Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The World is Asleep

It is a very big mystery as to why the world has some of the problems that it has. I find it very obvious. The world population is asleep. They are so adamant about certain subjects, beliefs, agendas, etc, yet they have no comprehension of the absolute truth of those subjects, beliefs, agendas, etc. People are extremely lazy and only want the easy way out, without any research or study to find out the truth. I thought I would review some very controversial problem areas in the world and show the reality of each subject. Each subject that I am about to discuss comes from many decades of research. I hope to avoid speculation and only base each area with hard facts; you know “the absolute truth.”

The first and only topic that will be covered today is probably the longest and most controversial. I have been getting Emails from Xtians who are trying so hard to prove me wrong on such statements as “the real Messiah is here in Israel,” or that “the Xtians can’t see that the 2000 year debate is over and that YESHU is not the Messiah,” or that “Jewish scriptures completely have proven that Xtianity is false and that it will disappear soon.” I know that it is so difficult for people who have been indoctrinated for so long about one belief and then have someone come with absolute proof that shatters their very belief system, but pay attention and realize your very welfare is in jeopardy. Since you will find that this will save your life and the lives of your loved one (guaranteed in writing), you can thank me later.

What I have as proof of the end of Xtianity would fill volumes, so I will only try to point out very definite facts that are unshakable. Most Xtians argue their points by quoting the so-called New Testament. But anyone who has studied Jewish scriptures can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything, and I do mean everything, was told to us by Hashem in our Jewish scriptures. It is so complete, that the idea of needing a new book to add to the situation has to be useless, incorrect and even blasphemy. Jewish scriptures are complete and perfect, as it says in the Torah, “do not add or subtract from the Torah;” they are 100% and covers everything in the universe.

That is especially true if the new book disagrees with the word of Hashem, chas v’shalom. The fact is the NT plagiarized the Hebrew Bible and said nothing new. A statement made by a very prominent Rabbi of today about the NT is: “If it is true, it is not new; and, if it is new, it is not true.” The situation is even worse since it doesn’t even agree with what they call “the Old Testament.” Of course, both the so-called Old Testament and the NT don’t agree with themselves. How is that possible when all they did was take the Jewish Bible and translate it into English and called it the King James Version? Actually, they took the Hebrew Bible translated it into Greek, then into Latin and then to English. That wasn’t bad enough (those are not compatible languages that would allow for an accurate translation), they added many new prophecies that Hashem never told us, just to make it sound like our bible supports YESHU. There are an estimated 20,000 differences between the Hebrew Bible and the distorted KJV.

I also should add that there are approximately 2,000 versions of the non-Jewish Bible, but only one version of the Hebrew Bible. That is proven by the Dead Sea Scrolls which are about 2300 years old and match perfectly the Hebrew Bible we still use today. It is very interesting that 2300 years ago was the last of the prophets in the real Bible, so we know that the information in Jewish scriptures (the Bible, the Zohar, the Talmud, the Midrash, etc) go back to Mount Sinai where Hashem taught everything to Moshe.

Let me tell you an even more incredible fact that very few people know. Most of the NT was written by Paul the Apostle. Fourteen of the twenty-seven books in the NT have traditionally been attributed to Paul. Paul was actually a Jewish fellow whose real name was Saul or Sha’ul (in Hebrew). What people don’t know is that Sha’ul saw this heretical religion being made up, mostly out of Jew-hatred (I will expound on that point later) and decided to mock the idea by writing a bogus book. His goal was to convince Jews that this was heresy and to run away from it. He succeeded since Jews, who were educated in the truth, saw the nonsense of it and did not become Xtians of any type. The Jews who had the truth handed down to them at Mount Sinai diligently studied and lived the truth. It was very easy for them to see the craziness that Sha’ul was pointing out, and for the Jews to reject this made-up religion.

It was the Roman pagans that were easily recruited. Even though it took hundreds of years to formulate and advertise (Google “The First Council of Nicaea, 325 CE where the church made up a lot of what was to be followed). That is when it caught on and you know the rest of the story.

I should add three additional factors that helped it catch on. One is that the church decided to add many pagan customs to make the Romans feel at home (I will mention some below).

