Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Nitzavim-Vayeilech, 20 Elul 5777, 11.9.17

The King of the kings, the Holy One Blessed Be He created the world, created the earth; everything that exists and lives on earth. Everything belongs to the Holy One, blessed be He, and He created everything in His honor. He is our father; He created this entire world and wants the world he created to act in the manner of the Commandments. Animals and beasts He has a lot, and from the Jews, He wants them to keep the Commandments.

The Creator did not create this world to be like the generation of the flood that brought about the destruction of the world. The Creator wants the world to be pure, untainted and clean, a world of truth and honesty. The Creator of the Universe chose the Jews who said, "We shall do and we will understand." If the people, the animals and the beasts on the face of the earth, do not do Hashem's will, the Creator will stop all their negative desires.

The Creator of the Universe strikes the earth through the elements of nature, fire, winds, rain, floods and earthquakes, in order to tell the people of the world to repent completely! Repentance means following the Commandments, a world of truth, honesty and loving and helping others.

Our Father in heaven, we do not see or hear Him; and, we do not have the slightest sense to understand Who is leading the world. By the way of the winds, the rains, the floods, the earthquakes and the fire the Creator, proves to us that He is here, this is His way of proving His presence in the world.

The Jews, who are examples for the entire world, must stop the assimilation, and if they did assimilate with gentiles, they must convert them and repent completely.

The Creator of the world will continue to bring the infiltrators, refugees and ISIS to Europe to expel the Jews; and, the forces of nature, complications and wars will force the Jews to leave North and South America and the United States before they will suffer worse. They already ran away with the Torah scrolls from the synagogues.

The Holy One, blessed be He, will strike the world with floods and earthquakes. The Creator of the world complicates the world's leaders and the nations among them. The Creator of the Universe is speaking with extreme toughness and anger. Every person's life is worth more than all the nonsense in the world. The Creator is not going backwards; He raises more power every day to destroy the world in order to bring about the correction of the whole world. The clowns, jerks and jokers will pay with their lives. The Creator of the Universe wants the earth to be with honesty, truth, love, good deeds, observance of the laws, Torah study, prayers, the construction of the Third Temple and the Messiah leading the world, not only in Israel.

The people of Israel are now in the most beautiful time ever, in a generation in which there is the Messiah who works and acts day and night. We see the miracles and wonders in Israel and in the world every day, every second. It is not visible, it is not understood, but everything is spiritual. There is hard work for the Messiah protecting the borders of Israel and every Jew. Along with all this, the choice is in man’s hands, to live or not to live. The Creator of the Universe wants the Jews to follow the Commandments, the 613 Mistvot urgently, to be honest and truthful - wealth and happiness will come ... A Jew who chooses another way, we must pray for him to repent. The Messiah is flesh and blood, he is in the Land of Israel, alive and exist and has a wife and children. The difference between an ordinary person and the Messiah is that Messiah sees everything beyond them all, he is a man of Hashem.

The sea, as we already said, is waiting for the instructions of the Holy One, blessed be He. When the Holy One, Blessed is He, will give an order, give confirmation, the fierce winds are causing destruction throughout the world, except for the Land of Israel. Israel is surrounded by a cloud of fire, protected and sheltered. The Holy One, blessed be He, says to the people of Israel: You are in the Land of Israel protected and sheltered. Outside the Land of Israel are Gog and Magog and chaos, because they want to disturb the Land of Israel. When the Gentiles will expel the Jews from Europe, America and all places, they will do a great mitzvah and will be blessed by Heaven, for it is for their own good and for saving the lives of the Jews. The Gentiles are messengers of the Creator to save the Jews.

The Creator asks not to assimilate! Dear Jews, assimilation is confusing the brains of the Jews. Jews who live with non-Jews must convert them urgently. Jews said, "We will do and we will understand."

The sea is raging and noisy, waiting for the instructions of the Creator.

Russia, Bibi got along with Putin. Russia does not want Iran or North Korea, and does not want Iran to be a power. It cares only about herself.

