Monday, May 22, 2017

Let’s Get Real

I have been getting Emails asking me my evaluation of several events happening. Since I work hard to live in the real world and observe the plan of Hashem in bringing about the worldwide redemption, the present upside-down fantasy world is of very little interest to me. The only concern that I have is how Hashem is using the craziness of the world to bring about the welcome change.

I have been asked about the visit of President Trump to Israel and what it means for our near future. Since the world likes to treat Israel as the 51 state of the US, Prime Minister Trump like his predecessor PM Obumer, leave me with absolutely no interest in the politics of the day, nor his visit.

Trump is being treated as a savior, one who is going to help the US of Magog get back to greatness; and, many believe that he will also help Israel solve all its problems. The reality is that the global elite are waging a war against this great leader and getting much support from the ignoramuses of the US in trying to eliminate him. There was a recent survey in the US that showed that 48% of Americans (actually mostly liberals; there are no Americans any more) favor a Trump impeachment. There are big plans to start a massive and possibly violent protest event nationwide to oust Trump. The hope of the global elite is that it leads to civil war and to many deaths in the US, while the evil elite hide in their underground fortresses. You may think that the protests will probably not happen; well it is already organized to begin 2 July. The institution of Marshal Law is very likely and the filling up of the FEMA death camps is also very likely. It is all part of the plan of the Gog Bush cabal with the help of the Clintons, Obumer and many other New World Order advocates.

Is this the man, the Donald that I look to for help with Israel? Chas v’shalom. He is too busy planning his war with Iran and North Korea and fighting off his war in the US against the global elite. He really doesn’t have the time to help Israel, especially since the world hates Israel – it is not a popular place to help.

To let you know how much people are out of touch with reality, I have been asked by several of my readers: Do I really think that Israel has a better government than any other country, especially comparing Israel to the US of Magog? I know that there are Rabbis in the US who have been asking the same question. Why run to Israel when the government is just as corrupt as the US?

Jews like to answer a question with a question. Did I come to Israel because the government is better? Let’s get real; I didn’t move to the State of Israel, I moved to Eretz Yisroel, you know the eternal homeland Hashem gave us in the Bible. The State of Israel is a fantasy, it really doesn't even exist. It is a test from Hashem to see who wants to live in Eretz Yisroel with Hashem and Moshiach, and who wants Israel just to be another secular country. It is amazing that when one ignores the government here, it really disappears.

This place is completely different from any place in the world. Money is provided for Yeshivahs, Seminaries, Synagogues, etc. Yet, if one evaluates the situation, one realizes it is all from Hashem. Those who battle the government come up short. Those who ignore the government know only Hashem as the provider.

Examples: I live in a city that the main industry is Torah study. I pay taxes to the city, knowing that much of my tax money goes to support Kollelim (Torah study groups). The mayor and his staff are for the most part Rabbis and Rebbetzins. I have been in Israel 14 years and I have not paid one shekel in tax to the State of Israel. Hashem arranged it that retirement pay is not taxable here, unlike all the other countries in the world. I am not required to pay any tax to the state since my entire income is from retirement allowances. Yet, without ever working in Israel, I receive thousands of shekels a month in stipend. In the US the retirement money I get is money that I put in over the decades that I worked. They only are giving me back my own money.

Israel also has the best health care in the world -- no problem finding a good Jewish doctor. Yet, it is the least expensive care I have ever experienced (I have lived on three continents in my life). The cost of living is great in Israel. I make much less than I did in the US with my wife and I working full time. Yet on retirement pay I am helping to support three families, helping other families as well and contributing to Kollelim every month. I could not have done this in the US or when we lived in Europe (even with full military benefits).

Does everyone have that same good fortune in Israel? No! Those who are living in the upside-down fantasy world, like all the countries outside of Eretz Yisroel, are experiencing the fantasy problems. Those who follow Hashem completely feel like the redemption is already here -- life is tremendous with a minimal of testing and problems. Yes, they still exist, but it is measure for measure according to our needs.

This entire world is an illusion. What life is like is completely dependent on what Hashem gives us as individuals. The truly observant are without many problems; the secular are in trouble and getting much worse. How observant anyone is, only Hashem knows since He is the One to give us, measure for measure, what we deserve. All else is folly.

