Monday, May 29, 2017

Nibiru Update???

I have been working on an update for Nibiru for weeks and have come to a conclusion: when and exactly what will happen is Top Secret. I am not talking top secret by the government or the evil global elite, I am referring to the end of Daniel where we are told that the time of the end is sealed until Hashem lets us know.

I have mentioned many times that the Star of Jacob (Numbers 24:17) is Nibiru and is telling us that when it appears, it will be the time for Moshiach. In keeping with Hashem’s policy of Top Secret: when will we know for sure that Nibiru is about to be overhead (when is Moshiach about to be introduced?), WHEN HASHEM SENDS US ELIYAHU HANAVI TO ANNOUNCE IT (about three days in advance).

What has convinced me of this being Hashem’s plan? I have been noticing great changes on planet Earth, our moon and our sun. There have been some very intriguing reports that this is all from Nibiru getting closer. There have been many interesting videos on some of the amateur YouTube sites with unexplainable pictures of orbs being seen around the world and appearing to get bigger. Very few of the YouTubers seem to know what they are presenting. The fact that no one agrees with anyone else and that predictions are varied enough to give us confidence in no one’s predictions, all point to Hashem having a good time with the people of planet Earth.

Even though there is much disagreement, I believe that everyone is saying the same thing: there are heavenly bodies that are approaching Earth, getting closer, and are going to cause great devastation worldwide. When we see some call it a planet, some call it a sun, some call it a solar system, etc, we can rest assure that nobody has a clue about what is coming and when. Many are saying that they are very close already with all kinds of pictures to back it up – even though they have no idea what the pictures are showing.

Then I received the educated opinion of a new friend of mine. On April 21st I was privileged to have a visit in my home from Mr Gill Broussard. He is the amateur astronomer who started us thinking about Nibiru over a year ago. He based much of his findings on ancient text and compared much of what was brought down with the Tenach. We talked for over three hours within which I became very impressed with his knowledge of astronomy and found him to be a very pleasant individual. We found that we complimented each other since my education of astronomy is limited and his education of the Laws of Physics and mathematics was enhanced by my years of study. Here is a picture commemorating his visit:

Although we agreed on many things and respectively disagreed with other topics, we definitely came to a conclusion that Hashem is running the show, and is the only One Who knows the truth.

After I spent weeks of reviewing the photos and videos from around the world, I got in touch with Mr Broussard to tell him my findings. We talked for over an hour on Skype (he is back in the states). He pointed out one big flaw in my findings that changed me from wearing a confident smile to scratching my head in disbelief. He said: if these orbs are as close as the pictures seem to show, then the devastating effects of gravity, magnetism, radiation, etc would not allow us to have the Skype call we were on. When all this devastation occurs and is within days, as some of the reports are alluding to, the Earth would be so chaotic including all communications and internet facilities. He was correct and it sent me back to the drawing board. I thought I had a good report to pass on to my readers, but now I was back to complete scientific confusion.

But, instead of thinking that I took about ten steps forward and then retreated back to the starting line again, I remembered the spiritual answer and was back to sleeping well at nights. Hashem causing all the confusion is obvious. His ways of keeping all this Top Secret couldn’t be any clearer. The fact that a Binyamin told us a while ago that Hashem is showing Nibiru to whom He wants, where He wants and it is all illusion. That couldn’t be truer.

But my final thought in telling my readers the conclusions has a very definite additional message from Hashem: WE ARE THE ONES CAUSING THE DELAY. Hashem told us last year that we were not ready, and not doing enough Teshuvah, Tefillah, Tzedukah, Torah learning, helping others, the commandments, etc. This also has become very clear.

I have many readers who scream: “We want Moshiach NOW!!!” But are they listening to Hashem’s messages that we need more work? Most people are convinced that Moshiach and the worldwide redemption will make all their problems vanish. No more medical, financial, family, social, political, etc problems; they will all go away. Those who think that way are correct, but they are also greatly deceived. By doing Hashem’s instructions now, the problems could be eliminated, but with an even greater benefit: the final Tikun, the final spiritual level that we would enter the time of goodness and truth would be so much better.

Our problems of this world are nothing more than Hashem sending us messages on Teshuvah that is needed. If we don’t take advantage of it, we are going to regret it greatly later. The disappearing of life’s problems sounds great, but entering the time of Moshiach at a much higher level is our goal. Our level of Tikun should be our top priority. Hashem is mercifully letting us know this important concept by delaying Moshiach and the worldwide redemption. You may think that it would mean that we never will reach our goal and never have the time of goodness, chas v’shalom.

