Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayeitzei, 3 Kislev 5776, (15/11/15)

King of Kings, G-d, Creator of the World, created us for Him and this world is His. He did not create this world so that we can eat and kill each other; He created this world for kindness, so that we can forgive each other and love each other. He created this world so that we obey the commandments. He created this world and the state of Israel, the Holy Land. He created the Jews to live in the state of Israel, the Holy Land, which is the source of blessing and prosperity in the world. G-d is protecting the state of Israel and the Holy Land and the Jews living in Israel.

G-d is very angry when they want to takes parts, even a centimeter, of Israel - they shouldn't dare! The state of Israel, the Holy Land belongs to G-d alone, and no one can claim it! G-d wants to put here, in the state of Israel; all of the Jews in the world should come to Israel urgently!

What is happening in the world and in Europe is a red light for the Jews. Europe is becoming Muslim. ISIS, Hamas, Muslims and Palestinians - it is all the same. G-d is showing the Jews that things are not easy in Europe and the world, and that they need to come here quickly to live in Israel, urgently, life is priceless!

Any country, president or man that harms Israel and the Jewish nation in Israel, like Europe banned products from Israel - G-d will take care of them harshly. He will harm them, create complications and conflict between them, and add the forces of nature to harm them. The ban in Europe won't do them any good, they will fall and lose; the economy is in the hands of G-d and not anyone else. All of the countries in the world should be careful not to mess with Israel! Do not harm the Holy Land, it does not belong to you and do not harm the Jews in the Holy Land!

The world is being renewed. The old world is being destroyed and a new world of peace and love is rising in its place. G-d is showing the entire world that His control and power is everywhere. G-d is giving the world ten plagues like there were in Egypt in the first redemption, so that the Jews see the miracles and the gentiles feel fear and don't mess with Israel.

ISIS is very evil; they have no right or wrong. They are proving to everyone that they are in control so that they are feared. ISIS and the Muslims want to make the world extremely Muslim. There will continue to be bloodshed by ISIS and many other people, with the goal of turning the world Muslim. It won't do them any good - they will not succeed.

All of the Jews in the world must come to Israel! The best protection in the world for the Jews is the state of Israel! There is nothing missing in Israel. There is plenty of work. Anything a person wants is in abundance.

Anyone that goes overseas should go only for a bar mitzvah, wedding, good deeds, etc. The rich, those that invest or are going to invest overseas, can go in peace and come in peace, if it benefits the state of Israel. Whoever benefits himself will lose. Whoever benefits the state of Israel and himself will succeed. This is only for the very rich, others must not do this; they will lose their money.

Jews, be very careful of assimilation in Israel and the world. Whoever lives with a gentile, there is still a chance to convert them and come to Israel. Very soon the Messiah King will be crowned, in this generation! After that, you will not be able to convert anymore.  G-d is creating chaos in the world. Armageddon is outside of Israel, not in Israel! G-d is bringing confusion to the world, a big Babel Tower. He is confusing people in the world; they don't know who is who and what is what. Everyone that goes against Israel and all the haters of Israel - the ground will open up and swallow them.

There are a lot of doubts in the Israeli government; the US is promising them money. Woe unto them if they sell even one centimeter of the Holy Land for money; Israel do not panic and do not be persuaded. G-d is calling the people of Israel: "Come to me and I will help, I will save and protect you!"

The tunnels from Gaza to Israel - They continue to dig 24 hours a day. Hamas wants to surprise the settlements and IDF bases. The IDF, Shabak, Mossad, and government must look carefully into the tunnels from Gaza. Do not believe them, they do not want peace. They want to take Israel away and throw the Jews into the ocean. If there is no Israel, there will not be one Jew left on the planet; they want the world to belong only to the Muslims.

The Arabs in the north, south, and east Jerusalem are not innocent. There are conspiracies in Hebron, and they are practicing their shooting. Do not believe any Arab, friend or no friend. Do not believe anyone in these tough times. Respect and be wary of them.

Syria is being erased and destroyed. ISIS will destroy it, the Hezbollah, Turkey, and Iraq.

In Egypt, the extreme Islamists and ISIS want to harm Sisi, they don't stop. Sisi must be careful from those who guard him. Other than the hunger in Egypt, there is also unemployment, harsh plagues in Egypt that will continue.

Iran is in panic and shock from Israel. Iran wants to be a power. If they get chemical and atomic bombs, they will be a power, heaven forbid.

Jordan is waiting to put all four million refugees on the border of Israel that is why they want peace.

The state of Israel is protected and guarded; a cloud of fire surrounds Israel. People of Israel, do not worry about the ban. G-d will teach them a lesson. They will fall on their swords and their bows will break, they will have conflict and chaos.

Purity is fighting impurity; impurity is dying and committing suicide to harm purity.

The forces of nature, harsh winds, rain and floods, earthquakes, fire and volcanic eruptions, complications on earth and Armageddon abroad - these are the ten plagues of Egypt. Today, every plague is like a hundred plagues. The Jews in Israel should be happy with what you have; believe in G-d and all the good He is giving us. Despite the hard things in Israel, keep living life as usual, with confidence and faith.

All of the corrupt individuals, thieves, cheats, both white and black collars, G-d is cleaning and revealing them all. Whoever repents and stops the evil, G-d will not embarrass them in public, so long as they fix their wrongs. No one can escape G-d; it is a waste of time. Repent and obey the commandments.

Israel's greats, spiritual people and Rabbis, you must pray so that they don't give parts of the Holy Land to the Arabs, heaven forbid, so that they don't banish Jews like they did in Gush Katif. Continue to obey the commandments. This is the modern world. Whoever doesn't obey the commandments is in the primitive world and eventually has to face G-d and the law on earth.

Despite everything, we the Jews in Israel are protected by G-d. He protects our borders and Israel so that no damage is done. Still, Jews must watch over themselves. The month of Kislev is a month of miracles and wonders, a month of joy. G-d is giving us this month to be joyful with us. The Messiah is the way of G-d, G-d is doing everything His way - as He will do when He crowns the Messiah as King. Dear Jews, you must be patient to receive the gift; the day will come when the Messiah King is crowned, very soon, on the Holy Land.

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  1. Hello Menachem!!!

    I would like to ask you two things. First:

    Why the Bnei Noach sit as if they were part of Am Israel?! I say this, least the Bnei Naoch pello of Brazil, I heard from many that feel like they belong to the Bnei Israel.

    For me (and I believe that for many other Bnei Noach), we feel like we're part of Am Israel, even without belonging officially (I mean conversion).

    Since I discovered the absolute truth, when I was 13 years old (I'm 27 years old), I have come to love and be faithful Am Israel with all my strength, that love and fidelity only grew each day.

    I unfortunately still not converted (after almost 14 years of waiting) because I have no financial conditions, because I am very poor (financially), and in Brazil the conversions cost around $4500 (cost of time of Rav and lessons - in Chabad Lubavitch).

    Another question:

    Because you think the Bnei Noach are people who belong to the lost tribes?! Please, I know it's a very extensive to be treated here, but I believe it is a great gift of Hanukkah (no size) to the Bnei Noach as I, S.C. and many other hundreds or thousands of Bnei Noach in the world who read your blog. :) Please!!!

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

    1. The answer was too involved for a comment here. See today's post.

    2. Thank you!!!

      Luiz Felipe.