Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Scientific Proof of G-d

By Dr. Gerald Schroeder

Proof of G-d. Go beyond Intelligent Design with the scientific case for a Creator.

Dr. Gerald Schroeder delivers a powerful scientific case proving that G-d's existence is real.

Dr. Schroeder's argument is so powerful that it influenced one of the world’s leading atheist, Antony Flew, to accept the reality of an infinitely intelligent G-d.

If you are looking for scientific proof of G-d look no further.


  1. Dani 18 New Message

    1. I saw this message from Daniel. It is a message to any parents of an autistic child. It is very interesting, but it has little to do with us, and it is only in Hebrew.

      If any of my readers have a child with autism, write to me in a private Email, and I can give you the information from Daniel.

    2. Yes , but it does also talk about the terrible unspeakable misdeeds of important Israeli government officials and Erev Rav.
      Why doesn't Nir Ben Artzi talk this important absolute truths also1?

    3. Everything that is happening is positive since it is from Hashem. The misdeeds of the government are bringing Israelis together more and greatly increasing our desire for new leadership, MOSHIACH. It if all for the good.

      The Rav is excellent at speaking in a positive tone, even when he tells us of all the nonsense the Arabs are experiencing and causing for us. Once again, it causes Achdus, B"H.

  2. My dear friend "I" please write me a private Email to explain why you think believing Arab propaganda has anything to do with the subject here called "Scientific Proof of G-d."

    Also, since this blog is for the purpose of helping good people in this world do Teshuvah so that we can bring on the Moshiach and greet him at a higher spiritual level, what of the comments that you sent helps that effort? Are you being nice to my readers by your tirade of nonsense or are you trying hard to go further away from Hashem in order to hurt your chances of a tremendous future? You realize that Hashem reads all the comments I receive and writes it down in your personal book to show you at Judgement Day. Read your comments and ask: how is Hashem going to judge me in the near future, for how much I was trying to help others or hurt others.

    Please write to me a private Email at:
    Your future and the future of your loved ones may depend on it.

  3. Scientific proof for the divinity of the Torah, Berachot 32B:

    "The Holy One, Blessed be He, said to Israel: My daughter, I created twelve constellations in the firmament, and for each and every constellation I have created thirty armies, and for each and every army I have created thirty legions [ligyon], and for each and every legion I have created thirty infantry division leaders [rahaton], and for each and every infantry division leader I have created thirty military camp leaders [karton], and for each and every military camp leader I have created thirty leaders of forts [gastera], and on each and every leader of a fort I have hung three hundred and sixty-five thousand stars corresponding to the days of the solar year. And all of them I have created only for your sake; and you said the Lord has forsaken me and the Lord has forgotten me?"

    12 * 30 * 30 * 30 * 30 * 30 * 365,000 = gives you a number of NINETEEN DIGITS!

    (hint: when the Gemara was written there was no telescopes or NASA)

  4. Read "Words and an Ocean": and

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