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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Balak, 8 Tamuz 5777, 2.7.17

Our Father in heaven, the Father of Mercy, feels sorry for all the world and the Jews he chose from all nations. Thanks to the Jews, thanks to Torah study, prayers and the observance of the Commandments, the world is alive and well. The whole earth is nourished by the holy land of Israel, and all the nations are nourished by the prayers and Torah study of the Jewish people in the land of Israel.

The Creator of the world is very sorry that in the entire world and in the Holy Land of Israel there is no house in which there is no dispute. The Creator of the world can no longer see the Jews suffering and decided in 1948 to redeem the Jewish people.

We are now at the height of the peak of the redemption of the people of Israel and the culmination of the climax of the Messiah king's reign in public. If, heaven forbid, the Messiah king does not reign in the near future, in this generation, at this time, now, this day, the world will be destroyed by an unprecedented destruction from the beginning of the universe. So, the Creator will not let a nuclear war happen that will bring the destruction of the world. If he wanted to destroy the world he could use the seas and oceans that cover two thirds of the world.

The Creator of the world deceives and distorts all countries around Israel and the world. Every nation, every president or prime minister, from all the countries of the world, including all of them, who want to harm or plan to harm the people of Israel, or to take parts of the Land of Israel, The Creator will give them blows that will leave them in shock and fright for the rest of their lives. Whoever is a hero, try and see. All will see in the world media with certainty what happens to that country or person who wanted to harm or take parts of the Holy Land. What is said here now is not a game! To the clowns, wait and see with your eyes what is happening in the world. The clowns do not want to be saved, they prefer to joke and suffer.

It is new now, every Jew, man or woman must know explicitly: Anyone who wants to exploit, cheat, take the money of his friend, friends or simple Jews who need money, for any help, or Jews who are in bad mental state by pretending to be other people, or people who deceive innocent Jews in distress, as it was in the way of the Torah and in all kinds of other methods of “holiness” – the Creator is warning that He will turn the tables and reveal, in public, all the thieves, scammers and crooks living on the backs of poor people who are in distress.

Jews will stop chasing "fortune tellers" and all kinds of fantasies of impurity and lies and all kinds of people who are changing names – it is forbidden to change the name of a Jewish person. There is a special way, only the greatest Cabbalists who have the Holy Spirit, can replace the name. The Creator is warning - from today it begins! Jews be careful and keep what we wrote here now!

Hezbollah and Nasrallah, if they dare to send a missile or something else in the direction of Israel, the Israel Defense Forces will strike Iran and destroy the nuclear plants with the guidance of the Holy One, blessed be He, with full support of the Creator! They will have a blessing and success, because the Holy One, blessed be He, is with the IDF! All the ammunition that Hezbollah receives is sent from Iran, and Iran brainwashes them to harm the holy Land of Israel. The Creator is giving intelligence and understanding to the IDF, so they know where to detonate ammunition and weapons coming from Iran to Hezbollah and Nasrallah.

Turkey is helping Qatar because it is a state of terror. ISIS controls Erdogan and Turkey, Erdogan is subordinate to ISIS, so he helps Qatar.

Europe will be ashes, as we once said. The number of Muslims and infiltrators will double in order to fill all of Europe. All Muslim leaders around the world brainwash them to conquer Europe. Hundreds of millions of people will enter Europe; they promised them that when they arrive in Europe that they will be in Paradise. Chaos with Gog and Magog begin to be strong.

The Jews in Europe think that all warnings from the Creator of the world are a game; now the Creator will show them whether it is a game or not. You should not try the Holy One, Blessed is He, don’t dare. For whoever tried Hashem, is now above or disappears beneath earth.

Jews in the Land of Israel, follow “and you will protect yourselves!" Do not underestimate this sentence because this is your defense and your protection, it is the angel who will protect you. 'And you are very careful for your souls;' if, heaven forbid, you are scornful, you will remain naked and hurt in every direction.

IDF must be very vigilant and keep Israel's borders, and not rely on the IDF's miracle and ammunition, even though it is the best in the world. Again, “and you will protect yourselves!"

The tunnels in the Gaza Strip, keep your eyes open and stay alert. They work twenty-four hours a day; that's their livelihood.

The Syrian region, the Hezbollah border in the direction of Metula, we must be careful, open eyes and ears, so that the settlements in the area of Syria and Lebanon will not be surprised by tunnels.

The Holy One, blessed be He, protects and guards the Holy Land of Israel. The Holy One, Blessed is He, wants that people to do their best to guard and protect downwards and He from above will connect with the Jews below to preserve them - this is the perfection of the protection of the land and the sky over the borders of Israel.

Egypt up to the Gaza Strip is not calm, they do not want Sisi and Sisi does not like them, because he knows that Hamas and ISIS want to bring him down. The complications between Hamas and Sisi will get worse each day from yesterday. Sisi does not believe anyone! Hamas is composed of ISIS.

In the United States, the Muslims will disturb the Jews in a most frightening way, they have trouble and they hate the Jews. It will drag the Muslims into wars and problems with the Jews, they want to hurt and harass them. On earth, it is the Muslims. In Heaven, it is the Holy One, blessed be He, who tells the Jews to leave and go to the Land of Israel.

