Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Another Very Special Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Devarim, 29 Tammuz 5777, 23.7.17

The Holy One, Blessed be He, the Holy One, blessed be He, the Holy One, blessed be He, shows a glimpse of the Temple, in the holiest place in the world that belongs to the Jews. Another glimpse, and another, many are discovered in the Temple and the Western Wall so that the Jews will wake up and start asking for the Messiah and the Third Temple!

The Arabs are making disturbances on the Temple Mount because the place does not belong to them! This is the place that the Holy One, blessed be He, gave to the people of Israel more than two thousand years ago. They go wild like a wounded animal, so that the truth will not be discovered, and the depth of truth is that the place belongs to Jews for thousands of years! The Holy One, Blessed be He, is revealing the whole truth of the Temple: There were two Temples, and there will be the Third Temple. This is the will of the Creator! The Arabs do disturbances because they know the truth. They fight against the Jews in order to disguise the truth, before the truth will be discovered that this place does not belong to them.

The Government of Israel and all the people of Israel: do not to surrender or be afraid of any nation in the world. As the Holy One, Blessed be He, said to the Children of Israel in the first redemption: "Who is for the L-rd come to me!" So also in the last redemption, He says: Who is for the L-rd come to me!' There will be protection and safeguard for the people of Israel; and, the Holy One, Blessed be He, will prove to all the peoples that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews for more than two thousand years

The Holy One, blessed be He, shows and reveals several holy places and reveals how the First and Second Temples were built. From the time they will discover the foundations of the First and Second Temples, there will be a very large opening that will not be stopped. This is a preparation for the construction of the Third Temple! This is in order to continue building the Third Temple, in this generation, at this time, and there is no place for goyim. When Messiah is revealed in public, and will act in public, all the goyim will leave, in order to build the Third Temple, with the work of Jews only! The foundations of the First and Second Temples, from two thousand years ago, nothing will help the goyim. As we approach the revelation of Messiah in public, the foundations of the First and Second Temples continue to be revealed.

The Government of Israel, the Land of Israel and the Jews who live in the Land of Israel - do not let go of the place that belongs to you! Do Not surrender to any state or speech. No country in the world will give up one cm of its land. The Holy One, blessed be He, gave the Holy Land as a gift to the Jews! The government and the Jews in the Land of Israel - not to give up any piece of land from the Holy Land, this is a gift that the Holy One, blessed be He, gave to our forefathers! We Jews are commanded to prepare and build the Third Temple. The Messiah will be revealed in public and at the same time will build the Third Temple. We, the Jewish people, are commanded by the Creator to rebuild the world.

If the Goyim want to live in this world with joy and peace, around the Holy Land of Israel, they have to accept the truth, to believe in the Jews in the Holy Land, and that they will not disappear from the world. If they go against the Holy Land, they will disappear from the world.

In order to awaken the Jews in Israel and the world, to believe that there is Messiah, redemption and the building of the Temple, the Creator uses all sorts of ways: He destroys all the Arab countries, increases anti-Semitism against the Jews and uses the elements to strike all kinds of places in the world. Many return to the land of Israel, many who are repentant, and the Creator of the universe reveals to the Jews the foundations of the First and Second Temples, so that they will believe that the Messiah works, acts and is present, and so that the people of Israel will call upon the Holy One, blessed be He!

Because of the days “between the mourning days” and Tisha B'Av that will become a holiday, all the disturbances are taking place on the Temple Mount.

Trump, the president of the United States will despair of the Middle East very soon, and will turn all his energies to work for the benefit of his people in the United States. He understood that the Muslims hate both the Xtians and the Jews and said, 'It's a waste of time.' Trump, don’t forget that the Holy One, Blessed be He, chose him as president to help the Holy Land. The United States has no power and value in the world without the Holy Land, and in the Middle East, Israel is the backbone of the United States.

Russia does not care about anything, just to sell arms, to help itself. Like a lion whose female brings him food. Putin likes to control through weapons, and the US controls through food.

In Syria wars will continue, no one can stop it.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah want to drag Lebanon into war in order to get it into trouble with the rebels, and then Nasrallah will take Lebanon for himself.

Iran is busy with its own affairs, producing the nuclear bomb. Its president seems to be threatening Israel, just to be seen in the world. The inner truth is that Iran is afraid, scared to death of Israel. Knows that the IDF can reach anywhere and destroy the atomic plants; there would be no remnant of Iran.

Egypt, Sisi does not know what to do, does not get along with Hamas, with ISIS and with the extremist Muslims; he has pressure everywhere, and he lives in fear, as radical Islam grows stronger and stronger. Sisi is in fear, wants to get closer to Saudi Arabia and the US in order to alleviate the hunger in Egypt.

