Monday, September 18, 2017

Three Shofar Blasts

Jerusalem, that will come, 15 Elul 5777, communication with Benjamin Golden, message no. 288

This message comes from Ben Golden through Facilitated Communications. I felt it important enough that I am giving you the Google translation. If I were to translate it and cleaned it up, it would take me days. Instead, I am giving you this very rough translation to get it to you sooner. Yes, there are places that are not as easily understood, but for the most part the content is here. Read carefully; it is full of Hashem’s wisdom, and could not have come from Ben Golden:

I am so happy to be among the good people who help me tell AMI what I was sent to say, that they give the possibility of a few more guys like me to say what they have to say.

It's been about 25 years since we started to communicate in this way, and I have remained on my errand here as a guy without a normal cough, unable to speak normally, a guy who should always be in control of other people because I alone could not exist, The truth comes out. It seemed not so great, there was a lot of talk about us, but what's great about it is that the truth-tellers speak the same things today. And here and there if there is someone who remembers us then say, 'Oh, he sounds like an autistic! ...'

True, it's funny, you can laugh a little, but our world has become something very frightening, really hell. Fear is everywhere: outside, on the street, on the beach, on the plane, on walks, even in the house there is a terrible fear, because we do not know what can happen every second. Really, the person cannot know what might happen every second but forget it, and now we see 'in large quantities' that we have nothing to fear, it happens yesterday and today and a week ago.

Just think of the hurricane that hit Houston, a city that is a symbol, the example of corporeality, of the Golden Calf, of a so-called good life, a life without much tension, a lot of money rolling, oil, high tech, whatever you want there. It even has two kosher restaurants, or so-called kosher lemehadrin.

Question - Where one of NASA's huge space centers is located ...

A. certainly! This is the house of NASA, they make launches from there ... and the place is supposedly an ideal for a 'good life', and with all that there is even a Chabad name, and there are other Hasidic sects, and Lithuanians, and places with eruv ... something, Even for the greatest 'Chaniok', and for the most disgusting gentile ... this is Houston. And it is the fourth largest city in the United States, with about six and a half million people in it, and I'm telling you, it's just a lie-lie-a-eye-do not want to know anything.

Now they say there's the biggest storm ever since they started writing down these things, with really huge winds, three hundred miles per hour. It's a real fear, and a terrible rain, a hurricane of level 5, which is the highest, and it will probably go to South Florida, and what is South Florida? Miami beach'! What is Miami Beach? The Brooklyn ( a haredi place ) in the south of the United States, where all the Jews or at least many of them make vacations, and a lot of Jews have retired there in Miami, and there is a full name of ultra-Orthodox Jews there. It has air conditioning ...

In any case, this kind of life is simply an anesthetizing to the soul, because there is nothing to awaken the person in the morning. If at least there was a rooster that would have done 'cockroico' then maybe there would have been some life there ... but they are dormant. They get up in the morning, drink coffee, go gymnastics, or if he is ultra-Orthodox then he goes to the synagogue, and then he does gymnastics ... they go swimming, go to a restaurant to eat lunch, etc., A man becomes like a stone, a man without reason, without emotion, vulgarization - that word, becomes a real stone.

And in that place we heard today that they had already bought all the food they had in all the supermarkets ... They are so afraid, and they have something to fear. This is not just, it's just a monster, and it's called 'Monster', Frnknstorm ( Frankenstorm ) , which is precisely the name of a woman ... Airmh, and it's not that compliment (compliment) for women ... and it is interesting that no one complain.

Question - They also called Sandy a 'monster' ...

Yes, but Sandy was not such a monster as Irma ... Now if it really does harm it will not be just, it will be much worse than Houston, and it will also hurt the hearts of the Jews, because this is really the place of the American ultra-Orthodox Jews. And there is another monster that may be even bigger than that. It looks like there's some 'hurricane Olympics' here ... There's one that's already starting, and I have a feeling it will go to New Jersey, New York, and if so, us.

If it gets to New York, all the Subways will be underwater, and in general it seems that everything will float on the water. But that's just an example of what's going to be. And this is just to wake the Jews. Not to wake the nations, but to awaken the Jews. Do not you notice? But it does not move them, yes, it scares them, but think move ?! - It's not, maybe a few people do, but nothing big. If it hurts New York, maybe it will.