Two is that it was completely forbidden for Xtians to study scriptures. The only way that the church could keep people from finding out the truth was to keep them totally uneducated. It wasn’t until a couple of hundred years ago when printing became prevalent that the church could no longer keep people in the dark. They started to lose their power and even caused a Reformation that led to new Xtian religions forming, you know modernizing the fold.

The third very effective way that the church brought people into their grasp was the same method that the Muslims do today: “Convert to Xtianity, or we will kill you!!!” It was a very persuasive advertising gimmick that had cowards lining up to sign-up. The Inquisition, the Crusades, the Pogroms, the massacres, etc were all threats of annihilation and were all very effective PR (public relations). Since Xtianity couldn’t stand up by itself, this more persuasive tactic was employed. After all, if the population can’t even study the books to find out what this thing called Xtianity is, a little threat of life provides instant education.

It is also the reason why Jews didn’t give in. They did study scriptures and knew the truth. The problem was that not enough Jews studied adequately, but they were still willing to sacrifice themselves for Hashem rather than give in to the heresy of Xtianity.

What do I mean by “the Jews didn’t study enough?” We know that when Jacob is studying Torah, his wicked brother Esau cannot touch him. Although most people today think that the majority of Jews were deep in Torah study, it was not true throughout history (another very long subject). It is the reason that Jewish history was with such suffering. The Jews thought with their flawed human logic that if we made nice to the non-Jews and just assimilated into their society, that they would love us and not kill us. The fact that Hashem has told us the opposite for thousands of years was ignored and we paid the price.

Even today most Jews think like they did in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century: “we just need to blend into the German population, we even fought for them in their first world war and we should be accepted by Esau with open arms.” Where did that go wrong when we found ourselves welcome with open gas chambers instead (another topic for another day)? It is important to know that over 90% of German Jewry was assimilated and completely secular. They didn’t believe Hashem and you know the rest of that story. Yet, we don’t learn from history as again so many Jews are assimilated into the non-Jewish society. The near future will sort that out, and it won’t be easy.

I want to point out a very important prophecy that almost no one knows. We today think that Islam is our problem and that the Xtians are on our side and helping us. It says in the Torah that when Esau saw that he couldn’t kill Jacob, he married the daughter of Ishmael and told him to kill Jacob. If we do a very deep study of all the Islamic activity, the terrorism, the Intifadas, the land for peace concept, etc, it was all arranged by the Xtians as a hidden effort to kill the Jews. Esau turned the job over to Ismael especially after Esau failed in WW2 to exterminate world Jewry. The prophecy has been fulfilled as Esau continues to this day to try to kill Jacob. I should add that more wars have been fought and many, many more of the earth’s population has been killed due to Xtianity than any other cause.

You may ask: what does Esau have to do with Xtianity? Esau’s descendants became the pagans that eventually accepted this new religion of Xtianity. Every place that you see Edom mentioned in Jewish scriptures, it is talking about the Xtians, the Edomites. Watch these videos from Rav Glazerson showing in the Torah that Esau actually reincarnated as YESHU to continue his effort to kill Jacob:

Let us go back to a quick statement that I made about the Jews understanding Sha’ul’s message for the Jews to stay away from the nonsense of Xtianity. Sha’ul made many mistakes in the NT that only a Jew would understand. These mistakes were a very definite message of the falseness of the new book. There are way too many to discuss here, but to give some examples:

Acts 7:14 states that "Joseph sent word and invited Jacob his father and all his relatives to come to him, seventy-five persons in all." Yet we know from the Torah: Deut. 10:22, Ex. 1:5; and Gen. 46:27 which all say it was 70 persons. It was close, but still a definite mistake, and could not have come from Hashem (He doesn’t make mistakes).

Acts 7:15–16 says: Then Jacob went down to Egypt, where he and our ancestors died. Their bodies were brought back to Shechem and placed in the tomb that Abraham had bought from the sons of Hamor at Shechem for a certain sum of money. (NIV). Of course the Torah in Genesis 23:17–20 states: So Ephron’s field in Machpelah near Mamre – both the field and the cave in it, and all the trees within the borders of the field was deeded to Abraham as his property in the presence of all the Hittites who had come to the gate of the city. Afterward Abraham buried his wife Sarah in the cave in the field of Machpelah near Mamre (which is at Hebron) in the land of Canaan. So the field and the cave in it were deeded to Abraham by the Hittites as a burial site. (NIV). Take notice that I quoted from the same Xtian bible the New International Version. It is an obvious that their old testament doesn’t agree with their new testament. How do I know for sure the Abraham and his family are buried in Hebron and not Shechem? I live about a half hour away, and have been to the Cave of Machpelah many times (and of course, the Torah tells us).

