Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Pinchas, 15 Tammuz 5777, 9.7.17

The Holy One, blessed be He, warns all the nations of the world, the presidents and prime ministers, not to deal with the Holy Land, the Land of Israel. Anyone who tries to speak against the Land of Israel or to harm the Land of Israel, the Creator will hit them hard through the elements of nature, complications and conflicts with themselves.

The Creator says to the Jews in the Holy Land: 'No matter how many enemies in the world are against the Holy Land, the Land of Israel, I am building walls of angels so that no one can take one granule of the Holy Land! No one can take a granule from the Holy Land! 'All the weight and pressure in the world against the holy Land of Israel, the Creator of the world shuts it off and turns it against the Gentiles! May their sword pierce their hearts, and their bow be broken and they will disappear from the world.

Egypt, the jellyfish in the Red Sea - this is one of the warnings! The Holy One, Blessed be He, shows Egypt to the world with the impurity, idolatry, and witchcraft experts. The Holy One, blessed be He, does this so that they will not have clean water. He sends jellyfish; it is a warning from the Creator, so they will not deal with Hamas, and that they will not believe them or make peace with them - this is a warning from the Creator! If they do not listen to the Holy One, blessed be He, there will be very difficult problems for Egypt.

Hamas, its plans are to attack Israel and continue digging tunnels. It has to be closed within itself. The Holy One, Blessed be He, will give Hamas incriminations and complications with themselves, get them into trouble with ISIS as well as being preoccupied with themselves.

Abu Mazen is acting as he is suffering and modern; he is cunning and clever; he does not speak, but he has secret emissaries, and through them he sends instructions to harm Jews in the Land of Israel. He does not want peace. He hates peace.

In Jerusalem caution and vigilance are needed not to believe any goy. They have new methods, to send small children who want to drink water, eat food or make money to trap IDF soldiers and Jews; be alert and do not trust them in any situation! They only want to kill and destroy.

Europe is being filled with refugees and infiltrators according to the instructions of the Holy One, blessed be He, this is perfectly accurate. Prime ministers and presidents in Europe are saying things against Israel, fearing that refugees and infiltrators will hurt them; what do they have to lose? To protect themselves, they speak badly of the people of Israel, as if they love the Muslims and hate the Jews.

The Muslims and ISIS hate Xtians more than they hate the Jews.

Turkey, no one wants Erdogan, the whole world hates him because he loves ISIS, and ISIS controls him.

All the Arabs fight among themselves because they care only about themselves and want to rule. They are interested only in themselves, so they will never get along. They do not care about the US, Russia or Israel - they do not care at all.

Iraq - no base, no backbone. The killing will continue indefinitely.

Syria, the Creator of the world, is taking revenge for a few years for what they did to the soldiers in the Yom Kippur War, and those who ask 'why' are getting into trouble with the Holy One, blessed be He.

Russia, Putin is speaking with smooth words and knows how to talk to everyone.

USA, Trump has no slippery words, what he has in his heart, 'he says.' He is angry at the whole world who want to destroy the world with nuclear bombs.

Countries that have nuclear bombs are afraid to use them, because if one country sends nuclear bombs, they will all send them. And if they are sent, there will be no remnant of man in the world.

Iran knows that the IDF is on the alert to bomb its nuclear plants.

If IDF decides to bombard the nuclear plants, the angels will accompany them until they arrive in Iran to bombard. They will be accompanied so that the bombardment will succeed in detonating everything. They will accompany them even after to return to the Holy Land in peace!

If the Messiah is revealed in public, everything is null and void!

Lebanon will not agree to an open border with Hezbollah, because in Lebanon most of them are Xtians.

Jordan is full of refugees and infiltrators; every day is worse than the day before.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are always threatening to attack and want to make war in order to wear down and despair the IDF. They want the IDF to think that they are just threatening and do nothing and are complacent; so, they will not be on alert. It is dangerous to be complacent, be vigilant and Hashem above will protect and guard.

The Israeli government does not need to be moved by the UN and UNESCO. Most of them are Muslims, so they will certainly go against Israel.

Israel and the Holy Land must continue to nurture, strengthen, keep and protect all the Holy Places!

Gambling, drinking, and drugs, all of which the Gentiles initially offer for free, in order to destroy the Jewish youth and to assimilate, Hashem forbid. Parents, protect your children!

All the white-collar people, the one who bribes, steal, cheat will all be revealed. Today everything is visible, everything is filmed; there are cameras in every corner of the Land of Israel. Every Jew who sinned or was wrong will repent. If not, he will be openly ashamed in the media.