If you don't believe what I am saying, which is the system that Hashem has on planet Earth, then you are living the upside-down fantasy version of the world. It is time to get real and understand how this world works. Everything that is happening in the world, be it weather, earth upheaval, political mayhem, criminal activity, social problems, economic problems, health problems, etc, etc, etc, are all from Hashem. He is telling all the Jews that there is no salvation outside of Eretz Yisroel, and that the illusion of a Trump or any other puppet of Hashem is not there to help, but to scare us into doing the right thing – TO COME HOME, NOT TO THE STATE OF ISRAEL, BUT TO ERETZ YISROEL!!!!!

This Friday is Rosh Chodesh Sivan. We say the prayer of Hallel on Rosh Chodesh and also next week as we celebrate the holiday of Shavuos. Hallel has prophecy in it, but it contains very important messages from Hashem:
From the narrowness (of distress) called [to] Hashem, He answered me with the breadth of Divine relief. Hashem is with me, I will not fear, what can man do to me? Hashem is with me, to help me, and I will see my enemies’ (defeat). It is better to take refuge in Hashem than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in Hashem than to trust in nobles. All nations surround me; in Hashem’s Name, I cut them down. They surrounded me, they surround me; in Hashem’s Name, I cut them down. They surrounded me like bees, [but] they were extinguished like a thorn fire; in Hashem’s Name, I cut them down. You pushed me again and again to fall, but Hashem helped me. The strength and retribution of Hashem was (the cause of) my deliverance.
What is the most important message to take from these verses in Hallel? There is no person, no noble, no president, no prime minister, no one to help us but Hashem; He is our only salvation. Why do the verses repeat “how the nations surround me and how I cut them down” three times? It is a prophecy for the three battles of Gog and Magog. Whatever war happens; whatever enemy that wants to eliminate us, only turning to Hashem is the answer, not Trump, not Netanyahu, no one, only Hashem!!!

I have mentioned that the leaders of today and the governments that they represent are as inefficient as can be, and that it is on purpose. Hashem is bringing us to the realization that Hashem running the world with His servant the King Moshiach is the only viable leadership possibility. Those of us who see it very clearly can easily look away from the current world madness and very much increase our craving for Hashem’s world of goodness; the world of truth. That is the only solution; that is the true message from Hashem. Get real and thoroughly enjoy it.


  1. You summarized years of blogging into an absolute gem of a post! Toda, Ms. AP

    1. Thank you. Now you know why I rarely talked about the elections in the US, Israel or any other country. Moshiach is the only one I vote for with Hashem as his Campaign Manager.

    2. This was beautiful, rav Menachem!
      Yesterday my youngest one ate with me leftover from Shabbat.
      He liked it so much! Then he said:
      "you know what? I need to know who is mashiah, then i tell him that you can be his personal cook, for we not cook fava beans, it will be safe food, but he have to share the food with me also! And then, slowly, i will learn to make all this yummy food, then i will be the cook of mashiah the king and sofer stam in OUR kingdom." I said amen to that!

    3. Was that from Yaakov? His wisdom exceeds his years. I also say amen to that.

    4. Yes. He also found out something i did not know about. Right hand=yemina=malach Michael=Chesed of Avraham Avinu, left hand=smola==Gvura of Itschak=yirat Hashem=malach Gavriel, and then he made a straight line from shamayim down and back, TIFEEREET!! I am Yaakov, the channel of beauty of ha Torah, i am Chaim, like Etz Chaim, the shinning of ha Torah, ZOHAR.
      This was after explanation of sefirat ha Omer on Menorah. Then he said, everyone have to fix chesed and gvura to be in balance, like knafayim, they must work together to the bird to let fly. As you understand, he was flying around, repeating all...i am the bird that brings fire of Torah, yes fire like rabbi Shimon bar Yochai brought, every Jew have this FIRE, to baby Simcha, he laugh loud out and my daughter let me hear him everyday on the phone. May all of us find the happiness of being servants of Hashem, in every minute of our life!