I could write a book with mistake after mistake that appears in the Sha’ul’s new book, but the most important point to be made is that the Jews knew it and took the hint from Sha’ul: stay away.

Let me mention an even funnier set of facts to prove the nonsense of Xtianity. Do you know that the Torah lets us know that the earliest year that the Messiah could show up was 4250 or the year 490 CE? Why wouldn’t they be looking for the Messiah about 500 years earlier when YESHU was alive? What is brought down is that the Messiah will appear in the end of days to bring back the Temple. When YESHU lived they had the second Temple and weren’t looking to bring it back. The Messiah will return the Jews to Israel. When YESHU lived the Jews were in Israel, they didn’t need to be brought back. Nobody was looking for or would have accepted a messiah in the days of YESHU.

One would say that it is the reason the new book says he will have to have a second coming. Everything is in Jewish scriptures. Something as important as the Messiah appearing and having to return a couple of thousand years later again would be a very well-known prophecy. But, it is only in the fantasy of the NT, not the real Bible.

Another area of curiosity. The Xtians claim that YESHU was of virgin birth. Yet, we know that the real Messiah is a descendent of King David. The NT provides two accounts of the genealogy of YESHU, one in the Gospel of Matthew and another in the Gospel of Luke. Matthew's genealogy for YESHU starts with Abraham, while Luke begins with Adam. The lists are identical between Abraham and David, but differ radically from that point. Traditional Christian scholars (starting with the historian Eusebius) have put forward various theories that seek to explain why the lineages are so different, such as that Matthew's account follows the lineage of Joseph (YESHU’s step-father), while Luke's follows the lineage of Mary (YESHU’s mother). Some modern biblical scholars such as Marcus J. Borg and John Dominic Crossan see both genealogies as inventions, to bring the Messianic claims into conformity with Jewish criteria (actually Hashem’s criteria). What is Hashem’s criteria? The King is handed down from father to son to grandson, etc. Saying that someone is king because his step-father of mother is descended is total nonsense. Another problem is: if YESHU was the King of Israel why was that ignored during his lifetime? If we look at the book of Kings in the Bible, which tells us the lineage of all the kings of Israel, why is YESHU left out? I don’t need to say more about that; it is an obvious.

We have another problem. If YESHU had was of a virgin birth, then the only Father he had was Hashem and we know that Hashem is not a descendent of King David. Once again, many mistakes proving that YESHU could not have been the Messiah. I should mention that it is brought down that the Messiah is a normal human being born of normal parents. Virgin birth was a pagan ritual that the Romans did not want to give up in accepting this new thing called Xtianity. They got their way, even though it was impossible for YESHU to be the Messiah with such a stigma about him. One caveat: Isaiah 7:14 which is translated incorrectly in the KJV as a virgin giving birth is properly translated as a young women giving birth in Hebrew. We actually know that it was a sign to Ahaz that he would win in an upcoming battle. Isaiah was pointing to Ahaz’s wife, and not telling him about a woman who would live 700 years later (that would not be a good sign to reassure Ahaz).

There are so many other problems with YESHU that I will only bring up a few more. The Messiah is a great Torah scholar. Yeshu Hanotzri (as he is called in the Oral Torah) was a student of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Prachya, and was excommunicated by his teacher for improper conduct. He was a terrible student who had very little interest in Torah.

There is another conflict in the NT that is ignored. In the book of Mark 12:29 we see the wording “Hear, O Israel: The L-rd our G-d, the L-rd is One” (I know it just happens to be straight from Torah). Yet, there are 26 places in the NT that talks of the Trinity, that Hashem is three, chas v’shalom. There is no Father, son and ghost, there is only Hashem, Who is everything including us. That means that all of us are His children! Then how could He have sent us His only son?

Another fact is that YESHU violated so many commandments, including very serious violations, that it was the Sanhedrin, the ancient Jewish court system that sentenced him to death according to Torah law. How did he die? By stoning (which is not the way we picture it, but is too complicated for a discussion here). The Sanhedrin did not know of crucifixion, so the entire story of his death is bogus. Of course, it would have been tacky if millions of Xtians were wearing stones on their necklaces or the church symbol was a rock instead of the cross, but that is another subject. I do want to mention that the Torah hints to YESHU and the cross. The Torah is extremely accurate about what actually happened (the stoning death), but also what the world believes happened. Hashem tells us everything including the fantasy that the world believes.