In the holy Land of Israel, there is a good livelihood, a good economy, building non-stop and it will never stop. The houses in Israel, the roads, the lots, the holy land, everything is pure in Israel.

All the Jews who live abroad, immigrate to Israel urgently, the Creator is warning: 'Do not say I did not tell you!

The Creator of the Universe asks the Jews in the Land of Israel, in the Knesset and in the Government of Israel, to put an urgent stop to divisions in communities among the people. We are all from one father, Jacob. You must not say anything about Jews! Follow the Commandments. Above all, Derech Eretz Kedma to the Torah, "Love thy neighbor as thyself," it is the whole Torah. There are many ways to solve problems. In heaven, after Jews leave the world, all of them study together. There are no Sephardim, Ashkenazim, Lithuanians or any other communities, all in heaven are Jews!

Messiah son of David our righteous, which came to purify the world and make it pure and holy - most of the openings are beginning to open, the final birth pangs! The egg began to crack; it began to split and from there to infinity! We are in the last stages of infinity! When he will be openly out in public - there is no reserve forever, everything is forward to infinity!!! Every day there are signs that Messiah is acting and working, signs of the revelation of Messiah, another part of the Messiah's revelation in public. Messiah is acting and working, doing activities and opening up more and more, until he opens it all widely in public - before air-to-air missiles fly in the air.

There will not be a third intifada; there will not be a third World War; there is the Messiah revelation every second, bringing all the Jews from all over the world to build the Third Temple and then the resurrection of the dead!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website
Have an easy fast for the 17th of Tammuz; hopefully it will be the last fast.


  1. Rav. It's exciting and frightening at the same time! Frightening because we can no longer "push off" any longer..... May Hashem help us all the reach the finish line that is looming closer into view each hour and may we merit to enjoy eternity and the world of goodness to the maximum!!! It's whatever we put in now.....
    Please continue to encourage us.

    1. An excellent comment. The good news is those of us who are concerned about how we will be when we reach the finish line are the ones who are much better off.

      I get many who are just waiting for Moshiach to come and solve all their earthly problems. Those of us who, as you word it "It's whatever we put in now....." are the ones who will be the happiest come Judgement Day.

      We thank you for your encouragement.

    2. Who says you say what stage in Galus we are in? It could happen any moment. "Do not place your trust in mortal man for he can not bring salvation."

    3. Hashem says!!!!! He is giving us so many messages through the FC individuals, Rabbis, Mekubalim, the fulfillment of prophecies, etc. You are correct, Hashem is telling us that it will happen at any moment -- that is our source.

      Your other comment is Lashon Harah -- sorry, can't post.

  2. How do you know you're on track with what you're working on? Maybe you're working on X when what you really need to work on is Y and it just didn't occur to you? Or is it that when you have the right intentions, Hashem puts the "bug" into your head to want to work on just what you need?

    1. Positive actions bring positive results. It actually becomes an obvious when we see things getting better in our lives and problems disappearing.

      How do we know what to work on and what Teshuvah is needed? That is what the study of Torah teaches. When we see in the Mishnah Berurah, as an example, something that we have been doing incorrectly and we change, we know that we have done proper Teshuvah, and yes Hashem lets us know in many ways. It is a very happy win-win situation that lasts forever.

  3. Date July 10,2017
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    Dovid B.

    1. It always makes me feel good seeing Jewish souls coming home. Your "back.as" prompt does not work. I am curious to see it.

    2. Dear Rav, if you would like to post this. To all enjoy this video

      Mashiach is coming - are YOU ready? - Special presentation of Rabbi Alon Anava | Moshiach is here!

      The below, is a short 16min, video,
      What will happen in Israel when mashiach comes? - Rabbi Alon Anava

      Dear Rav, the "back.as" was an error, please disregard, I meant to write "back, as you watch". Sometimes two words that are unintentionally connected can result, create a link, though I do not see it in my post that I sent you.

      Because of my typo error and your reply,"curiosity to the prompt", has led me to at least repond with something that can benefit your followers. Enjoy the links. To all, nothing in life is more precious than knowledge and wisdom from the TORAH, (that Hashem has given us,) for that is the root for all that is good in life,

      Dovid B.

    3. I and my readers thank you very much. I happen to be a big fan of Rav Anava, as I look forward to watching the two videos.

  4. Letter editor: both of your comments are interesting, but not totally accurate. If you would send me a private Email, I could explain what I mean.

  5. Nibiru pictured today ...with the Dr.

  6. Earthquakes!!!