And now it will not end with it. There is a terrible war, that the word 'terrible' is not even strong enough to describe it, which is before us in the near future. And you know the language in Israel, on our border, the Russians are sitting, and the eyes - one eye for Syria, and one eye for Israel. You know what it is for us to make war against the Russians? .. It's a laugh! If at least we were righteous ... but since the Zionists rule here, who knows what will happen. Besides, not only are there Russians, there are also Iranians, thousands of Iranians. So now we have a lot more problems, what will we do with the Iranians and with them? Woe to us. And what about the army of the State of Israel? What do they think at all? As if Israel has something 'secret', and that's why we're afraid of it ... and that's a joke, even if we had the hydrogen bomb, how much can we use it against America who probably have it, or England or Europe? So it 's laughter. But one thing I can tell you is that when the Zionists start their careers, it will be their end. How exactly - I do not know, but it will be their end. And then Hashem will protect us, because they are simply leading the people to suicide, which we will not know, and Hashem will stop them, and fire them. And there are Jews who are looking for truth.

Question - They had a similar plan during World War II, that they prepared a suicide plan for the whole settlement ...

It's very interesting, because I always thought about the Six Day War, I knew it was a miracle, but for them it was like a miracle, was a surprise really big scores, they were sure that everything is 'go Fiifn' (liquidated) , then together with their friends Bmafih World They will take control of the Land of Israel, but they had a surprise, the Lord turned it differently, and it became victory rather than loss. But what a triumph! And they did not know what to do, confused with it, but they did not wait long, they immediately began to run a second program, which means: to put a lot of money into the Land of Israel and that people will get used to the "good" But the spirituality of the people rose and fell.

We have had strong people here, like the Yemenites, who with everything they did to them, many of them held the closeness to Hashem, but the majority of the Yemenites were lost because of the corporeality, and Baruch Hashem is coming back now, and we have many Yemenite scholars, . But on the other hand there is a decline among the people who were once the best, the people of the old Yishuv who were here before the Zionists came to power. They were people who came and sacrificed their entire lives just to study Torah and observe mitzvot, and most of the time they did not even have what to eat , But Jerusalem was full of saints. And seeing these families today - it's just crying, just crying, what? It's not even a 'shadow' from what it used to be, except for a few.

Yes, we are in a world of highly developed technology, and in the bunkers of the wicked there is technology that we never dreamed of, but it is not for the people who will stay outside, just for those who enter the bunkers. But I'll just tell you, the world is in a very difficult situation, there are only a few, relatively few people in the world, people who are really real Jews. This is exactly the number that came out of Egypt and passed through the desert and reached Eretz Israel, it will be the number that will survive, because that is the number of Jews, and it never went down, maybe from heaven they added to it, but nothing came down. As we have already said, this is very little relative to all the Jews there, and all the rest are just pretending to be Jews, many of them do not even know that they are not Jews, and there are real gree zedek, they were Jews, they are essentially Jews because their soul Even though they were born Gentiles, they converted to Judaism, and they are real Jews, and they will also be among those who will be saved.

And not every person who converted to Judaism is real, not all those who convert to Judaism will be saved, only the nations who are really righteous, who have few, will be saved by the nations, and on the Jewish side - all the real Jews who are the true people of Israel. You will know how to say Shema Yisrael, and shout to the heavens to save us, to ask Gd to shout for us to save us, so surely we will do it safely.

But it will not be easy, and most of the world will be destroyed, but not the Land of Israel. And we have all kinds of things that all kinds of rabbis talked about this period, it's better to read all this from the source. And when you read it from the source and you really want to be spiritual and not be stuck to the lie - of the physical - then look what pleasure is! What is to enjoy! What it is to feel the soul and not just the body, what is to think clearly and deeply and understand so many things we never understood.

And all this technology - it's just like the company they built, it's all superficial, when you remove the plug from the socket - then everything becomes quiet, and completely disappeared as if we were born four thousand years ago.

But it is possible to put something in the place of electricity already, but that too can be silenced, and then everything will be dark, because there is only one way, one true way, and that is: to be with Hashem, and it is impossible to go through this period if not If you do not start to be benevolent, Jews who love Jews, who care about each other, have it today, and even in the big one, but not always with all the heart ... A person who loves a Jew is loved by Hashem, A person who can cry over the troubles of another Jew is a real Jew. [Egg of blessed memory, Yevamot 79b. " Three signs have in this nation and Hbiisnin merciful and benefactor ' ] . A person who can not stand to see how the Jews or Gentiles rabble trying to distort the Torah and the commandments, those who can not bear to see it - so is a real Jew.

