Tuesday, September 5, 2017

HURRICANES - HARVEY - IRMA - 5777 - in bible code

By Rabbi Glazerson
Everything is in the Torah.  We pray that the good people in the path of hurricane Irma are spared the wrath and furry it holds.  As the video states "Teshuvah," repentance is the answer.  Turn to Hashem; He is the only source of help and comfort.

We are getting close to our goal in helping a beautiful family make Aliyah. The thought that close to 70 of thousands of my readers have generously contributed lets me know that there are those who think that if they can't donate a large sum, they shouldn't donate. Or, that they also are in need of funds to just survive. 

One of the best investments one can make is helping others. It is actually an investment that will give dividends for all eternity. This is not trickery; it is just being a good person and showing Hashem that you care about others. The good people of this world who do care about others are the ones that Hashem pays back -- they do not have financial problems.

A small mitzvah could be $10 or $18 to help others. It is not the amount; it is the feeling in your heart that you want to help; that is the mitzvah achieved. Yes, the payback is tremendous, but it is only because you want to do Hashem's will, not because you want reward for the mitzvah.

Go to this webpage and help; Hashem will pay you back in kindness tenfold and it is very effective Teshuvah for this month of Elul.:
The Chesed Fund

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