Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Torah - The Genes of Reality

Watch this excellent video by Rabbi Akiva Tatz, who truly understands the reality of this world and our existence. This is very deep in content, but would anyone expect the reality created by Hashem to be anything but extremely deep?
It is so important to grasp the message of Rabbi Tatz. It is one of the best proofs that the Torah could not have been written by people. I have mentioned in the past that everything is in the Torah. That means everyone who ever lived and every detail of each of our lives. What we are wearing today, what we had for breakfast today, every animal, every star in the universe, every tree, every blade of grass, every rock, everything, etc, etc, etc. If that sounds impossible, you are starting to catch on.

Hashem is consistent. Just as every cell of our body has a DNA code which tells the body how to grow, the blueprint for the body, the Torah is the genetic pattern for everything that exists and every event that happens in the universe. If it isn’t encoded in the Torah, it can’t exist.

The number of details encoded in the Torah is infinite. There are 600,000 ways that the information is encoded in the 304,805 letters of the Torah. But as the Rav said, it is not information encoded, but the actual genetic pattern for everything. Even what I just typed is encoded in the Torah, or I could not have typed it. Amazing!!!!

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  1. He is explaining what has come down to us, that our words create our reality, just as HaShem created reality with His words (spoke us into existence) He imbued us with the same (not quite, for we are not H"S) ability to create. We become what we think and say. Very deep stuff!! Thank you for sharing this, Rav.