We are so busy with plays, and with all kinds of nonsense, and even though the Jew is naturally more profound than the goy, but today there is some superficiality that everyone has taken upon themselves. Not everyone, but a lot.

And I ask the people of Israel: Throw away the toys! The toys are a lie. Even though you can get lots of information from this and all sorts of things, but we'll soon see the truth without looking for places that are not kosher. We will know everything, because it will be so obvious. The destruction will be so great that one can only know and believe that only the one who created it is the one who can destroy it, only the one who created everything has the power to destroy everything. And the people who think they can, will learn that it will be their end, but they will not die before it is clear to them that they have died directly from the omnipotent, and that their devil will blush his name and remember that they believe in him - he does not really exist. He is also only an angel, even Hashem created him, and Hashem will dismantle him as well, he will be disbanded because he did the work of Gd in the best way, and sometimes even too well ... then he will dismantle him, and he will not be dangerous More, and he will be among those, though not in his original form, but in a different form, among those who will continue to ascend, and ascend, and reach forever.

Questions and Answers

Q. What about the star? ...

A. The star comes, the star with the sun and the seven planets around it, are on the way, no doubt about it. They'll be there soon. You'll see twice that you know that 'it', the party is over! They will not destroy the world with their bombs, yes, they will use these fearsome bombs, apparently, but they will not be able to do what the star will do ...

Q. They say in the name of the righteous that they will try to lay such bombs on the Land of Israel, but it will not explode ...

A. Yes, we heard it from several people who will throw it, and there are different versions in it, to throw a few bombs or one bomb, but it will stand in the air, and people will come to look at it how it stands in the air and does not reach the ground. Although a bomb does not have to reach the ground, it can be detonated even before it reaches the ground, but it will not explode. There are several versions of what the Sages said, I do not know if it will be just like that or not, I just know it would be something huge to see.

Q. In 2011, one of the righteous, a well-known Rebbe in the United States, told the Jews to leave the United States because of what was going to happen.

A. True, he said it and he's right, but how can it be? How can it be? They are only half asleep, they can not move their legs ... they are like old people, they just do not move, they only run when there's a Bar Mitzvah party, there's a wedding or some vacation, maybe they go to Switzerland for Passover, that's how it is. It's like having lead in the legs ...

Q. And what about those who really can not come, because they do not have the opportunity to come? ...

A. True Jews, who are righteous and love Hashem, believe and are close, but they do not have the opportunity to leave the United States - for them will be the wings of eagles ...

Q. But how can we strengthen those abroad who see that the destruction begins and they have no way to come here? ..

A. To pray for them, I do not know if it will be possible to strengthen when things happen, if there is a possibility of contact. But now we have to talk about it. I think, not sure, that the next monster might very well be moving in New York, and then we have to talk to them.

Q. Can they be prepared from now on? ..

A. You can try, but they'll say: 'We have no money, and we have nowhere to be, and we do not have, and we do not have ...' So it's not easy to get here, just because it costs to go up with all the kids ... Having a tangible threat - will be much easier to come by.

Q. You have not yet referred to what is happening in Korea.

A. What happens between Korea and the US, and between Korea and Japan, etc., etc. It will explode in the end, there will be war, and there is a very good chance that important goals will disappear, and then one thing is clear: it is almost certainly going to be, and in the near future, The second one, all kinds of small and big things start here and there, all kinds of wars, until it becomes world war. I say, this is very, very true, and a few other Jews, like the Admor of Frankfurt (the Admor of Karlin, known as the Frankfurter) , who really knew what was about to be, The Holy One. Hashem will help us. Many righteous people who had the Holy Spirit were in those days, like the Vilna Ga'on and the Ba'al Shem Tov, etc. But we were chosen to be the last generation, and we have to deal with very, very difficult things.

Q. You feel fear, there is a feeling of fear and trembling ... you do not know what to expect ...

A. Yes, it is a fear that is unbelievable, it will be a great destruction, not only from the war, but mainly from the star, when you know clearly that the star is directly from Hashem ... It is clear that what they are doing also comes from the Lord who created all this behavior, That we can be part of eternity, it is a tremendous gift, to be forever and to go up and up.I say this in a simple way, but it is not at all simple, and it is a constant, unceasing pleasure.