Hamas: do not believe them – they are the seed of Amalek. They seem to be poor, but they are not and they are dangerous. They continue digging tunnels twenty-four hours a day with their workers, from age three to ninety. The leaders take all the money; instead of feeding the citizens of the Gaza Strip, they give the citizens nothing and let them live in extreme poverty.

Abu Mazen laughs in his bunker, gives instructions on what to do and how to harm the Jews; he leaves the bunker and waves as if he is compassionate and peace-loving – he is a good actor.

Some of the Arabs with a blue identity card are very dangerous. Some of them have learned from the IDF; they are full of ammunition and weapons, and the Temple Mount is full of ammunition and weapons, as well as Hebron. There are many villages with plants for weapons production.

The Government of Israel should unite and defend the Holy Land. Every minister and member of the Knesset, the Holy One, blessed be He, chose him, but this person has the choice to behave good or bad. Let them understand that the Jews have nowhere to go.

Turkey is controlled by ISIS; ISIS dominates Turkey. The situation is very complicated; Erdogan is talking from time to time, he is in fear and he is not feeling well.

Jordan is waiting to see what will happen. Openly, condemning Israel; inside, loving Israel.

Iraq is fighting and falling all the time. The curse of the Tower of Babel is still now operating on them and will continue to destroy all of Iraq.

The Holy One, Blessed be He commands all the Jews living abroad to return urgently to the holy land of Israel, because there are going to be very serious complications outside the borders of the Land of Israel. The level of anti-Semitism will be one hundred times more than today; the hatred of the Jews will greatly increase.

The infiltrators and the refugees will continue to flood Europe in huge numbers. The Jews must flee from there urgently; do not wait! Do not check! Do not say: 'It will not happen to me!' The Creator is asking you for the last time!

Any Jew, who is abroad and has no official position must urgently return home to Israel, like the wife of Lot who did not believe.

Jewish parents protect your children, explain to them the problem of assimilation, drinking, gambling and drugs.

The Holy One, blessed be He, is fed up with mankind on earth. He is bringing natural disasters to the world, blaze and fires, floods, volcanic eruptions, harsh winds, wars, complications and accidents, chaos and Gog and Magog - outside the Land of Israel. For the Holy One, blessed be He, is cleansing and purifying the world.

The Messiah son of David, a man of Hashem, a servant of the Holy One, Blessed is He, works twenty-four hours a day. The Jews must not be afraid of anyone; they are protected by the cloud of fire. The Holy One, blessed be He, is like a dome above the Holy Land. The Messiah keeps and protects, works at night and cleanses the Holy Land. Very soon everyone will know who the Messiah is. His light will shine, and will show more, there will be many special signs, and all the Jews will be happy forever, for generations and forever!
Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website


  1. A big shkoyah for that hizuk.

  2. After the government decision regarding the har habayit to remove the cameras and the metal detectors. We cant even pretend that Israel has any type of competent leadership anymore. May hoshem gives us tremendous mercy and protect am yisroel.

    1. We know that Hashem is running the show. Hashem has been causing the leaders of Israel and the rest of the world to be as incompetent as possible. It is all on purpose so that when the real leader is introduced, Moshiach, he will be welcomed greatly.

      Trust Hashem's plan. Everything that is happening in the world is serving Hashem's purpose. It is perfect. In the near future we will fully understand the details and why everything had to happen this way.

  3. It had occurred to me that Hashem put an extra dose of incompetence into the leaders as if to say "make My day!" When the terrorists step up their game in the face of Israel caving to demands, Hashem can swoop in with Moshiach!

    1. You are correct. In fact, I have said there is nothing random in this world, and everything that happens is another hint from Hashem.

      "Go ahead, make my future!!!"

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ovn25SERbMM&spfreload=10

    1. I posted this, but they really have no idea what they are seeing. So, I added a comment to the video:

      Trappist 1 is 39.5 light-years away. It is not visible as a single star to us, let alone seeing any of its planets.

      The dwarf star Nibiru, the binary companion to our sun, and its 7 planets are what is in our solar system and getting close enough to see. It is very likely to be planets in the Nibiru solar system that you keep seeing.

      The gravitational and magnetic effects are greatly increasing and are the cause of all the chaos on earth (weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc, etc, etc) and within our solar system.

      Since they don't give off light, including Nibiru which is a very dim sun, we can only see them at sunrise or sunset when our skies are not to bright. Our sun is the source of light for these planets to be seen. There is no mystery here, just some common sense.

    2. To leave America and move to isreal is my dream. Time is running out tho.