This also leads to a definite conflict with the word of Hashem. The NT says that YESHU died for our sins. Two problems: one, human sacrifice is totally against Hashem’s commandments, and Hashem holds us completely accountable for our own sins. That is what doing Teshuvah, repentance is all about. The thought of someone being sacrificed for our sins is an abomination to Hashem.

We saw that YESHU could not be the messiah, nor was he Hashem’s only son since we are all Hashem’s children, but was YESHU a prophet? He wasn’t even a prophet which is proven by the fact that there are no new prophecies in the NT that weren’t already brought down in Jewish scriptures. I have challenged Xtians for over a half a century asking them to tell me one, just one original prophecy in the NT that does not exist in real scriptures. To date I have never received a good answer. Some tell me about prophecies yet to happen. I tell them if it didn’t happen yet, it is not a fulfilled prophecy. Also, if it is yet to happen, it is in Jewish scriptures written long before the Xtians plagiarized it for their bogus book. I once reviewed the famous Sermon on the Mount, YESHU’s famous sermon that he gave to his followers. I figured that should include something original. The entire sermon is a cut and paste of Jewish scriptures – nothing new. The church admits that the NT was written by people. For years I have been told that it is inspired by Hashem. If there are that many mistakes and not one new prophecy to be found, Hashem had absolutely nothing to do with the NT. Hashem doesn’t create books of falsehood and fantasy.

The entire fiasco about YESHU’s birthday. The Hebrew word for Xtian is Notzri. A Notzri is actually a Nazarene, a person from Nazareth. YESHU grew up in Nazareth, but happened to be born in Bethlehem. Why? His family had travelled to Jerusalem for the pilgrimage of Sukkot. It is obvious from wording in the NT (too detailed for here). But Sukkot happens in the month of Tishrei, which is usually around September. Why did they change the time to December, yet keep Bethlehem as the place, since he would have been in Nazareth in Kislev (around December)?

Well, it is brought down, Micah 5:1-2, that the Messiah will be born in the Bethlehem Efrata area. But, it was also known that the Saturnalia was a very big pagan celebration at the end of December. The pagan Romans didn’t want to give up their pagan customs. It was a time for feasting, goodwill, generosity to the poor, the exchange of gifts and the decoration of trees. There was also a term Yuletide which was associated with the winter solstice and later adopted by the church to refer to Xmas. Sound familiar? Everything about YESHU’s birthday was from pagan sources but modernized to satisfy the new Xtian pagans. There is much more proof, but once again too detailed for here.

So what is the most damning prophecy in the Jewish Bible for this thing called Xtianity? The book of Obadiah tells us of the conflict of Esau hating Jacob and wanting to kill him. This of course has happened throughout history, but it is really a prophecy to end soon with the total elimination of the Edomites (the descendent of Esau), the Xtians. It is not so easily understood exactly how the end will come for the Xtians until we read Zechariah 13:8, the famous prophecy of two-thirds of the world population being eliminated, and the end of Malachi where we are told of the sun (Nibiru) that will come and heal the righteous and eliminate the wicked.

Who is wicked? The idolaters, who pretend to worship Hashem, but go through other means such as a statue, a man hanging on a cross, a regular person who is wrongly deified. The Torah is very clear about how Hashem feels about idolatry. Hashem wiped out the world population with a flood mostly because they were idolaters. Now, the ignorance of many belief systems disguise their idolatry by rewriting the words of Hashem and adding new books to pretend that their belief system is what Hashem wants. Obadiah tells the absolute truth about these idolaters and how the end will come for them. The biggest problem is that the end is here and the fulfilling of the prophecies of Obadiah is also here.

Are you aware that the NT is full of Jew-hatred? There are many examples, but I will give you the most glaring example since even Jews don’t have a clue of the truth of this episode – the story of the Good Samaritan. In the book of Luke 10:30-37 YESHU said: “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he was attacked by robbers. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead. 31 A priest (a Kohen) happened to be going down the same road, and when he saw the man, he passed by on the other side. 32 So too, a Levite, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side. 33 But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him. 34 He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him. 35 The next day he took out two denarii[c] and gave them to the innkeeper. ‘Look after him,’ he said, ‘and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.’