USA, Trump has become a “peep,” and he does not know what to peep. He is under tremendous pressure; he does not know where this plague of natural disasters came from. As long as the Jews are in the United States, and Trump is not 100 percent with the Jews in the Land of Israel, the natural disasters will continue and he will have serious problems. Trump was chosen to help the Holy Land and the Jews in the Land of Israel. He was elected to deport the Jews from the United States to Israel; he was chosen not to listen to the Palestinians and Hamas, and not to give them a centimeter of the Holy Land. He was chosen to listen only to the Jews living in the Land of Israel. If he does what is written here, he will be protected and preserved and blessed by Heaven.

They think that ISIS has been liquidated. It is not. The Muslims themselves are ISIS.

Egypt, Sisi works with a hard hand and it does him enormous damage; they are waiting to change all of Egypt. The fact that he handles the Sinai Desert is nothing. He has to take care of his people within Egypt.

The Gaza Strip, Hamas, the Palestinians and Abu Mazen, think they will have backing from the Arab countries, let them continue to dream – they will not receive any help from the Arab countries. If the Palestinians and the Hamas in the Gaza Strip make one small mistake, Hashem will wipe them off the face of the earth.

Jordan, the IDF watches over the king.

China, the economy is being destroyed day by day. Soon, China will become embroiled in serious complications and sever its economic and commercial ties with the world. The wealthy Jews who invest in China should fold away and depart urgently; whatever they can save, they should save, because whoever has invested a million dollars will have one dollar. Jews, do escape from there. Invest in the construction of the land of Israel, real estate, Jewish investors fold and flee from Jordan and Turkey.

Turkey, Erdogan thinks to kill the rebels. He does not know that they plan a revolution and that ISIS wants to hang him on a tree.

Syria will be erased to the end and will continue to be erased. There will be no memory left of it. The Holy One, blessed be He, takes revenge on Syria for abusing the Israel Defense Forces in the wars of Israel.

The European countries think that there is quiet from terror - terrorism has not calmed down. It's the quiet before the storm; they're going to be hit big time.

Iraq, there is no one to give it help, it lives without a spine.

In East Jerusalem you have to be very careful. They want to surprise children especially.

All thieves, fraudsters, crooks and those involved in bribery will all be caught.

Jewish parents, protect your children from drugs, alcoholism, gambling and assimilation.

Dear Jews, do not go away for the holidays to the graves of the righteous abroad. It is forbidden. Stay in the Holy Land. Our Father in heaven is strong in the Holy Land! There's nothing there.

All of the women of Israel must make the separation of challah in your homes, only in your homes. It brings blessings to the house and the family in the house. The separation of challah outside the house is only to pass the time; it is not for the sake of heaven and does nothing, only money ... money ... money. Their reward is lost and there are also places that they act wrongly. The mitzvah is on the eve of Shabbat and Yom Tov. When a woman makes her own challah, she will have salvation and blessings in her home, for her husband, and her children.

There is nothing missing in the Land of Israel, all is protected and sheltered; there will continue to be nothing missing. There is abundant income, a happy New Year, a very good economy, no shortage money, a strong real estate in abundance, and millions of Jews have to come.

There is Hashem's blessing over the Israel Defense Forces and the accompaniment of heaven above for all IDF soldiers. The IDF must be alert and not believe anyone.

All the signs of nature are a huge advance to the revelation of the Messiah in public. It's in our generation! Do not drag your feet!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website
Continue to commemorate the Yahrzeit of Kayla Rus bas Bunim Tuvia, A"H, which is today.


  1. The Zohar parasha Balak mentions Nibiru appearing on the 25 ELUL. Hopefully this will happen this year but Rav Ben Artzi never mentions Nibiru. I wonder what his thoughts are on this subject.

    1. I am very familiar with the Zohar that you are mentioning, but I am not remembering a reference to Nibiru. I will look it up later, B"N, but do you have a specific place mentioning or alluding to Nibiru?

      I do have some possible dates that are coming up. I just haven't talked about them until I am absolutely sure. 25 Elul is significant since it is the anniversary of the creation of the universe (the first day mentioned in the Torah).

      I have asked Rav Ben Artzi about Nibiru. He was aware of it, but said he didn't have enough information to talk about it.

