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Another Very Interesting Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Emor, 11 Iyar 5777 - 7.5.17

The King of the Kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He, everything that He does in this world is all with mercy. We, humans have revenge, free hatred and evil inclination in the body, and sometimes we are happy when a person is hurt, God forbid, or something happens to him. Do not rejoice when your enemy falls. The Creator is not happy with that. The Creator of the universe, even when he brings the most difficult things to the world, natural calamities or brings death to people, it is all with mercy, integrity and truth. The ultimate result is purity and holiness for the good of the world, the Holy Land, Messiah and deliverance.

The Creator of the world is deceiving the whole world, the Creator sends to the leaders of the world angels who speak from their throats and the leaders think they speak. Thus the Creator of the world is pulling strings, deceiving, complicating, entangling and confusing all countries of the world through their leaders. Everything is done by the Creator so that they will not interfere with the Holy Land of Israel. Everything is done only by the Holy One, blessed be He! Too bad for all the negative and the imaginary thoughts that the world runs on its own – it is a big lie! Because the world has progressed and developed intellectually on a very high level, they forget that there is a Creator to the world; they forget that everyone has a role and a destiny in this world and they think 'My power and the strength of my hand made this for me’ – this is a grave error in the minds of people.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, is waiting for His children to turn to him and say, "Thank you Hashem for all the goodness that You give us, the Jewish mind, the Jewish patent, the best army in the world and the best economy in the world!" In the land of Israel they will continue to build. Real estate will continue to develop. Whether you want it or not millions of Jews will arrive in Israel.

There will be redemption and there is a Messiah who needs to go out every moment in public, for this a Jew has to thank every second that he is alive and breathing.

The Creator makes it possible to produce missiles, ammunition, weapons, airplanes, ships and cars, but the Creator is the determining factor for every missile, nuclear or not, where it will go and if it will explode. The Creator watches over every animal, the birds and the fish; He watches over humans and the angels in the sky; then he also looks after every missile where it will go and if it will explode or not. So we have nothing to fear. Jews in the holy land of Israel everything starts from Him and ends from Him. The Holy One, Blessed be He, wants that His Jewish children will believe in His powers and will not believe in their own abilities, because they receive power from the Creator of the Universe. Every Jew has a channel connected to the Holy One, blessed be He. When a person is in a way of spirituality, holiness and purity, the channel expands greatly and its connection to the Creator is much greater. If the Jew does the opposite of the Creator's will, chas v’shalom, the channel is cut off from the Holy One, Blessed is He, and he goes from bad to worse, from problem to problem, from trouble to trouble.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, looks at the Jews from above, at the world, people eating and drinking, sleeping and getting up, going to the bathroom, working, fighting and is asking them: 'Do you understand that everything is from me?! That I run the whole world?!' The Creator wants the Jews to pray three times a day, bless the food, observe the Commandments, study the Torah, eat kosher food, bless everyone, observe Shabbat and marry at an early age - all for the goodness of the Jew, his health and longevity.

The Creator is waiting for unity of the left and the right. Hashem says to them: 'You have nowhere to go; the whole world hates the Jews outside the Land of Israel. Be united and love and watch over every inch of the Holy Land.'

All those threatening with nuclear missiles, they are only arrogant. All the missiles in the world are under the supervision of the Creator, every missile. Every person or country that wants to press the 'button', the Holy One, blessed be He, tells him that it will blow up within the same country, the same submarine, ship or plane. In other words: explode inside. The Creator promised that there would be no fire, sulfur and flood in the whole world (just parts).

President Trump invited Abu Mazen to the United States in order to soften the tension. Trump wants to help peace; he knows that peace is impossible and that the Jews do not give up an inch of the land of Israel. Trump wants to help Israel without noise - first we'll do and then we understand later. He is an expert, playing with the world, each time saying something else. The Holy One, blessed be He, says: "A king's heart is in the hand of the L-rd!" I gave him wisdom, intelligence and knowledge, to manage the United States and to correct the world's distortion, all for the good of the Land of Israel.' All the psychologists, psychiatrists and experts who say Trump is unstable, the Almighty says to them: 'You do not know anything, I run the world and Trump is the best leader in the world.' Obama for eight years has done as if there is calm in the world. During his tenure, ISIS grew in the world, and crime and dangerous people increased in all countries, because he swept everything under the carpet, giving money and budgets to silence the countries.