This is pure Jew-hatred since it was the Jews who avoided helping the man but the Samaritan who was compassionate. The truth is the Samaritans were a pagan sect that grew out of the tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim. They were fake Jews since they didn’t acknowledge the Oral Torah but pretended to be followers of Hashem’s Torah. They were evil, which makes them the perfect sect to cast dispersions on the Jews with such a horrible story.

The truth is that every country that has natural disasters knows that the Israelis, the Jews are always the first to send medical and other types of help to ease the burden of a disaster. There are no people on this earth as compassionate as the Jews of Israel.

I am stating that it all comes down to Jew-hatred, but as I have written several times, Jew-hatred is a lot deeper a subject than meets the eye. The Jews were chosen by Hashem to receive the Torah, the word of Hashem and be “a light unto the nations.” The actual task of the Chosen Nation is to spread the word of Hashem and help the world learn of goodness and truth. The problem is most of the world population think they know better and are not interested in Hashem’s message, His eternal help.

The world population is so ignorant to reject the only way to happiness and success, and to eventually come to doom and gloom. That is what is happening and the people of the world are asleep and don’t even know it. The biggest problem was that since the population of the world couldn’t kill the message of Hashem that they so readily rejected, they decided instead to kill the messenger. Jew-hatred is much more of Hashem hatred, chas v’shalom, but Hashem is way beyond receiving hatred or its negative effects. Not wanting Hashem’s commandments, even though they are absolutely the only way to happiness for all eternity came down to the burden of hating the messenger who tried to help the world, the Jewish people. Also, when the Jews saw through the nonsense of false gods and false religions, they were chastised. There are many places in Jewish scriptures that tell us that in the end, the world will run after the Jews with the knowledge that we are the only source of absolute truth (actually accepting Hashem).

More exciting facts about Xtianity. In Gittin 56b and 57a there is a truth mentioned in which Onkelos summons up the spirit of a YESHU who sought to harm Israel. YESHU tells Onkelos that his punishment in the afterlife is that he is in Hell, boiling in a vat of excrement. That is the truth about the person the idolaters pray to.

Another unknown fact is about YESHU’s real parents. His mother was named Miriam, the dresser of women's hair, but that she had gone astray from her husband. Miriam, the daughter of Bilgah, is mentioned as having had an affair with a Roman soldier named Pandera. Those are the real parents of the illegitimate child, YESHU.

Further confirmation of YESHU’s family comes from the discovery of the family’s real burial crypt in the Talpiot section of Jerusalem. The details of this are well written by Wikipedia, so read on:

One question that I have not answered yet is: why is he called YESHU? In Hebrew YESHU is an acronym for Yemach Shemo. The Hebrew phrase Yemach Shemo יִמַּח שְׁמוֹ means "May his name be obliterated." It is a curse placed after the name of particular enemies of the Jewish people. Yemach Shemo is one of the strongest curses in the Hebrew language.

I have mentioned many times that I know who the real Messiah is. I have an abundant amount of proof that he meets all the requirements, such as being a descendent of King David, being a great Torah scholar, being a prophet (he has predicted many events accurately), even a miracle worker (I have seen him perform miraculous things), etc. I have also found his name encoded hundreds of times in the Hebrew Bible in very significant places pertaining to the Messiah, the worldwide redemption, the return of the exile, the third and final Temple, the resurrection of the dead, etc.

Even though I have proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that the two thousand year old debate is over, that YESHU is history and will disappear soon, I am aware of the NT talking about an anti-christ that will come. It is another deception to give Xtians false hope. Once again I ask: if such an important event were really prophesied, why is it not in the real Bible, only the fake one? Everything is in Jewish scriptures, and something as important as that would not be missing if it were true. Get over it; we now have the Absolute Truth.

Another proof is that everything that is happening now in the end of days is found in the real Bible. The NT repeating certain events and even saying incorrect events is further proof that the NT is not needed. After Hashem gave us his take on everything, we never asked for a second opinion. 