    2. The 25th of Elul is significant in our family as it is the 24th birthday of our second son, who made a beautiful siyum on Tanach tonight l'iluy nishmas his sister Kayla Rus bas Bunim Tuvia. I can't imagine it taking much longer for our redemption, as so many good people have been davening and making positive changes in teshuva. I do take issue with some of what R'Artzi says regarding us being driven out of chutz l'aretz. Those of us who want very badly to leave, those of us who are doing our very best under dire circumstances, must be lifted out by none other than Avinu Malkeinu. Can you imagine a G-d not compassionate enough to rescue us with more than just the shirts on our backs? R'Arrzi doesn't leave room for measure for measure rachamim. He can't know every possible outcome.

    3. Your son's birthday should be a day of great changes with great goodness in the world. It is also my wife's birthday (age not available to tell).

      The Torah is exact. Hashem's instructions are exact. I was very friendly in Lakewood, NJ with a Holocaust survivor who told me exactly why the Holocaust happened; he showed me in the Torah. When Hashem tells us instructions about how to survive and be totally happy, we cannot just say that "due to His mercy it will be alright even if we don't do Hashem's will."

      Hashem has commended us in the Torah and sends very definite messages every day that all Jews must be in Israel. Rav Ben Artzi has made the statement that all the craziness in the world, the weather, the earthquakes, the evil governments will all end when all the Jews are home; it is all messages from Hashem. Does that mean, like the Holocaust, Hashem will "hide His face for those not following His instructions?" I certainly would not want to find out the hard way, and we are definitely not allowed to test Hashem -- it backfires on those who think they know better.

      I hate to be so harsh about the subject, but you will find that Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, is probably one of the best friends we have in the world. He is trying hard to make us as successful as possible. He knows Moshiach very well and knows his instructions from Hashem for all the Jews of the world.

      If I were outside of Israel now, I would sell anything that I can and go on vacation to Israel. To come here for Rosh Hashanah through Succot would be such a Kiddush Hashem and will probably save everyone from finding out the hard way to not ignore Hashem's messages.

  2. Missing Images ?
    Trumpet above Israel Sep 11 2016!!??!

  3. Hi Rabbi Robinson,
    There is a website called which quotes the Zohar in Parasha Balak 212b as stating that the star (Nibiru or Kochav MeYaakov) will appear on the 25th day of the 6th month which is the 25th of ELUL which is this coming Shabbos. This makes perfect sense if The war of Gog UMagog against North Korea is to start on Hoshana Raba as written in the Jewish literature since the Zohar states that when the star appears a big war will start. The Zohar also mentions that the Moshiach will reveal himself 40 days after the appearance of Nibiru.

    1. The one questionable thing is that it says "it will appear on the sixth day of the week, which is the 25th." This year the 25th is on the seventh day, Shabbos, tomorrow. I am not sure how to understand that unless it means it will be here today, but not appear until tomorrow.

      It will be seen in the city of Rome on the first day. That I speculate as either Rome, Italy or Washington DC, which used to be Rome, Maryland before it was re-designated as the District of Columbia.

      The only predictions we have are from amateurs who can't agree on a date. That of course is from Hashem who has kept this a secret to test the evil ones. Even they may not be aware of the true situation and may not make it into their underground fortresses in time.

      Only Hashem knows the truth since He is the One controlling it all. Even the path of hurricane Jose is a mystery and the two new storms that are forming behind Jose. One thing for sure is that we are there; the end is happening.

      Talk to you after Shabbos. Have a very good Shabbos with lots of Teshuvah (we even start Selichos on Yom Rishon).

    2. Bs"d

      As the Talmud says in Masehet Ta’anit, “The day when rain falls is as great as the day on which heaven and earth were created” (8b).

      Rain comes down with power and reflects the power of Hashem.





      This morning soft rain connect first day of PESAH and SHEMINI ATZERET.

      Rain that connects Mashiah ben Yosef with Mashiah ben David.
      Geshem♡ to realize
      By CHESED for us and by us on coming time of judgement.
      TAL♥ abundance to Teach Goodness.

      is what we have to realize.


      1 KINGS 4:24
      RUTH 4:15
      LEV 22:27
      GEN 27:9
      GEN 1:14

    3. 1Kings 5:4

      PEACE accomplished just by having a King appointed to serve Hashem in Unity like in days of Shlomo ha Melech.

  4. The 25th of Elul is always the same day of the week as Yom Kippur, and I don't believe it can ever fall out on a Friday. So what you said above makes sense, it must start on Friday.

  5. new messages from ben golden in

    1. I have it printed out and will read it over Shabbos.
      Thank you.