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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Ki Savo, 12 Elul 5777, 3.9.17

The King of Kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He, began to press the entire earth to repent completely.

Everything that happens to the Jews, outside the borders of the Land of Israel, in Europe, in North and South America, in Africa and in Asia – this is the Creator who speaks to them through nature, through matter, because they have abandoned Him. The Creator is going to hit the earth hard through the forces of nature, in order to strike all the countries and states, prime ministers and presidents who are going against the State of Israel, and to shock and wake the Jews so they will flee from abroad and move urgently to the Holy Land.

The sea continues to boil and rage and wants to overflow the land. The sea will continue to increase and spill over into many more places, not only in the United States, but the catastrophes will continue also there, Hashem will give every country that interferes with the Land of Israel hard work, and difficult labor so they be occupied with themselves. Anyone who loves and wants to help the Holy Land with all his heart, the Creator of the Universe will bless him.

The Creator of the Universe speaks to the Jews abroad through matter, through the forces of nature, because they do not want to listen to Him. If the Jews will listen and do Hashem's will, He will speak to them through the Spirit and the soul, through enlightenment - to the heart.

Every Jew is good and merciful. There is no bad Jew; there is a Jew who was not educated as a child in the right way. It is not too late, dear Jews, sons of the Creator of the Universe. There are the Commandments – follow them! This is for your profit in this world, in the World to Come, in the redemption and in the Messiah

Senior officials you should repent and work and act with integrity and truth. Do not look at the trivial things. Every society and man, rich and affluent, even simple Jews, will give the tithe money only to the holy Land of Israel, because it is the source of blessing.

In the Holy Land, real estate will continue to grow and develop indefinitely; millions of Jews will arrive and arrive in the Land of Israel; dear Jews, build in the Negev, the Western Galilee, the Golan Heights, Binyamin, Judea and Samaria, the Arava and the Jordan Valley. Stop building in the center of the country.

Our boundaries are guarded by the Holy One, blessed be He, and His Messiah. Nevertheless, the IDF must pay attention to all of Israel's borders, because the Iranians and Hezbollah and all kinds of enemies are cunning and have plans to surprise, even though they kill each other. The Holy One, Blessed be He, protects from the heavens, the Messiah is a protector in the land, the Israel Defense Forces protects Israel's borders and the Jews pray and study Torah. All this combination creates a strong band that protects the entire Land of Israel! The IDF is the most powerful army in the world, doing some work secretly and some openly

Iran wants to provoke Israel, not directly, but through Syria. Apparently Iran does not understand enough that the Israeli Air Force and the missiles in Israel can, within five minutes, erase a convoy of thirty kilometers of weapons and ammunition – they will disappear from the world. No mistake - five minutes! Moreover, the IAF will also bomb Iran.

Abu Mazen, Hamas, and their leaders, it's a wonder, what are they arguing about all day long? Money money money ... They do not care about their people; they do not care about anything. They only care about money money money.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels very strongly, preparing itself for war. They send terrorists to all kinds of places, in order to harm the Jews.

Jews - do guard yourselves at crossing points, they want to run over Jews. Jews watch out for crossing points!

Some of the gentiles look externally pleasant and civilized, but they want to harm the Jews. Behind closed doors, they look like vampires. They do not want peace; they want to harm the Land of Israel. We wish they would have wanted peace, but they don’t.

Egypt is fighting against ISIS not because of Israel, but because it is afraid that ISIS will enter Egypt. The Egyptian President Sisi is always threatened; they will continue to threaten him. The radical Muslims, ISIS and Hamas want to overthrow him, want to make Egypt a primitive one; they do not want an advanced world.

Iraq, is the same thing, no change, the Curse of the Tower of Babel is always working. Today it is operating not only in Iraq, but throughout the entire world, except for in Israel.

Syria, they think there will be peace - there is no peace and there is no remedy for ever. Rebels against Assad's soldiers, ISIS against Hezbollah, everything is one big mess, just as the Holy One, Blessed be He, is completely destroying Syria, He will continue to destroy Iran completely. Our Father in heaven has no inhibitions.

Russia trains in Syria, sells arms and ammunition to Syria and the entire world; it's their livelihood.

In the United States, natural disasters will continue, the water will continue to flow in all kinds of places, and other natural elements will also harm the country. As the Jews in the United States must stop to cry and weep. The Holy One, Blessed be He, opens His hands to the Land of Israel! Two or three weeks ago, we wrote in a message that the sea wants to wash the land - and the water is flowing and washing the land! The sea will continue to grow quietly and in the end it will be a severe tsunami in many places in the world. There will also be fire and blaze, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and severe winds.

Trump thought he would make peace in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians. He came to the Land of Israel, did not know and was not familiar with the Palestinians, he thought they were like the Muslims in the US, he was frightened and regretted to have met Abu Mazen and the Palestinians and said to himself, 'There is no remedy with them.' The Holy One, blessed be He, keeps everyone busy in the United States, so that they will not intervene in the holy Land of Israel. Anyone who interferes and gets involved is severely beaten.

Europe, the infiltrators and the refugees eat it, morning, noon and evening. The wars will continue and the attacks will not stop. Muslims all over the world want to rule Europe. To the people of Israel there will be calm.

In Turkey, ISIS is in control of Erdogan, nothing will help him; he harmed and killed many Turks and they are looking for his defeat, to overthrow him and hang him ; that is what the rebels in Turkey want.

Jordan, their king sleeps and wakes up and sleeps; he raises his hands up and does not know what to do. In the meantime, he is getting great help from Israel. Everything is complicated in Jordan - Hamas, Palestinians, Kurds, infiltrators, refugees, Syrians, Iraqis - a madhouse.

All the wounded on the Israeli border, Israel is taking care of them.

North Korea, South Korea, China and Japan - one big cauldron, they are all afraid of each other. If someone sends a missile, it will all be one huge fire, so everyone is afraid for their children and their lives.

Submarines that want to disturb Israel - the Creator will blow them up in the water, paralyze the engines and they will never get out of the water. Anyone who bothers and harasses the Land of Israel, the Holy One, Blessed be He, will put him in a very difficult position.

In the Land of Israel is the best economy in the world. Those who want to get rich will get rich.

The Israel Defense Forces should not be in a state of routine and complacency; be on alert. The silence is more frightening than the noise.

We need to pray in the synagogues and remind our mother Rachel when we read Tehilim, which will protect her sons and children. Rachel our mother wakes up and rises at the request of the people of Israel. The tombs of the righteous and the tombs of the forefathers in the Land of Israel - there is no above them in the world. When Jews gather in synagogues in a minyan and are guided by the reading of Psalms, and ask Rachel our mother to help the people of Israel - she comes in a place where she is invited and comes with joy.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, asks with every request from the Jewish fathers and mothers to keep your daughters and children from messing with gentiles and assimilation. The gentiles want to destroy the Jewish people. Drugs, gambling, drinking and assimilation do not belong to the Jewish people! The Jewish people is an educated, wise and intelligent people, and not to deal with this nonsense.

The Messiah our righteous is everything in the right direction! He works and acts in the right way, directed by the Creator from heaven. Everything is more precise than a thousandth of a second, every moment; wherever we are everything is directed from the Almighty! The Messiah protects and works to defend the borders of Israel. He asks for great mercy for the people of Israel, prays to the Holy One, blessed be He, that harsh decrees will not be imposed on the people of Israel.

The Messiah, from the first of Elul, the Creator of the world opened new and great ways, raised him spiritually to a very high degree, to prepare him to be Messiah in public!

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