An interesting example is the leaders of today, the global elite that are trying to take over the world, that are fighting Hashem. The only place that you will see the actual names of these evil people is encoded in the Torah – they are all there. The most interesting name that we should all be questioning is George Mario Bergoglio. Why is he so important? First of all his name includes Gog Magog. He obviously is involved with the global elite in trying to disrupt the world (I actually have an abundance of proof on that fact also). But who is this world leader? The name that he now goes by is Pope Francis. What the head of the Catholic Church is a villain trying to bring disaster to the world? I need not say anymore; you will see what I am saying soon enough (actually we already are seeing how much he doesn’t agree with Hashem  -- many commandments being violated).

What is funny is there are many Protestants reading this who will be glad to bring up the age old dispute that Catholicism is not Xtian. They have not gotten along for quite a while. More facts: Xtianity started with the Catholic Church, not the Protestants which came many hundreds of years later. But it really doesn’t make any difference; idolatry is idolatry, and anyone who follows YESHU is guilty.

I want to end with this last thought. The cruelest thing in the world about it all is that the ignorance of idolatry wants company. When missionaries prey on innocent Jews to go astray it is not just causing them to leave a faith system and join another, it is taking away the greatest gift in the world, the handbook of life, the key to success, the key to happiness for all eternity, the Torah, the Absolute Truth. People like Hitler, Yemach Shemo, were very effective at killing the physical part of our lives, but one who takes away the spiritual side of us, the real side of our existence are the most dangerous and cruelest people on planet Earth. Xtianity and the other 4200 religions of the world are not just belief systems, they are poison for the soul and a taking away of everything good and wonderful about life. What is also horrible is that there are so many good and righteous non-Jews who have the golden opportunity to turn to Hashem directly without the idolatrous ways of evil and have all the benefits of a tremendous future, forever.

I have said many times that ignorance is not bliss, it is extremely dangerous. All that I have written here is totally provable. I anticipate getting comments from the idolaters of the world telling me how much I don’t understand. They in most cases will want to quote the bogus New Testament, about which hopefully I have at least put some doubt in their minds. I know it is very unfair for me to take all that one has been indoctrinated with an entire life and in one essay get you to do some research and reevaluate your indoctrination. But, know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am trying to save your life and the lives of your loved ones. My 70 years of studying scriptures, which does include a complete review and research of the NT, can all be to your benefit. The absolute truth that I profess is not my words, but the unshakable word of the Creator of us all. He wants the best for us, and as His agent and messenger, so do I.

I have found happiness in life beyond my wildest dreams. It comes from living the Absolute Truth that I have studied and researched for 70 years. Hashem also made sure that I went to college full and part time for 16 years and had a very full life of science study as well (over 60 years). I only wish to share my great happiness and prosperity with the 7.5 billion people of the Earth. Since all the scholarship I have gained is from Hashem, it is guaranteed in writing. All I wish is that everyone reading this should have the tremendous goodness that I and my loved ones have. It is available to everyone; all you need do is join me in living the Absolute Truth. Just remember: whether you agree or disagree, the truth does not go away.

May Hashem bless all good people on Earth forever and ever!!!
One additional note, especially for those reading my blog for the first time. If you are not Jewish but see the light that Hashem wants you to see, you should investigate Bnei Noach. The world was not designed for everyone to be Jewish. The Torah tells us that “we will remain small in number, but never disappear.” That prophecy has definitely been fulfilled. Hashem wants all His creations to be happy and live a life of goodness. Therefore, all righteous non-Jews who would like to have it all and share Hashem’s merciful goodness should listen to His message about how to succeed. Google Bnei Noach and see the light; you will be very happy you did.


  1. Let's make this debate even shorter: There's an easy way to prove the New Testament is fake and man-made. Christians claim this book is a continuation of the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible, right? Therefore, the second can't contradict the first one. Well, Acts 7:16 states "...laid in the tomb which Abraham had purchased for a sum of money from the sons of Hamor IN SHECHEM". There's no biblical or extra-biblical source that says Abraham bought anything from Hamor (he appears much later in the story of Jacob and the rape of his daughter). The Bible clearly says Abraham bought the cave from Ephron the Hittite in HEBRON (Genesis 23:1–20). Ups! Retarded human error detected
    (check for yourself, don't be afraid)

    Would you take me seriously if I told you the twin towers fell in Chicago instead of New York? It is SO EASY to disprove Christianity! A divine being doesn't make such a silly mistake... *not even a simpleton like myself*

    1. The church never denied that the NT was written by people. I only touched upon mistakes; volumes can be written especially if one includes the 20,000 changes in the KJV to our Tenach.