Q. The United States symbolizes this world, the golden calf, now see how it is attacked from all directions, both by nature and by the tension of the wars ...

A. Well, in America it was true, but before America, it was Europe that was the greatest materialism, there was always someone, some group or some country, but Hashem just dropped them one by one, but now he will finish them all, Everyone.

Q. Both in Europe and in the US?

A. Most certainly, because in Europe - every non-Jew there was born with anti-Semitism 'within his genes'. There are exceptions, but this is the vast majority.

Q. And what happens between the US and Russia? ...

A. It's also, it's all plays. This is the new world order. They already have an agreement. This is a 'mafia'. They will blow up a few cities or something, Hashem forbid, and in the meantime they will enter their bunkers. You see, getting into all these bunkers is not easy, it's about a few million people, not two million, more than that. And all the systems have to be tip-top, in the best condition, so they have to get the people there, maybe a year or maybe a few years before they really need it. So in the US people disappear, whole families disappear, and in Israel they have to do so, because if they can not know if it will work, all this high technology ...

Q. What do you think of all the scandals that are revealed throughout the government here?

A. This is all for distraction, all the investigations about the prime minister, you will see that it will not bring anything, it's just to distract from what they want to do here, people here are chatting about it all the time from morning to night, that's all there is in the media. , All this nonsense, and every communication station, even at the same time they're talking the same thing, it's a kind of attack on people, in the end it's just to distract us, not to notice that we're on the verge of war is not simple, All these scandals are real or not, now they use it.

Q. When there will be chaos in the world, what will happen here in Israel? ..

A. what are? You want to know everything?! ... then there will be no security ...! Thank Hashem I do not know what to tell everyone exactly what will happen and what will be ... Only I know that in Eretz Yisrael we will go through this much easier than in the whole world, with Hashem's help.

Q. One ultra-Orthodox daughter was arrested yesterday, released only after threats of demonstrations ...

A. Do they need these girls? They do not need them, certainly not the ultra-Orthodox. They just make trouble for distraction ...

Q. But here too there are all kinds of evening and so forth ...

A. The evening will be treated by Hashem. There are AR who flee from the land and die with the nations, and there are AR who will die here.

Q. Someone asks if it is worth living in low places in the country, if there is no fear that a tsunami could hit these places? ..

A. The Land of Israel will float, it is as if it will see that it floats on the water, tell it that it is - it is also good. And the Arabs will not interfere with us ...

Q. Regarding the dispute over the birds ...

A. I do not get into this thing. I do not know, almost anything we eat, there's almost nothing that's really kosher. There are all sorts of things that you are not aware of. Today the food industry is so complicated that you can not rely on anything. So whether it is chicken, or even vegetables, or wheat, there can be problems. Do not know if it is old or new. And you have to know if you really do it properly, and you never know. And do not forget that it's so complicated today, and so many machines are used for all sorts of things, so it's very hard to take over.

Q. I heard that the wheat was also genetically engineered ...

A. In the US they worked with genetics, so if it came from the US it could be genetic, they may have played with it, and it could also be genetically engineered and organic anyway ... that grew it without spraying, and with all that - It's genetic ... And there's another problem with this thing, which goes through the air from field to field, genetic crops.

Q. And what about what grew up in Israel? ..

A. As far as I know, there are fewer in Israel, because it is not used, but there is not so much wheat produced here. But here there is more chance that it is fine, and in Europe it is against the law to do it.

Q. In things other than birds, the questions are usually less serious than birds.

A. I do not know, but there's a problem with everything. The other chickens were also poor, everyone saw that they were a bit distorted and they could not stand or walk straight, but there are slaughterers and righteous people who give their approval and eat it themselves. So what is there to say? And the new ones must be kosher, so what? What can you say? If you do not eat chicken, it's easier because you do not get into problems with poultry, but there are many other types of foods that can be problematic. You can not really know who is right and who is not. It may be that if you have a rabbi who says a certain thing then you follow this rabbi, but it is not right to look at someone who does not go with it as if he is committing an offense,

Q. What can be in vegetables and fruits? ...

A. There are apples and things that put wax on it. And there are all sorts of things. Most of the people stopped for ten years themselves, we did not know how to make a donation, someone wanted to come to the field to see how to make an apple concentrate for a certain kashrut, and when they came to see they were simply shocked and had kosher, but they used fallen apples On the ground, like the parsha and the tithes, and then they just took these apples again, they put it again into the concentrate, the donations and the tithes themselves ...