The easy answer is Hashem knows who will improve and who are lost causes. Hashem knows exactly when the most opportune time for the end is, and His many signs are letting us know it is soon. But the many signs are not to let us feel confident that we just need to wait and all will be great. The intelligent person sees it as opportunity to do great things, to grow further and to go into the wonderful future in a much better, much higher level of spiritually.

Please, be in the intelligent group who will cease the extra time, no matter how short it may be, to thrive to new heights. Don’t wait and be very disappointed with what we could have had, but threw it away because of impatience. Solve your problems now and grow into a much more tremendous future for you and your loved ones. Let Hashem’s messages be meaningful.

When He tells us it is time to come home to Israel, He is not making a casual suggestion, He is warning us of the obvious devastation He has planned rid the world of evil. He did this before many times in history, but we ignored Him and said we know better. I always talk of Germany in the 1930’s, because I have interviewed many Holocaust survivors who wish they had listened to Hashem’s messages then. People who see the situation in the world much worse now than in Nazi Germany (I could write a book about it). We don’t learn from history so we repeat it.

Let the day of Nibiru’s passing and Moshiach’s introduction be a day of great celebration, not a day of remorse when we discover how much better it could have been. Now is the time. Hashem’s mercy is infinite; take advantage of it.

Caveat: I am very sorry to be so harsh with my rhetoric, but saving peoples’ lives and helping them avoid a less than perfect future is the hardest job I have ever had. My love for my fellow Jew and righteous non-Jew is very deep. Getting people to love themselves as much is the hard part.


  1. Well said..Top secret by Hashem..
    See this clip :Many deaths from lightning strikes past ten days worldwide!

    All a message from Hashem no doubt.

    1. Absolutely. We have been talking for a while about how Nibiru has already been causing world chaos. All the weather and craziness with Earth changes have been around for over a year.

      The entire concept of Nibiru passing by and being at its closest approach is the fulfillment of many end of day prophecies of Tenach, the Zohar, the Talmud, the Midrash, etc.

      The obvious reason for all that is happening now is to get the world to do Teshuvah and turn to Hashem. Like the mountain being over our heads on the first Geula, this is the scare tactic Hashem is using to bring us to a much higher level of Tikun, measure for measure what each of us needs.

      It is all part of Hashem's plan and it is working perfectly.

  2. Nibiru is only close at certain times it it's revolutions in its path. That is why at certain times there are clumps of disasters, but not constantly. The system is closer than we think, but NOT as close as we think.

    1. Scientists have proven that the entire universe is a Holographic image. Nothing is real including us. As Rav Avigdor Miller, zt"l used to say: everything you see around you is Hashem's imagination. This is not a real world, it is an illusion. Of course, since it comes from an Infinite Source of Intelligence, it is our reality; it is real to us.

      The Nibiru solar system with its 7 planets and millions of miles of debris is an illusion that Hashem has created and is showing to whomever He wants, wherever He wants. It is all part of Hashem's plan to fulfill all the prophecies of the end of time. No scientist has a clue about Nibiru, where is really is, when it will arrive, etc. Hashem is completely running the show, and only wants all this craziness to cause us to do Teshuvah and go forth to the best Tikun Olam and eternal future we can get.

    2. I guess that makes the first and second and IY"H the third Temples illusions. And you are an illusion? We need to go deeper than illusions.

    3. You don't have to guess; scientists have proof, and the great Rabbis of the past like the Arizal gave detailed information.

      This is beyond human comprehension. The reality of everything is beyond what our puny brains can understand. But when we see statements like "Ein Od Milvado" (There is none beside Him!) or the Shema, the word Echad (everything is One), it is telling us that there really is nothing else that exists except Hashem, nothing at all. Hashem's infinite intelligence provides our reality and everything that ever existed.

      I did a post on 15 May 2012 entitled "What is Real." Watch it an get an idea of the absolute truth of our existence:

    4. Yes, that is why two divergent opinions on the same Inyan of our sages is actually, as the Torah says, seen as both being valid i.e., on earth they seem opposites but in Shamayim they are one and the same. However HaShem "created" our world as a world of action/doing, which via our actions is a very lesser form of creation (yesh m'yesh). The holographic discovery is Hashems way of showing 'scientists' that there is only G-d and His Oneness. However they examine, explore, delve, they will only arrive at His Oneness. Yes the root of all is His Oneness. But matter exists, from dust to dust is our physical life, but our spiritual soul is part of the Oneness. Thanx for the articles. Chag Samayach.

    5. The realness of our world as it appears to us is a testimony to Hashem's greatness, but scientists to this day have proven that matter does not exist.