      The more embarrassing thing is that the old testament doesn't agree with itself due to changes made, and the NT had a very large number of disagreements with itself.

      My readers are not simpletons, I wouldn't allow it.

  2. "The truth is the Samaritans were a pagan sect that grew out of the tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim..."
    What??? I thought the Samaritans were a people of Persian origin from the city of Kutha in today's Iraq, but pretend to be descendants of the ten Israelite tribes (sounds familiar?). Josephus also denied the Samaritans were from the seed of Jacob (THE ANTIQUITIES OF THE JEWS XII 5.5):

    "When the Samaritans saw the Jews under these sufferings, they
    no longer confessed that they were of their kindred, nor that the
    temple on Mount Gerizzim belonged to Almighty God. This was
    according to their nature, as we have already shown. And they now
    said that they were a colony of Medes and Persians; and indeed they
    were a colony of theirs. So they sent ambassadors to Antiochus, and
    an epistle, whose contents are these: "To king Antiochus the god,
    Epiphanes, a memorial from the Sidonians, who live at Shechem.
    Our forefathers, upon certain frequent plagues, and as following a
    certain ancient superstition, had a custom of observing that day
    which by the Jews is called the Sabbath. And when they had erected
    a temple at the mountain called Gerrizzim, though without a name,
    they offered upon it the proper sacrifices. Now, upon the just
    treatment of these wicked Jews, those that manage their affairs,
    supposing that we were of kin to them, and practiced as they do,
    make us liable to the same accusations, although we be originally
    Sidonians, as is evident from the public records. We therefore beseech thee, our benefactor and Savior, to give order to Apollonius,
    the governor of this part of the country, and to Nicanor, the
    procurator of thy affairs, to give us no disturbance, nor to lay to our
    charge what the Jews are accused for, since we are aliens from their
    nation, and from their customs; but let our temple, which at present
    hath no name at all be named the Temple of Jupiter Hellenius. If this
    were once done, we should be no longer disturbed, but should be
    more intent on our own occupation with quietness, and so bring in a
    greater revenue to thee."

    The Samaritans were transfered there by the Assyrians after the destruction of the northern kingdom, but they were attacked by lions, so they asked the Jews to teach them to worship Hashem to avoid problems (it's in the Tanach, the Book of Kings I think). However, they could only understand the written Torah. Am I right?

    1. I am not an expert on the Samaritans, but I am an expert on Jew-hatred. That and many other stories in the NT demonstrate Esau wanting to kill his brother Jacob. That was the point to be made, with the deeper point that Xtianity is hatred of Hashem.

      Religions of the world are like the Tower of Babel, many evil people trying to reach the heavens to take over. The Illuminati and the New World Order stemmed from such thinking -- greed, power and a megalomania.

  3. What events has the Moshiach predicted?

    1. It is actually a long list, but if I tell you, it will be like telling who he is. Sorry.

  4. The greatest discovery on this side of existence is the realization that we're all asleep.

    A fish conceived and born in the deep ocean, living it's life in the deep ocean can never become self-aware that it is wet because it does not know dryness nor even the concept.

    1. You are correct. The entire purpose of this life is to discover that we are awake and what reality is. Once we find reality, we must act upon it and take advantage of the benefits it provides.

      Hashem is that reality. When we are with Him and living His will, we are no longer asleep.

  5. Wow. You were definitely being divinely guided in writing this.

  6. Hi rabbi. Thank you for sharing. I was a Christian believer when I was child. I became a Christian doer in my early twenties. Now in my thirties I just believe the God of the Bible. I can't believe that no matter how many times I've read the book of Genesis, that I still couldn't see the error in the Acts chapter 7. I think there is a blindfold covered over the eyes of many- how is it possible le that so many have read it over and again and still not see except they are blinded?

    In my twenties I remember taking notice of what rabbis say about Christianity and Jesus- almost coming to reality of the matter but then being persuaded again to not believe the Jewish rabbis who purposely try to mislead Christians away from Jesus-The rabbis and the jews that many many Christians believe are the jews spoken of in the book of Revelation who says "those who say they are jews, but are of the synagogue of Satan" which many preach in the church. I now believe that those same "jews" that Revelation speaks of are Christians instead, but of course now, I don't know how valid revelation is now, so that reference may not be valid, but the point is I can see it clearly now.