The tension between Russia and the US is for control Syria, in order to control the Middle East.

Syria has no power. They have friction amongst themselves, one with another; they want to destroy each other and continue the destruction harm. There will be no good in Syria.

Iraq, nothing remains; everything was destroyed there. There are countless dead; when one ISIS is killed, a hundred new ISIS arise. This is blood revenge; they have evil and cruelty.

Jordan is still waiting and waiting; in the end it will produce “nothing.” King Abdullah of Jordan is in a deep depression, anxieties and complications with himself and around himself; he cannot go anywhere, and has nowhere to turn.

All this is done by the Holy One, blessed be He, so that they will leave in peace the Holy Land of Israel. Especially the minorities, whose leaders preach to hurt the Jews, the children of Israel, to give them free drugs and to put them into gambling and drinking. Jewish parents, warn your sons and daughters; it is a pity! They are destroyed!

It is very desirable and wanted to maintain unity among the parties in the Israeli Knesset, to reach compromises, not to fight each other. Competition does not add anything. The Israeli government must unite and come together so that the Land of Israel will flourish and accept millions of Jews to settle in the Holy Land.

The Holy One, blessed be He, asks all Jews and the Government of Israel to stop building in the center of the country. Please leave the building in the center of the Land of Israel. The center of the country is a flower that opens all the borders of Israel. Build in the Negev, Samaria and Binyamin, the Western Galilee, Judea, the Jordan Valley, the Arava and the Golan Heights. Stop building in the center of the country; go to freedom where this is the healthiest air for the human body. Once missiles reached up to three hundred kilometers, so there were settlements for protection; today they reach thousands of kilometers.

There is nothing missing in the Holy Land of Israel, nothing; everything is good. There is a livelihood for everyone, real estate will not be stopped, lots, shops and roads, there should be twenty million Jews in the near future. There is another hundred million Jews in the world, in all kinds of places. When Messiah is divulgated, he will send people to bring them.

All the scammers and the crooks, the ones who take or give bribes, the thieves and the zealots will be caught one by one, from the smallest to the biggest. The Creator of the world cleans and purifies the world and the Land of Israel in particular.

The floods, the eruptions of the volcanoes, the winds and the earthquakes will continue until the Messiah is reveled.

The Creator runs all possible forces, with great mercy, to subjugate the Jewish people so they will submit to Him, to fulfill the Commandments, prayers and study of Torah, so that they may be in the circles closest to Messiah our Just!

Messiah, his soul goes out at night to defend and preserve the land of Israel, accompanied by the 'Yechidah' and with the great angel wherever he is!

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  1. I know you won't answer me, but I'm going to ask anyway: is this the Mashiach?

    1. You are correct, I cannot answer you. When I was considering the possibilities for Moshiach I did consider this particular choice, also. When I did some very extensive research, I did narrow it down to one individual. Was it him? Maybe yes, maybe no.

      I heard a Mekubal talk several years ago. He said if one knows the name of Moshiach, which according to Tenach will remain Top Secret until Eliyahu Hanavi announces him, and one discloses the name, that individual will die instantly. I do not want to test that theory.

  2. Near Yellowstone 5.9 quake

  3. Rabbi Yackov Shapiro

  4. Why does he write this?: "If, heaven forbid, the Messiah king does not reign in the near future, in this generation, at this time, now, this day, the world will be destroyed by an unprecedented destruction from the beginning of the universe. "

    I take it to mean that either Hashem will save us in the near future when it gets really bad or destroy the whole world as it cannot exist in this current state for long. How does that give us hope? Isn't emunah all about believing Hashem wants what is good for us and doesn't want our whole existence including our pain and suffering to be for nothing? He made a promise to redeem us so how can the rav write that Hashem may destroy us?

    1. I look at this a extremely positive. The Rav is saying that things have gotten so terrible that it is a definite sign that Moshiach is close.

      Since it is brought down that Hashem will not destroy the world as He did at the time of the flood, the only alternative is Moshiach and the end of history as we know it.

      I believe the Rav does not know the actual date of the awesome day of Hashem, but he does feel that it has to be close.

  5. Ginno Ricci, I regret that I cannot publish your last comment. It does include Lashon Harah and some very big mistakes based on your personal opinion rather than the absolute truth.

    I apologize but as always if a comment is not good information for my dear readers, it is counter-productive to the purpose of this blog.

    I have always enjoyed your comments, but I do reserve the right to do what is best for my readers.

  6. Rabbi Marvin antelman speaks

    1. This is interesting if you want to hear about history. Most people want to know what does this mean to us today, and that was completely missed. Also, the Rabbi never talked about Hashem's take on all this; there is so much in the Tenach that would make it very interesting for us today.

      One additional comment: so-called evil Jews that are involved are not real Jews, but Erev Rav; once again we need to refer to the Torah for information.

  7. Ginno Ricci: would you please write to me by private Email? I am not going to have a discussion by comments.

  8. Replies
    1. With the return of the ten lost tribes, a hundred million might be a very low estimate. According to the borders that Moshe was told on Mount Sinai, Israel will be a much, much larger place.