Sunday, May 7, 2017

Current Events in the Haftorah - Parshat Acharey / Kedoshim

Watch this excellent video entitled “Current Events in the Haftarah - Parshat Acharey / Kedoshim


  1. Hello Rav Menachem, I hope you are well! I didn't know where I could send this to you, so I figured you would see it here if I mailed it to you.

    A few days ago on another site Dovid (ever green) mentioned about the Hebrew letter sounds becoming the actual letters in sound waves, and he linked your page from when you showed that information. Thanks Dovid! Anyhow I got to digging around on YouTube and found a page that shows and explains everything. He has all the info being explained in Hebrew and in English as well, plus a link to his website with a free software download so anyone can do the experiments for themselves etc.

    Near the end of this video one of the most amazing things he shows is when you say "Menorah" it shows up in the sound waves as a seven branched Menorah! Amazing!

    Here's the link to his YT page for you to see:

    Shalom, Dave.

    1. Oops! I should have added these links to my first mail to make them easier to find, sorry about that. Shalom, Dave.

      The website link is here:

      The paper is here:

    2. Dear HY, I thank you for providing this information, We all thank you, It is remarkable, though I do need to research more of the
      links and sites information. From what I observed, I am at a loss
      of words to truly express, this awe inspiring Miracle of Hashem.
      Hashem gives us gifts, in such a way as to see his wonders. Thank you again, and to Rav Menachem Robinson for providing the information and knowledge of Hashem for all around the world,
      and helping a great many prepare for the coming of Moshiach.

      DOVID B.

    3. Dovid, if you go to the book "The Coming Revolution," by Rabbi Zamir Cohen, page 80, you will see the article called Seeing the Sounds. All the references for the experiments that were performed are there (page 84).

    4. The wisdom of Rabbi Zamir Cohen is like a breeze of Gan Eden.
      I was lucky to hear many of his shiurim, while my Israeli husband listened to online, when realized, that all i understood was actually in Ivrit.
      He is speaking pure Torah, perhaps thats why..

  2. Hello Dovid, No it is me that thanks you! If you hadn't linked Rav Menachems page I would have never known about this. And then from seeing the info about the letters my curiosity got going and I searched to see if there was anything on YT about it, and then that lead to finding more info. Here's another link for the mans faqs page below (I don't know his name, haven't seen it anywhere)

    Rav Menachem thank you for posting all this as well! I had a thought that would be really awesome! The man in the video and the links lives in Israel, and I wonder if he's close by to where you are? It would be neat if you and him could meet each other, and he could show you how to run this code, and maybe see some more of his discoveries etc. That would be really cool! He has a Twitter account that maybe he could be reached by, and also I saw a gmail account, but now I cannot find it as of this writing.

    Anyways I just thought it would be really interesting if you and him could meet, and he could show how he does the software etc.

    Shalom, Dave.

    1. As I told Dovid above, I originally saw this information in Rabbi Zamir Cohen's book. The Rabbi happens to live about five minutes from me, but I have never met him. I used to live across the street from his brother with whom I have had conversations.

      My schedule is too full to pursue this further, but you certainly can research it an have a good time.

  3. The Dr. of physics on the sun simulator..Interesting

  4. Moshiach times !
    Avalanche in Canada
    Earthquakes :
    Canada Floods;