    But G-d is good. He didn't leave my prayers unanswered. He answered many times, but it was just myself who couldn't accept it. G-d is patient. G-d listens to prayers. It was because in the Bible G-d said to reason with him, and that His people(at the time I felt I was "His people"")perish for lack of knowledge. So I thought well if he honors reasoning and the more knowledge the better, then He subjects Himself (and at the time I thought that meant Jesus as well because he was "the son of God") to being hammered with questions and to not just believe with child like faith like what is taught in the church. Now that tells me that G-d wants humans to be practical and logical(use your brain). And if I were to use simple logic, 1+3 does not = 1 but 3 separate entities. And 1x3 does not = 3, but =1. So no matter how many times we try to multiply G-d, He is still only 1, because there is only Him alone and no other. And if we try to say that G-d became a man, it is against even natural logic, because G-d is G-d, and man is man, G-d cannot be man and man cannot be G-d. Just like man cannot be monkey and monkey cannot be man. Each is to his own and cannot be changed. G-d created and therefore cannot be created by Himself to be man which is a twist in logic(a gift from G-d). That means Jesus is not G-d, and that the Oneness Pentecostal church(I was one before) is also wrong in that they try to claim that Jesus is G-d in the flesh and that there is no Trinity but only One, G-d IS in the form of man, in Jesus.

    One thing I'm still unsure of, but you made clear in this blog post, is that how is it possible that the things taught in the Gospels has almost parallel teachings with books like the Talmud. Because when I stopped believing, I still questioned where the wisdom of the Gospels came from. It taught me goodness and how to walk upright with G-d. Thats one of the reasons it was hard to let go of the Gospels was because I felt I learned to walk closely with G-d.

    Can you elaborate more on how Paul was actually warning the Jewish people? Because some others would say that Paul was an heretic.

    Thanks Rabbi and thank you for the warnings. Looks like the Jewish people are doing the real preaching now, and I think there should be more of these "street preachings", like Jonah, or Abraham. Or even like Elisha to Naaman.

    1. You should know that there are 4200 religion in the world. Nobody it trying to mislead any lost soul, we just want to bring as many good people to the absolute truth, the word of Hashem. It is the only way to happiness and success and a tremendous eternal future beyond human comprehension.

      Go to my post of today about my interview on Israel News Talk Radio tonight. Some of your concerns will be mentioned.

  7. If you have some time. Can you show me more, or post more about how Jesus or Yeshu is not the Messiah? And how the Gospels plagiarized Jewish or Torah sources? I have already told some friends that I don't believe anymore, and am making efforts to convince them to leave Christianity as well. It would be nice to know these sources to provide as evidence for my conviction to those I speak to, but also for myself to know exactly why, how, and where the Gospels and or book of Revelation have plagiarized the true and originals so that I can trully understand with confidence myself and those I speak to. Thank you Rabbi.

    1. I don't really have the time, but if you go to YouTube and put in Rabbi Tovia Singer, you will see many, many hours of videos from a true expert who is extremely versed in the New Testament and can show you and your friends how bogus it is.

      There is nothing missing in Jewish scriptures. Everything, and I do mean everything is covered. I have challenged Christians for over a half a century to show me one prophecy in the NT that has come true that isn't in Jewish scriptures. To date no one has succeeded.

      As I said above there are about 20,000 differences between the original Hebrew Bible and a version like the King James. It is extremely easy to prove that the Jewish Bible came from Hashem, and that Hashem told us in the Torah: don't change one thing, don't add, don't subtract. We absolutely don't need a new book when our scriptures are perfect and complete. Any new book would only diminish the word of Hashem, not add to it.

      Ask your friends to give one prophecy that is in the NT and not in our Bible. If they come up with something yet to happen, laugh since if it is a legitimate prophecy, it is in our Bible or it is incorrect (like a second coming is needed for the Messiah).

      One other thought is: the real Messiah is here in Israel. I know who it is and I have tremendous proof that he is for real. Since he meets all the requirements that Hashem told us about the Messiah, and Jesus doesn't meet the requirements, the two thousand year old debate is over. The end of Christianity is imminent.

  8. I meant 1x1x1 cannot be 3 but only 1.