      The big experiment to find the Higgs Boson which was to be the real matter in each atom has failed. They reported finding the energy level in the atom where they believe it might exist (that was only to justify the 10+ billion they spent), but I have seen reports and even know a physicist who worked in CERN who verified: there is no such thing as real matter (once again, there is only Hashem's illusion of matter).
      Chag Sameach

  3. Neshama, I've been learning the sefer after Mesillas Yesharim (can't remember the name; in the Hebrew editions). Very deep stuff. It's taking almost as long to go through it as the primary work. Says the same thing. The world ("reality") really is a form of projection (l'havdil, think of Plato's cave), or, a "holographic projection." We ourselves are expressions of Hashem's will. That's all we are. If that's all we are, so is the rest of everything around us. And as Reb Menachem says, it can be hard to grasp and even accept. Which is why the vast majority of the world instead tries to create their own, false, projection of the Divine. I'm having enough difficulty following along, and I believe I understand exactly what Reb Menachem is talking about.

    Personally, this plays out just as it does for Reb Menachem. The more I open myself to this and accept it and make choices reflecting that reality, the more siyata d'shmaya I experience. I am in awe of the absolute goodness Hashem bestows upon me.

  4. "There have been many interesting videos on some of the amateur YouTube sites with unexplainable pictures of orbs being seen around the world and appearing to get bigger." Consider the fact. Youtube could be fake.

    1. Many YouTubes are fake, but Nibiru and its 7 planets are not. Since I found it 414 times encoded in the Tenach, Hashem does not do fake.

      Should we consider that some of these videos are fake? It is unimportant; the message from Hashem to do Teshuvah is extremely real.

    2. I would like to see were you found Nibiru 414 included in the Tanach. That would be a rather fascinating discovery.

    3. After seeing that in Numbers 24:17 telling us about the Star of Jacob coming in the end of days, I did a search to find Nibiru encoded across the verse. The commentary, especially from the RAMBAM states that the coming of the star is Moshiach coming to the world. Since Nibiru is getting close, it is a definite indication that Moshiach is also close.

      When I did a code search for Nibiru in Tenach, with a letter separation of 100 and under it appeared 409 times (I apologize I thought it was 414); if I expand it to a 200 letter separation it appears 819 times. The more important fact is that it appears in verses that have to do with Moshiach, redemption, end of days, resurrection of the dead, return of the exile, Temple, Jerusalem, etc; in other words very pertinent places that we have talked about for years on this blog.

    4. Nibiru may be a real planet, I'm not saying it's fake, what I'm saying is, that it's not literal. Nibiru could mean the "star" that Mashiach is compered to. Not that it's physically going to crash down to Earth.

    5. Nibiru is a dwarf star, a sun, not a planet. It is definitely real since NASA photographed it for the first time in 1982 and it became Top Secret by presidential Executive Order. The Hubble Space Telescope was built to watch it, even though NASA and the government lied and said that Hubble was for deep space research.

      There is absolutely no source that has said that it will crash into Earth, including Hashem. It has come by before such as at the time of the great flood in 1656. There is no mystery about Nibiru at all, only when it will make its closest approach.

    6. Very nice but what does it have to do with Mashiach?

    7. Please read my post of today, Thursday, 8 Jun 17, the answer is quite clear.

  5. Ah! So Nibiru is not Fake! And the upheaval it may or may not cause is not fake. If Nibiru is not fake, is it just a mirage, a hologram, an illusion? Some will say yes, in order to the Jews (and the world) to do teshuva. We need to search the RaMChaL to understand deeper.

    To me, matter is energy. Everything is energy in their various forms. All matter can dissolve, the same as our bodies being matter, dissolve into dust after 120, all except the luz bone, from which we will come back to life – or an illusion of life? One can take this “illusory” matter too far afield, and lose our need for Torah to climb the Sefiros.

    Someone lost in the desert, suffering from dehydration, sees illusions. It appears real to him, but it isn’t really real.

    I read a tremendously interesting article (that somewhat touches on this subject-matter) and will try to get it onto my blog [habayitah dot blogspot dot com] IY”H.

    I’m enjoying this conversation.

    1. Your actually talking about one of my favorite subjects, but there is no way we can do it justice with short comments here.

      My suggestion is to read "WORLDMASK" by Rabbi Akiva Tatz. The Rabbi tries to cover very deep subjects at a novice level. The book is excellent. I am reading it for the third time.

  6. Rabbi,
    The very fact that this deep truth of the world is revealed to the simple Jew, is the biggest proof that Mashiach is almost here, not Nibiru. Hashem is bringing Truth back to the masses whoever wants to listen, right before the final redemption. We are talking about subjects that are so deep that we should not be grasping so easily reaching our Souls on such deep levels. B"h

    1. Your excellent comment should not be hidden here, but should be posted and responded to for all my readers to see. I started to work on an answer that I hope to post tomorrow or Wednesday, B"N.