  2. Thank you very much. My wife and I enjoyed very much your comments.
    God bless.

    1. Your welcome. How is your situation with the flooding? Hopefully you avoided any damage. You can let me know in a private Email.

  3. And of course the 2nd US Civil War is going to start on July 2nd. You see, I retire on July 1st :-) I would not be surprised if that did happen. I try to not dwell on current events (much to the chagrin of my co-workers who are mired in the muck of the news of the day), but it seems that Hashem has been taking such an active part in guiding my life lately. I also have seen that the Yetzer HaRa has also been working overtime lately. These past few months have been a roller coaster and somedays the battle is great. Rav Menachem, some of your recent posts have been a great comfort and have provided wonderful guidance to me. It seems that Hashem is having you post exactly what I need to hear. It is still a battle to do what is right, and I still fail (far more often than I succeed) but perhaps it will all be made right very very soon.

    1. The protesting is due to start on 2 Jul, but the backlash will build up over the summer. Or, Hashem will fix everything, introduce us to Moshiach and all the plans of the evil global elite will be thwarted.

      My theme of the above post is to forget about the fantasy world, turn to Hashem's real world and watch the craziness go away. Living Hashem's plan is measure for measure effective for each of us as individuals. We need not concern ourselves with the craziness happening in the world when the Owner of the world has a much better scenario to follow.

      Happy retirement; I recommend it highly.

  4. "Israel also has the best health care in the world" This is a ridiculous comment. You cannot be serious. It's not bad healthcare. But to say it's the best. Better than you might get living in Manhattan or Northern New Jersey? We have something like 7 MRI machines in the whole country. Saying something with a loud voice doesn't make you right. Self-assurance doesn't make you right. Don't lie to people and don't tell me you actually believe this statement.

    1. Both my wife an I have needed major surgery since we moved to Israel. Without a doubt, we would both be dead if we were still in New Jersey (long story, if you are interested ask by private Email). The surgeons we had are world class top surgeons. They bring people from the US and Europe here for their specialties. They both travel worldwide to teach, including the US of Magog.

      So much of our modern day electronics devices including major medical equipment was developed in Israel. I could write quite a lengthy blog post on the equipment and procedures available here and worldwide that started here.

      The other thing is the cost. I went to a specialist in Manhattan that cost 3,000 for a single procedure and the brilliant homosexual doctor didn't do a thing for me. I moved to Israel and a doctor cured my ailment and it didn't cost me a thing; it was covered by my very inexpensive medical insurance. By the way, the hospital stay for me and my wife totaled 21 days. We both left the hospital after our stay and very expensive procedures (expensive in the US) without paying a shekel; the insurance covered it all.

      Longevity in the US for me is 76. Here it is 82. That says a lot.

      Do you know why the US has such a horrible drug problem? My best buddy from college went on to be a detail man for one of the largest drug companies in the US. Most of his customers, doctors, pharmacies, medical centers, hospitals use placebos. In the US if you go to a doctor who doesn't give a prescription, he loses your business. The answer to every medical problem in the US is a drug. The doctors do not want to cure their patients, so they give them fake pills to make them feel better. They rely on the repeat business. I have actually gone to a doctor in Israel who told me to change my diet, get more exercise and a better sleep pattern, without giving me drugs. That doctor would be out of business in the US. I was connected with two separate companies that had electrical devices and procedures to cure just about every medical ailment. They were both forced out of business by the big pharmaceutical companies, since they hurt their drug business. The stock holders would complain since their products make so much money with those ailments.

      Curing is not a way of life in the US of Magog; there is too much money lost if people are cured.

      I have much, much, much more to say about the subject, but I will just tell you to research it yourself since you think I am lying. ISRAEL IS FAR BETTER THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY FOR MEDICAL SERVICES AND MANY OTHER SUBJECTS, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. I am alive to testify to it. I have spent decades researching the subject -- I rest my case.

  5. 64 foot wave recorded yesterday in New Zealand

  6. Thank You Reb Menachem for your uplifting enlightening postings about true Belief in Hashem .
    The absolute truth rings out loud and clear and speaks right into the deepest parts of us, our souls.
    Truth can be heard and felt by all who just try to listen inwardly.Thanks