Syria, hundreds of thousands have been killed. This is a fire trap of firefights and tens of thousands of deaths. Syria is full of resentment, revenge, hatred and killing. Everyone who wants to help it on Syrian soil will be killed, the Syrians will kill them.

Putin brings a new idea every time, shares with Turkey and Iran, to control the Middle East.

Iran wants to continue producing the nuclear bomb, even though it has it already.

Turkey, nothing will not help Erdogan. Erdogan is afraid for himself. He kills thousands and removes the opponents. When he kills one, thousands rise. A revolution will occur, be patient.

Iraq is killing everything that comes by. All, that is written in the Commandments, that they should not do, they do.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels. Every day it receives thousands of tons of cement, 80 percent of which goes to the tunnels. They are also digging tunnels in the north.

Abu Mazen is a great player, he laughed at Trump. He wants only money and Trump thinks he caught a 'fat fish'.

Jordan, the king lives on batteries. It is bursting, exploding. Jordan is full of infiltrators and refugees; there is not one country in the world that wants the refugees. They speak in the media, but their hearts and mouth are different.

In the Land of Israel, all infiltrators must be returned to their countries legally.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are crying to the Iranians to give them ammunition and free weapons. The Russians are selling to the Iranians, the Iranians want to transfer to Hezbollah, but the IDF is blowing them up in the end. Who benefits from the deal? The Russians who sell ammunition; and the more ammunition they blow, the richer Russia will be.

All the countries that contribute money to Abu Mazen and Hamas, ninety percent of the money goes to the pockets of the leaders, and the poor citizens do not get a penny. They work in the tunnels; that's the main livelihood there, and they brainwash them into a big hatred against the Jews.

Lebanon wants peace and quiet. Life in Lebanon is modern, not primitive.

In France, the Jews are having a very difficult time. It does not matter who will be the President the young man or the woman. It is better for the Jews to leave now and immigrate to Israel. The man is smiling and the woman speaks openly, but they both laugh at the Jews. They have the same opinion, the same heart and the same hatred, to expel the Jews from France.

In Egypt, the leftists, Hamas and ISIS are fighting deep inside Egypt, and in the Sinai Desert they are fighting to draw the Egyptian army and soldiers there. Sisi does not know what to do.

The Creator says to all the nations and leaders of the world, Britain, Germany and the United Nations: Anyone who harms or wants to harm the Jews in the Holy Land, the Creator will destroy that country through the elements of nature.

Anti-Semitism is growing all over the world; Jews listen attentively, all over the world! This includes Europe, the United States, all of the Americas, Australia and Africa. The neighbors of the Jews, who the Jews think are friends, the Jews are making a great mistake. Soon they will turn on them and hurt them badly.

The Jews abroad think that the Holy One, blessed be He, did not realize, that they understood that they need to go up to the land of Israel. Then the Holy One, Blessed be He, revealed your belief that you insist on not coming to the land of Israel. He says to you: I will increase anti-Semitism and ISIS.

The IDF must not be complacent even though Gog and Magog is abroad, not in Israel.

The land of Israel is the land of the deer, growing and expanding every day, like a fetus in the womb of its mother in order to absorb the millions of Jews who need to reach the Land of Israel.

A cloud of fire protects and preserves, a dome lies above the Holy Land. The Messiah’s soul turns around and protects the Land of Israel every night.

The Creator of the world listens to the Messiah, speaks from his throat, and says to the Messiah "You will continue to help and save my children." Life and death are in the hands of the Holy One, blessed be He. The Messiah can eliminate almost any decree, provided it is at the beginning and up to two-thirds of the time. If two thirds or more have passed, the person is sentenced and there is nothing to do. The Messiah works and acts, does everything with joy and does not ask why. The Creator of the world speaks from the throat of Messiah. The Messiah is a simple man, humble and modest; he has everything, kindness and integrity and wants to do only good for the Jews. The Holy One Blessed Be He is happy with the growth of the Messiah. The Holy One, Blessed is He, prepares a drawing of the face and body for each and every person. The Messiah is not a millionaire; the Messiah is not a document and a title. The Messiah is a man, a man of Hashem, faithful to the Holy One, Blessed be He, and faithful to save the Jews in the Holy Land. Everything that the Holy One, blessed be He, puts in His mouth, he speaks and transmits to the Jews.

Dear Jews, just know that all the nations in the world follow the messages that we write every week. We all wait every second and every moment for the Messiah to be revealed with mercy!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website

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