Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Are We Waiting for Miracles?

I received this message from one of our dear readers that I thought needed a response. I left the name off since I don’t agree with everything the commenter is saying. I like this commenter who is always very sincere in his or her comments. No embarrassment by my sounding contradictory. First the comment:

I'm not crying for them. Too many antisemites in America... and these are supposedly our "allies" (also wicked people in general, adulterers, criminals, pedophiles, drug-dealers, alt-right stormfags, liberal perverts, transgender freaks, radical Mohammedans, Jewish traitors, rotten ideologies, immodesty, etc). Time to clean up the 2/3.
"The Lord your G-d will put all these curses on your enemies who hate you [Arabs] and persecute you [Christians]." (per Ramban)
Thank you Hashem. I can't wait to see Your revenge against Esav and Ishmael. Teach them Who runs this world. Give them hard!
My response:

We are taught in the Torah not to be vengeful. To rely on Hashem to help us and take care of our enemies is OK, but not with hatred in our hearts.

The more exciting thing is that this is what we are expecting in the end. The 2/3rd group being dealt with should make us happy only because it is a sign of the worldwide redemption being imminent.

Our desire is to help good people, who are in the 1/3rd group, but need more Teshuvah. If they are in harm's way, and are poised to suffer great loses as involuntary Teshuvah, we are with them and want to help them.

Hashem is testing us as well. We should never be complacent about the suffering of others. We can't judge them, and we definitely can't condemn them just because of their situation. We must pray for them, give Tzedukah to help them and even pay attention to anyone we may know who is there to offer a place to stay if needed.

Above all, we must read the messages from Hashem Who is telling us that He wants us to be in Israel, not in the US of Magog. There are many more good people in the US of Magog who are being told these hurricanes are only a message to the Jews to obey to Torah and come home. We are getting signs of Nibiru being much closer and that the true devastation may be closer than we think. These hurricanes and the many other devastating events are just a wake-up call – an early warning before the big one.

I still get Emails telling me that they have a Rabbi who says it is OK to be in America or Europe or wherever. If anyone thinks that a Rabbi’s opinion is more valid than Hashem’s messages, you need some very serious Torah study.

Hashem is trying to make life much easier for you. For all the people who have a long list of excuses for not obeying the Torah, please don’t tell me a Rabbi, an uninformed human being knows better than Hashem.

I have been ranting about this for years, which was certainly enough time to have reacted. I even was worried enough about not fulfilling Hashem’s Torah 15 years ago that I made sure my family was out of harm’s way. We gave up very lucrative employment, sold a very nice home that we didn’t want to leave and made the plunge. You may say: I am happy for you that you did it so far in advance, but we don’t have that luxury now. My answer is: if we have a week, two weeks, whatever, “you have the luxury of a couple of weeks before you and your loved ones have to avoid suffering (just to do the Teshuvah). If I were writing this to German Jews in the 1930’s, they would give the same list of excuses why they can’t leave, why there is not enough time. They would be happy to tell me that they have a Rabbi who is saying: don’t worry, how bad can it get?

We are seeing more in the non-mainstream news about North Korea, Iran and other rogue nations that have the capability and perhaps plan to EMP the US. If that occurs, chas v’shalom, there will be no more planes to fly. Only miracles from Hashem will be your ticket out of there. Hashem will come through, but we do not rely on miracles, especially after Hashem telling us very definitely: GET OUT OF THERE AND COME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me close this urgent appeal with a miracle that has happened and is still continuing. There are many Jews in Florida. Irma, which is a devastating category 5 hurricane (winds of 185 MPH) was shown to be heading directly for Florida, especially where the largest Jewish population lives. As of this morning, the computer model is showing Irma going to the right of Florida and headed for Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina (the Xtian Bible belt). Does is seem strange that the message changed that the greater danger my not be where the Jews are, but where the “you-know” are.

Sounds miraculous? Now let me tell you the real miracle. Florida, who has suffered 488 storms since 1851, has not seen a hurricane in the past 10 years. What changed that made it possible? I don’t remember his name, but the Governor of Florida visited Israel about 10 years ago and put a note in the Western Wall asking Hashem to spare Florida the suffering of hurricanes. Since that note was placed, Hashem has helped Floridians by granting the prayer of the Governor.

The power of prayer, the power of turning to Hashem, the power of listening to Hashem’s messages and reacting. Hashem wants the best for all His faithful followers. We need to comply with His will by truly being faithful followers – believe his messages and do the right thing.

Speaking of helping our fellow Jews make Aliyah, we are getting close, please help this wonderful family.
The Chesed Fund


  1. Reb Menachem Shalom to you and your readers
    Just a correlation that doesn't leave my mind
    With the story of Jonah...
    He tries to fly abroad to escape the obligation of doing Hashem ' s will. A big storm threatens the boat and all it's idolaters passengers. Until they understand and he himself recognizes that all its happen because he is reticent to obey. At the end they throw him to the sea and everything returns to quietness. ..
    All is from Hashem and he does it exclusively for Israel. If the Jews refuse to understand the message - it's time to return and their place is in Eretz Israel - the gentiles will understand the cause of their own sufferings before and do the work in the hardest way. Like for Jonah. Time is getting short until they reach the right conclusion.
    May Hashem protect his people everywhere and give to each of us the binah ans courage to do the right thing in the right time
    All the best, that you, Bessorot tovot and Shana Tova.
    Itzhak. Yerushalaim

  2. Is there proof text for this story about Florida's governor? And who was it? This is a very important piece of information. Toda raba.

    1. There were several articles about it, but this one says it all: