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A Very Interesting Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi shlita, Parashat Mattos-Masie, 22 Tammuz 5777; and, The Jews Return to The Temple Mount

The Creator of this world, the Father of this world, whose world is His creation, continues to cleanse and purify the whole earth. He is going to peel off all the evil and the impurity, all the bribes and the rapists, the lecherous, the white collars and the sinners, all the killers and murderers. The Holy One, blessed be He, cleans and cleanses the whole earth and prepares it, especially the Land of Israel, for the King Messiah to be reveled in public in the near future, at every moment and every second!

He will continue strong floods worldwide, fire and sulfur, accidents of aircraft, cars and trains. Volcanoes will continue to erupt, heat and cold, harsh winds, blows and severe earthquakes, all these will continue to shake, purify, and cleanse the earth. With or without their agreement, the Creator of the Universe does not ask anyone, because the time has come, the time has come for the end of evil in the world. The Holy One, blessed be He, is making natural disasters in order to wake everyone, not only Russia, the United States, North Korea and Iran.

Natural disasters will continue throughout the world - except for Israel.

Noah was commanded to build the Ark for 120 years. Noah tried to bring the world to redeem itself for those hundred and twenty years. There were a lot of clowns and scorners - the Creator of the world brought the flood and destroyed the whole world, leaving only Noah and his family, the ark and all that was on it.

If they send atomic missiles in the world, Hashem will turn them into flour. The Holy One, Blessed be He, informs everyone that there will be no Third World War, that there will be no nuclear war and no third intifada. There will be only the revelation of King Messiah and the construction of the Third Temple!

The Israeli army and the government of Israel must not be complacent: Some of the goyim with a blue identity card are more dangerous than ones without a blue ID card, because they have a permit to go anywhere, they have hidden weapons and a hidden connection with the goyim in East Jerusalem and they are collaborating.

The IDF has to be careful and not to believe them; they come in disguises and do traps - the goyim have no shame and no faith; they want to harm every soldier in uniform. We have to expand the guard duty in the Land of Israel and to suspect them everywhere. .They have leaders who brainwash them – they need to get them.

Abu Mazen condemned what he condemned only with his lip. In his heart, he smiled and rejoiced.

The Mossad and the Shin Bet security service must look carefully at the Temple Mount, there is a lot of weapons and ammunition there, and you have to look urgently and do not believe the goyim who are masquerading as poor people.

Most of the road accidents in Israel are caused by the negligence of drivers who do nonsense, laugh and play while driving, and suddenly, in seconds, are wounded and killed. Too bad for anyone like that; it's a pity for his family and a hundred people and more. It's not war, it's just stupid mistake.

Members of Knesset, stop condemning and hurting one another. It is forbidden to speak publicly about each other, and to insult each other. There is a law to stop the slandering. It's just free hatred, if there's a problem, go to the authorities. The goyim among us see that the government behaves like in a 'kindergarten.' They are getting more power and hurting more civilians.

The Creator of the World says to the whole world: to UNESCO, to the European Union, to all the countries, prime ministers and presidents who oppose the Land of Israel, who want to harm the Land of Israel and take parts of the Holy Land, that He will give them blows, very hard blows that have never been seen in the world and that they will never recover. Most members of UNESCO are Muslims and most decisions are not clean or are illegal.

Syria continues with killing; there is no cease-fire; they are killing each other until it will be erased from the earth. Neither the United States nor Russia can make a cease-fire in Syria; this is in the hands of the King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He.

In Iraq, the killing will continue, and the devil's dance will begin again. Everything there is a complete mess; they are murdering each other.

ISIS will never be wiped out and will continue to kill, kill and kill in the world; and, in France, too, they will operate, in Germany they will also operate, in England they will also operate, and in the end, in all of Europe they will operate.

Africa will become ashes. Most of the refugees and the Muslims will arrive in Europe, ISIS celebrates there until they turn Europe into ashes and there will be a Muslim rule and ruler there.

Hamas and Abu Mazen are eating and will continue to eat each other. Promising each other lies. The explosion is near. May their sword pierce their hearts, and their bow be broken and they will be erased from the world. Hamas continues to dig tunnels incessantly, twenty-four hours it's their livelihood. Hamas and Abu Mazen take all the money that comes to their private pockets.

Many tunnels are coming from the Gaza Strip to Israel. The silence is fake; every moment they can surprise.

Egypt cannot take control of the Sinai desert, its soldiers are killed and this will not help Sisi at all. Sisi - keeps the laws in Egypt; he takes urgent care of the citizens of Egypt and not elsewhere and thinks how to feed them because a large part of the population is hungry. Egyptian citizens eat each other, their patience has expired. ISIS kills Egyptian soldiers because they want money and bribes; and, ISIS are tightfisted; they only love to take, they do not like to pay, so they kill the Egyptian soldiers.

Turkey is overflowing with ISIS, which controls it; Erdogan is doing the will of ISIS, and he listening to them because he is afraid of them. Explosions and major complications will continue in Turkey. Millions of Turks do not want Erdogan; they want to make a revolution.

Iran knows everyone hates Israel. They have hatred for Israel from long ago from Queen Esther and Achashverosh. They cannot hit Israel with missiles, because Israel will eat them alive. They are afraid to use nuclear missiles, because they know that on that day all of Iran will go up in flames and be destroyed. There are radars and special means; there is very strong espionage, and they know of every move of any nuclear missile in Iran and anywhere in the world. No one can surprise with nuclear missiles.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are keeping their ammunition in case of emergency, because they have a war against the citizens of Lebanon and some of the rebels in Syria. They leave the ammunition in case of emergency, because the IDF cuts off every Iranian convoy of ammunition to Hezbollah, and Nasrallah is afraid that his ammunition will end, and his soldiers will be killed like flies in Syria and in Lebanon.

All the Jews who preach to Jews abroad not to come to Israel, the Creator says to them that they use the sin of the spies and will come to a very heavy judgment, they go against the Creator directly, and they are sinners and push others to sin! To the contrary, we must call the Jews to settle the Negev, the Western Galilee, the Golan Heights, Binyamin, Shomron, the Jordan Valley and the Arava. Livelihood is in the hands of the Creator of the universe. The Jews who do not immigrate because of the money will find the situation is quite the opposite. From Egypt the children of Israel went out with great possessions and the Jews of the Diaspora, the Creator of Israel will bring them to Israel without suitcases and without one shekel in their pockets, but they will be in need of nothing.

So that all the Jews will understand: Anti-Semitism, ISIS and the Muslims in the world are going to commit suicide in Jewish public places, in order to harm the Jews, and it will not stop: Seven billion goyim are against the Jews. The Creator of the Universe tells them to immigrate to the Land of Israel urgently. If they will not, He will not protect them. If they will, they will have protection and good that they did not dream of; all from heaven above.

The Holy One, blessed be He, says to the Jewish parents: "Keep your sons and daughters from assimilation, drugs, drinking and gambling, these are things that kill a person.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, does not want to bring another Holocaust or world war. The Holy One, blessed be He, wants Messiah! He wants to crown the King Messiah, bring all the immigrants to the Land of Israel, build the Temple and realize the resurrection of the dead.

When the Messiah will be revealed in public, death will cease forever. Our righteous Messiah has clear and conspicuous signs in the world and in Israel. There are good things that are happening, some we know and some we don’t. Messiah acts and works, and no one can interfere with him. No one can deceive him, no one can hurt him. Anyone who thinks he will has opened a very heavy account with the Master of the Universe and will be severely beaten. Messiah's soul works twenty-four hours a day. Nothing will help all the clowns and those mocking redemption and Messiah. Messiah is here, this is the end of the end! Everything is ready in heaven and earth! The Holy One, Blessed is He, encompasses the entire Land of Israel. Messiah acts and works day and night and works even when he sleeps. The salvation of the people of Israel is close!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website
The Jews Return to The Temple Mount

I have been asked by several readers about the idea of the Jews returning to the Temple Mount.

Hashem controls everything in this world. He works His will around our will since He did not create us as robots, but with a free will to do the right thing on our own. The Arabs were given the Temple Mount area by Hashem, since we are considered in a state of impurity and in danger if we go to the wrong areas on the mount. This is all obvious since by international law and by the Tenach the Temple Mount and all of Israel belong to the Jews. It is even comical that the Muslims do not consider Jerusalem as a holy place, as proven by the fact that their Quran does not mention Jerusalem once, it even says that Israel belongs to the Jews, Mohammed told his followers to look away from Jerusalem which they do by facing Mecca when they pray, even on the Temple Mount (they stick their backsides towards the holiest spot in the universe when they pray).

According to Rav Ben Artzi and others Israel is being purified and getting ready for the Third Temple, B”H. We know from many sources that this is the end of the end of days, and that Moshiach will be introduced soon. Is Israel pure enough and the Jews in a pure enough state to be able to ascend the Temple Mount without danger? I don’t know, but Hashem does. Is that the reason we have returned? Is the Third and final Temple imminent enough that Hashem has sent us a message of: we may return to this most holy of places? Rav Nir Ben Artzi’s message above sure brings a curious response to that question.  I should also mention the great increase in world chaos and much more obvious proof of Nibiru's approach.

Let us hope that since Hashem is completely in control, it is time for our return and that the worldwide redemption is extremely close. We are now in the three weeks leading up to the commemoration of the loss of the Temples. Perhaps it is happening at this time to tell us that Tisha B’Av will be a feast day and a day of great celebration for the entire world, B”H.


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