wrong things that we do; we even say: “but, everyone does it.” When we ask when will we meet Moshiach, we must first ask: Am I deserving of Hashem’s salvation? Am I ready? Or, will Moshiach’s introduction to the world be a disaster for me, because I didn’t do enough to prepare?

I still believe wholeheartedly that we are close. My days of speculation have ended since we have been told: it will be a big surprise and to try to calculate the date is impossible. What is definite is that the little time we have remaining is extremely valuable and means everything to our eternal future.


  1. Great so why not make a detailed table of contents for the site so one can look up all the blog posts !
    at least an Index
    Gmar Tov

    1. If you look at the upper left hand corner, you will see a Search block (next to the B in the square). Put any topic you want and it shows you all the blog posts with that word or group of words in it. That's how I find a topic that I wrote.

  2. Shalom Rav, it was good to see a new posting after what at least to me, seemed like 'ages'. and reading it, i sort of understand a bit how it must feel to you.

    You are right, but also please understand and know, that your blog has been a tremendous help i feel to many...
    It has been to me... and being a Noahide... i shall miss your weekly postings.
    You were I am sure, helping many noahides and Jews too.

    I guess though, you must do what you think best.

    I would love to have a vote, with all those who visit the blog, and say .. All who want Rav Menachem not to stop posting...say:

    "No!! - Do not stop..!!

    Okay... its alright.

    I cast my vote already, (am i being selfish??) and i say:

    NO!! Do not stop!!.

    Whatever you decide, Rav, but at least hopefully you will post from time to time:
    This Oasis, as i always saw it, must not run dry... the thirst for knowledge grows, and even if one were to read the Torah, as suggested by you, questions do pop up.. and then where to go? Most times Rabbis and others are busy.. Need someone to connect with, like this blog did, we posed questions, and got answered..
    I already miss you..

    1. As I said I have many topics to write about, but any pertaining to Judaism or Torah gets a low pageview count. The individuals who are asking the most questions are new viewers who haven't read too many posts.

      I do have some information about Nibiru that always gets many pageviews. But that is my point about people being lazy and wanting Moshiach and not working hard to prepare. If I give Nibiru information proving that we are close, it makes people lazier; why do Teshuvah if Nibiru is so imminent (their attitude, not mine)?

      My entire post above is a dilemma. Am I helping or hurting my readers by giving information. I would like everyone to through away their computers, laptops, cell phones, etc and hit the books. Prepare for Moshiach and the worldwide redemption in the most beneficial way possible. Chas v'shalom that I should give people a reason to waste time and not prepare.

  3. Jean-Marie Rondeau What you are asking is an interesting question, but it contains Lashon Harah since it pertains to a particular individual. Please send me a private Email and I will explain.

  4. Rav Menacheml - May Hashem guide you as to what is the best option. Will you at least continue to post a translated copy of Rav Ben Artzi's posts? G'mar Chasima Tova to you and all of the beautiful people of Am Yisroel!

    1. I plan to continue up until Moshiach is introduced. After that nobody needs me or any of my post any more. Hopefully it is so close that I am just about finished with posting.

      I had plans of posting about Nibiru. The problem is that Hashem is confusing the people of the world on purpose and making the information of Nibiru totally inconsistent. Amateurs and experts alike don't agree on anything and are much more confusing than helpful. And, it is all intentional from Hashem who told us in Daniel that the information would remain secret until the time.

      Even world events are very difficult to follow and analyse, once again, on purpose.

      Any further questions about what is happening, ask Hashem, the only One Who knows.