Q. You used to talk about having to raise our own food ...

A. But it's also impossible, most people live in cities and how can they? Hashem simply brings us to a situation where it is, or is or nothing. This. We reach the end and we have to choose how we should go. And another thing, we have to trust Hashem, the reason we are in this world is to learn to be servants of Hashem, and servants of Hashem. This is all the reason we are in this world, and there is no other reason. Hashem prepares us for eternity. Those who do not have 100% confidence in Hashem, and no less than 100 percent, will never be able to reach eternity. Therefore, all of our experience in this world is to learn to trust Hashem, no matter what [the Vilna Ga'on of Proverbs 22:19: "And the essence of the giving of the Torah to Israel is so that they may place their trust in Hashem as it is written, That the essence of everything is complete security and includes all the commandments ... ' ] . Let it be clear, the whole matter of our life, of livelihood and all that, is all to see if we have confidence in Hashem,'Let you know that in your heart ...' and there: 'And you shall remember the Lord your Hashem, for He gives you strength to do the work ...') , so that we will not sit down and think of all kinds of ways that we will overcome this. We have to make an effort, but we know that if we accept - it's only what, the money and what we need can go through all kinds of hands, but that's just what. ' And our whole lives should be like that. And no matter what, whether the person is alive or dies, Hashem forbid, whether it is healthy, be healthy, no matter what, whether he has money or not having, if he should be begging or with money from a Bizns ( Business)Or something else, does not matter, you have to trust Hashem, to try to live every second, and a minute, an hour, and a year, with the Torah and with what the Torah tells us to do. We have to trust Hashem, no matter what, no matter what state we are. And not to increase the troubles, but to reduce them, because it is only attempts, that we will be ready for the great experience. Our families we have now - it is not necessarily the families we had in the other lives, we worry about them and we cry if we lose someone, but he is not dead, they still live, it's something else, it has become something else. So many times, we stood at Mount Sinai, and we said, we will do and we will hear, and then we fail, and again we say, we will do and we will hear, this time not in such a big forum, but every Jew should always say to himself, .

We are close to the end, that this end is a beginning. The beginning of something amazing, but it is impossible to be part of it if we do not work on ourselves, if we do not trust Hashem with complete confidence, only He is omnipotent, and He directs us, and He does everything solely for our benefit. The true love with him, the love he feels for us, so it will awaken our connection with him, and then all the other things, all the nonsense, will disappear from us, and we will not need them anymore. And not only the love of the commandments, it will be our part, of our structure, that we are built for it. There will be no evil inclination, evil inclination will be something of the past that we forget from 6. We will only become Jews who want the closeness of the omnipotent, the Creator of the world.

Q. How can anyone promise himself that he will register for a good year? ...

A. Oh, that's a good question... Nobody, nobody-that's the answer. We have confidence in the integrity of Hashem, without Garantis ( guaranties ) , with no guarantees.

Q. A person who feels that he is too absorbed in corporeality and golden calf and wants to get out of it, how can you get out of it after so many years ..?

A. If a person suddenly feels he wants to get out of it - the urge to be so strong, and it will begin to be observant, he starts, he will find the way, the Lord will push him hard [Rabbeinu Yonah beginning of S. Gates of Repentance ' and clarified in the Torah that will name those returning when there Their nature is attainable. And renew within them a pure spirit to attain the virtues of his love ... ') , if his soul is important enough, Hashem Himself will take it as if by hand and push it hard until it reaches ... He will pull it in the ear or nose ... but it will come. Every Jew, no matter who, any real Jew with a true Jewish soul, even if he is in whatever situation, no matter what, even the farthest in the world [Parashat Nitzavim: ' If you are rejected by the heavenly ...'] , Can return, in one second, in half a second ... [There is one who buys his world at one hour ... ', 17:17] .

You do not understand, even people who are the greatest Torah scholars can not understand how far this love is coming, and how much a Jew who finds this point in his soul can To love Hashem so much, just as Avraham ben Avraham, Hagar Potocki, was not prepared to let the Vilna Gaon remove him from there in all sorts of ways that only the Vilna Gaon knew could save him from death. That is how great - to die for Kiddush Hashem - this is the greatest love that can be between a Jew and his Creator.

Q. How do you offer to prepare for the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and the coming days for us?

A. That you know clearly, if we end these days without damage - it will be a big thing, it is not clear at all how this year will end ...

Q. So how do you really prepare? ...

ת. פשוט תפתחו את העינים ותראו מה שיש מסביב, וזה צריך להראות לנו מה קורה. הכל כל כך מפחיד יהיה, כך שיהודי אמיתי, שיש לו איזה נסיון בהשתדלות להפעיל את הביטחון שלו – יצטרך שיהיה לו ביטחון. וכל יהודי ישמח שהשקר הולך להיות מפורק וייעלם בסופו של דבר. ואלה שעדיין בחו"ל אלה שבנו להם בתים מאבן, שתדעו, ה' יהרוס את הבתים האלה, בתים כאלה אסור לבנות אותם בכלל [פלא יועץ, ר' לקמן], זה רק בגלל שהיהודי התרגל למקום מגוריו, לגשמיות של המקום ובנה לעצמו בית שיכול להחזיק דורי דורות [תהלים מ"ט: " קִרְבָּם בָּתֵּימוֹ לְעוֹלָם מִשְׁכְּנֹתָם לְדֹר וָדֹר...']. ומאז הגירוש מארצנו היינו צריכים לחיות עם מזוודות המוכנות לצאת מהגלות ולחזור, מאז ההתחלה של הגלות.

" We shall be like the shadow of our days on the earth" (Divrei Ha-yamim 1: 15,15), and it is good He would spend the same expenses to build a faithful home for the next world, because the name of his home ... especially in the land of nations if a person can live in the community by better rent that will not build houses at all and will not determine an apartment in a land impure, and this indicates the faith of salvation and the expectation of salvation day by day And as we wrote in his place.

Wonderful Counselor, the value of salvation: and a sign of the believer and expect salvation is ... not build many houses are strong and rising profits paintings and exemptions tits in a foreign land, that those who are true heart safe sitting and looking forward to every day that close Thursday gathered adjourned and we will arise and go up to Mt. Hashem is the place of our Temple, and his apartment will not be a nice apartment in the unclean land, and also because our days are like the shadow of the passing and we live in this world ... '


  1. Menachem, what will happen next? Plagues of water and fire will continue hitting the united snakes? Antisemitism? Massive Aliyah? "Natural" disasters? Nuclear war?

    I'm tired of this world and its wicked people. When Hashem is going to clean up the 2/3?

    1. Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, has said that all the devastation, Jew-hatred, threat of war, etc will continue throughout the world until all the Jews are in Israel. I have said many times that this is all scare tactics to get all the Jews to do Teshuvah and come home.

      I have also said that we are not waiting for Moshiach, he is waiting for us. If everyone would say what you said: “I'm tired of this world and its wicked people!” and would add emphatically: WE WANT MOSHIACH NOW!!!!!! Hashem would answer: Now you caught on, here he is.

      We are so complacent and we are asleep. If all the Jews would do Teshuvah, Moshiach would be introduced instantly. How will that happen? As Ben Golden has been saying for a while, when the star passes us, the world will be so devastated, the 2/3rd group eliminated, it will be so scary that all Jews will say one word of Teshuvah: HELP!!!!!! In other words, when everyone is so scared, they will all turn to Hashem; instant worldwide redemption and Moshiach will be upon us, B”H.

      Remember: there are no atheists in foxholes. Hashem’s plan, as He did in the first Geula was to get the Israelites so scared that the whole world becomes a foxhole, then the happy ending and tremendous new world will begin. Then we will all understand that we had the ability a long time ago to change the world to one of goodness and truth. But, we are a stubborn, stiff-necked people who think we know better. We will see the truth very soon and the happy ending will be here for the good people of the Earth (not for the evil ones, who received all their reward they might deserve in this short lifetime).

  2. Thank you so much. Here's what was is Hebrew :

    The translation from google translate

    A. Just open your eyes and see what's around, and it should show us what's going on. Everything is so frightening that a real Jew, who has some experience in trying to use his security, will have to have security. And every Jew would be glad that the lie was going to be dismantled and eventually disappear. And those who are still abroad have built houses for them from stone, so that you know that God will destroy these houses. Such houses are forbidden to build them at all. To hold generations of generations [Tehillim 49: "They sacrificed in their homes for ever, from their dwelling place to the wilderness ...") Since the expulsion from our land we had to live with suitcases ready to leave the exile and return,


    May Hashem help us all come Home soon.

    Thank you rabbi menachem.